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Simple Unification of an Electromagnetism and Gravity

By Mitsuru Watanabe (Shizuoka-ken Japan) Abstract: We examined electromagnetic potential carefully. And we discovered the point of contact with the gravity there. It shows a certain simple relation between electromagnetism and gravity. At present, this is a hypothesis, however there is an experiment of 2 in support of this.

Consideration of the electromagnetic potential Electromagnetic potential Ai was introduced as a mathematical concept purely at first.
However, it was late years, and Aharonov-Bohm effect was discovered and was recognized as the physical existence. In the physical existence, the flexibility will not be permitted. That is why, in the electromagnetic potential, the flexibility is not permitted either. We must find a method to decide electromagnetic potential uniquely. The electromagnetic field consists of 6 variables of an electric field and the magnetic field in total. On the other hand, the electromagnetic potential consists of 4 variables of ( A1 , A2 , A3 , A4 ) . The electromagnetic field

f ij is expressed as follows by

electromagnetic potential.

f ij = i A j j Ai
From these, We understand that electromagnetic potential is basic than an electromagnetic field. It becomes the following form when we express an equation of Maxwell for 4 elements. (J

are 4 elements electric current.) .....(1)

j f ij = J i

Only in f ij , Ai is not decided uniquely. By any scalar , Ai + i becomes same f ij again, too. In other words, Ai is not decided only by electromagnetism and still lacks something different. What is it? Here, we suppose Ai to be the electromagnetic potential that is a physical real thing. There is Ai in the natural world as the physical existence.

Ai does not have the

flexibility. It is a method to decide Ai uniquely to want us. We can decide the solution of the equation (1) uniquely if we give the next relations.

i Ai = 0


This is known as a Lorentz gauge. Let's suppose that Ai meets (1) and (2) at the same time now. Generally, Ai may not accord with Ai . Because both Ai and Ai give same f ij .

f ij = i A j j Ai
f ij = i A j j Ai

.....(3) .....(4)

From (3) and (4), we obtain next.

i ( A j A j ) j ( Ai Ai ) = 0
Therefore, by a certain scalar , we can write it as follows.

Ai = Ai + i
By the way, we ask you a question. What is scalar physically? Then,

i Ai = i ( Ai + i ) = i i .
We wrote it by scalar as follows.

i i =


This becomes the equation of the gravitational field if is mass density. Because must be the physical existence, may be mass density. These consideration allows the following opinion. 1) The electromagnetic potential is decided by an electric current and mass density. 2) The electromagnetic potential is a gravity vector of Newton consisting of 4 elements. The next experiment supports this opinion.

Inomata Experiment

Doctor of Engineering Shuji Inomata in Japan experimented as follows in 1991. 1) Wire of the coils is 0.06mm and is wound up 250,000 times. The coil is covered with the aluminum foil, and grounded. 2) We hung a chip of wood with a thread outside a coil. 3) The direct current of 300V is thrown into the coil. Then a chip swings. He comments on this phenomenon as follows. Because the coil covers with aluminum foil and it is grounded, this is not a thing caused by the static electricity. The cause is the gravity that occurred by a coil. Reference: New Theory of Gravitation (By Mitsuru Watanabe) --------------------------------2012 10 V1.0 , Copyright 2012