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SUBJECT:MedEthics 3 DATE: June 20,2008
TPIC: Human Sexuality & Resp Parenthood

LECTURER: Ma. Cecilia Cuaresma-Cruz

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NG HUMAN SEXUALITY & Human sexuality is an expression of the desire for union which
KRI RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD fulfills the yearning to prolong oneself beyond one’s own life.
EISA Ma. Cecilia C. Cuaresma-Cruz, MD The profound desire for paternity is integrated into human
E Medical Ethics III sexuality.
ANN College of Medicine - PLM
H Dehumanizing in Sexuality
KYT SEXUALITY Using others as a means for one's one end
ON If sexuality is understood outside the context of the spiritual
AAR SEX IS EVERYTHING nature of man, it ends up inhuman
HE Sex is the center of the universe. What is inhuman is infra natural, something lower than what is
ALP Sex is the most important thing in life. simply animal
LA Get as much as you can, with as many people as you can When sexuality is isolated from spirituality, one sees the other
KAR person as “a sexual object” instead of as “a beloved person”
Sex is only meaningful when it’s pleasurable.
lust◊A purely carnal union deprived of the spirit of humiliates
Pleasure comes with variety
and reduces persons to the condition of “things” that have
Sex is an urge to be indulged freely
ADI meaning only for as long as they satisfy or give pleasure
It is important to remind those who consider sex as the highest
Sex is the ultimate high
expression of love between two persons that in the relationship
Sex is the best way to express love
between man and woman, “sexual submission can be love
Sex alone will give your life meaning and happiness transferred to the corporeal sphere, it however, is not always a

‘proof’ of love, although often it is demanded as such.”

Sex is a personal choice that affects no one else.
Sex is only physical Humanizing Sexuality
Sex is the only way to express love If it is taken as a form of personal commitment and
responsibility, a challenge to one's fidelity to love
It is humanizing if it enables one to realize oneself as it brings
EZR ANSWER: Neither! the other to fulfillment
KIX Both are sexually immature Both attain mutual self-realization and untive self-fulfillemnt
LAIN THE OTHER UNDERVALUES SEX Unitive and Procreative Aspects
XTIA SEXUALITY: Connotations Essential Elements of Human Sexuality
CES The totality of characteristics proper to each sex of the a) The sexual instinct or tendency:
PS human species -innate
HOO Attraction towards individuals of the opposite sex procreation)◊-theological (ordained towards an end
E Human sexuality = sexual instinct -transcends psychologically (ordained towards another person
VINC “tendency” or “impulse” away from self) does not need intelligence but is regulated by
E Identifies with genitality the latter
ESS Directly related to the mode of propagation of the species
DEN b) Man is sexual
LLE Isolated consideration of sexuality , can endanger and -Though always present, sexuality is not everything
CECI disrupt the unity of the whole person. It exaggerate its role in
JAM human existence c) Sex is an objective reality in accord with God’s plan for man;
Y KC therefore, it is good in itself
PIPO The absolutization of what is partial was the error of Freud -Sex life ought to be regulated morally according to Natural
H (psychoanalytical theory) Law
RIC -1st principle of sexual life: Marriage is the only natural way
HEIN Theological Teaching willed by God wherein sexual life may be exercised morally
T Sex has its proper place of exercise within marriage
BAR Sexuality is not purely biological nor exclusive
RYL The biological. psychological and spiritual characteristics d) Sexuality if the biological vehicle for self-giving between man
SHE which make a person a male or female find their origin in and woman
LH sexuality affective and spiritual◊-Human love involves all the dimensions
RAP of being
The sexual instinct is not all that he has; man possesses in a
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TINA -Today the tendency is to dissociate love from sex

AIN pre-eminent way understanding, choice, freedom -“Love” is used as a simple requisite to practice sex
SUBJECT:MedEthics 3 DATE: June 20,2008
TPIC: Human Sexuality & Resp Parenthood
LECTURER: Ma. Cecilia Cuaresma-Cruz
TRANSGROUP:nalimutan ko name ng grup namen..

e) The sexual instinct is ordained essentially to the propagation MASTURBATION

of the species, to the transmission of life PRE-MARITAL SEX
-Therefore, the unitive and procreative aspect of sexual love HOMOSEXUALITY
must not be separated CONTRACEPTION

