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Place: Mumbai, India. Date: 7th October 2012.

Learning: part one.

Tarot cards are widely used throughout the world for divination, meditative and occult purposes. The language of the tarot is extremely unique and sacred in its own way. It does emphasize on the philosophy of karma, different elemental forces, the mythology and the importance of the twelve zodiac signs, the age old occult practices and the craft of the wise ones. To understand and gain benefit from the language of the Tarot, one needs to have faith in it. Faith is something that needs to come on its own and not because I am saying so. It is what your heart should feel and believe in. It cannot be forced, it should come on its own and it is a gradual process. In the end I am a student of Tarot like anyone else and will learn as long as I live. Listed below are some of the thoughts/meanings/symbolism I attribute or believe each card represents. Although every Tarot card is in-exhaustive in terms of knowledge and what it means but it is situational; it depicts either a personality type or a group of personalities engulfed in a particular set of circumstances or something that we call as situations, which cannot be avoided and need to be understood. Please note, the meanings or thoughts depicted/mentioned below are an accumulation of the books that I have read on Tarot and the personal experience I have gained through Tarot cards over the years. The purpose is to increase the awareness level and knowledge of the readers of this article/blog. For people to know and understand the cards as a medium of knowledge; knowledge which is never ending and ever useful, irrespective how advanced or primitive our civilization is.

In no way my intention is to copy someone else's views or works on Tarot; and publish them as my own or offend or malign anyone. Hence if any piece of information is causing any breach of copyright or is offensive in any way, then please do let me know via email. My email address is mentioned below. I shall ensure to amend that which is necessary and required.

(Zero) Fool: This is the card of the wild soul. Someone who is childlike, very curious; lacks cautiousness, stability and cannot see things and people the way they are. Though this card depicts new beginnings; but beginnings and events which will have obstracles to overcome and the need to learn the practical aspect of life. (I) The Magician: This card depicts a man who is wise, shrewd, possesses an intelligence which is required by people to achieve success in business, states craft, politics and sticky situations in life. Someone who has a very strong and well placed mercury in his chart. This man knows what to do and when to do. (II) The High Priestess: This card depicts a woman who possesses the intuition of a clairvoyant, the occult knowledge of a witch/wiccan; as someone who knows the craft of the wise ones. She is secretive and knows how to keep her secrets hidden from the whole wide world. She is very passive, emotional and clingy. Someone who is in tune with her emotions and the elements. This is the card of introspection and the power within. (III) The Empress: This card depicts a woman who is pregnant, prosperous and one who lives a luxurious life. She is the mother earth incarnate. When this card appears in a reading it signifies a good news in the form of pregnancy or new love or some favor/benefit from a woman with the mentioned attributes. (IV) The Emperor: This card depicts a man who is in a position that of a king or equivalent to one. He has power and loves to exercise his power. He is a true blue

egoist and can be very ruthless and aggressive when required. He can be very helpful and magnanimous towards his friends; at the same time very lethal for his enemies. (V) The Hierophant: This card depicts a man who is a High Priest or in a position similar to that. He is wise, intelligent, resourceful and someone to look for when we need an advise. He is also very ritualistic, religious, conservative and orthodox. (VI) The Lovers: This is the card of duality, of people who fall in love over impulse or lust. It also signifies difficulty in arriving at a decision. (VII) The Chariot: This card signifies someone who is focused and knows the ways and means of achieving his or her purpose. It implies a person who is so engrossed in moving ahead and achieving success that he or she does not have the time to look back. (VIII) Strength: The visual image of this card depicts a woman taming a lion. This card signifies the need to tame the beast within us; the need to achieve inner strength. This card usually predicts an event or a situation in our life when we are forced to or compelled to look for strength within us. (IX) The Hermit: The visual image of this card usually shows a man dressed as a hermit/saint and carrying a lamp as a torch. He is a man who is wise, intelligent, spiritually inclined and knows the unknown. There are times in life when we do not know what to do and we do not even know whom to approach for advise. Therein, we need a man like this, someone who will show us the right path and guide us through a difficult journey. So is the purpose of this card, which is to guide people like you and me. (X) The Wheel of Fortune: This is the card of destiny/ lady luck; depicting that which goes up has to comes down and vice versa. (XI) Justice: This card depicts the laws of karma. At times in a reading it signifies problems related to legal issues.

