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Technical Bulletin # 1095

Transmission: 4T65E Subject: Erratic Shifts, 1-2 Shudder Application: Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac Issue Date: May, 2007

Erratic Shifts, 1-2 Shudder
A 1-2 Shift shudder on light acceleration may be caused by the second clutch piston not working properly. To repair this condition there are a number of updated parts that have to be replaced. A service kit P/N #24240561 is available which includes: Second Clutch Housing Sealing Rings Second Clutch Assembly Channel Cover Upper Gasket Channel Cover Lower Gasket Other parts that are included in a separate kit P/N #24206391 & 24206959 are: Valve Body Side Cover Gasket Valve Body Inner Gasket Case Cover Gasket Upper Case Cover Gasket Lower

2nd Clutch Assembly

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