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This is my first one-shot. I wrote this while I had a major writers block thingy with my other story.

Disclaimer: All of them belong to J.K. Rowling. I own nothing, not even a single character. Sucks to be me!

Hes gone. Hes gone. I peeped out of my hiding place and groaned. Potter was still standing in front of the fat ladys portrait with a thoughtful expression on his face. What was he thinking? Was he expecting the lady to suddenly sprout wings and fly away? (Not that I minded that shrilly lady leaving forever!) Why wasnt he out with his moron friends? How long should I keep hiding out here..... Wait! Did I just admit that I was hiding? The Gryffindor in me squeaked in protest. I huffed and puffed as I weighed my options. Go out and face James Potter or keep on sitting in this cramped position till this git moves away. My inner lion chose the 1st. The amount of courage in me pointed towards the later. Come on, Lily Evans. I gave myself a pep talk. You are a Gryffindor. So is he, something squeaked inside me. Probably the part that was scared of James Freaking Potter. No! You are not scared of James Potter. So what if he is handsome has hazel eyes, the most spectacular body. What if you melt in a puddle when you look.....why do I sound like the crazy girls of his fan club? I dont fancy him. I just think he is good, in everything he does. Something around perfect; and I have a hard time controlling my thoughts around him..! Holy Merlin! No! No! Oh my god. I cant believe this. I like James Potter. No I dont! I was almost shouting by this time. Suddenly, I remembered where I was and clamped a hand on my mouth and peeped out again. Shit, damage done. Potter was coming this way. Lily, is it you? he asked as he reached me. He looked at me curiously. Probably wondering the same thing as I, was I nuts? What do I look like? A freaking dancing doll. This would have been my standard reply. Now all I could do was stare, as he looked at me with worry in those eyes; Hazel, so deep and warm as if a person could drown in them. Snap out of it Lily, I mentally chastised myself. Yes Potter. Why did you want something? I asked him in a slightly breathless voice. Potter turned around and looked behind, checked the corridors behind me and then turned to face me with a slightly troubled look. What was he searching for, Dementors? Then he started to open his mouth and dread pooled in my stomach. No, not that! Oh holy Dementors, please kill me or kill him. No! Dont kill him. Why am I defending him? Stop fighting with yourself, said my sane side of mind, and concentrate! Fine, I liked him! I fancied James Potter! So what? Hes still going to speak? Please dont ask me... Will you go to Hogsmeade with me? He asked in a single breath. Crap! Congratulations my sane side and my insane side. What do I say now? Damn you James! Damn you to hell and back. I hope you have a difficult journey where all the girls you want. Oh no! Scratch last sentence. Also, feelings of jealousy surfacing again. Wait, again? That means... How long have I liked him? I looked up to find

Jam...I mean Potter looking at me with an are-you-nuts look. I tried to form a proper answer while my internal soul (bless it) continued fighting with different parts of itself. Twisted, hmmm! Err. James I really...What? I asked him looking at the dumbstruck look on his face and nervously pulled my ponytails. Do I have a bug in my hair? Oh no, he must seen the zit on my left cheek. Why oh why? Why does he have to see it now? He was staring at me. His mouth opened and closed like a fish. James, are you okay? I tentatively touched his arm. His eyes shot towards my hands as if he had been burned. I was starting to panic now so I did the only thing that came to my mind. I stepped on his toe, as hard as I could. Ouch! He snapped out of his trance and suddenly the widest smile spread on his face. You called me James! You called me James. I understood what he was talking and rolled my eyes, but grinned back anyway. He pulled me in a hug and squeezed the life out of me. Cant br-reat-he! Somehow he made sense of my broken sentence and released me abruptly. I stumbled a little but caught the side of a wall before I could fall. I saw James ready to bolt. Suddenly anger boiled in my system and I could feel sparks emitting from my wands. I was that repulsive. So, it was actually a game to him, all this chasing after me for 6 years. And now he has hugged me and found out I was not good enough. I clenched my fists at my side and asked through my teeth. What happened? Cat got your tongue?It came out a harshly and hoarsely; Harsh because of suppressed anger, hoarse because of suppressed tears. It was always meant to happen. I had guarded my heart for so long and left my defences down for a moment, only to get my heart trampled in those few minutes. Are you going to hex me? He continued when I raised my eyebrows in question. What was he blubbering about? Its what you so every time I try to come close to you. He said in a tired voice. My whole demure went through a sudden transformation. I felt like the stupidest person in the world. How could have I hurt him so much? How many times had I caused him pain just for my anger? Tears filled my eyes as I thought of the number of time I had hexed him. I am sorry. And I broke down on the last word. Don't cry. Please dont cry Lily. I cant see you crying. James whispered as he gathered me in his arms. He caressed my back and murmured endearments in my ears. I must have been born under a particularly lucky star to have this boy chasing me. I am ruining your shirt. I tried to pull back a little realising how close we where. I was pressed up completely against his chest and an odd tickling started in my stomach I didnt understand. Oh yeah, people in love are supposed to have butterflies. Wait a minute, I just fancied him till now and now I am suddenly in love. Shit. Are you okay now Lily? James asked after my sobbing had subsided a little. I am sorry James. Sorry for being such a jerk to you. I am such a whore...! My words were cut off as a mouth suddenly descended on me. James was kissing me. One moment I was apologising and the