(XII) The Hanged Man: This card usually signifies that we are stuck up in problems, which are of material kind i.e prolong unemployment and unable to find employment or losses in business. It also signifies health issues caused by lack of proper diagnosis, less intake of water or issues related to water retention in the body. Spiritually this is a positive card, as it shows someone who is spiritually more aware but suffering on a materialistic level. (XIII) Death: This card usually signifies the end of a phase or situation in life. It is a card which makes us realize that in every ending there is a beginning; it is just for us to take note of it. It usually brings drastic changes in life which are inevitable. (XIV) Temperance: This is the card of harmony, balance, a state in life when we can balance more than one aspect of life. It could be that you are able to balance your professional work life and your personal domestic life with ease; at the same time you are doing it well too. (XV) Devil: This is the card of evil. Evil which is within us in the form of lust, anger, temptation and jealousy. It is difficult for us to confront this devil within us, to tame it, to live with it and to accept it. This card makes us realize that we still have a lot to go through, a lot to learn before we reach a stage wherein we are able to accept and live with the devil within us. (XVI) The Tower: This card usually signifies a sudden and painful disaster. An event which will purge one's soul and will ensure that what we have gone through is common knowledge. What needs to be noted is that in spite of the fact that this card foretells a sudden and unexpected disaster, what it also brings along with it is a relief. A relief that what was bound to happen has happened and the worst is over. (XVII) The Star: This is a card of hope and unconditional love. It signifies that the angels are with you and for you. It gives hope and assurance so as to survive through the present difficult situation.

(XVIII) The Moon: This is the card of the mind. The desire to follow your intuition or to seek more spiritual/occult knowledge. It can also signify a state of depression, addictions; where nothing seems right and nothing that makes you feel good. This card also maked us aware about the unknown and things which are hidden or not known to us. It is a complex card, one which I still find difficult to interpret, in spite of my years of experience with the Tarot. (XIX) The Sun: This card signifies happiness, prosperity and a feeling of success and well being. It also signifies good news in the form of money, power or fame. It is a very fortunate card to appear in a reading. (XX) Judgement: This card usually signifies a long persistent, never ending problem which will find a solution. There are times in life when we have to dig bones, for problems we never thought could be solved; this card signifies just that. (XXI) The World: This card signifies ending; ending of a bad phase. It also foretells foreign travels, prosperity and the fact that we are through with the most difficult and struggle prone phase in our lives.

Court Cards and other Minor Arcane cards: For me personally court cards have always been a bit confusing when it comes to knowing their relevance in a particular spread or a reading. I am not saying that they cannot be read with clarity. But to identify their importance in a reading and to know who they refer to in the questioner's life; is something that makes me look at them with apprehension. But we should never give up learning them and to know more about them. So here we start with the court cards. a) King of Pentacles: This suit corresponds to the element earth. So the king represents someone who is in a position of materialistic power. He is rich, fond of luxuries and is resourceful enough to make good use of his money. He is also a very vengeful person.

