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Communication from The Masters in Light

through Paul Walsh-Roberts


30 January 2006
Napier, New Zealand.

Greetings dear ones and welcome. As you gather, so do you present a mind and a heart.
Your minds and hearts are heard as your own cosmic messaging that takes place through
your heart, that enables so much assistance to be magnetized to you, and that provides
awareness of your world, awareness of your own consciousness so that the nature of that
assistance might be more appropriate, more exact.
You see, as these change times take place, so does your own messaging change; the
messaging to yourself and the messaging from yourself. So, your relationship on a spiritual
level adjusts; your relationship with the other echelons, with other worlds adjusts.
One such adjustment took place with a gigantic message that was put forth as a
result of nuclear detonation in your world. Your galactic neighbourhood received a vast
message on the strength of that and so assistance came. For, indeed, you are affecting
other worlds now and it is time to come into the realization of your place, the part that
you play, the responsibilities you hold and the magnificence that you all may offer in the
galactic relationship. But it does not serve to ignore this or deny it.
As we come, we come to bring understanding so that you might choose differently.
Sciences are becoming available that will release you from the bonds and toxins of fossil
fuels but it requires an openness in your world to receive such things. It also requires that
the addiction to suffering is released.
It is time for the Humanity to understand that learning need not take place through
suffering. It is time for you to learn through your joyousness. Joyousness is treated so off-
handedly by all of the Humanity. But that joyousness now brings you the greatest
learning. Do not ignore it, for those who wish to learn and persist in learning through
suffering shall find that they are unable to withstand the suffering that they will
magnetize. All is changing, dear ones.
It is time to adjust the attitudes and believings that you hold regarding your status
quo world. You are magnificent beings. It is time to release your self-perception of
limitedness, of pain, of need, to free yourself to take the adventure of true life. It is all there
for you in your world.
As a Humanity you are represented to other worlds. You have been represented to
other worlds for some time but it is time now for you all to begin to consider what that
representation has been. Also, to consider what you would wish the representation to be. And

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if there is not one that occurs to you, then you may wish to be representation yourself and
then to allow your dreams and wishes, your consciousness to be a spark of representation of
your peoples to the other worlds that surround you and come to you. For that is the case.
Then hold that in your heart; hold yourself as an image, as a beacon, and so you shall be
heard. But to date, you have been represented by others.
All of these conditions, all of these circumstances draw you forward slowly. It is time
to begin acceleration within yourself. You are not there to be tied back, you are there to live;
not to survive but to expand and grow and express yourselves as love; nothing else but love.
In this way you learn about yourselves. Come to terms with your potency, your magnificence,
your divinity and you will become enabled to express it into your world, into your galactic
neighbourhood. And so shall you come of age. These are the times that you are in.
Learn from your joys; appreciate what is joyous. Appreciate dreams of joyous
things that surround you and come to you. Love yourselves and your dreams about
yourselves. In such simple ways do you become a beacon of Light in your world. And so
you will become increasingly enabled to bring it forth. It is time dear ones.
So much has been taken for granted but now it is to take it back into your hearts,
into your own wishes and dreams; to hold it, to be steady. Asllow yourselves to create the
form of it; to be the form that represents it in every action you take. Humanity has created
its circumstances and only the Humanity can repair it. It is a great realization and a great
responsibility to embrace. It is there whether you choose to embrace it or not. The
responsibility exists, has always existed. But the power of self denial that the Humanity
has wielded has outweighed it until now.
You are creators. You are vast spirits. You are representatives of divinity. You are. It
is time to be it. It is time to be it in each step, more and more fully. A time of great
adjustments is upon you. Great adjustments in yourself may be considered most
significant, most important irrespective of the adjustments that take place around you.
Know yourselves. Do only what is true to yourselves. Let yourselves represent Light,
represent the Love that you are in essence.
We come in service because so many of you have called; some without your
knowing. The Galactic Masters, the Masters in Light, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim,
Angelic Beings—all of the vastness of Higher Light is at your fingertips just for your
calling. If you wish it to be present in your world then simply call in your hearts. Your
individual callings come together and create a message that outweighs the message of
your previous representation. Then we may more fully be of service. Greetings dear ones
this is Lenduce. Greetings.

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