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For more than 60 years, Manpower has been dedicated to enriching people's lives with meaningful employment and development opportunities, and providing companies with innovative workforce solutions that help them increase agility, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. We started with a single office as a temporary staffing service - perhaps the first business of its kind. Today, all around the world, we provide this service and so much more, including permanent placement, workforce programs and workforce insight and innovation all designed to optimize human potential and provide businesses with a key competitive advantage. We began as an industry pioneer. And we remain at the forefront as a recognized thought leader in the changing world of work. With our global presence and local expertise, and by leveraging the peerless expertise of our parent company, ManpowerGroup, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future. Few companies can match Manpower's history of growth - or our continued progress as we enter the Human Age. Take a look at where we've been and who we are today. Our presence. Our leaders. Our vision and values. You'll see an unwavering commitment to our clients' and candidates' success.

Company Overview (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, creates and delivers high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. With over 60 years of experience, our $19 billion company creates unique time to value through a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that help clients win in the Human Age. These solutions cover an entire range of talentdriven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. ManpowerGroup maintains the worlds largest and industry-leading network of nearly 3,900 offices in over 80 countries and territories, generating a dynamic mix of an unmatched global footprint with valuable insight and local expertise to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year, across all industry sectors, small and medium-sized enterprises, local, multinational and global companies. The ManpowerGroup suite of solutions is offered through ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower, and Right Management. Learn more about how the ManpowerGroup can help you win in the Human Age at: manpowergroup.com.

World Headquarters

100 Manpower Place Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA Telephone: +1.414.961.1000 Established 1948 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Established in the International Marketplace In 1956, Manpower established business in Canada. The first European offices opened in 1956 in the United Kingdom. Manpower France was established in 1957. Total Revenues US$19 billion worldwide in 2010. Geographic Mix Although its headquarters are based in the United States, ManpowerGroup derives approximately 68% of its total revenue from Europe. The company's largest markets are France (29% of total revenues), the United Kingdom (12% of total revenues), United States (10% of total revenues), and Italy (6% of total revenues). Fortune U.S. and Global Rank ManpowerGroup is currently ranked 143 on the Fortune 500 list of America's largest companies. Fortune's Most Admired Companies In 2009, Manpower was named as one of Fortune's Most Admired companies in the staffing industry for the seventh year in a row by a group of 10,000 executives, directors and securities analysts. Forbes Global 2000 Rank Manpower is ranked 1440th on the 2010 Forbes Global 2000 ranking of the largest public companies in the world. Manpower was named a Global High Performer on this list in 2007, defined as fast-growing, nimble and well-managed companies that help set the benchmarks for their respective industries. Number of Clients 400,000 worldwide. Number of Offices 4,000 worldwide in 82 countries and territories. Number of Staff Employees 30,000 worldwide in 2010. Number of Associates 3.5 million placed in permanent, temporary and contract positions in 2010. Number of Associates on Assignment on Any Given Day More than 400,000 globally. Number of People Trained 9 million people have received training and development services through ManpowerGroup brands. Stock Market Listing ManpowerGroup is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: MAN.


Our Vision is to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable our client to win in the changing world of work.


We care about people and the role of work in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims in work and in life. We help people develop their careers through planning, work, coaching and training. We recognize everyones contribution to our success our staff, our clients and our candidates. We encourage and reward achievement.

We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources, so that everyone understands what is important now and whats happening next in the world of work and knows how best to respond. We actively listen and act upon this information to improve our relationships, solutions and services.

We lead in the world of work. We dare to innovate, to pioneer and to evolve. We never accept the status quo. We constantly challenge the norm to find new and better ways of doing things.

We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response; Based on our understanding of the taking risks, knowing that we will world of work, we actively pursue the not always succeed, but never development and adoption of the best exposing our clients to risk. practices worldwide.


