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Additional information and detail has been added to each Library Entry to allow easier searching of the forum, as well as to reduce the possibility of duplicates and outdated information. Currently, the Library contains over 1259 Downloadable Files, totaling over 3.41 GB of data. The following document provides a listing of all files located within the Library Forum of www.homegunsmithing.com. It is formatted as follows:

File Library Handguns

1911 Style
1911 Blueprints
1911 Blueprint - Sectional (PDF 324K)

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7/17/2008 Page 1

File Library Handguns

1911 Style
1911 Blueprints
1911 Blueprint Sectional #2 (PDF 771K) 1911 Blueprint - Sectional (PDF 324K) 1911A1 Frame Ordnance Prints (PDF 527K) Complete Set of 1911A1 Ordnance Prints (PDF 3.33M) KT-1911 Rail Dimension Blueprint (PDF 36K) 1911 Complete Ordnance Prints (PDF 3.26M)

1911 CAD Files 1911 Instructions and Guides

1911 Disassembly Instructions (PDF 882K) 1911 Auto Extractor Adjustment (PDF 89K) Barrel Fitting a 1911 Auto (PDF 173K) Building a 1911 (Parts 1 - 6) (PDF 937K) Colt 45 Machine Pistol Conversion (PDF 2.33M) Grahamcrakas 1911 80% Project (PDF 843K) How to Fit a 1911 Aftermarket Barrel John Brownings Way (PDF 327K) How to Install a Shuemann Ramped Barrel (PDF 882K) Instructions for Getting a 2 1/2 lb Trigger Pull on the 1911 (PDF 96K) Pvt Ryans 1911 Commander Build (PDF 11.50M 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (4.78M)

1911 Manuals
Colt 1911 and 1911A1 Support Manual (PDF 4.40M) Maintenance and Use of the Colt 22 Cal. Conversion Unit (PDF 347K) Maintenance and Use of the Colt 22 Cal. Conversion Unit for Series 80 Pistols (PDF 412K) Safari Arms 1911A1 Owners Manual (PDF 1.32M) TM 9-1005-211-35 Direct, General Support & Maint. Manual Pistol, Caliber. 45: M1911A1 (PDF 512K)

1911 Patents
US Patent #04201113 Telescoping Return Spring Assembly for Automatic Handguns (PDF 1.1M)

1911 Shop Manuals

The Colt .45 Automatic A Shop Manual Volume 1, Books 1 & 2 (PDF 38.6M 7 Parts) Pgs 1-31 (5.53M) Pgs 32-59 (5.06M) Pgs 60-90 (5.70M) Pgs 91-121 (4.14M) Pgs 122-151 (6.23M) Pgs 152-178 (5.12M) Pgs 179-208 (6.88M)

1911 Tools & Fixtures

1911 Slide Jig (PDF & DFX Zipped 56K)

Other 1911 Files

Animated GIFs of the 1911 (GIF Zipped 555K)

Browning Hi-Power
Browning Hi-Power Blueprints
Simplified Fire-Selector Mechanism (PDF 244K)

Browning Hi-Power Instructions and Guides

Browning Hi-Power Alterations (PDF 422K)

Browning Hi-Power Schematics

Browning 9mm Hi-Power Parts Diagram and Schematic (PDF 45K)


Page 2

Browning Hi-Power Manuals

Browning 9mm Hi-Power Automatic Pistol Operator Manual (PDF 1.27M) Browning 9mm & .40 S&W Single Action Hi-Power Pistol Operator Manual (PDF 3.69M)

Ruger MK I & II
Ruger MK-I and MK-II Blueprints
Ruger MK-I Receiver Blueprint (PDF 37K)

Ruger Mk-I and MK-II CAD Files

Ruger MK-I Receiver Blueprint (DWG Zipped 14K) Ruger MK-II Silencer (DWG Zipped 14K)

Ruger Mk-I and II Instructions and Guides

CLEANING CLINIC: Bringing "Truck Guns" Back To Life (PDF 510K)

Ruger Mk-I and II Manuals

Instruction Manual for the Ruger Mark II Pistol (PDF 3.72M)

Ruger MK-I and MK-II Supressors/Silencers

Ruger MK-II Silencer (PDF 29K) Silenced Ruger Pistol (PDF 624K)

Sig Sauer
Sig-Sauer KT-P228 Blueprints
Sig Sauer KT-P228 Receiver Hole Dimensions (PDF 34K) Sig Sauer P228 DLASK Blueprints (PDF 1.25M) Sig-Sauer P228 Blueprints (PDF 222K)

Sig-Sauer Manuals
SIG Sauer Mauser M2 Handling and Safety Instructions (PDF 554K) Sig Sauer P220 Parts List and Exploded Diagram (PDF 40K) Sig Sauer Pistol Owners Manual (PDF 2.13M) Sig-Sauer P226 Autoloading Pistol Instructions for Armourers (PDF Zipped 448K) SIG Sauer P228 Pistol Owner's Manual (PDF 2.29M) Sig-Sauer P230 Parts List and Exploded Diagram (PDF 39K) SIG Sauer P232 Pistol Owner's Manual (PDF 767K) SIG Sauer P232 Pistol Massachusetts Supplement (PDF 127K) SIG Sauer SIGPRO, SP2340, SP2009 Safety Instructions (PDF 453K)

STI 1911
STI Cad Files
Justins (jwh02017) STI 1911 Project 3D Model (DWG Zipped 367K) Justins (jwh02017) STI 1911 Project IGES Format (IGS Zipped 345K) Justins (jwh02017) STI 1911 Project Solidworks E-Drawing (EXE Zipped 2.09M) Justins (jwh02017) STI 1911 Project STEP Format (STEP Zipped 181K) STI 1911 Blueprints (PDF 660K)

STI Manuals
STI 1911 Style Handgun Safety Reference & Owner's Manual (PDF 237K) STI 2011 Style Handgun Safety Reference & Owner's Manual (PDF 250K)

STI Patents
(4) STI Patents (PDF 549K)

SVI Infinity
7/17/2008 Page 3


SVI (Infinity) 3D Model with Side Detail Cuts (SLDPRT Zipped 691K) SVI (Infinity) 3D Model without Side Detail Cuts (SLDPRT Zipped 305K)

Other Handguns
1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver
1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver Cartridge Conversion Plans (PDF 1.71M)

AR-7 Machine Pistol Prototype

AR-7 Machine Pistol Prototype Drawings (PDF 543K)

AR-7 Silenced Barrel

AR-7 Silenced Barrel (PDF 543K)

Article: Double Barreled Revolver

357/.22 Caliber, Double Barreled Revolver (PDF 699K)

Beretta Handguns
Beretta Model 21A Bobcat Operation Instructions (PDF 634K) Beretta Model 3032 Tomcat Operation Instructions (PDF 679K) Beretta Series 81 Operation Instructions (PDF 465K) Beretta Series 87 Target Operation Instructions (PDF 485K) Beretta Series 89 Standard Operation Instructions (PDF 990K) Beretta Series 8000 Cougar Operation Instructions (PDF 526K) Beretta 92/96/98 Part List and Diagram (PDF 440K) Beretta 92 Series Operation Instructions (PDF 577K) Beretta Series 92 Stock and 92 Combat Operation Instructions (PDF 135K) Beretta Series 9000S Operation Instructions (PDF 486K) Beretta Series 950 Operation Instructions (PDF 1.19M)

Browning Handguns
Browning Buck Mark 22 - Semi-Automatic .22 Caliber Pistol Owner's Manual (PDF 2.39M)

CZ-52/CZ-75/CZ-85 Pistols
CZ-52 Pistol, Owner's Manual (PDF 127K) CZ-85 Part List, Exploded Diagram and Sectional View (PDF 206K)

Complete Construction Plans for the Mark-I SMG

Complete Construction Plans for the Mark-I Submachinegun (PDF 245K)

Derringer Assembly Instructions

Derringer Assembly Instructions (PDF 1.32M)

European American Armory Handguns

EAA Astra A-70 Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 1.57M) EAA Astra A-75 Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 1.51M) EAA Astra A-100 Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 1.44M) EAA Big Bore Bounty Hunter Single Action Revolver Operator's Manual (PDF 201K) EAA EASA Model Single Action Revolver Operator's Manual (PDF 2.83M) EAA EA/R Windicator Series Double Action Revolver Operator's Manual (PDF 148K) EAA MOD. F.A.B.-92 Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 1.35M) EAA IZH35M .22LR S/A Pistol Instruction Manual (PDF 2.95M) EAA Small Bore Bounty Hunter Single Action Revolver Operator's Manual (PDF 139K) EAA Witness Model Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 2.19M) EAA Witness-P Model Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 2.02)

FEG PA-63 Pistol 7/17/2008 Page 4

FEG PA-63 (9x18mm Markarov) User Manual (PDF 281K)

Glock Armorers Manual Mod 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, & 17L (PDF 6.51M) Glock Auto Converter (PDF 922K) Glock Full-Auto Conversion Manual (PDF 1.31M)

Hi-Standard Supermatic Parts List and Diagram (PDF 37K)

HK (Heckler & Koch) Handguns

P7M13 Pistol Technical Manual for Dealer/Factory Maintenance (PDF 2.64M) H&K MK-23 Mod-0 Pistol Maintenance Manual (PDF 5.27M) H&K P9S Pistol Maintenance and Repair Manual (PDF 4.66M) H&K Mark-23 Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 345K) H&K USP Pistol Armorer's Instruction (PDF 2.57M) H&K USP Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 4.15M) H&K USP40 Compact - LEM Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 678K) H&K USP Compact Pistol Operator's Manual (PDF 821K)

Home Workshop Semi-Auto Pistol

Home Workshop Semi-Auto Pistol by Bill Holmes (PDF 3.44M)

Homemade 12 Gauge Pistol

Prototype Homemade, Single-shot, 12 Gauge Pistol by Philip Luty (PDF 509K)

