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am currently a student in an international school in Seoul. My dream or lifetime goal is to achieve the position of an athletic athlete of a famous sportsman/athlete. I will attain this position by following my career plan. College and My Majors I will be present at a university off the coast of the US, specifically targeting where there are more athletic/sport schools. I will be targeting to major in courses that benefit my future career such as: Medicine, biology, physics, anatomy and more. These following courses will increase my knowledge about the human body, thus allowing myself to use my knowledge on humans to the maximum extent. However, I will be studying more to the area of a doctor, to increase my knowledge on the human body and its reactions to certain circumstances

Development and Creating Professions I would develop from a local, poorly known doctor to more of an okay-known doctor, whose name will
College and My Majors

Getting to Know My Caree

Developing and Creating Professions

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High school Degree College Degree in Medicine Local Doctor/Pediatrician Okay-known doctor Internship on athletic training Famous athletic trainer Athletic trainer for a famous athlete or sports team

Glory of My Career

create desire in the patients for me assistance to their needs. Then, I will do an internship (if possible) from a well-known athletic trainer or of somewhat similar

Getting to Know My Career As a newcomer into the actual world of business, I want to first start my career off as a local doctor, or pediatrician. By starting off as a minor, business, I want to slowly work my way up to an okay-known doctor, which will affect my career on athletes. If I can, I would want an internship to a local or famous athletic trainer, who will slowly teach me and nurse me up to the level of the average trainer, then let me off

Three Qualities to Be a Success Patience Desire Responsibility

to his status, then to be nursed up to quite a high point as to which I could start my own business. Glory of My Career When I am finally able to handle my own position as a trainer for a famous athlete, I will try to be as helpful as possible, giving him/her whatever possible advice I can give. Otherwise, I would try to help his or her physical condition to raise another level, or help their body get fit than it already is. Although this may only be a dream, I one day hope to achieve this impossible job with my very own hands