Manpower's world headquarters is located at: Manpower Inc. 100 Manpower Place Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA Telephone: +1.414.961.1000 GPS Coordinates: N43 2.9814 W087 54.81582

Worldwide Operations
Manpower's worldwide network spans 80 countries and territories.

Select one of Manpower's operations below for more information:

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Ecuador El Salvador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guadeloupe Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Japan Kazakhstan Korea Kuwait Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Martinique Mexico Monaco Morocco Netherlands Norway Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Reunion Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela

Denmark Israel Dominican Republic Italy

New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua

Slovakia Slovenia


Global Recognitions & Honour

Ranked 143 on the Fortune 500 list of America's largest companies and 432 in Fortune's 2009 Global 500 list. In 2009, Manpower was named as one of Fortune's Most Admired companies in the staffing industry for the seventh year in a row by a group of 10,000 executives, directors and securities analysts. Ranked 1306th on the 2009 Forbes Global 2000 ranking of the largest public companies in the world. Manpower was named a Global High Performer on this list in 2007, defined as fast-growing, nimble and well-managed companies that help set the benchmarks for their respective industries. In 2008, Institutional Investors magazine named Manpower Chairman & CEO Jeff Joerres to its annual list of the best CEOs in America for the 5th time, ranking #1 in the Business & Professional Services

Key People
Mr. Sanjay Pandit - Managing Director, Manpower India

Sanjay brings with him wealth of experience and dynamism. As DirectorOperations, APME Region, Sanjay took the lead on a number of complex and critical projects. Prior to joining Manpower in March of 2009, Sanjay held senior leadership positions in leading telecom and financial services companies in India most recently as Headof the SME Business Unit of Tata Communications. During his 3 year tenure, Sanjay led a 400 person team in doubling earnings and revenue. His focus on both client and employee satisfaction resulted in world class customer satisfaction and employee engagement scores as measured by Gallup Employee Engagement and Tata Group quality measures.

Manpower - India
MANPOWER Services India Private Limited , a 100% subsidiary of Manpower Inc., offers services in Permanent Hire, Temping & Contracting and Volume Hire in India. Recognizing that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices, compensation norms etc., MANPOWER has expertise in the following practices for permanent hire, to provide clients with specialized and value added recruiting solutions.

Manufacturing (Engineering | Process| R&D) Infrastructure & Energy Healthcare Information Technology IT Enabled Services Telecom Retail Financial Service Consumer

MANPOWER operates from 20 offices in 12 cities in India; North | New Delhi, Chandigarh,

East West South NHO

| Kolkata | Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad | Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Hubli | Gurgaon

Our consulting team comprise of more than 500 full time professionals with experience in various management streams.

The Manpower brand has been at the forefront of the employment services industry for decades. In the past, our reputation was built on the timely provision of skilled workers who were meticulously matched to customer requirements. Today, we do that and much, much more. Due to our unparalleled expertise, quality and service offering, we can help clients solve problems or take advantage of new opportunities in the world of work. Questions? The Manpower group of companies can help find the answers.

Manpower Professional
Manpower Professional, a division of Manpower Inc., offers comprehensive, expert recruitment services backed by award winning training, assessment and selection and outsourcing. Our extensive resources, world-class client list, and reputation attract a diverse group of talented candidates, with every level of education, skills and experience ranging from permanent direct hire to one-day contracts. Manpower Professional helps find and retain top people in IT, e-commerce, accounting, finance, engineering, clinical and lab sciences, and other business professions.

Elan Group Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc. since 2000, is the world's leading IT and technical recruitment specialists. In addition to IT and technical recruitment, Elan provides complex Managed Service Solutions to clients, which enable them to recruit personnel efficiently and achieve ongoing cost savings. Elan operates 49 offices in 15 countries across Europe and Asia Pacific. For further information visit Elan's web site at www.elanit.com.

