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Avaya ONE-X Mobile Server 5.

2 Installation Document v1

Author: Neeraj Mishra


Installation Prerequisites:




Common Mistakes:


The document deals with the step-by-step Installation of the One-X Mobile server 5.2 Important Perquisites: 1. There should be requisite disk Space in the Drive that One-X Mobile gets installed. Recommended Disk Space is 40 GB. In this case, One-XM will get installed in the EDGE (E:) drive and has over 40 GB of disk Space.

2. The Windows Installed should be Windows Server 2003 SP2 RAM can be increased depending upon the number of users.

3. On Windows it should be made sure that the IIS and ASP.Net are enabled. Incase its not already done. Go to Control Panel Add remove/programs (tick it) Details

Add/Remove windows Components

Application server

IIS is cheked by Default

4. Make sure that there is just one NIC enabled/connected and correct TCP/IP settings are configured. This prevents the Ubiquity SIP A/S from extracting the wrong IP address. This is just a good practice.

5. Make Sure the ASP.Net and IIS are started and set to start AUTOMATIC

INSTALLATION: 1. The One-X Mobile server installation can be started by running the Executable named setup.exe IMP Note: The setup file should not be renamed, as during the installation process the One-x Mobile Reboots and once back UP it will look for the executable with the same name. If it is renamed it will fail to continue with installation and thus the installer fails.

2. The setup will confirm if the installation is for the Single server type of architecture or for split server architecture. If we are installing a split server configuration and currently setting up the external (handset or presentation) server, then we need to select Split server at this Point. If it is a single server then continue with single server installation.

3. Accept the Agreement.

4. Enter the Details

5. An Important point: One must carefully choose the Drive that we install the 1XMobile in. Make sure the install folder of 1XM is named as EDGE.


6. Click Install to Begin


The install engineer is then prompted to restart the computer.

Select Yes, I want to restart now and click on Finish



Avoid running anything on the system, after the above step. The reboot does not happen for sometime and before this the system seems inactive for sometime but then the installer starts.

Note: common mistakes system engineers do is rebooting manually. Please Avoid. 9. The installer comes back with the dialog box showing progress that it is installing the MSDE database for the 1XM.

10. Then the 1XM installs the .Net


11. These are the screens one would see

12. The SIP A/s shows that it is getting installed.

13. SIP A/S takes sometime to install. Be patient. The below Dialog Box appears. Click on OK and then the system reboots.


14. After reboot the system comes back up and installation starts automatically. The installation progress bar is seen as below.

15. The Installer finishes and we see that the One-X Mobile shows installation is done.


Common Installation issues:

1. There should be sufficient disk space present in the drive which the One-X will get installed into.


The Default installation path for the 1XM can be changed however the installer installs the EDGE Database in the default drive which holds windows. a. Default install Directory is named EDGE. Make sure this name is not changed. The Location can be changed. b. The Ubiquity A/S also gets installed in the default OS drive.


Make Sure the ASP.Net and IIS are started and set to start AUTOMATIC When set to Manual they do not restart on reboot leading to the installation failing.

4. Dont skip the pre-application-installation requirements checks. Free HDD space is NOT a multiple of 4GB (See Microsoft kb189787) At least 40GB free HDD space is available. RAID is configured properly if RAID is present (recommended, not required). Windows Server 2003 SP2 OS is 32-bit version. OS is time-of-day synchronized via NTP. Microsoft Updates are current. Antivirus software is up-to-date. Required Services are activated and automatic start. 5. Dont rename the installation binary, Setup.exe. Renaming is tempting, especially if multiple versions are present in the filesystem. The Installer reboots during the installation process, and expects to access Setup.exe when it automatically restarts after that reboot. If the binary is not named Setup.exe, the installer then hangs. 6. Miscellaneous Installation Issues Installer aborts if <6GB HDD free space is available. Installer produces unpredictable results if <40GB HDD free space. Installer hangs if required Windows services are not enabled and started (ASP.NET, IIS). Installer hangs on first system reboot if installation binary is not named Setup.exe Install progress bar appears to lock-up for ~1 hour during SIP A/S install. This is normal. 7. The Windows OS should not be hardened, it should be standard one else we could face issue related to Ubiquity not getting installed properly. VM Server installation is not supported by Avaya officially (confirmed form CPE), however with high end specification it can work, but it will be the responsibility of BP/Customer not Avaya.


Make Sure That you adhere to the prerequisites and installing One-X mobile will be just as fun.