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IP Microwave Transport Solution

Features Fully compliant system for 6-38 GHz. Supports 100 Mbps or 160 Mbps Ethernet Payload in Full Duplex. Supports a Layer 2 Switch and VLAN IEEE 802.1Q. Supports unprotected (1+0) and Space and Frequency Diversity and Hot Standby protected (1+1). Hot standby Tx and hitless Rx protection switching. Adaptive Transmit Power Control (ATPC) function. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function. Local management via CIT to facilitate commissioning. NMS for end-to-end link performance, monitoring and diagnosis with SNMP management. Loopback testing functions to facilitate commissioning and troubleshooting. Compact and light weight for rapid and easy installation. Wide range power supply. Wide operating temperature ranges from -33OC to +55OC for ODU with extra cold (-50OC ) specification available. Tool-free ODU installation. Product Description The Hiperion ML-GI Digital Microwave Radio Link system is an IP transmission solution designed to seamlessly incorporate radio links into wide range of infrastructure, working across a variety of frequencies from 6 GHz to 38 GHz and meeting carrier-grade standards for reliability, quality and environmental compliance. The Hiperion ML-GI Digital Microwave Radio Link system is able to transport Ethernet traffic at a throughput of 100 Mbps or 160 Mbps in Full Duplex (200 Mbps and 320 Mbps aggregated). The Hiperion ML-GI Digital Microwave Radio Link system is fully VLAN compliant and supports (port based, multiaccess and trunk) IEEE 802.1Q. Please contact us for exact and detailed product requirements for the application(s) concerned, and assistance in planning your link or network. Electrical - System 6GHz 7GHz 8GHz 11GHz 13GHz 15 GHz 18GHz 23GHz Frequency Range GHz 5.925-7.1107.10-7.907.90-8.5010.67-11.7412.80-13.2014.50-15.3017.70-19.7021.20-23.60 F.383-7 (Lower) ITU-R Compliance F.385-7 F.386-6 F.387-9 F.497-6 F.636-3 F.595-3 F.637-3 F.384-7 (Upper) 100 64 QAM Mbps Modulation 160 128 QAM Mbps 252.04 ITU-R RF Tx/Rx 154 or 119, 126 490, 500 or 1010 or 1008 or MHz (Lower)350 266 420 or 490 Spacing 161 or 311.32 530 1008 1232 (Upper)

RF Channel MHz 28 Bandwidth Tx Power at Antenna Port dBm 21 19 (2dB tolerance Rx Sensitivity @ 100 -74.5 Mbp 10"feER ssdBm (Guara 160 +2dB) -68 -67 Mbp RX AGC Control dB > 60 Range Residual BER < 10"13 Supported RF 1+0, 1+1 Configurations Radio Protection Hot standby/ Space diversity / Frequency diversity IP Interfaces IEEE 802.3, 4x10/100Base-T or 1x10/100/1000Base-T VLAN Port based, multi-access and trunk (IEEE 802.1Q) Throughput Mbps 100 or 160 (max) AUX interface Async (19.2kbit/s) / Sync (64kbit/s), RS-422 protocol, DB-9 Voice EOW 4-wire, RJ-22 Interface Monitoring CIT F-interface, VT-100, via local CIT RS-232, DB-9 Port NMS Q-interface, SNMP, Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45 Interface Programmable 4 Inputs 4 Outputs, DB-26 User I/O Interface Power Supply VDC -20 to -60 Power 1+0 Consumption W 1+1 < 100 (100 Mbps), < 110 (160 Mbps) (per hop) IF Frequencies MHz 350 (up-conversion), 140 (down-conversion) IF Connection on N-type connector, Belden 9913/RG-8, up to 300m ODU RSSI Connection BNC on ODU Remote IDU Out-of-band using radio-overhead and integrated routing Access Mechanical - Per Installation 44 x 438 x 280 Dimensions IDU mm (H x W x D) ODU 279 x 240 x 92 IDU 5 Weight kg ODU 4.2 -5 to +55 Operational IDU oC Temperature ODU -33 to +55 Option -55 to + 65 Operational Altitude Above m 4500 Mean Sea Leve Operational IDU < 85 Non Condensing Humidity % ODU < 100 (max) Environmental ETSI ETS 300 019 Compliance

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