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Ilanka Community Health Center Medical Director (Chief Medical Officer)

Team: Health and Wellness Team Reports to: Clinic Administrator FLSA Status: Exempt Salary Range: DOE Schedule: FT (40 hours per week plus call) Last revised: June, 2011

In accordance with policies and standards established by the Tribal Council, the Medical Director is responsible to Ilanka Community Health Centers Clinic Administrator for organization and coordination of the clinical functions which are fundamental to the conduct of the centers operations. As a member of the management and planning team, provides medical practice delivery development, implementation and evaluation in accordance with the goals of the program of ICHC. Responsibilities/Duties Supports the mission, vision and philosophy of ICHC as evidenced by compliance with all organizational policies and procedures. Supports all functions that attain and maintain compliance with regulatory or funding agencies Responsible for chairing meetings, implementation, oversight and review of QI/QA plan. Supports and facilitates positive interaction with others as evidenced by: professional maturity, respect for others, a team-centered approach, maintenance of confidential information and an appreciation of a variety of view points and diversity in the workplace. Uses effective communication skills, including proper use of agency communication systems. Participates in appropriate professional development programs to attain and maintain role competency. Supports the strategic plan of ICHC as evidenced by a working knowledge of the plan and participation in completing elements of the plan Support the business and clinical plans of ICHC as evidenced by a working knowledge of the plan and participation in completing elements of the plan Directs the development, implementation, operation, maintenance and control of essential medical services, including development, direction and prioritization of the health care plan based on community health needs, patient demographics, and epidemiology of the community and the health care needs of special populations. Establishes clinic outcome goals for prevention activities and chronic disease management. Advises on policies and procedures for best practice clinical operations and efficient use of personnel in the delivery of health care services. Conducts periodic review of practice management functions and assures compliance of all clinical requirements as defined by the Bureau of Primary Health Care. Represents ICHC to local medical societies, hospitals, professional organizations groups and agencies, including attending professional meetings, meeting with local health officials, serving as liaison between ICHC and medical training programs and participate in community activities designed to positively modify community health behavior. Supervises all medical providers in all areas of clinic practice including definition of performance standards for clinicians and performance evaluations, oversight of the peer review process,

facilitation of regular provider staff meetings, in-service meetings and continuing professional education. Reviews and recommends qualification statements, job descriptions, credentialing and evaluation standards for clinical personnel and provides input for performance evaluations of clinical personnel as requested. Interacts directly with Clinic Administrator and Executive Director, providers, customers, and government agencies as a member of the executive staff. Provides primary healthcare to patients at ICHC according to established principles of clinical practice and the current health care plan. Provision of professional supervision of any mid-level practitioners as required by State and Federal statute and policy. Performs related work as required or as delegated by the clinic administrator. Provides clinical mentoring for new hires. Manages the clinical program of the facility within the federal and board definitions. Maintains appropriate communications within area of responsibility. Coordinates activities of associated business relationships. Seeks mutual agreement on problems involving coordination. Makes recommendations for improving effectiveness of policies and procedures. Ensures that duties, responsibilities, authority, and accountability of all direct subordinates are defined and understood.

Experience Requirement: Minimum of three (3) years of practice experience Computer and electronic medical record skills required. Sound administrative skills, well-developed management skills, principles and people. Leadership ability to recruit, train and motivate personnel in order to balance staffing strengths with clinic and business plans. Education Requirements Minimum Board Certified provider with valid Alaska license to practice medicine Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) The Physician requires strong analytical and diagnostic skills, and must demonstrate effective communication skills and the ability to develop and maintain positive relations in the community and among the facilities staff. The Physician requires current licensure to practice medicine in the state in which he/she is practicing. The Physician must have a current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number, and is required to apply for and maintain medical staff membership and clinical privileges at the facility. Must also possess effective problem solving and group dynamic skills. Demonstrates respect for differences in cultural and social responses to health and illness and incorporates health beliefs of the individual/community into treatment and management modalities Able to complete complex and sensitive assignments by the Executive Director Demonstrates a high level of confidence and clinical proficiency in carrying out a range of primary, gynecological, emergency and acute care procedures, treatments and interventions Uses critical judgment to vary practice according to contextual and cultural influences Demonstrates skills in accessing established and evolving knowledge in clinical and social sciences, and the application of this knowledge to patient care and the education of others Confidently integrates scientific knowledge and expert judgment to assess and intervene to assist the person in complex and unpredictable situations Critically appraises and integrates relevant research findings in decision making about care management Consistently demonstrates a thoughtful and innovative approach to effective clinical management planning in collaboration with the patient/client Skilled in employee and staff relations Proficient in the use of or ability to be trained in Electronic Medical Records

Ability to effectively interact in a professional manner with patients, medical and administrative staff and the public Skill in employee and staff relations Ability to manage in a crisis Ability to effectively interact in a professional manner with patients, medical and administrative staff and the public. Performance Standard Regularly sit for long periods of time in order to complete work. Typically move, bend and crouch during work hours to complete assigned tasks. Typically lift 10 1bs to move and coordinate work. Regularly write, operate a keyboard, use computers, office machines or otherwise create, communicate and store electronic and paper data and correspondence. Regularly use high level of cognitive function to synthesize a variety of environmental cues and data in order to understand job functions, make independent decisions and complete tasks. Environmental Factors Majority of work will be completed in an office within a medical primary care clinic. Exposure to Hazards: Housekeeping Products. Blood/Fluid Exposure Risk: Category I: Tasks routinely involve a potential for mucous membrane or skin contact exposure to blood, fluids or tissue. Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), when appropriate, is required. Disclaimer Nothing in this job description restricts NVEs right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. By signing below I acknowledge receipt of this job description and that my supervisor has discussed it with me. ___________________________________ Employee Signature Date ___________________________________ Team Leader Signature Date _________________________________ Supervisor Signature Date