He is not going to forgive or forget his enemies. Be careful, one should never cross this man. But he can be a very good adviser and someone who has the resources to help you. b) King of Swords: He is a man who is blunt and very straight forward. He is ideally a professional in his work life and someone who will give you a very clear and objective advice in life. He has already gone through his own set of sufferings in life so please do not try to play games with him or behave in a manipulative manner. c) King of Wands: He is a man who is aggressive, adventurous, successful in his business/professional or job. He is stubborn in a way that he wants to be in complete control of his life and surroundings. In spite of a happy family and a devoted wife he will still seek pleasure wherever he goes. You cannot argue with him or force him to do something that he does not wish to do. A humble request will ensure your work is done. d) Kings of Cups: He is someone who is very emotional, in touch with his subconscious self, orthodox, a true lover of rituals, a bit stubborn and very conscious of his image. If you seek spiritual advice then this man will not let you down, unless and until you do not provoke his anger. e) Queen of Pentacles: She is someone who is very practical, rich or someone who is good in making money. She is a homemaker as well as a business woman. She loves chaos and a luxurious lifestyle. f) Queen of Swords: This is not a very fortunate card when it comes in a reading. It depicts a woman who is most likely a widow or someone who has gone through a lot of sufferings in life, in spite of being from an affluent background. She is someone in a position of power but her circumstances are such that she has to struggle and manage the losses which life brings in her kitty. She has to make every effort to survive through this life. She is also someone who has a bad name.

g) Queen of Wands: She is a woman, who is business minded, aggressive, rich, a through professional. Someone who is a believer in witchcraft. She is not ashamed or afraid to accept her desires and seek ways and means to satisfy them. When this card comes up in a reading, it usually brings monetary benefit from a woman or some kind of help which is needed. h) Queen of Cups: She is a very intuitive lady. Someone who follows her heart blindly. Her house, her family, her spouse/husband/partner are very important to her. She can be jealous and very fond of gossip. i) Knight of Pentacles: This is a very fortunate card when it comes to employment issues. It signifies a man who is very stable, practical and someone who knows how to best use ones' resources. He is never short of employment. j) Knight of Swords: This is not a fortunate card when it comes in a reading. It signifies conflicts, disputes and rash action at a stage in life when one is not prepared enough to face or survive through such situations. It foretells a phase of suffering and frustrations. It signifies a man who is aggressive, rash, lacks practicality, non-pragmatic, very blunt and lacks diplomacy. He gets angry very easily and jumps at the opportunity of facing a conflict. What he lacks the most is receptiveness. k) Knight of Wands: This card signifies a man who comes up with new business ideas everyday. He only knows how to start a new business venture but lack the patience or the emotional stamina to survive through the venture from inception till the stage wherein it could reap profits. This card usually signifies new ideas and desires which are yet to materialize. l) Knight of Cups: This is a very romantic card. It signifies a person who is an eternal romantic at heart. He is very emotional, intuitive and in touch with his subconscious mind.

Pages: They usually signify messages and the kind of messages and the intention of people who convey them. The Page of Cups signifies spiritual/emotional message. It is not necessary that someone has to convey this message to you; it could be a flash of intuition which serves the purpose of a message. The Page of Wands signifies a bad news or dirty gossip and is conveyed by a person who knows how to create problems for others. The Page of Swords is someone who is receptive and is learning and absorbing as much as he or she can. This card makes you go through an experience wherein you willingly or are forced to go through a situation; which makes you learn and develop the quality of being receptive. The Page of Pentacles shows someone who is making efforts to build a career or start a business venture. What he or she lacks in terms of money and other resources is compensated by his or her hard work and the effort to use every resource that is within reach and not to allow any resource to go waste. It implies that you will keep trying even if the work in your hand is difficult to complete. It also signifies someone who is stingy, careful with his or her money and has balanced sexual energies. The best way to learn other Minor Arcane cards i.e. elemental cards from Aces to Tens; is through reading as many books as one can. You can search for good books on the Internet and there are many authors who have explained the cards in the most lucid form and ensured the reader gains as much as possible. Two of the books which I have liked are: 1) Mastering the Tarot: An Advanced Personal Teaching Guide by Juliet Sharman-Burke, published by St. Martin's Griffin, New York. 2) Complete Book of Tarot by Cassandra Eason, published by Piatkus. I hope what I have mentioned in this article/blog is useful to an extent. Any feedback is always welcome. Please send your feedbacks via e-mail. God bless.

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