Jefferson Wells

Founded in the USA in 1995, Jefferson Wells is an independent global provider of professional services in the areas of risk, controls, compliance and financial process improvement. The firm specializes in internal audit, technology risk management, tax, and accounting and finance. Today Jefferson Wells employs over 2,000 professionals in more than 45 offices in the USA, Canada, the UK and Milan. For more information, select www.jeffersonwells.com.

Right Management
Right Management, the world's largest career transition and organizational consulting firm, was acquired by Manpower in 2004. It offers its services to corporations of all sizes through a global network of more than 300 service locations in 35 countries and via the Internet. For further information visit Right's Web site at www.right.com.

Beyond Tsunami...Beyond Business...Building a Better Life

On December 26, 2004 the coastline of Indias Nagapattinam district was thoroughly devastated by a Tsunami. More than 6,000 of the districts residents were killed. Almost 800 remain missing today. Yet, those fortunate enough to survive the tsunamis initial destruction still continued to suffer in the disasters aftermath. Approximately 87% of the districts residents relied on fishing for their main source of income, and the Tsunami destroyed entire fishing villages, agricultural land which became saline afterwards in addition to the boats the fishermen used. Millions of survivors were desperate for any means of livelihood that would provide them with the opportunity to care for themselves and their families, and rebuild their lives. In response to the Asian tsunami, Manpower built two vocational training centers in the state of Tamil Nadu, India in Tarangambadi and Nagapattinam.These centers helped those most affected by the disaster rebuild their lives with job training. During the period 2006 and 2007 more than 2700 people were enrolled in the training centers, and about 2000 completed their training. The training courses offered to survivors included extensive instruction in tailoring, electrical repair, masonry, data processing, mobile telephone servicing and commercial driving. These are all essential trades for a community trying to get back on its feet, thrive during low seasons in agriculture/fishing and lifelong skills that will help the graduates support themselves and their families long after every trace of the tsunamis devastation is gone. The training also allowed many of the graduates to realize up to a seven-fold increase in their annual wages. In addition to providing skills training, the program will develop at least 20 small businesses for women many of whom were left widowed and desperate for a living wage after the tsunami. Manpower will sustain this initiative for at least 15 years to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the program. Manpowers initial commitment of $1 million was one of the largest private sector responses to the tsunami disaster. It is planned that nearly 10,000 students will graduate in the first 10 years. The plan also includes the creation of self-help groups and providing them with seed money to create at least 70 small businesses for women in Tarangambadi village. In addition to teaching men and women job skills such as tailoring, mobile phone maintenance, electrical and computer skills each year, Manpower has displayed the spirit of innovation. Manpower created a masonry training program and its filled with female students, the first program of its kind in India. Women are not known for doing masonry work in India, but in Tarangambadi

they are. In fact, the women in this program are making bricks on a daily basis with a stamp of MP on each brick, showing their gratitude to what Manpower was able to do in setting up this school for them

Employment and Enterprise

In Nagapattinam two cell phone servicing course graduates have opened a service outlet, in the name of MORDEN CELL PHONE SERVICES. This is equipped with modern gadgets to provide good service. In addition to being an enterprise, this also is a field visit centre for our trainees. The centre is a great source of inspiration to our students and has created a very positive image for MVTC in the area. 70 students from the cooperation department of TBML College a reputed local college in Poraiyar near completed a special training in Tally and Basics in Computer Application. 39 students have been placed by L&T in the past one year. These are in various departments like electrical, welding, plumbing and other skilled jobs. Nehru Yuva Kendra , a wing of the Central Ministry of Youth Affairs has sponsored 50 more students for computer training at Manpower VocationalTraining Center . In addition they have partnered in our out reach initiative to train 25 students from a local village on skills of repairing and maintenance of electrical appliances. Visaka Solution: A data entry operation firm is recruiting 300 people with basic computer operating skills for its centre in Mayiladuthurai, a business town in the district. They have tied up with the career cell at both vocational training centers for this process. 3 students have been selected so far from both centers and the further interviews are scheduled. Ravi whose business was washed away by the Tsunami has successfully rebuilt his enterprise and life, thanks to MVTC Tarangambadi. He initiated the efforts with a micro credit of Rs.500. With this he made dry fish. Later, on repayment he was given additional Rs. 3000 and expanded with more varieties and also processing fish to make spices and pickles. Today with a refrigerator, packing machine and other facilities, his monthly turnover is about Rs. 30.000 .In his enterprise Ravi now employs 10 women left destitute by the Tsunami. Our micro finance program has helped as many as 60 micro businesses. These businesses contribute to the local economy and employment in a big way. As a result of the effectiveness of this project, a grant of 32,000/- pounds has been extended by the Shetland Island council. Along with the manpower micro finance program this project will extend its support to 16 other coastal villages. Many of our graduates will benefit from this project to become entrepreneurs. As we move along this year we remain firmly committed to our core objective of providing long term, sustainable employment for disadvantaged individuals who lost their livelihood. We will keep recognizing the role we play as a trusted source of employment for people from all walks of life. It is our core mission one we embrace with passion and commitment says Dr. Naresh Malhan, former Managing Director, Manpower India.

