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Hazard: Falling over during filming. Possibly during shot 1 of me moving as if I was a drunken man.

Risk out of 10. 3/10.

Risk judgement. It could possibly happen via accidental causation or by me not taking care of how I control the movements in the shots.

Assessment out of 10. 5/10.

Probable effect: Injured arm, leg, or possibly damaged equipment. Will cause some filming difficulties.

Overall risk assessment: 4/10.

Steps to safety control: While moving, I must focus on the movements and try not to fall over as much as I try to film a good shot. Do the same for other shots.

If it happens If the hazard does occur during production, then I will have film the shots I can with a damaged body part. If equipment is damaged, I must use new equipment, etc It is possible that the camera might be damaged or destroyed. If so, I will have to use some back-up equipment. In the meantime, costs for the damaged equipment will rise If any loss or damage of equipment does occur, I will require replacements. Possible rise of costs. If this does occur, injuries will be

Dropping the camera.


It could possibly take place at any stage of the filming. Slightly more likely than me falling over.


Possible damaged or broken camera. Causes lack of equipment and costs to rise.


When filming, I will have to hold the camera to make sure it is not let go. When I rest the camera on surfaces for certain shots, the position will have to be secure.

The transportation of camera and other equipment.


It could occur during any point in which I must take camera, clothing or other equipment to new locations for filming.


Possible loss or damage of camera, clothing or other essential needed for production.




Highly unlikely to happen. But it could

5 or 6/10.

Minor injury. Should be easily treated.


When transporting equipment, I will need to place it correctly so it wont be lost or damaged. Keep focus on its maintenance. When using electronic devices,

via the use of the camera, TV, other electronic devices, etc

Could require medical attention if severe.

Alcohol abuse.


Not likely to occur. But I or someone else could drink the beer props. Not only damage to video production, but also could hurt m medically.


Will pause and hold back filming. Filming will take longer. Time constraints become an issue.


be sure not to get hands placed in hazardous areas. Also keep liquids, particularly the beer props, away from the equipment. I must make sure I control the use of the beer shots and prevent I or another person from inappropriately drinking the props.

probable. Minor or major. Appropriate medical action will be taken

Filming will take longer due to beer props not being available to use. (Liquid must be in the bottle to use.) Also, I will possibly be drunk.