next moment James lips crashed down hard on me. I was shocked; I stood numb for I think 5 seconds before my brain started responding. Slowly I moved my lips against his and felt him smiling against my mouth. He pushed me against the wall I was leaning on. My hands moved up his chest feeling his muscles. They were so hard and toned, I swallowed back a groan. I love Quidditch. I am an undying fan of it. Just look at the body man. I felt James tongue against my lips and opened my mouth. He thrust his tongue in. Fireworks erupted in my bloodstream and I moaned. Rather loudly, I guess. What is this noise Moony? This sounds like someone, wait a minute. Who the hell have the guts to have a good snogging session near our Gryffindor room? Ill show them! Holy crap! ... James and Lily? Together? What has become of the world? Sirius Black dropped his books in surprise and stopped dead in his tracks, throwing up his hands towards the sky; Melodramatic Ass. Remus Lupin came and crashed right into the git sending his books flying all over the place. But he was too shocked to pick them up I guess. Merlins pink boxers. Fix your skirt Evans! Lupin looked as if he was close to laughing. I looked down and saw my skirt was halfway up my thigh. When has James hands reached my skirt. Before I could straighten it, James quickly rightened it before fixing my shirt. What were you two doing here? Shagging each other in the corridor? This is what we get after we help him so much to win over Evans. Treachery is what I see Moony, treachery and I being scarred for life. Scarred I tell you Moony! I just watched my best friends hand up in someones skirt.... Hey! Leave me Moony! I am not done with them. Sirius continued to shout as Remus pulled him by his collar towards the common room. What are you, daft? Seriously Padfoot, I thought you had more brains. Give them some alone time! Remus voice carried over the deserted hallway before disappearing behind the portrait. So? I asked James shyly. What? Lily Evans never did shy! She did confidence and brains. Well things change dont they? (Smirk). James thrust his hand through his hair and I watched mesmerised. I always thought he did this to make it more ruffled; ruffled looks handsome. But now I understood he did it when he was nervous. He glanced around before muttering Not here under his breath before dragging me by my hand. He pulled me in an empty classroom and shut the door behind us. Suddenly I felt like an 11 year old with her first crush. Focus Lily, Focus. I chanted to myself as my thoughts wandered back to our kissing scenario outside. I suddenly realised that James was standing right in front of me, hardly 5 cms away. Lily. James said, cupping my cheeks in his hands I am sorry. He held up a hand and cut me before I could protest. This is the last time Lily; I am laying myself bare for you. I am sorry, but not about the kiss okay. Well, about everything else. He took a deep breath as he continued. About all the time I have troubled you over the years. I am sorry. Sorry for hexing your hair pink, silver, orange and blue. Sorry for telling everyone about your diary. Sorry for ruining your first date. Sorry for pouring tomato juice on you. And, well you get the idea. No wonder you hate me so much.

