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A Thousand Ways to propagate Islam

- Extract from "They Are Either Extremely Smart Or Extremely Ignorant" by Salim Moss
Print media is still an effective means of publishing tons of pro-Islam material. Muslim writers can use the Window-enabled PCs (i.e. desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet computer or a palmtop) to write pro-Islam literature and transmit these thousands of Islam-laden resources to non-Muslims on tiny disks, CDs, or USB flash drives, thanks to digital technology. Telegraphs, fax machines, telephones, satellites are other gadgets which helped Islamic evangelism reach the edges of the earth. Communication satellites allow global television such as the Islamic channel Peace TV to broadcast Islam to every nook and cranny of the world. Muslims use Radio Technology to transmit Islamic signals even to the poor members of society. Jet airplane, fast trains, and cars have carried Islam to all ends of the world. With the fleet of TGV (Train Grande Vitesse), French Muslim callers can roam around the cities of France to spread the word of Islam. In order to spread Islam in England, the French Muslim preachers can decide to fly over the sea, travel by ferry on the sea or below the sea by the Channel Tunnel undersea rail line link that connects France with England. Even if earths inhabitants were to migrate to Mars or Venus, it is likely that space shuttles will launch Islam to those planets. Moreover, Countries that are part of a global supply chain will harmoniously interact with one another in order to realize their economic goals but at the same time, this collaboration and integration will create a fertile ground for Muslim zealots to also supply their Islamic culture to other nations and communities. There should be no confrontation in agreeing with William Van Wishard that . . . globalization represents the worlds best chance to enrich the lives of the greatest number of people. William Gibson once said when you use the internet you enter a realm in which geography no longer exist. Since Islam is a religion unrestricted with geographical boundaries, the era of the high-speed internet is the ideal era to perfectly make Islam a global religion. Through teleconferencing, knowledgeable Muslims in Nairobi can educate non-Muslims in Melbourne, Australia. Through video streaming, a Muslim scholar in Yemen can give a proselytizing lecture which is simultaneously audienced by 500 students of Religion at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. With the help of the internet, I can upload an eBook form of this book to a free file-sharing site 4shared.com or the social publishing site scrbd.com giving their 50 million monthly users a chance to be aware of Islam. Likewise, Muslim authors can digitally contribute their books as open source books to archive.org or on other websites thus zapping the message of Islam to the world. With just a computer, webcam and internet connection, a sheikh in Madina, Saudi Arabia can give online tips on how to call people to Islam. The Sheikh can use a scanner to send copies of the book recommended in proselytization which is instantly accessed by a convert to Islam in Minnesota. In this digital age, it is possible to spread a religion without having to emigrate. In these days where even grandmothers own an email, it is possible for Muslim preachers to strike up an email friendship with many people with the ultimate goal of reverting them to Islam. A zealous Muslim in Mumbai mosque (India) may use his minuscule mp3 player/digital recorder to capture Dr. Zakir Naiks lecture Why the west is turning to Islam and upload it to the internet for the global villagers to seamlessly access the rationales of Islam. At the same time, a practicing Muslim in Birmingham uses his digital camera to record Sheikh Khalid Yassin converting ten white men to Islam and since this Muslim wants the world to shirk the ignorant belief that Islam is a religion of Arabs, he immediately uploads the clip to Youtube.com. Somewhere in Egypt, a Muslim blogger reaches out to millions of people halfway around the world in clearing misconceptions about Islam. Muslim preachers interested to maximize the blogosphere, even with no web savvy, can use wordpress.com to open as many free-of-charge blogs as they want and use them to propagate Islam and Islamic events. Non-Muslims may be invited to enter into online forums where they could ask questions and get immediate answers from a Muslim expert in the forum. Your Muslim friend may send you an email via your

blackberry on the truth of Islam. You can order a free copy of Quran at Allahsquran.com/free/ or Freekoran.com. The internet has made it easier for non-Muslims to freely download a translated audio Quran and due to peoples busy schedule, they can turn their drive time to prime time by listening to the audio Quran. With websites like islamunveiled.org, users can tick the books they want in the list provided and within a short period the books are shipped to their postal address. With the emergence of companies such as Skype technologies offering free voice calls over the internet to other Skype users in any location in the world, Muslims would find themselves calling their nonMuslim acquaintances to discuss about religion. Muslims can use the easy-to-use software Your-Bumper-Sticker-Maker accessed from custombumperstickermaker.com to design and print I am proud to be Muslim sticker which will be put on their cars. The internet and satellite technology can enable Muslims across the globe watch their fellow Muslims humiliated in Gaza and could possible precipitate a revival of Muslim identity and solidarity hence the formation of an Islamic awakening that would conquer the world under one caliphate leaving no room for antagonists to disgrace even a single Muslim. With just a laptop and broadband wireless technology, a Muslim at Kenyas Mount Longonot can plunge into an online chat with a potential convert to Islam located in Moscow. Via websites, Muslims in India can launch a global appeal for donations to build a mosque and an Islamic school. Magnanimous Muslims in Rome, Arizona, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong would contact their bank via internet and wire their funds to India. Callers to Islam will positively use social networking sites such as Facebook; MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn to network their billion users to the message of Prophet Muhammad. Indeed, internet can connect everyone and everything and when it is used wisely, it may connect a good number of people to heaven. Any rational-bound religion that most quickly absorbs and adopts the latest technology will seamlessly dominate the world. Muslims hope that with the technology revolution, their easy-to-understand,

mythology-free religion will easily be adopted in the far reaches of the world. Were Muhammad a global messenger during Moses time or Jesus period, it might have been impractible to reach out to the world. God knew that soon after Muhammads prophethood (632 CE), the world would soon become a global village hence the need to send him as a global messenger. The 600 years between Jesus and Muhammad, telecommunication / internet was unheard of and it would be burdensome for Jesus to reach out to an Eskimo. Jesus Disciple could not enter into an internet chartroom to spread the religion to an American. One might argue that Jesus message can as well be globalised in this modern, technologybristled era. We dont object but it only requires the manufacturer of the product to set the expiry date of such a product.God manufactured Jesus product (Jesus Way of Life/Jesus religion) and He also set the expiry date on 610 CE, when Muhammad, at the age of forty, was proclaimed a universal Messenger. A new product (Muhammads Way of Life/Islam) was manufactured to suit the modern times and because God knew that the market will soon be closed (end of the world), the same product will have to remain till the Apocalypse. If we insist utilizing expired product, we will suffer from problems of surplus women, juvenile delinquency, lack of genuine peace of mind, religious incompatibilities, moral collapse, world recession e.t.c. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value, so said Charles Dudley Warner. And in the words of William O. Douglas: Security can only be achieved through constant change, through discarding old ideas that have outlived their usefulness and adapting others to current facts.