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MLA Plagiarism Quiz Answer the following questions/prompts: 1. Give four reasons for using MLA format. 1.

Allow readers to cross reference sources. 2. Provide a consistent format within a discipline. 3. Creditability as a writer. 4. Protection from plagiarism 2. How does using MLA establish your credibility? Shows accountability to source material 3. According to the PowerPoint, what are consequences of plagiarism if caught? Failure of assignment or possible expulsion from school 4. What are the two primary things found in a works cited page? 1. Complete list of all sources referenced in essay 2. Information necessary to locate and retrieve each source cited such as the authors name, work title, and publication information. 5. Give three examples when you should use a parenthetical citation. 1. When using a direct quote. 2. When summarizing facts & ideas from a source. 3. When paraphrasing a source. 6. What are three key items to consider when creating a parenthetical citation? 1. Keep references brief 2. Give only information needed to identify the source on the Works Cited page 3. Do not repeat information

7. When citing the name of a website with no known author or pagination, is okay to abbreviate the parenthetical citation? It is okay to use an abbreviation of the source title within the parenthetical citation. 8. Describe four reasons why avoiding plagiarism is important? (Handbook) 1. Unethical ~ use of someone elses words, information, or ideas without acknowledgement of using their work is considered stealing 2. Lost learning opportunity ~ simply using someones research work does not help the student learn how to conduct research, use sources, and gain knowledge about the subject. Readers who want to learn more about the subject of your essay lose out because the resources are not cited 3. Diminished credibility ~ when citing opinions and research of experts we let the reader know where to locate the ideas and words we have blended into our assessment of the subject. 4. Serious penalties ~ Plagiarism is considered a violation of academic honesty and could result in expulsion from college. Plagiarism after college can negatively affect your career, reputation, and possibly include legal consequences. 9. Name four examples regarding common knowledge where citations are NOT needed. (Handbook) 1. Common historical facts ~ George Washington was the first U.S. President. 2. Common physical or scientific facts ~ Earth is the third planet from the sun. 3. Facts widely known ~ Great Britain has a parliamentary system of government. 4. Information widely shared and found in numerous places ~ obesity is a widespread health issue in America.

10. What are four guidelines to consider when quote to quote someone directly. (Handbook) 1. Quotations are written exactly as they appear in the source. 2. Quotations must be surrounded by quotation marks. 3. Quotations are introduced by text that indicates the speaker of the quotation. 4. Quotations must be cited in the documentation format used for the paper.