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Montgomery County Board of Education Election in 2012 The Montgomery County Board of Election consists of 7 people, all elected

by all the citizens of our county (plus a student member, whom voters do not elect). They have great influence over the education budget in our county, which amounts to more than $2 billion per year. According to the Bd of Eds website, it provides leadership and oversight for the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) by setting goals, establishing policies, and committing resources to benefit our diverse student population. The Board's work is guided by its academic priorities, as outlined in the MCPS Strategic Plan, Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence. There are almost 150,000 students in about 200 schools with about 11,600 teachers. It is the largest school system in Maryland and the 16th largest in the U.S. There are 5 Board of Education election districts in the county, but the representative for every one of those districts is elected by voters in the whole county, just as with the 2 At-Large positions. The purpose for the districts is to insure that the Board members do not all come from the same part of the county. Members of the Board of Education receive $18,500 a year (the Board president receives an additional $4,000) for their part-time work, usually attending at least two business meetings per month that takes from half to a full day. In addition, they all serve on at least two committees that meet regularly, and all attend multiple public hearings, evening meetings, and many other events that make these parttimepositions very time consuming. Board members all serve 4 year terms, with 3 (1 At-Large and those for districts 2 and 4) elected in US Presidential election years and 4 (1 At-Large and those for districts 1, 3, and 5) elected in Maryland Gubernatorial election years. In 2012, we are electing 3 Board members on November 6, 2012.. Board of Election races are non-partisan. No one runs as a Democrat, Republican, or any other party member. All voters, including those who are registered Independents, can vote in the primary and the general election for Board of Education candidates. When there are more than 2 candidates in an election for any of the positions on the Board of Education, there is a primary election for that position. Each voter votes for 1 candidate, and the 2 who receive the most votes in the primary go on to the general election. There are 2 incumbents running for reelection: Philip Kauffman for one of the At Large positions and Christopher Barclay for the district 4 position. The incumbent in district 2 is not running for reelection. For the general election, we can vote November 6, 2012, in our normal polling places or we can vote early, starting October 27. The closest early voting location is the Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center at 14625 Bauer Drive, Rockville. Voters can also vote by absentee ballot, which must be requested by October 30 . Further information about the election, including links to candidates websites, is at the website of the Leisure World Democratic Club, at: http://lwdems/org/2012-election.htm

Montgomery County Board of Education Candidates in the 2012 General Election At Large

Philip Kauffman

Morris Panner

District 2

Fred Evans

Rebecca Smondrowski

District 4

Christopher Barclay

Annita Seckinger