Homemade, Silenced .22 Caliber Pistol

Prototype Homemade, Single-Shot, Silenced, .22 Caliber Pistol by Philip Luty (PDF 298K)

Homemade, Full Auto Pistols

Home Workshop Volume 3 The .22 Machine Pistol by Bill Holmes (PDF 5.56M)

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance - Volume 1: The Submachine Gun (PDF 4.51M) Home Workshop Guns for Defense & ResistanceVolume 2: The Handgun (PDF 17.4M Zipped 3 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (5.19M) Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance - Volume 3 The .22 Machine Pistol (PDF 5.56M) Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance - Volume 4: The 9mm Machine Pistol (PDF 6.48M) Home Workshop Guns for Defense & ResistanceVolume 5: The AR15/M16 (PDF 9.97M Zipped2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M)

Lahti L-35
Lathi L-35 Part Diagram (PDF184K)

Liberator .45 ACP

Liberator .45 ACP Handgun Blueprints (PDF 3.50M)

Liberator .45 ACP

Liberator .45 ACP Handgun Blueprints (PDF 3.50M)

Rossi Pistols
Owner's Manual for Rossi Revolvers (PDF 219K)

Smith & Wesson Pistols

Smith & Wesson Metal Frame Centerfire Pistol Owner's Manual (PDF 234K) Smith & Wesson Model 22A/22S Sport Series Target Pistol Owner's Manual (PDF 368K) Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield Owner's Manual (PDF 553K) Smith & Wesson Model 945 Series Owner's Manual (PDF 371K)


Page 5

Smith & Wesson Model SW99 & SW99NJ Owner's Manual (PDF 232K) Smith & Wesson Revolvers (Modern Style) Owner's Manual (PDF 331K) Smith & Wesson Sigma Owner's Manual (PDF 348K)

Taurus Pistols
Taurus PT22 and PT25 Owners Manual (PDF 173K)

Thompson/Center Contender
Thompson/Center Contender Underlug Print (PDF 52K)

Walther Pistols
Walther P22 Owners Manual (PDF 250K) Walther P99 & .40 Caliber Owners Manual (PDF 801K) Walther PPK and Parts 3D Model (IGS Zipped 616K) Walther PPK and PP Parts List and Exploded Diagram (PDF 41K)

JACO Design Pistols

JACO Design's Derringer - .22 Caliber Single Shot (PDF 4.96M) JACO Designs Derringer Improvements by 80 MONZTA (PDF 83K) JACO Design's Mini Pistol - .22 Caliber Short Single Shot (PDF 4.38M) JACO Design's Western Pistol - .22 Caliber Single Shot (PDF 3.88M)

ZIP Gun - .22 Caliber (PDF 904K)

Expedient Homemade Firearms - 9MM Machine Pistol

Expedient Homemade Firearms - 9mm Machine Pistol - MK-II by P.A. Luty (PDF 3.81M)

Expedient Homemade Firearms Volume 2 32/380 Machine Pistol

Expedient Homemade Firearms Volume 2 - 32/380 Machine Pistol - MK-II (PDF 12.88M) Part 1 (6.29M) Part 2 (6.13M)

File Library Rifles

AK47 and Variants AK and Variant Full Auto Files
AK-47 Lightning Link (PDF 6.08M) Full Auto Conversion of the AK47 (PDF 1.14M) Full Auto Conversion of the SKS (PDF 2.30M) Sionics SKS AutoSear (PDF 175K) The AK-47: Full Auto Conversion for Dummies (PDF 129K)

AK Series Manuals
AK47 User Manual (Non-Official) (PDF 694K) US Army AK47 User Manual (Re-worked) (PDF 1.86M)

AK22 Plans
Semi-Auto Bingham AK-22 Modification Manual (PDF 2.60M)

AK47 CAD Files

AK47 Receiver Blueprint (DWG Zipped 51K) AK47 Receiver Template (DXF Zipped 10K)

AK47 Receiver Blueprints and Templates

AK Axis Pin Retaining Plate (PDF 955K) AK-47 Flat Jig (PDF/DWG/DXF/DWS Zipped 348K)


Page 6

AK47 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 69K) AK47 Receiver Template (PDF 13K) AK47 Receiver Template from Ace Arms (PDF 2.26M) AK Bending Jig Version 2 (PDF/DXF/DWG/DWS Zipped 1.29M) Krinkov AK47 Receiver Modifications (PDF 375K) AK47 Metric Receiver Template with 7.62x39 Magazine Well (PDF 66K)

AK47 Receiver Completion Plans

Bending a TAPCO AK47 Flat (PDF 1.03M) D&S Designs AK & Semi-Auto Receiver Plans and Instructions (PDF 739K)

AK74 Blueprints & Templates

AK74 Folding Stock Conversion Blueprint (PDF 105K)

Misc. Plans/Instructions for AKs

AK47 Completion Plans (Compliation) (PDF 6.21M) AK47 FCG Removal Guide (PDF 480K) AK47 Riveting Jig (PDF 64K) AK47/74 Barrel Removal & Front Trunnion Rivet Removal Instructions (PDF 1.28M) All Inclusive AK Tutorial (PDF 4.99M) Building from an AK47 Lower Receiver Blank (PDF 1.44M) How to Check Headspace on AK47/74 (PDF 246K) How to Make a 5 Round AK74 Magazine from a 30 Round Mag (PDF 953K) Justashooters Guide on How to Fold an AK Flat (PDF 1.04M) Metal Hardening for the Home AK Builder (PDF 40K)

Other AK Files
Animated GIF of AK Operation (PDF 2.39M)

SKS and SKS Carbine Plans

SKS or SKS Carbine Adaptation to Accept AK47 Magazines (PDF 721K)

AR15/AR10/M16 A2 Upper Files

3D Solid Model of A-2 Upper (IGS Zipped 898K)

A3 Upper Files
A-3 3D Solid Model Upper (IGS Zipped 804K) A-3 Upper Blueprints in Black & White (PDF 127K) A-3 Upper Blueprints in Color (PDF 126K) A-3 Upper Blueprints in DWG Format (DWG Zipped 279K) A-3 Upper Blueprints in DWG Format D Size (DWG Zipped 133K)

AR10 Blueprints
AR-10 Lower Blueprint (PDF 489K) KT-10 Lower Hole Locations (PDF 48K) KAD-10 Lower Blueprint by Audibk (PDF 308K)

AR15 Blueprints
AR-15 0% Lower Indexing Blueprint (PDF 224K) AR-15 Blueprint (PDF 1.77M) Calculating AR-15 Lower Boss Dimensions - Rev 2 (PDF 279K) D. Sniders AR-15 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 1.30M) KT-15 Lower Hole Locations and Sizes Black & White (PDF 60K) KT-15 Lower Hole Locations and Sizes Color (PDF 60K) M-4 Barrel Profile (PDF 212K)


Page 7

AR15 CAD Files

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Assembly 3D Solid Model (EASM/SAT/STEP/JPG/EXE Zipped 5.51M) AR-15 CAD and Blueprint Files (IGS/DRW/DWG Zipped 2.98M) AR-15 Critical Dimensions (JPG/DWF/DWG Zipped 98K) AR-15 Fire Control Group Models (STP Zipped 69K) AR-15 Fire Control Group Solid Models (Various Zipped 654K) M-4 Barrel Profile (DWG Zipped 105K) Justins AR15 Lower Plans (Various Zipped 18M 3 Parts) Part 1 (6M) Part 2 (6M) Part 3 (5.95M) AR15 Telescopic Stock (JPG/STEP/EASM Zipped 6.42M)

AR15/AR10 Manuals
Armalite AR-15/AR-10 Operators Manual (PDF 540K) Bushmaster Operating and Safety Instruction Manual for All XM15 Models (PDF 3.98M) Colt AR-15 22LR Conversion Kit Manual (PDF 252K) Olympic Arms Owner's Manual for OA Series Firearms (PDF 1.82M) Olympic Arms Owner's Manual for PCR/AR Rifles (PDF 952K) Olympic Arms Owner's Manual Supplement for Pistol Calibers (PDF 104K)

AR15/M16 Silencers/Suppressors
AR-15 Silencer Blueprint (PDF 114K)

Armalite AR-18 (AR-180) Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 2.28M) Armalite AR-180 Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 3.37M)

Full Auto Files

AR-15 Autosear (DIAS) Blueprint (PDF 80K) AR-15 Full Auto Conversion Instructions (PDF 186K) AR-15 to M-16 Conversion Manual (PDF 1.86M) Article: AR-15 Registered Drop in Auto Sears and Lightning Links (PDF 639K) Article: Small Wonders: Registered Drop in Auto Sears and Auto Connectors (PDF 957K) Article: Will a Lightning Link Work in a Colt AR15/9mm (PDF 491K) DIAS Blueprint (PDF 318K) Installation of the SWD AR-15 Automatic Connector (PDF 206K) Lightning Link Plans (For the AR-15 Rifle) (PDF 147K) Sonic Auto-Connector Blueprint (DWG Zipped 274K) Sonic Auto-Connector Blueprint (PDF 49K) Timing a LL, RDIAS or M16 (PDF 8k)

M16 Blueprints
M-16 US Army Ordnance Blueprints (PDF 1.89M) M-16 Us Army Ordnance Blueprints w/PDF Bookmarks (PDF 5.42M) M-16A1 US Army Barrel Blueprint (PDF 460K)

M16 CAD Files

M-16 Disconnector Solid Model (STP Zipped 19K) M-16 DWG Blueprint (DWG Zipped 212K) M-16 DWG Solid Model (DWG Zipped 352K) M-16 Selector 3D Solid Model (STP Zipped 26K)

