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Performance management is a core function of HR department. It is a critical and segmented department. And performance management is a cutting edge tool for an organization.

Que.2 What additional information should Ms. Turtle have gathered before the meeting? Ans. At this time Ms. Turtle has three complaints about Ms. Kopalski and two statements made by her colleagues about her behaviour. But to give her an honest review about her performance Turtle requires some additional information regarding her performance in past six months which are as follows:
She required some more information on how she done her job functions in past six

months. She should analyse some strategic plans which are made by her for marketing of different departments so she can understand her way of doing work if there is some mistake in them then can guide her. She should take opinion from the three analysts whom Ms. Kopalski is supposing to report.
She should check the monthly reports of progress on annual goals which are made by

Ms. Kopalski to judge her abilities of report making.

She should find out that how efficiently Ms. Kopalski managed the resources which

include recommendation and implication of pricing strategies and cost reduction measures.
She should also collect some data of her work for patient satisfaction, quality

improvements, operations and marketing. These are some additional informations which Ms. Turtle should gather before meeting to evaluate Ms. Kopalskis overall performance in past six months and also to judge her in each job function which she have to perform. Because only after evaluating Ms. Kopalskis performance in this way, Ms. Turtle actually can give her suggestions regarding her performance to avoid any kind of complaint about her in future.

Que.3 what could Ms. Turtle have done to prevent the current situation? Ans. Ms. Turtle is a supervisor of Ms. Kopalski so she is responsible for guiding her to some extent and also about her performance. To avoid the current situation Ms. Turtle could do the following things:



Instead of giving her a formal 90 day performance review Ms. Turtle can give her monthly review or feedback about her performance informally.

At the time of joining Ms. Turtle could emphasized about her essential job functions which are expected to perform by her only. Ms. Turtle could describe the difference between Ms. Kopalskis essential and core functions. As happened with Ms. Turtle in her first job she can ask to Ms. Kopalski that is she satisfied with her job description and job activities which she is performing, they both are matching or is there any dissatisfaction regarding that. When she found errors in preliminary draft of profitability goals she could call Ms. Kopalski then only and could show her mistakes and guide her about how that can be done to avoid any kind of future mistake. Ms. Turtle could clear her expectations to Ms. Kopalski so that she can get a clear idea about her job, dos and donts. Ms. Turtle can give opportunity to Ms. Kopalski to give her opinion regarding what she feel about performance management and what could be standards for this.

Que.5 what reaction do you anticipate Ms. Kopalski will have to give to Ms. Turtles concerns about her performance, and how should Ms. Turtle respond to this reaction? Every story always has multiple sides, and this scenario is no exception. It is that Ms. Turtles perception of Ms. Kopalskis performance only represents a portion of a bigger story. How do you expect Ms. Kopalski to talk about this situation? Ans. Ms. Turtle has three complaints and two feedback statement for Ms. Kopalski made by her colleagues. When Ms. Turtle will give her performance review based on this information in my anticipation Ms. Kopalski will listen to it carefully. Because she came here to apply her skill sets in a different set up so she is basically want to learn and will accept her mistakes. The complaints over which Ms. Turtle has Ms. Kopalski will react in positive ways because of the following reasons:
a. The first complaint is about her monitoring behaviour that she did not mentioned about

new market development. Because monitoring competitive environment is a one of essential function in her job description.


CASE-3 PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK NOW AND THEN 25.4.20 10 b. Ms. Kopalski submitted a preliminary draft of profitability. In that there were some errors which were not expected because preparation of draft is there in her job description. c. She did not represent her department in patient satisfaction and general clinic operation meetings which she supposed to do. Apart these complaints Ms. Turtle will also appraise her due to her friendly and cooperative behaviour with other colleagues. And if Ms. Kopaslki takes this feedback as a suggestion for improving her performance rather than taking it as a criticism then Ms. Turtle will also help her not only in improving her performance but also in developing her skill set. But this whole case study is only from Ms. Turtles perspective. In this Ms. Kopalskis views for her justification are not given. So to above situation Ms. Kopalski can behave rudely also. Because she is working from past six months in hospital and according to system shown in case study the performance review should be given to employees after 90 days of working and according to that this should be a second review for Ms. Kopalski but this is a first ever feedback for her performance from Ms. Turtle. She neither have any feedback from Ms. Turtle after 90 days of her work and not get any monthly feedback because of which she did not get time to improve her performance. She is also appraised by her colleagues for her way of doing work which could lead her to overlook Mr Turtles feedback.

Que.6 How will Ms. Turtle determine if the performance review was successful? What outcomes should she expect? Ans. To judge the performance review which she gave to Ms. Kopalski she has to give time to Ms. Kopalski to follow that. Ms. Turtle can give a month time to Ms. Kopalski to work upon her shortcomings and weaknesses. But again for this Ms. Turtle has to develop some evaluation indicators or techniques to judge the difference between earlier and now. She can use either or combination of these methods to evaluate Ms, Kopalski: By close observation she can find out that Ms. Kopalski actually following her feedback or not. She can ask her to prepare the draft of profitability again with some long term achievable goals to judge her that now she is doing same kind of mistakes or not.

She can judge Ms. Kopalski by her skills to represent the department in general meetings.

She can note that is there any difference in making report of progress on annual goals after receiving feedback.



She can assign some project to Ms. Kopalski related with marketing to increase

outpatient flow in hospital to judge her capabilities. She can suggest to Ms. Kopalski for assisting her to understand the work culture and her expectations for a fix time period let say 15 days. These are some techniques to evaluating Ms. Kopalskis performance after giving her feedback that is there any desirable change in her working and performance.