Our Service Lines

Manpower Staffing
Covers mass skills, across sectors Permanent recruitment Staffing, all sectors and functions o Payrolling o Onsite HR Management o Employee Assessment o Training Services o Career Development Delivery capability aligned to help clients ramp up quickly, nationally High volume sourcing model

Manpower Professional
Covers specialized skills Industry specialization in segments like: o Information Technology o Telecom o IT Enabled Services o Financial Services o Manufacturing & Infrastructure o Healthcare o Consumer o Energy Delivery capability aligned to help clients hire specialists Sourcing model - headhunting and networking Turnkey and Greenfield projects


Standard Level of Engagement with Clients: Recruitment of temps Transition of Temps from Client Induction & Joining Formalities Statutory Compliance (Provident Fund and ESIC Coverage) Bank Account Opening Attendance Collation Payroll Processing Management, Validations and Disbursals of Reimbursements and Incentives as per the given guidelines

Insurance Coverage and Assistance in claim

Additional Services For Managed Service Level Engagement:

Head Count Report Attrition Analysis Sales / Service Data Collection and analysis Various MIS related to Sales, Service Procurements and Distributions of Shoes, Uniforms, Sales/Services Registers or record books, adges,Visiting C Godown Management of stocks of various promo materials Make over Coordination and Counter Implementation and Maintenance Organizing and Logistic Management of the Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Sales or Service Meetings Counter Attendance Management & Management of Floaters and Relievers

Best in Class Delivery Model

Key Service Differentiators

400 plus leading clients in India

5 of our clients are in the top 10 list of Global Outsourcing 100 released by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

6 of our clients are in the top 10 list of ET 500

We work with 15 out of the Dataquest top 20 IT companies in India

Out of the 15 top BPOs in the country 7 are our clients

Our Clients speak for us...

We are particularly pleased with the fact that time is spent on understanding our requirements. Appropriate short listing processes ensure that the quality of resumes is always very high.

We have noticed in-depth originality in the assignments and the associates are truly inspirational in finding the right fit. We are delighted to have them empanelled for our staffing services.

We would like to congratulate Manpower Services for being an important partner for hiring senior management in the overseas division. In 2008, we shall continue to hire manpower in Egypt and UK in Sales & Marketing as well as technical and operations heads for our upcoming offices in various locations across the globe. We would like to congratulate Manpower Services for being a very successful recruitment partner for Commvault Systems (India) Private Limited across all levels since December 2007. We are satisfied with their performance, professioanalism and sense of ownership throughout the recruitment process." We are pleased to have Manpower Services for their enthusiasm that they exhibit in recruitment activities for our talent search. They show professionalism in Client Management; identifying candidates for crucial positions and constant follow up both with the candidates and with the client until a particular position is closed. We thank them for their support extended and wish them luck for forth coming years.