M16 Manuals
FM 0-9 Field Firing for the M16A2 (PDF 453K) FM 23-9 Training Manual for the 5.56mm M16A1 and M16A2 (PDF 2.59M) MIL-C-70599A(AR) Military Specification, Rifle, 5.56mm, M4 (PDF 307K) MIL-C-71186(AR) Military Specification, Rifle, 5.56mm, M4A1 (PDF 2.17M) MIL-R-63997B(AR) Military Specification, Rifle, 5.56mm, M16A2 (PDF 3.18M) TM 05538C-23&P/2 Technical Manual for the 5.56mm M16A2 (PDF 6.02M)


Page 8

TM 05538D/10012B-12/1 USMC Operators Manual for the M16A2, M16A4, M4 and M4A1 (PDF 3.58M) TM 9-1005-319-10 Operators Manual for M16A2 and M4 (PDF 2.9M) TM 9-1005-319-23&P Technical Manual for M16A2, M4 and M4A1 (PDF 2.54M) TM 9-1005-249-10 Operators Manual for M16A1 (PDF 1.54M) TM 9-1005-249-14 M16 and XM16E1 Operator's Manual (PDF 5.57M)

Other AR15/M16 Files

0% to 100%: Machining the AR15 Lower Forging (PDF 4.97M) AR-15 Lower Disassembly Instructions (PDF 144K) A 15 Minute Practical Trigger Job for the AR15 (PDF 39K) AR-15 Component Exploded Diagram (PDF 273K) AR-15 Gas Port Sizes (PDF 11K) AR-15 Lower Assembly Instructions (PDF 222K) AR-15 Receiver Setup Block CAD Plans (IGS, DWF, DXF, PDF Zipped 172K) AR-15 Spring and Pin Dimension Chart (PDF 66K) AR-15 Type Rifle Exploded Diagram (PDF 144K) AR-15/M-16 5.5 and A1 Flash Suppressors (PDF 238K) AR-15/M-16 5.5 and A1 Flash Suppressors (STP Zipped 75K) AR-15 Weight Calculator (XLS Zipped 35K) Building the KT-15 by Secret Gunsmith (PDF 299K) Chart of AR-15/M-16 Buffer Weights and Lengths (PDF 156K) Cleaning the AR-15 (PDF 25K) Colt AR-15 Collapsible Stock & Buffer Tube Dimensions (PDF 82K) An Easy AR-15 Trigger Job (PDF 133K) Homemade Tactical Sling for the AR-15 by ggllggll (PDF 672K) List of AR-15 Parts which are Compatible with the AR10 (PDF 29K) Making Cleaning of Your AR-15 Easier (PDF 222K) Milling a 0% AR-15 Lower Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF 7.86M) Mujahadeen AR-15 by Blakely Noble (PDF 484K) Photo Comparison M-16 vs AR-15 Fire Control Area (PDF 130K) Photos of Blocked and Unblocked Lowers (PDF 218K) PvtRyans AR-15 Index Card (Incomplete) (PDF 135K) Scratch-Built AR-15 (PDF 935K) The Builders Squad AR-15 80% Lower Guide (PDF 3.24M) Using Shims to Index an AR-15/M-16 Barrel (PDF 249K) 5Bears AR15 Machining Guide (PDF 2 Parts) Part A (4.7M) Part B (5.19M) M-4 Animated Movies (MOV Zipped) M-4 Bolt (667K) FCG (1.07M) Collapsible Buttstock (2.82M) M-16 Magazine (5.95M)

M-9 Bayonet (1.93M)

Patent Documents
Drum Magazine (PDF 1.33M) Four Position Firearm Fire Control Selector (PDF 533K) Gas-Operated M16 Pistol (PDF 643K) Multi-Stage Match Trigger Assembly for use with Semi-Auto Weapons (PDF 1.17M) Open Bolt Conversion Apparatus for the M16 (PDF 1.63M) Open Bolt Firing Mechanism for Automatic Firearm (PDF 942K) Rail Adapter Handguard Systems for Firearms (PDF 757K) Rifle Modification for the M-16 (PDF 521K) Weapon Conversion Apparatus for the M-16 and AR-15 (PDF 1.20M)

Browning 1919
1919 Blueprints
1919 Right Side Plate Blueprint (PDF 565K) 1919A4 Right and Left Side Plate Blueprints (PDF 902K)

1919 Manuals
TM 9-1005-212-25 Depot Maintenance Manual M1919 30 Caliber Machine Guns (PDF 2 Parts)


Page 9

Part A (3.39M)

Part B (4.88M)

Browning M2
Browning M2 Blueprints
Browning BMG M2 .50 Caliber Right and Left Sideplate Blueprints (PDF 1.47M) Browning BMG M2 .50 Caliber Right Sideplate Redraw (PDF 191K) Browning M2 Tripod Blueprint (PDF 715K)

Browning M2 Manuals
FM 23-65 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50 HB, M2 (PDF 4.45M)

FAL Blueprints
FN FAL Full Auto Receiver Blueprint (7 Pages) (PDF 932K) FN FAL Full Auto Receiver Blueprint (Single Page) (PDF 403K)

FAL Manuals
FN FAL Users Manual Light Automatic Rifle, Cal. 7.623mm (PDF 416K)

FAL Tools & Fixtures

FAL Barrel Vise Plans and Documentation (PDF 44K) FAL/L1A1 Receiver Wrench Plans and Documentation (PDF 28K)


FAL 3D Locking Shoulder Pin (STP Zipped 17K) FAL Receiver 2D Drawing (Preliminary) (DFX Zipped 26K)

Other FAL Files

FAL Exploded Parts Diagram and Parts List (PDF 1.6M) FN FAL and L1A1 Home Gunsmithing Workbook (PDF 1.76M)

Heckler and Koch (HK)

HK Full Auto Files
HK Model 91 & 93 to G3 Full Auto Conversion (PDF 1.81M) HK Model 91, SR9, 93, 94 ,SP89, etc. Conversion to Select Fire (PDF 245K) HK Model 94 Full Auto Conversion (PDF 3.28M)

HK G3 Armorers Manual (PDF 1.4M) HK G3 Technical Description and Operator's Manual (PDF 2.77M) HK 91/G3 Shelf Blueprint (PDF & DWG Zipped 41K) (HK G3 Clone) Century Centurion 99 & Centurion 2000 Sporter Instruction Manual (PDF 33K) (HK G3 Clone) Centme Semi-Auto Rifle, Caliber .308 Nato Instruction Manual (PDF 133K) (HK G3 Clone) Centme Sport Rifle Model S, Instruction Manual (PDF 3.87M) (HK G3 Clone) Springfield SAR-8 Sporter, Operator's Manual (PDF 1.39M)

HK MP5 Submachinegun Family Operators Manual (PDF 5.16M)

HK UMP Submachinegun Operators Manual (PDF 1.27M)

HK USP Pistol Armorers Manual (PDF 2.57M)

M1 Garand
7/17/2008 Page 10

M1 Garand Blueprints
M1 Garand Ordnance Blueprints (PDF 1.11M) M1 Garand Conversion Chamber Bushing Blueprint (PDF 180K) US Army Ordnance M1 Garand Barrel Blueprint (PDF 178K)

M1 Garand Manuals
FM 23-5 for the U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 (PDF 1.39M) TM 9-1005-222-12 M1, M1C and M1D Operator and Organizational Maint. Manual (PDF 4.97M) TM 9-1275 Ordnance Maintenance M1, M1C and M1D (PDF 1.32M) The Fighting Garand (PDF 13.74 3 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00) Part C (1.64M)

M1 Garand Tools and Fixtures

Barrel Vise and Barrel Wrench Plans for the M1 Garand (PDF 81K)

M14 Blueprints
M14 Ordnance Blueprints (PDF 2.67M)

M14 Manuals
FM 23-8 (1965) US Rifle, 7.62mm, M14 and M14E2 (PDF 5.17M) M14 Rifle Accurization by US Army Marksmanship Unit (PDF 744K) FM 23-8 (1974) US M14 and M14A1 Rifles and Marksmanship (PDF 4 Parts) Part A (5.06M) Part B (5.94M) Part C (6.29M) Part D (5.37M)

M14 Tools and Fixtures

Barrel Vise and Barrel Wrench Plans for the M14 (PDF 81K)

M14 Full Auto Files

Barrel Vise and Barrel Wrench Plans for the M14 (PDF 81K)

MAC and Cobray

Cobray Blueprints
Building the Cobray M11/9 (PDF 408K) Machinist Drawings for Submachinegun Frames (PDF 3.45M)

Cobray/MAC Suppressors
MAC-10 & 11 Suppressor Construction Plans (PDF 1.71M)

MAC and Cobray Manuals

MAC-10 & 11 Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 923K) Cobray M-11/Nine mm Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 2.31M)

MAC Blueprints
MAC Bolt Drawing (PDF 196K) MAC-10 Blueprint (PDF 454K) MAC-10 Upper and Lower Receiver Blueprints (PDF 691K) Machinist Drawings for Submachinegun Frames (PDF 3.45M)

MAC/Cobray Full Auto Files

Ingram MAC-10 and 11 Full Auto Conversion Plans (PDF 256K) MAC-10 Full Auto Modification Manual (PDF 3.03M)

Photos of MAC-10, Cobray M-11 and M-12 (PDF 1.22M)

Remington 700
7/17/2008 Page 11

Remington 700 Blueprints

Remington 700 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 166K)

Remington 700 CAD Files

Remington 700 Receiver Blueprint (DWG Zipped 10K)

Remington 700 Instructions and Guides

Glass Bedding a Remington 700 (PDF 296K) How To Build Your Own Remington 700 (PDF 885K) Installing a Tactical Bolt Knob on a Remington 700 (PDF 76K)

Remington 700 Manuals

Excerpt from the Remington 7000 Field Service Manual (PDF 313K) Remington 700 Assembly Instructions for Rivetless Extractor (PDF 115K) Remington Model 700 EtronX Owner's Manual (PDF 411K) Remington Model 700, Seven & 710 Owner's Manual (PDF 566K)

