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brahim Hakk Bulut 1887231

Reflection 1 - History of the Games

Period 1958-1959 Technologies - Analog Computer - Oscilloscope - Distinct sound effects - Switches - Background graphics - Program integration - Television - Up/down/left/right control Name of the Games Tennis for Two Critical Issues - First Video Game - An isolated incident (not inspired for future video games) -Two-player video game - Public domain program - Free distribution - Birth of video games industry - Home video game - Introduction to game machine - Birth of video games industry - Arcade Games -Atari - Bringing games to masses - First well-known video games - Cartridge-based home system - Moving functions out of the hardware into the software - Open architecture for building games - Video Game Crash due to poor graphics, buggy programming and poor third party games - Poor economy - Cheap computers to market - Oversupply of Atari in the market - Collapse of video game business - Introduction of 3D graphics - Entertainment system




Rifle game Hockey game


- Fortran - Powerful computers for game working - Computers

Computer Space


Pong Trak 10 Gotcha Arcade Games


- Cartridge-based console - Colored graphics - Selector switches - Joystick - Video game consoles - Home Computers


Pac-Man E.T Third-party games


- LCD screens - Digital watches - Directional pad - 3D graphics - Video game machine

Game and Watch Series (50 handheld games) Donkey Kong Super Mario series


brahim Hakk Bulut 1887231




-16-bit console - PC engine -56k Modem - 128-bit graphics - Graphical memory cards - 3D hardware - Homo console -CD-ROM game system - DVD player - MP3 - Movie player - Home console - PC architecture - Online services (XBox Live) - Home computers - Keyboard - TV or monitor support - 64K memory - Sound Chip - Personel Computers - Open architecture - Internal hard drives

- 3-D arcade games (Hang-on, Space harrier, Out Run, After) - Virtua Fighter series Final Fantasy series

-High resolution graphics - Modem technology - Sega's contribution to console market

- Introduction of PlayStation - Cheaper CD game format - PlayStation 2

- Age of Empires - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Halo and Halo 2 The Bard's Tale, Castle Wolfenstein, Choplifter, Infocom games, Karateka, Prince of Persia, Swashbuckler, Ultima series, Wizardry

-Introduction of XBox -Subscription-based online service - Apple home computers - Keyboard, mouse and monitor technology - Home computer market revolution - Commodore home computers - High rate of selling computer -Competition among companies -IBM PC -Production of compatible machines using IBM open architecture -Qualified game designs -High rate of selling video games -Strategic simulations - Professionals working on the games - Talented game designers - Sierra game company - Graphical adventure games - Origin Systems - Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games



- Qualified graphics - Programming languages for game design -Full-motion video cutscene

SimCity, The Sims, Solo Flight Sid Meiers Pirates, Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, Mystery House The Princess and the Warrior, Quest Series, Leisure Suit Larry series, Half-Life, Ultima Series


brahim Hakk Bulut 1887231


-Graphics -Sound effects -Joysticks -Game Boys -Programming languages - Handheld devices - Console devices - Computer-animated motion picture -CD-Rom drive

Space Invaders Pac-Man Tetris Street Fighter Mega Man Resident Evil Final fantasy series Myst series

- Popular video games - Introduction of High score on video games - Phenomenos - Pac-Man being nonviolent arcade game to appeal for both men and women - Popular culture of video games - Video games affecting other media like comic books, anime, movies etc. - Although mascots inreased sales of game systems at the beginnings, they are not popular in recent years -Important Game software companies and Studios were founded: Activision and Infocom Electronic Arts (1982) Interplay (1983) LucasArts (1982) Blizzard (1991) id Software (1991) -Introduction of digital games in Turkey - First game consoles or 8 bit computers for minority in Turkey - Atari Hall become popular - Cheaper electronic handheld games and PC in the mid 80s -Multimedia computers and game consoles become popular in Turkey - Source code of simple games in Turkey - Writing simple games in Turkey -Easier game development -Seme-professional stage of game development in Turkey -Turkish strategy game -First boxed game -Commercial games


Internet 3D game engines Graphics engines Quasi-3D graphics CD-ROM drives

Wasteland, Fallout, Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Maniac Mansion Star Wars series, World of Warcraft, DOOM, Quake Series


Game Console TV sets VCRs 8 bit computers Handheld devices PCs

1980-1990 (Amateur Stage) 1990-2000

-BASIC programming language - Adventure Game Creator -AMOS software -Higher multimedia capabilities -Diskettes -PCs -CD-ROMs


The Dagger Fields of Hope Legends of Istanbul: Tulip Warriors Asterix Zeka Kutusu


brahim Hakk Bulut 1887231

-Musics -Graphics

Detective Storm Beyond the Truth


3D graphics GameBoy console Internet Mobile Devices

Dual Blades Football Manager Istanbul Pusu Culpa Innata Mount & Blade

-First role-playing games -Porting games into PC platform -Professional game companies -Games in international market -Multiplayer simulations -Online games

World Of Warcraft (Critical Issue)

World of Warcraft from Blizzard company is one of the most popular video games in the world. It is one of the most attractive real-time strategy games that is the fastest selling PC game throughout the history (Rabin, 2010). I think, one of the most important reason behind being fastest selling game is its being strategy games. The features of real time startegy involves continuous play that results in giving quick strategic decisions (Rabin, 2010).. Enabling control of user pace is also another factor that attracts gamers. I think, if specific strategy games are designed properly for educational goals, they have significant contributions especially at schools adopting constructive philosophy which cares individual development and individual control of learning.

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Yilmaz, E., Cagiltay, K. (2005). History Of Digital Games in Turkey. Authors & Digital Games Research association DIGRA.

Questions 1. Violence on the games prevent female from playing video games can be an
explanation for the male dominance for video games?

2. Games are mostly considered for fun. Can effective results be gained if games are
designed for educational purposes

3. Are the games also fad in educational areas like radio, TV and other media?