I dont hate you. I said in a small voice. I got that idea back there. He said and I blushed furiously. Even though I know you dont love me Lily that does not change how I feel about you. I have been in love since I first saw a girl standing on the Hogwarts platform, since she called me an arrogant brat. Even when she defended a Slytherin I loved her. I loved her compassion, her gentleness; I loved her brains and her loyalty. I loved the way she spoke for the truth, how she is the brightest witch I have ever met. I loved how she laughed when she found something funny, how she flashed her eyes in anger. I love the small zit in the corner of her left cheek and dreamt about kissing it at nights. That mass of silky red hair, they shine in the sun like a head on fire. And those gorgeous green emerald eyes. So huge, yet so innocent. I have spent more than half of my DADA classes staring at you. No wonder I suck at it. But most of all I love the fact that you are proud to be muggleborn; the person that you are. I love you Lily and I will love you forever. Tears were running down my eyes freely now. James potter loved me, zit and all. He did not care that I spent half my time in the library or that I was friends with Slytherin. He opened his mouth to say something but I smashed my hand over his mouth before he could say something. No. I say, you listen. Got it? He nodded silently under my glare. Good. First, dont assume that you know everything. I dont hate you so dont assume it okay. He cocked his eyebrows at me while I rambled on. Fine, I may have given the impression that I hate you more cocking but I dont. Seriously James, which girl in her right mind would hate you? Suddenly, I felt very tired and dropped my hand. It was as if a switch had been turned off inside me. Who in their right mind would hate him? I had failed, I had become another one. I walked towards the window overlooking the grounds. The campus always made me peaceful and calm. I took a deep breath; it smelled of Hogwarts, it smelled of home. James, I have always hated your advances; the facts that you think you are superior to everyone else. You have left so many broken hearts behind you. I have watched girls cry out their eyes over you. I dont want to be one of them when you decide you dont love me anymore. I dont want to be another casualty. I held up a hand and cut of his protest, even though I was still facing towards the grounds. I turned around and stared at him. And as far as my feelings are concerned, you are completely wrong. I dont hate you James, I never have. Those hairs of yours, I love the way they stick out in every direction no matter what you do with them. I love those hazel eyes of yours which are so deep and warm. I love this amazing body you posses. Its made me appreciate Quidditch more. I love that you dont judge people on what they are, Slytherins apart obviously. I love the fact that you are always ready to help people. You helped Severus when he least deserved it. I love the fact that you are brave, that you are so loyal to your friends. You are always up for a laugh, even when you the butt of jokes. I love the fact that you pursue me, even when I have turned you down a countless times. In short, I love you James. Always have...James!Again I was cut off mid sentence. Once again he was kissing me, softly this time. He ran his hand up my back before circling waist and pulling me close. I put my hands under his shirt and shuddered at the contact; so hard and muscled. His tongue traced my lips and then thrust in my mouth. Slowly his other hand made its way up my skirt and started tracing patterns on it. In this

position, he pulled me on a bench and we sat for what felt like an eternity, kissing and being just close. Somewhere during that time his shirt had become unbuttoned and was lying on the floor. Mine was undone and hanging off my arm. Slowly he pulled back and looked me in the eye. I tried to close the distance again but he held me in place. Childishly, I scowled at him and he smirked at me. There are 3 things I want to clarify with you Lily. 1) You will never be a casualty. 2) You will never just a casualty and 3) I will never ever stop loving you. He looked so sincere, just like a model school boy. I sighed and ran my through his hair, so soft. So, where are we now? I glanced at him from underneath my eyelashes for an answer. He was looking at me and his one hand was still circled around my waist. Thankfully, I still had my underclothes on. But that did not stop shivers from running up and down my spine. Well, technically speaking, we are in an empty classroom half-naked, snogging each other senseless. He smirked at me, the famous trademark Potter smirk. I looked at him confusion before I remembered what he was talking about. Concentrate Lily! Then the smirk left his face and he sobered out. He looked so cute when he tried looking sincere. And you know what I want to be, its always you has the choice, you who has got the right to decide. James looked so scared right now. My inner soul was dancing by now hearing all the confessions. He was having a tap dance, salsa and moon walking across my heart. James was still waiting for my answer. I tried to pull his legs a little more. I pushed my forehead together causing lines to appear on it, making me look like a saint doing meditation. James pouted at this. Immature baby. I sighed and pushed everything off my mind. This was it I guess. Yes or no, love or whatever the option was. Follow my heart or brain? I asked myself this question. I thought hard and decided exactly 10 seconds later. I just chose a better way of putting it across. I launched myself at him and kissed him dab smack on the mouth. He responded after 15 seconds of shock, too much eh? I murmured at him as he started pulling back. He laughed a little at my feeble protests and kissed my lightly on mouth before pushing me back and bending down on one knee. My heart started racing like unicorns. Ka-thump, Ka- thump. So, he said and looked at me Will you, Lily Evans, go with me James Potter, to Hogsmeade as my girlfriend. I could only nod. No words came out of my mouth. I was officially in a relationship now, with James Potter. The thing I had always ran from was suddenly the best thing that had ever happened to me. James beamed before standing up and pulling me in to place a soft kiss at the corner of my mouth. I obliged. After all, there was never a choice, was there?

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