Ruger 10/22
Ruger 10-22 Blueprints
Ruger 10-22LR Receiver Blueprint w/Modifications for the 10-22WMR (PDF 658K) Ruger 10-22 Receiver Blueprint Rev 2 (PDF 393K) Ruger 10-22 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 769K) Ruger 10-22 Weldable Receiver Blueprint (PDF 312K)

Ruger 10-22 CAD Files

Concept Design Centerfire Bolt Blueprint for the Ruger 10-22 (DWS Zipped 20K)

Ruger 10-22 Full Auto Files

Ruger 10-22 Full Auto Conversion Manual (PDF 2.23M)

Ruger 10-22 Manuals

Ruger 10-22 Carbine Parts Diagram (PDF 214K)

Ruger Mini-14
Other Ruger Mini-14 Files
Home Workshop Mini-14 Silencers (PDF 2.21M) Ruger Mini-14 Full Auto Conversion Plans (PDF 224K) M14 and Mini-14 Conversion Manual (PDF 646K)

Ruger Mini-14 Manuals

Instructions and Parts List for Ruger Mini-14 (PDF 547K) Ruger Mini-14 Instruction Manual (PDF 2.85M)

STEN Tube 3D Model (DWG Zipped 38K) STEN Bolt Model for MP3008 Styled Vertical Magazine (DWG Zipped 1.39M)

STEN Manuals
Carbines, Machine, STEN, 9mm, MKs I, II & III (PDF 778K) Carbine, Machine Sten 9mm. MK-II General Instructions (PDF 707K)

STEN MK-II Blueprints & Templates

STEN MK-II (Compact Model) Submachinegun Blueprints (PDF 366K) STEN MK-II (Compact) Receiver Template (PDF 72K)


Page 12

STEN MK-II (Standard Model) Submachinegun Blueprints (PDF 392K) STEN MK-II Barrel Bushing Drawing (PDF 180K) STEN MK-II Construction Manual (PDF 739K) STEN MK-II Receiver Blueprint (PDF 200K) STEN MK-II Semi-Auto Plans (PDF 146K) STEN MK-II: Complete Machine Plans (PDF 1.41M)

STEN MK-III Blueprints & Templates

STEN MK-III Receiver Template (PDF 29K)

STEN MK-V Blueprints & Templates

STEN MK-V Receiver Template (PDF 618K) STEN MK-V Submachinegun Blueprints (PDF 395K)

Thompson M1A1
Thompson M1A1 Blueprints
M1A1 Thompson Submachinegun Blueprint #2 (PDF 1.02M) M1A1 Thompson Submachinegun Blueprint (PDF 547K) Thompson Submachinegun Model M1A1: Machinists Working Drawings (PDF 378K)

Thompson Manuals
Kahr's Thompson Semi-Auto Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 2.68M)

Thompson SMG CAD Drawings

Collection of Patents for the Thompson SMG (PDF 8.93M)

Thompson SMG Patents

Thompson Submachinegun CAD Drawings (Zipped DFX 72K)

UZI Blueprints
UZI Receiver Blueprints (PDF 905K)

UZI Manuals
FN UZI SMG Operation Manual (PDF 1.79M)

Other UZI Files

Going All The Way Converting the UZI to Full Automatic (PDF 686K) Instructions for Professional Milling and Machining of US Manufactured UZI Receivers (PDF 6.50M) Semi-Auto UZI Modification Manual (PDF 3.23M)

Other Rifles
.50 Caliber Rifle
.50 Caliber Rifle Construction Manual (PDF 4.43M) .50 Caliber Rifle Construction Video (Zipped WMV 6 Parts) Part 1 (6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (5.89M) Part 4 (6.50M) Part 6 (5.82M) .50 Caliber Rifle Solid Model Views (PDF 1.16M) BIG 50 - .50 Caliber Browning Target Rifle Blueprint (PDF 1.13M) Johns .50 Caliber Rifle Plans (PDF 600K) Maadi-Griffin 50 Caliber Rifle Plans (PDF 6.12M) Maadi-Griffin 50 Caliber BMG Solid Models (PRT Zipped 1.77M) Part 5 (6.50M)

Automatgevar M-42B
Automatgevar M-42B Operators Manual (PDF 342K)

AMD-65 7/17/2008

Page 13

AMD-65 Extended Muzzlebrake Blueprint (PDF 40K)

Bradley 6mm Revolver Gun

Bradley 6mm Revolver Gun Plans (PDF 848K)

British BOYS MK-I Anti-Tank Rifle

British BOYS MK-I Anti-Tank Rifle Parts Diagram (PDF 804K)

Browning Rifles - Misc Owner Manuals

Browning .22 Semi-Auto 22 Caliber Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 3.64M) Browning A-Bolt II Bolt Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 1.87M) Browning BAR Mark II Safari Semi-Automatic Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 3.84M) Browning BL-22 Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 2.86M) Browning BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System Owner's Manual (PDF 1.48M) Browning Pump Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 2.45M) Browning BLR Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 1.89M) Browning Model 1885 SIngle Shot Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 4.21M)

Clerke High Wall Action Rifle

Clerke High Wall Action Rifles (PDF 541K)

Daewoo DR200
Daewoo DR200 Users Manual (PDF 541K)

WWII Silent Killer Still Lives - Death Delivering DeLisle (PDF 814K)

Dragonov Rifle
Dragonov Sniper Rifle - Technical Description & Service Manual (PDF 402K)

European American Armory Rifles

EAA BRNO-98 Bolt Action Rifle Instruction Manual (PDF 6.99M) EAA HW-660 Match Bolt Action Rifle Operator's Manual (PDF 4.61) EAA IZH94 Express Double Rifle Instruction Manual (PDF 201K) EAA IZH94 Sever Over & Under Combination Rifle/Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 374K) EAA IZH94 Over & Under Combination Rifle/Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 2.68M) EAA SP1822 Semi-Auto Rifle Instruction Manual (PDF 2.57M)

Feather AT-9 Part List and Diagram

Feather AT-9 and RAV-9mm Part List and Diagram (PDF 367K)

Galil Rifles
Galil 5.56mm Assault Rifle Operators Manual (PDF 1.86M)

Gatling Guns
.22 Caliber Gatling Gun Prints and Plans (PDF 6.07M) Colt 1900 Gatling Gun Blueprint (PDF 5.54M)

Lee-Enfield Rifles
Lee-Enfield First Line Maintenance Instructions (PDF 788K) Lee-Enfield Manual (#1, #3, #4, #5) (PDF 368K)

Lewis Model 1918 Machine Gun

Lewis Machine Gun Handbook (PDF 368K)

MGV-176 Submachinegun
MGV-176 Submachinegun Instruction Manual (PDF 2.52M)


Page 14

Manual for Soviet Mosin-Nagant Rifles, Carbines and Sniper Rifles (PDF 3.12M)

M1 Carbine
M1 Carbine Conversion (PDF 384K) M1 to M2 Modification Manual (PDF 2.67M) TM 9-1276(?) Cal. .30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2 and M3 (PDF 3 Parts) Part A (6.55M) Part B (6.02M) Part C (2.72M)

Remington Rifles
Remington Model 597 and 597 Magnum Owner's Manual (PDF 601K) Remington Model 7400 Owner's Manual (PDF 509K) Remington Model 7600 Owner's Manual (PDF 507K)

Rossi Rifles
Owner's Manual for the Rossi G-22 (22LR) Pump Action Rifles (PDF 194K)

SIGARMS SHR-970, Bolt-Action Rifle, Owner's Manual (PDF 2.90M)

Single Shot Rifles

Mr Single Shot's Book of Rifle Plans (Zipped PDF 3 Parts) Part 1 (6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (5.89M)

Springfield 1903
Ordnance Maintenance - US Rifles, Cal .30, M1903 (PDF 8.62M) Springfield 1903 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 7.81M) Springfield 1903 Bolo Bayonet Blueprint (PDF 1.43M) Springfield 1903 Regular Bayonet Blueprint (PDF 1.03M)

Tokarov Rifles
Manual for Soviet Tokarov Rifles and Carbines (PDF 706K)

Walther Rifles
Walther SMG 9x19 Provisional Operation and Servicing Manual (PDF 826K)

Winchester Model 94 Rifle

A Take-Down Carbine (PDF 269K) Winchester Model 94 Level Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 717K)

Winchester Rifles
Winchester Model 1886 Takedown Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual Supplement (PDF 269K) Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual Supplement (PDF 521K) Winchester Model 1895 Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 732K) Winchester Model 52B .22 Caliber Bolt Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 440K) Winchester Model 63 .22 Caliber Bolt Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 596K) Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 692K) Winchester Model 70 Takedown Rifle Owner's Manual Supplement (PDF 236K) Winchester Model 9422 Lever Action Rifle Owner's Manual (PDF 663K)

Misc. Rifle Patents

Anti-Armor Gun (PDF 629K) Canjar Trigger Mechanism for Rifles (PDF 672K) Modular, Multi-Caliber Weapon System (PDF 1.62M)