ALFRED KINSEY Masturbation

He sought to re-craft American girls sexually not as made in Means stimulating oneself sexually, so it is like having sex with
the image of God, but rather as “lower mammalian, primitive, oneself.
uninhibited.” Current rates of sexual trauma reflects the
success of his efforts. What happens if one masturbates whenever one feels the urge
The Kinsey Grand Scheme Poor control of sexual feelings, not develop self possession.
1. Encourage gay-activist movements, and establish Develop an attitude of wanting self gratification – self
homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation. centeredness.
2. Promote widespread promiscuity to create a sexual anarchy. Tendency to seek sexual pleasure for oneself only. Weaken
3. Attack religion to undermine the Judeo-Christian concept of love commitment with future spouse.
sin and eliminate the distinction between right and wrong.
4. Legalize aberrant sex acts to eliminate punishment for sex Pre-Marital Sex
crimes. Sex is pleasurable only for a short term.
5. Exploit childhood rebellion to alienate children from parents. Fear of being dumped by the man after he has taken
Separate children from the protective traditional family everything from the girl.
structure. Is it true that sex builds up love ? Love is giving yourself for the
6. Redefine FAMILY to break the model of a nuclear family with love of others.
a mother and father. Will premarital sex help you to become responsible people,
able to exercise self control, self possession ?
Sexual Revolution is designed to: After premarital sex, parting or saying goodbye is painful and
-break down sexual inhibitions traumatic.
-invalidate sexual taboos
-undermine sexual values Homosexuality
State of the person being sexually drawn to members of the
The Fruits of Sexual Revolution same sex.
1. Increased violence, including rape. Homosexual acts – sexual acts performed with persons of the
2. Destruction of marriages. same sex.
3. Increased promiscuity. Latent – when sexual attraction is not activated into sexual
4. Increased illegitimacy. actions with other persons (homosexual orientation)
5. Exploding rates of venereal diseases. Active – when sexual attraction is activated into sexual actions
6. Teenage pregnancy. with
7. Abortion
8. Homosexuality Causes of Homosexuality
All solid evidence points to a behavioral origin.
SIECUS Counselors report that many youngsters declare themselves to
(Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) be homosexual, not because they truly are, but because this is
“SEX IS FOR FUN” one way to gain their parents’ attention
“Enjoying what you do and do what you enjoy” A prominent factor observed in male homosexual is the
Masturbation - sanction all forms that lead to orgasmic dominant mother and submissive father or reverse roles of
emission. parents.
Homosexuality - oral genital, oral-anal, self and mutual
masturbation are normal and beneficial.
SEX IS WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU DO! 4 Principal values of Human sexuality
LOVE, not sex is the BIG DEAL! Love
Sex is a TOTAL & UNCONDITIONAL self-giving between a Symbolism
married couple.
According to Humanae Vitae
Sex as God’s gift is a 3 in 1 power... a) The meaning of responsible parenthood is primarily
Pleasure-giving influenced by the level of knowledge of the biological process
Love giving (unitive) in reproduction
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Life giving (Pro-creative) Knowledge of this mechanisms must not lead them to interfere
with the cycle
Violations on the Virtue of Chastity
SUBJECT:MedEthics 3 DATE: June 20,2008
TPIC: Human Sexuality & Resp Parenthood
LECTURER: Ma. Cecilia Cuaresma-Cruz
TRANSGROUP:nalimutan ko name ng grup namen..

It ought to move them to respect these natural processes

because they are not dealing simply with biological laws but of
“biological laws which involves the person”

b) If we examine the innate desires and emotions of man,

responsible parenthood expresses the dominion which reason
and will must exert over them
- when the respect for sexual is
replaced by the egoistic, superficial search for pleasure, the
moral life of the individual and marriage end catastrophically

c) If we consider the relevant physical, economic,

psychological, and social conditions, responsible parenthood is
exercised by those who prudently and generously decide to
have a large family or by those who, for serious reasons and
with due respect for the moral law, choose not to have children
for the time being or even for an indeterminate period

2 important problems are presented on the decision to

limit the number of children:
-The existence of a serious motive for avoiding the birth of
another child
-Respect for the moral law while searching for the most
adequate means of avoiding the birth

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