Page 15

File Library Everything Else

Legal Letters and Determinations
Measuring Barrel Length of a Rifle or Shotgun (PDF 24K) Response: Approval Regarding Construction of a Browning 1919 Semi-Auto (PDF 44K) Response: Inquiries Regarding Manufacturing of Non-Firing Sten-II Replicas (PDF 864K) Response: Inquiry about Assemb. Non-Functional Replica of Various Military Weapons from Scrap (PDF 155K) Response: Inquiry About Construction of an AR15 from a Partially Completed Lower (PDF 704K) Response: Inquiry about Installation of an M-16 Bolt Carrier in an AR-15 (PDF 1.05M) Response: Inquiry about Manufacturing 80% Complete AR-15 Receivers for Sale (PDF 260K) Response: Inquiry about Manufacturing of a Non-Firing Replica of a STEN MK-II (PDF 166K) Response: Inquiry about Receiver Weld Removal from an M1919 (PDF 188K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Clarification of Manufacture of Firearms by Unlicensed Individuals (PDF 87K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Construction of a SemiAutomatic Version of the STEN (PDF 184) Response: Inquiry Regarding Construction of a STEN Non-Functional Replica (PDF 167K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Legality of Installing a Collapsible Stock on Post Ban AR15 Rifle (PDF 60K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Legality of Manufacturing Pistols from AR15 Receivers (PDF 124K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Legality of Possessing a Colt AR15 Rifle Assembled with LEO Lower (PDF 94K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Modifying Ruger Mini-14 Trigger to Fire on Pull & Release (PDF 209K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Modification of Markings OTHER THAN SERIAL NUMBER (PDF 317K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Requirement to be a Licensed Manufacturer of Firearms (PDF 108K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Use of String to Increase Rate of Fire of Semi-Auto Rifle (PDF 54K) Response: Request to Classify Thompson SMG as Curio or Relic (PDF 445K) Response: Reversion of a Pre-Ban to a Post-Ban (PDF 9K) Response: Sale of Submitted STEN Submachinegun Parts (PDF 184K) Response: Classification of AMD-63 & AMD-64 Part Kits and Manuf of Semi-Auto Copies (PDF 283K) Response: Assembly of Imported AK47 using Domestic Parts (PDF 127K) Response: Assembly of Imported MAK90 using Domestic Handguards (PDF 136K) Response: Replace AK47 Trunnion SN and Remarking Receiver (PDF 577K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Registered Machineguns Converted to FA using RDIAS (PDF 96K) Response: Inquiry Regarding Attachment of a Bipod to a Pistol (PDF 704K) Open Letter to All Federal Firearm Licensees: Adding a Vertical Grip to a Pistol (PDF 17K)

BATFE Contact Information California DOJ Letters

Response: Inquiry Regarding Legality of Completing an 80% Firearm Receiver (PDF 398K) Response: Review and Determination of the FAB-10 by Calif. DOJ (PDF 41K)

Department of Justice/TSA Letters

Response: Inquiry Regarding the Legality of Transporting Firearms Through NY State Airports (PDF 24K)

Forms and Catalogs

ATF Online Public Use Forms
Link to ATF Online Public Use Forms Firearms

ATF Publications
2000 Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Manual (PDF 1.7M)

Shotguns General Information

Beretta Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals
Beretta 1201F/1201FP Manual (PDF 479K) Beretta A303 Operations Manual (PDF 1.34M) Beretta A304 Operations Manual (PDF 2.15M) Beretta AL391 Urika Operations Manual (PDF 467K) Beretta AL390 Operations Manual (PDF 2.27M)


Page 16

Beretta Over/Unders - Side-by-Sides - Superposes - Juxtaposes Operations Manual (PDF 607K)

Browning Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

Browning Operation and Care of 2000 Automatic Gas Operated Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.40M) Browning A-Bolt Shotgun (w/Rifled Barrel & Choke Tube) Owner's Manual (PDF 4.29M) Browning A-500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 5.47M) Browning A-500G Gas Operated Semi-Automatic Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 3.50M) Browning Auto-5 Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Light 12 & 20 Gauge) Owner's Manual (PDF 2.89M) Browning Auto-5 Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Magnum 12 & Magnum 20 Gauge) Owner's Manual (PDF 3.00M) Browning BPS Pump Action Shotgun (12, 20, 28 & Game Gun Models) Owner's Manual (PDF 3.05M) Browning B-SS Side by Side Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 7.97M) Browning BT-99 Plus Single Barrel Trap Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 4.37M) Browning BT-100 Single Barrel Trap Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.60M) Browning Citori Plus Trap Shooting Over & Under Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 3.41M) Browning Citori Over & Under Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.06M) Browning GOLD Semi-Auto 10 Gauge Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 3.19M) Browning GOLD Semi-Auto 12 & 20 Gauge Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.99M) Browning GOLD 3 1/2" Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.63M) Browning Recoilless Trap Single Barrel Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 2.29M) Browning Superposed B-25, B-125, Continental Superposed and Express Owner's Manual (PDF 2.83M)

Century Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

Century HL12-102 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 103K) Century PH12-1 12 Gauge Over & Under Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 108K) Century Phantom 12 Gauge Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 558K)

European American Armory (EAA) Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

EAA Airone Over/Under Instruction Manual (PDF 1.77M) EAA Bunda Semi-Auto Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 3.42M) EAA IZH18 Single Barrel Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 313K) EAA IZH27 (Hunting Two) Over & Under Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 320K) EAA IZH43 (Bounty Hunter II) Side-by-Side Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 250K) EAA IZH43K (Bounty Hunter II) Side-by-Side Cocking Hammer Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 322K) EAA IZH81 Pump Action Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 277K) EAA MP133 Pump Action Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 314K) EAA MP153 Semi Auto Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 4.73M) EAA MP213B Side-By-Side Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 3.50M) EAA MP233 Over & Under Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 3.37M) EAA Saiga Semi-Auto Shotgun & Rifle Instruction Manual (PDF 5.29M)

Franchi Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

Franchi LAW12 - 12 Gauge Semiautomatic Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 1.13M) Franchi SPAS12 - 12 Gauge Pump/Semiautomatic Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 1.25M) Franchi SPAS15 - 12 Gauge Semiautomatic Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 1.93M) Franchi SPAS12 - 12 Gauge Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 1.44M)

Ithaca Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

Ithaca Model 37 & 87 Pump Action Shotgun Field Maintenance Manual (PDF 2.22M) Ithaca Model 37 & Featherlight Pump Action Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 123K)

Mossberg Shotguns
Owner's Manual for the Mossberg Model 500, 835 and 590 Pump Action Shotgun (PDF 2.11M)

Remington 1100 Shotgun

Remington 1100 Exotic Weapon System (PDF 9.93M)

Remington Shotguns - Misc Owner's Manuals

Remington Model 870 & 870 Super Magnum Pump Action Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 539K)


Page 17

Remington Model 1100, 11-87 & 11-87 Super Magnum Autoloading Shotgun Instruction Manual (PDF 789K)

Rossi Shotguns
Owner's Manual for the Rossi Single Barrel Shotgun (PDF 108K)

Shotgun Barrels
Making Shotgun Barrels (PDF 2.85M)

The Four Winds Shotgun

The Four Winds Shotgun (PDF 101K)

Winchester Shotguns Misc Owners Manuals

Winchester Model 1300 Pump Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 609K) Winchester Super X2 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Owner's Manual (PDF 401K) TM 9-1005-303-14 Winchester Model 1200 General Support Maintenance Manual (PDF 2.83M)

NFA Weapons General Information

Destructive Devices
.22 Short Pen Gun Plans (PDF 77K) Breath of the Dragon Flamethrower (PDF 95K) Bolt Gun (PDF 2.74M) Flame Thrower Rifle (PDF 5.66M) Homemade Flechette Pen Gun Plans (PDF 238K) Improvised Home-Built Recoilless Launchers (PDF 3.77M) Improvised Rockets (PDF 310K) Improvised Weapons of the American Underground (PDF 2.13M) Knuckle Gun (PDF 942K) Pen Gun Plans (PDF 70K) Photographs of an 80% Striker-12 Cast Receiver (PDF 839K) Pocket Sized Flame Thrower (PDF 105K) Rearming the M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) (PDF 1.23M) Sardaukar Buckle Gun Plans (PDF 5.41M) Sardaukar Bolt Gun (PDF 2.74M) Sardaukar Pen Gun (PDF 3.31M) Sardaukar Silenced Cane Gun (PDF 4.51M) Stinger T1 Pen Gun (PDF 143K) The Poor Man's RPG (PDF 4.44M) The Street Sweeper A Home Workshop Shotgun (PDF 4.75M) Zips Arsenal of Pipes and Pens (PDF - 3 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (2.09M)

General Explosives and Fireworks

Arson Around with Auntie Alf (PDF 1.96M) Anarchist Arsenal: Improvised Incendiary and Explosives Techniques (PDF 13.04M 2 Parts) Part A (6.50M) Part B (6.44M) Black Book Companion: State of the Art Improvised Munitions (PDF 3.36M) Blaster's Training Manual (PDF 1.24M) CIA: Field Expedient Methods for Explosives Preparations (PDF 1.77M) CIA: Improvised Sabotage Devices (PDF 3.39M) Do-It-Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook (PDF 15.63M 3 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (3.23M) Explosives and Propellants from Commonly Available Materials (PDF 1.99M) Field Manufactured Explosives (PDF 3.49M) Fireworks & Explosives Like Granddad Used to Make (PDF 4.58M) Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives and Homemade C-4 (PDF 85K) Homemade Tannerite (PDF 75K) Home Workshop Explosives (PDF 375K) Impact Fireworks (PDF 241K)


Page 18

Improvised Explosives (PDF 2.24M) Improvised Explosives from Ammonium Nitrate (PDF 652K) Improvised Kitchen Explosives (PDF 255K) Improvised Primary Explosives (PDF 80K) Improvised Shaped Charges (PDF 1.04M) Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics (PDF 20.39M 3 Parts) Part A (6.30M) Part B (6.30M) Part C (6.18M) Ragnar's Detonators (PDF 5.54M) Terrorist Explosives Handbook Vol 1 (PDF 878K) The A Files Illustrated Handbook on Things that Go Boom! (PDF 1.42M) The Explosive and Weapons Forum Archive (PDF 41.98M 5 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (6.00M) Part D (6.00M) The Mujahideen Explosives Handbook (PDF 349K) Two Component High Explosive Mixtures (PDF 1.45M) White Resistance Manual V2.4 (PDF 1.87M) Setting Fires with Electrical Timers (PDF 2 Parts) Part A 6.23M Part B 6.42M Pyrotechny by George Weingart (PDF 2 Parts) Part A (6.14M) Part B (4.76M)

Part E (3.46M)

Full Auto Rifles/MG/SMG Blueprints

.45 Minuteman Submachinegun (PDF 2.24M) A Do-It-Yourself Submachinegun by Gerard Metral (PDF 6.6M) American 180 Full Auto Receiver Blueprint (PDF 491K) American 180 2-D Drawings (Zipped DXF 69K) Austin MK-1 Submachinegun Blueprints (PDF 369K) Automatic and Concealable Firearms Design Book - Vol. III (PDF 3.75M) Beretta 38A and 38/44 Submachinegun Blueprints (PDF 691K) Browning BAR Receiver Blueprints (PDF 1.23M) Carl-Gustav 9mm Submachinegun Operators Manual (PDF 1.61M) Czech Samoval SMG CZ25/26 Receiver Tube Blueprint (PDF 160K) German MP-38 Submachinegun Receiver (PDF 633K) KG-99, KG-99 Mini, TEC-9, TEC-9 Mini Full Auto Conversion Manual (PDF 5.54M) M-60 Machinegun Receiver Blueprints (PDF 4.74M) Madsen Model 1950 Submachinegun Blueprints and Parts Diagram (PDF 1.01M) Marlin Camp - Model 9 and 45 - Full Auto Conversion Manual (PDF 3.40M) Marlin .22 Drop-In Full Auto Conversion (PDF 1.64M) MG-42 Receiver Blueprint (PDF 4.02M) Mk-1 and MK-1* Lanchester Receiver (PDF 615K) Model 37 Right and Left Sideplate Blueprints (PDF 1.02M) MP-40 Submachinegun Receiver Blueprint (PDF 551K) MP-44 SMG Blueprints (PDF 71.70M 8 Parts) Part 1(6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (6.50M) Part 4 (6.50M) Part 5 (6.50M) Part 6(6.50M) Part 7 (6.50M) Part 8 (4.89M) OWEN MK-II, Model 1943 Submachinegun Receiver Blueprints (PDF 470K) Personal Defense Weapon PDW-556 (Zipped PDF & IGS 3.02M) PPSH-41 Russian SMG Blueprints #2 (PDF 550K) PPSH-41 Russian SMG Blueprints (PDF 186) Reising Submachinegun Receiver Blueprints (PDF 501K) Submachinegun Designers Handbook (PDF 2.87M) UD-M42 Submachinegun Blueprint (PDF 426K) Vickers Right Sideplate Blueprint (PDF 417K) Welrod Blueprint (PDF 419K) Yugoslav 49/57 Receiver (PDF 383K) Yugoslav 56 Submachinegun Blueprint (PDF 419K) SAK-Kommando 9MM SMG Blueprint (PDF 72K)

NFA Manuals


Page 19

M-60 7.62 Machine Gun Manuals

Operator's Manual for M60 Machine Gun - TM 9-1005-224-10 (PDF 966K) Organizational, Direct Support Maint Man for M60 Machine Gun - TM 9-1005-224-24P (PDF 1/26M) M60 Machine Gun Field Manual - FM 23-67 (PDF 3 Parts) Pt 1, Chapt 1-6 (4.62M) Pt 2, Chapt 7 8 (3.94M) Pt 3, Chapt 9 End (4.38M)

.223 Caliber Silencer Blueprint (DWG Zipped 18K) .223 Caliber Silencer Blueprint (PDF 27K) Bowers' CAC Suppressor Assembly Order (PDF 45K) BR Reflex Suppressor R12FA Drawing (PDF 22K) BTX-8 Telescopic Insert Reflex Suppressor Drawing (PDF 11K) Firearm Silencers - Nolan Wilson (PDF 3 Parts) Part 1 (6.00M) Part 2 (6.00M) Part 3 (3.39M) How to Make a .22 Caliber Silencer (PDF 14K) How to Make Disposable Silencers (PDF 6.27M) Modern Firearm Silencers: Great Designs, Great Designers by Turby (PDF 27.26M 5 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (6.00M) Part D (4.86M) Part E (2.70M) More Workbench Silencers by George Hollenback (PDF 6.80M) Silent But Deadly: More Homemade Silencers from Hayduke (PDF 3.53M) Silencers from the Home Workshop by Bill Holmes (PDF 4.88M) Silencers - Patterns and Principles - Volume 2, Phase 3 (PDF 4 Parts) Part A (5.59M) Part B (6.18M) Part C (6.43M) Part D (6.26M) Silencers Principles and Evaluations (PDF 2 Parts) Part A (4.16M) Part B (3.68M) Sinkdrain Suppressor (PDF 551K) The Hayduke Silencer Handbook (PDF 2.74M) Workbench Silencers: The Art of Improvised Design by Hollenbeck (PDF 22.82M 4 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (6.00M) Part D (4.86M)

Miscellaneous Firearms General Information

Ammunition Guides
AR15.com - B&T Ammo Oracle (.223/5.56) Version 3.1 (PDF 1.59M)

Army Ammunition Guides

TM 43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Datasheets Small Caliber Ammo FSC1305 (PDF 1.42M) US Army Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards Pamphlet #385-64 (PDF 1.64M)

Barrel Crowning
11 Degree Target Crown (PDF 446K)

Barrel Making
Article: Roll Out the Barrel (PDF 2.59M) Barrels and Actions (PDF Zipped 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (1.55M) Barrel Fitting (PDF 4.65M) Building a Button Rifling Machine (PDF 958K) How to Build the Antique Rifling Machine (PDF 5.98M) The Making of a Rifled Barrel by Geoffrey Kolbe (PDF 602K) The Modern Rifle Barrel (PDF 1.73M) Tubing Sizes for Barrels (PDF 34K)

Black Powder Firearms

How to Build Your Own Wheellock - Rifle or Pistol (PDF 6.29M) JACO Black Powder .45 Caliber Hawken Rifle (PDF 1.66M) JACO Black Powder .45 Caliber Horse Pistol (PDF 961K) JACO Black Powder .45 Caliber Kentucky Rifle (PDF 1.31M) JACO Black Powder, .22/.31 Caliber, Cap & Ball Pioneer Pistol (PDF 598K)


Page 20

Eds Red Bore Cleaning Formula

Eds Red Bore Cleaner Solvent (PDF 25K)

Falling Block
Falling Block Plans (PDF 494K) Building a Single-Shot, Falling Block Rifle Action (PDF Zipped 3 Parts) Part 1 (6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (5.99M)

Ferguson Rifle Photos

Discussion Regarding Threads on Ferguson Rifle (PDF 1.33M)

Firearm Tools and Aids

.223/5.56 Chamber Reamer Dimensions (PDF 21K) 3D Rifle Vise Model DWG/DFX Version (DWG & DFX Zipped 51K) 3D Rifle Vise Model PDF Version (PDF 28K) 50 Caliber BMG US Ordnance Match Reamer Blueprint (PDF 18K) Blueprints for a Bolt Handle Welding Fixture (PDF 357K) Blueprints for the Construction of a Variety of Gunsmithing Tools (PDF 290K) Bolt Bending Jig Plans (PDF 1.12M) Collection of 31 Chamber Reamer Dimensions (PDF 325K) Schematic Diagram and Instructions for Building a Chronometer (PDF 50K) Table of Bore and Groove Diameters of Common Rifle Cartridges (PDF 90K) Firearms Identification Manual (Multipart Compressed PDF 102.67M 17 Parts) Part 1 6mb Part 2 6mb Part 3 - 6mb Part 4 6mb Part 5 6mb Part 6 6mb Part 7 6mb Part 8 6mb Part 9 6mb Part 10 6mb Part 11 6mb Part 12 6mb Part 13 6mb Part 14 6mb Part 15 6mb Part 16 6mb Part 17 5.2mb

Golf Ball Launcher Plans

Golf Ball Launcher Plans (PDF 21K)

Gun Cabinets
Closet Gun Safe/Cabinet Plans (PDF 379K) Coke Machine Gun Cabinet Plans (PDF 2.30M) Knotty Pine Gun Cabinet (PDF 1.08M)

Gun Drilling Trepanning

Gun Drilling and Trepanning Excerpts (PDF 1.49M)

Gunsmithing - General
Building Firearms (PDF 2.74M) Gunsmithing and Tool Making Bible - Hoffman (PDF 8.99M) Modern Gunsmithing, Volume 1 [12 Parts] (PDF) Ch 1 (6.64M) Ch 2-4 (5.63M) Ch 5-7 (5.03M) Ch 10-12 (5.22M) Ch 13-15 (5.66M) Ch 16-18 (6.83M) Ch 21-23 (6.50M) Ch 24-27 (4.98M) Ch 28a (4.91M) Modern Gunsmithing, Volume 2 [16 Parts] (PDF) Ch 1 (5.3M) Ch 2-3 (5.09M) Ch 4-6 (4.86M) Ch 9-10 (5.44M) Ch 1113 (5.17M) Ch 14-16 (4.52M) Ch 19-20 (5.85M) Ch 21-23 (2.92M) Ch 24 (4.28M) Ch 27 (1.86M) Ch 28-19 (6.16M) Index & Supl A (6.1M) Pistol Smithing [3 Parts] (PDF) Ch 1-3 (5.74M) Ch 4 (4.27M) Ch 5 (3.87M) Headspace Gauges And How To Use Them (PDF 2.74M)

Ch 8-9 (6.17M) Ch 19-20 (4.97M) Ch 28b (4.91M) Ch 7-8 (4.13M) Ch 17-18 (3.19M) Ch 25-26 (5.69M) Supl B (6.67M)

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms 7/17/2008 Page 21

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms by Bill Holmes (PDF 4 Parts) Part 1 (6.23M) Part 2 (6.51M) Part 3 (6.21M)

Part 4 (3.82M)

Homemade Guns
Homemade Guns and Homemade Ammo (PDF 7.89M 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (1.89M)

How to Make Chamber Reamers

How I Make Chamber Reamers by Soderstromk (PDF 490K) How to Make a Reamer by Paul Rodgers (PDF 306K)

M203 Grenade Launcher

FM 23-31 40mm Grenade Launcher, M203 (PDF 2.00M) M203 Grenade Launcher Ordnance Prints (PDF 236K) TM 9-1010-221-10 40-MM Grenade Launcher, M203, Operator's Manual (PDF 717K)

Member Projects
Topic Title: Blowback Single-Shot Pistol, From the Fuzzbean Museum by Fuzzbean (PDF 3.86M) Topic Title: JACO Derringer by 80 Monzta (PDF 3.34M) Topic Title: Jeweling practice., My first attempt by Lew (PDF 1.08M) Topic Title: Scratch built 10/22 receiver, Using hand tools and drill press by vrwc (PDF 2.96M) Topic Title: Scratch built single shot muzzleloading pistol, With 209 primer by Bismarck (PDF 2.40M)

MIL-Standard-1913 Picatinny Rail Specification

Dimensioning of Accessory Mounting Rail for Small Arms Weapons (PDF 301K) Picatinny Rails, Weaver Rails, Whats The Difference? (PDF 176K)

Misc. Military Manuals

B-GG-302-002 - Vol 2 - Arctic and Sub-Artic Operations (PDF 2.84M) B-GL-318-018 - Close Quarter Combat (PDF 2.66M) B-GL-392-008/FP-001 Ambush and Counter Ambush (PDF 1.13M) DST-1160G-514-81-Vol 1A Sm. Cal Ammo Identification Guide (PDF 3 Parts) Part 1A (3.73M) Part 1B (4.42M) Part 2 (2.35M) FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons 2003 (PDF 2.23M) FM 17-12-8 Light Cavalry Gunnery (PDF 4.28M) FM 17-98 Scout Platoon (PDF Zipped 5.73M) FM 20-3 Camouflage (PDF 888K) FM 21-150 Combatives (PDF 4.92M) FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier (PDF 3 Parts) Part A (6.20M) Part B (5.53M) Part C (1.83M) FM 21-76-1 Survival, Evasion and Recovery (PDF 2.71M) FM 23-10 Sniper Training (PDF 3.65M) FM 23-11 Starlight Scope, Small Hand-Held or Individual Weapons Mounted (PDF 703K) FM 23-14 M249 Light Machine Gun in the Automatic Rifle Role (PDF 5.64M) FM 23-35 Combat Training with Pistols and Revolvers (PDF 1.03M) FM 3-22.68 Crew-Served Machine Guns, 5.56mm and 7.62mm (PDF 2 Parts) Part A (6.17M) Part B (2.95M) FM 5-31 Boobytraps (PDF 3.62M) FM 57-38 Pathfinder Operations (PDF Zipped 2.98M) FMFM 1-3B Sniping (PDF 2 Parts) Part 1 (6.00M) Part 2 (2.81M) FMFRP 0-11A M40A1 Sniper Rifle, 7.62mm (PDF 1.23M) FMFRP 21-80 Kill or Get Killed (PDF 4 Parts) Part 1 3.93mb Part 2 4.74mb Part 3 4.23mb Part 4 4.53mb FSTC 381-5012 Typical Foreign Unconventional Warfare Weapons (PDF 2.29M) MCWP 3-12.3 Scouting and Patrolling (PDF Zipped 4.88M) MCWP 3-15.1 Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery (PDF 1.03M) MCWP 3-17.3 Breaching (PDF 2.08M) MCWP3-35-3 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (PDF 7.91M)


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International Rifle Marksmanship Guide (PDF 4 Parts) Part 1 (5.13M) Part 2 (5.90M) Part 3 (3.14M) Part 4 (3.66M) Pamphlet 381-11 Emergency Handling Guidance for Explosive Devices (PDF 1.07M) SEAL Sniper Training (PDF 5 Parts) Part 1 (6.00M) Part 2 (6.00M) Part 3 (6.00M) Part 4 (6.00M) Part 5 (3.80M) TM 9-280 Technical Manual for Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types (PDF 6.87M) TM 9-285 Technical Manual for Shotguns, All Types (PDF Zipped 13.18M) TM 31-201-1 Incendiaries (PDF 4.37M) TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions (PDF 4.99M) US Army Counter-Sniper Guide (PDF 3.42M)

Misc. Patents
Compact Foldable Gun Patent (PDF 771K)

Muzzle Brakes
50 Caliber, M3 Muzzle Brake Blueprint (PDF 159K) Designing a Muzzle Brake (PDF 548K)

Poor Man's James Bond Collection

The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 1 (PDF 86.99M 16 Parts) Part 1 (5.50M) Part 2 (5.50M) Part 3 (5.50M) Part 4 (5.50M) Part 5 (5.50M) Part 6 (5.50M) Part 7 (5.50M) Part 8 (5.50M) Part 9 (5.50M) Part 10 (5.50M) Part 11 (5.50M) Part 12 (5.50M) Part 13 (5.50M) Part 14 (5.50M) Part 15 (5.50M) Part 16 (4.26M) The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 2 (PDF 98.36M 17 Parts) Part 1 (6.00M) Part 2 (6.00M) Part 3 (6.00M) Part 4 (6.00M) Part 5 (6.00M) Part 6 (6.00M) Part 7 (6.00M) Part 8 (6.00M) Part 9 (6.00M) Part 10 (6.00M) Part 11 (6.00M) Part 12 (6.00M) Part 13 (6.00M) Part 14 (6.00M) Part 15 (6.00M) Part 16 (6.00M) Part 17 (1.65M) The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 3 (PDF 87.53M 15 Parts) Part 1 (6.00M) Part 2 (6.00M) Part 3 (6.00M) Part 4 (6.00M) Part 5 (6.00M) Part 6 (6.00M) Part 7 (6.00M) Part 8 (6.00M) Part 9 (6.00M) Part 10 (6.00M) Part 11 (6.00M) Part 12 (6.00M) Part 13 (6.00M) Part 14 (6.00M) Part 15 (2.56M) The Poor Mans James Bond Volume 4 (PDF 66.64 11 Parts) Part 1 (6.05M) Part 2 (6.05M) Part 3 (6.05M) Part 4 (6.05M) Part 6 (6.05M) Part 7 (6.05M) Part 8 (6.05M) Part 9 (6.05M) Part 11 (5.80M)

Part 5 (6.05M) Part 10 (6.05M)

Reloading and Component Information

.233 & 30-06 Load Data (PDF 8K) 300 Weatherby Magnum Case Dimensions (PDF 212K) 30-06 Loads for the M1 Garand (PDF 8K) 5.56 Paramilitary Ammunition (PDF 15K) Accurate Smokeless Powder 2001 Loading Manual (PDF 340K) Alliant Powder 2001 Loading Manual (PDF 1.03M) Barrel Vibrations, Load Development (PDF 584K) BOZ .224 Cartridge Specification (PDF 33K) Bullet #2 Alloy Calculator (Zipped 26K) Chronograph Results Spreadsheet (Zipped 8K) Hodgdon 2000 Basic Reloading Manual (PDF 1.33M) Home Shop Bullet Mould Making (PDF 30K) How to Make .45 ACP Shotshells (Incl. Reloading Data) (PDF 172K) How to Make Your Own Tracers (PDF 754K) Lee Shooters 2003 Reloading Program (Zipped 25.9M 4 Parts) Part 1 (6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (6.50M) Part 4 (6.48M)


Page 23

Norma Rifle Reload Data Manual (PDF 623K) Primers and Pressure (PDF 52K) Pyrodex 2000 Basic Reloading Manual (PDF 221K) Reloading Cost Calculator (XLS Zipped 3K) Reloading Shellholder Cross Reference Chart (PDF 15K) Special Purpose Shotgun Ammo (PDF 505K) Surplus Powders Identifying Olin and Hodgdon Powders (PDF 19K) The Private Weaponeer - Tracers 'N Stuff (PDF 4.06M) Tutorial on Converting Case from Berdan to Boxer Primed (PDF 107K) Velex Exploding Pistol Bullet (PDF 550K) Vest Busters by Uncle Fester (PDF 4.52M) Vihtavuori Reloading Guide for Centerfire Cartridges (2004) (PDF 423K) Winchester 2003 Component Reload Manual (PDF 14M) [Download fm Winchester Website]

Semi-Auto Lockworks
Semi-Auto Lockworks DWG Version (PDF Zipped 960K) Semi-Auto Lockworks PDF Version (PDF 399K)

Talon/Storm Compressed Gas Gun Patent

Patent #5813392 McCaslin Compressed Gas Gun (PDF 324K)

Collection of 14 Targets (GIF Zipped 826K)

Trigger Assemblies
Bill Holmes Bolt Action Trigger Assembly Blueprint (PDF 881K)

Other General Information

Air, BB and Pellet Guns
Caselman 30 Cal Airgun Plans (PDF 28.2M 5 Parts) Part 1 (6.50M) Part 2 (6.50M) Part 3 (6.50M) Part 4 (6.50M) Part 5 (1.28M)

Archery Related Files and Plans

How to Make a Recurve Bow (PDF 1.46M) Making a Repeating Crossbow (PDF (713K) Making an American FlatBow (PDF 741K) The Classic Crossbow: You Can Build (PDF 641K) The Construction of Crossbows and Other Weapons (PDF 5.19M)

Brazing Book (PDF 507K) Brazing Book II (PDF 271K)

Casting Metal Parts (PDF 3.27M)

Dividing Heads
Dividing Head Table Index 40 Tooth Worm Gear (XLS Zipped 8K) Dividing Head Table Index 60 Tooth Worm Gear (XLS Zipped 8K) Using a Dividing Head & Making One for Your Lathe (PDF 131K)

Building a Home Distillation Apparatus (PDF 638K) Experimental Flak Weapons of the Wehrmact Part 2 (PDF 7.80M 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (1.59M) German Anti-Tank Guns 1935-1945 Part A (6.00M) Part B (5.13M)


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Germany's Secret Weapons in WWII (PDF 6.32M) Lights Out by Halffast Ch 1-75 (PDF 2.01M) Long Range Shooting Simulator (SWF 13.78M) Sundown at Coffin Rock by Raymond K. Paden (PDF 19K) Sunrise at Coffin Rock by Raymond K. Paden (PDF 20K) The Machine Gun: History and Development Vol 1 (PDF 147.12M 22 Parts) Part A (6.69M) Part B (6.69M) Part C (6.69M) Part D (6.69M) Part E (6.69M) Part F (6.69M) Part G (6.69M) Part H (6.69M) Part I (6.69M) Part J (6.69M) Part K (6.69M) Part L (6.69M) Part M (6.69M) Part N (6.69M) Part O (6.69M) Part P (6.69M) Part Q (6.69M) Part R (6.69M) Part S (6.69M) Part T (6.69M) Part U (6.69M) Part V (6.69M) The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook (PDF 136K) Triple Ought by James Wesley Rawles (PDF 791K) Unintended Consequences by John Ross (PDF 3.87M) The Great Boer War (PDF 843K)

Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Auxiliary Generators - TM 5-685 & NAVFAC MO-912 (PDF 3.85M)

Heat Treating
A Home-Built Heat Treatment Furnace (PDF 490K) Hardening Steel in the Home Workshop (PDF 129K) Heat Treating of Steel (PDF 265K)

Knives and Knife Making

The Advance Knife Makers Manual (PDF 11.16K 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (5.10M)

Lathes, Milling Machines and Accessories

Boring and Milling Table Attachment (PDF 537K) Build a 6-inch Turret Lathe (PDF 391K) Homemade 3 1/2" Lathe (PDF 1.33M) Lathe Operations - Subcourse OD1645 (PDF 2.72M) Make an Offset Tailstock Center (PDF 94K) Making Your Own Milling Attachment (PDF 388K) Milling Machine Operations OD1644 (PDF 1.91M) Offset Taper Turning (PDF 378K) Tailstock Pipe Centering Fixture (PDF 373K) Roller Bearing Steady Rest Construction Instructions (PDF 494K)

Library Software
Adobe Acrobat Reader (Link to Website) Compression Utilities WinRar (Link to Website) WinZip (Link to Website) 2D & 3D Model Viewers Autodesk DWF Viewer (Link to Website) Autovue CAD Software (Link to Website) Autodesk Volo View Express V2.01 (Multipart Compressed EXE 24M 5 Parts) Part 1 - 5mb Part 2 5mb Part 3 5mb Part 4 5mb Part 5 4.5mb SolidWorks eDrawings Viewer (Link to Website)

Machining Tools, Aides and Manuals

A Do-it-Yourself Flycutter (PDF 381K) An Inexpensive Power Feed for the RF-30 Mill/Drill (PDF 2.22M) Bandsaw Operations OD1646 (PDF 2.21M) Bench Block (PDF 201K) BBlakelys Circle Points Calculator Download Version (XLS Zipped 143K) BBlakelys Circle Points Calculator Web Based Blueprint Reading and Sketching NAVEDTRA 14040 (PDF 5.20M)


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Buying and Using the Import Mill (PDF 77K) Conversion Utility Program (Zipped EXE 168K) Differences In Spring Rate Set Between Different Types of Spring Materials (PDF 195K) FONLY Drilling Machine Plans (PDF 59K) FONLY Lathe Plans (PDF 280K) Fractional to Decimal Conversion Table (PDF 30K) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (PDF 92K) How to Determine Center-to-Center Distance Between Two Holes (PDF 61K) Lathe Milling Attachment (PDF 178K) Machining Calculators (XLS Zipped 12K) Machine Shop Calculations Correspondence Course: 7th Edition (PDF 3.15M) Machine Shop Tools and Operations: 5th Edition (PDF 7.91M) ME Consultant 2.0 (EXE Zipped 500K) Metal Spinning Tutorial (PDF 212K) Metal-Shaper for Your Shop Plans (PDF 534K) Pictorial of Sequence of Grinding a High-Speed Steel Turning Tool (PDF 2.43M) Precision Measuring and Gaging OD1642 (PDF 2.14M) Principles of Drafting and Shop Drawings OD1641 (PDF 3.06M) Shop Safety - Subcourse - OD1403 (PDF 332K) Springmaking Without Tears (PDF 260K) TC 9-524 Fundamentals of Machine Tools (PDF 7.07M) The Advanced Machinist: Practical & Educational Treatise (Multipart Compressed PDF 26M 7 Parts) Part 1 6.5mb Part 2 6.5mb Part 3 6.5mb Part 4 6.5mb Part 5 6.5mb Part 6 6.5mb Part 7 2.2mb Virtual Machine Shop Milling Machine Tutorial (PDF 1.25M) 26th Edition, Machinists Handbook (Multipart Compressed PDF 26M 6 Parts) Part 1 5mb Part 2 5mb Part 3 5mb Part 4 5mb Part 5 5mb Part 6 2mb Introduction to Machine Tools (Multipart Compressed PDF 70M 14 Parts) Part 1 - 5mb Part 2 - 5mb Part 3 5mb Part 4 5mb Part 5 5mb Part 6 5mb Part 7 5mb Part 8 5mb Part 9 5mb Part 10 5mb Part 11 5mb Part 12 5mb Part 13 5mb Part 14 4mb

Metal and Material Specifications

Aluminum Alloy Characteristics (PDF 235K) Designer Handbook Stainless Steel for Machining (PDF 91K) Designer Handbook Welding Stainless Steel and Other Joining Methods (PDF 385K) Metal Properties, Characteristics, Uses, and Codes OD1643 (PDF 886K) Table of Strength of Materials (PDF 17K)

Misc. Photos of Interest

Spetnaz Knife and Line Throwing Photos (PDF 500K)

Misc. Tool and Novelty Items

Build Your Own Quick (Battery) Charger (PDF 201K) Basic Machines - NAVEDTRA14037 (PDF 6.42M) Electric Oven for Your Shop (PDF 758K) Electric Pencil Plans (PDF 89K) Engineers Level (PDF 192K) Fluid Power NAVEDTRA 14105 (PDF 3.92M) Gas Fired Smelting Furnace (PDF 390K) Homemade Power Hacksaw (PDF 1.34M) Hydraulics FM 5-499 (PDF 1.46M) Machinery Repairman NAVEDTRA12204-A (Zipped PDF 11.3M) Make an Electric Stencil to Etch Metal (PDF 405K) Make This Bending Brake for Your Shop (PDF 728K) Steelworker, Volume 1 NAVEDTRA 14250 (PDF 5.94M) Steelworker, Volume 2 NAVEDTRA 14251 (PDF 9.83M) Tools and Their Uses Part 1 NAVEDTRA14256 Ch1 24 (PDF 8.91M)


Page 26

Tools and Their Uses Part 2 NAVEDTRA14256 Ch25 End (PDF 9.29M)

Personal Defense, Protection, Security

Cheap Shots Ambushes and Other Lessons (PDF 21.24M 4 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (6.00M) Part C (6.00M) Part D (3.27M) FEMA: Are You Ready: A Guide to Citizen Preparedness (PDF 1.99M) How to Hide Anything (PDF 3.75M) In the Wake Excerpt (PDF 11.87 2 Parts) Part A (6.00M) Part B (5.40M) Put Em Down Take Em Out (PDF 4.05M) Shooting to Live (PDF 3.30M) The Art of Silent Killing WWII British Commando Style (PDF 3.58M) The Five Simple Rules of Winning Any Fight (PDF 1.57M)

Reloading Bench/Cabinet Plans

Corner Reloading Bench/Cabinet Plans (PDF 367K) Homebuilt Reloading Stand (PDF 2.01M) Reloading Bench Plans (PDF 2.31M) Reloading Shelf Plans (PDF 568K)

A Guide to Amateur Rocketry (PDF 1.10M)

Sandblasting Cabinet Plans

Build Your Own Cabinet - 24" x 34" (PDF 6.06M) Sandblasting Cabinet Plans (PDF 173K) Sandblasting Cabinet Plans 48x30x24 (PDF 212K)

Shooting Bench Plans

Portable Shooting Bench Plans (PDF 312K)

Duplication of Parts in Wood or Plastic (PDF 3.55M)

ARC Welding Gun (PDF 263K) Auto Powered ARC Welder (PDF 343K) Fabricators and Erectors Guide to Welded Steel Construction (PDF 883K) Spot Welder (PDF 420K) TIG Welding in the Product Realization Lab Tutorial (PDF 170K) Welding Handout (PDF 48K) Welding Operations, I (PDF 2.02M) Welding Operations, II (PDF 1.73M) Welding Theory (PDF 745K) Welding Theory and Applications Pt 1 - Pages 1-488 (PDF 6.98M) Welding Theory and Applications Pt 2 Pages 489-775 (PDF 6.74M)

Firearms and Stock Finishing

Anodizing Aluminum
Anodizing Aluminum (PDF 12K) Anodizing Calculators (PDF 221K) Anodizing Tutorial by MJYDrafter (PDF 625K) Anodizing Using Caswells LCD Kit Rev 1.4 (PDF 561K) Articles: Aluminum and Simple Green Cleaner (PDF 122K) Colour Anodizing of Aluminum Alloys (PDF 13K) Constant Current Anodizing Rev 2 (PDF 74K) Low Current Density (LCD) Anodizing Rev 0A (PDF 1.78M)


Page 27

MIL-A-8625F Anodic Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys (PDF 1.63M) Anodizing Voltage Controlled Current Source (VCCS) Plans (PDF 3.15M)

Various Blueing Techniques (PDF 271K)

Buffing and Polishing

Introduction to Buffing and Polishing (PDF 757K)

Kitchen Stove Parkerizing by Dick Culver (PDF 16K) Shooter Solutions Parkerizing Instructions and Tips (PDF 77K) Zinc-Phosphate Parkerizing (PDF 8K)

Norrell's Moly Resin

Norrell's Moly Resin Brochure (PDF 53K)

Stock Refinishing
Recutting Checkering on Gun Stocks (PDF 109K) Stock Refinishing (PDF 375K)


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