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Don’t you ever get tired of writing about teenagers? someone once asked me,
of course not at least not when I have not expose how temperaments affect

As you are aware we have the sanguine, cholerics, phlegmatics and the
melancholies. Several researches has proven that most first born children are
cholerics last born children sanguine and middle-born children phlegmatics and

Let see how several teenagers are affected by the four temperaments follow


They like to be noticed whether young teenagers or adult teenagers. note young
teenagers(13-17)adult(17-19).you get into their bad books when they come to visit
you and you don’t tell them they look beautiful or handsome, when they tell you
their pet name and you forget to call them that, when they want you to dot over
them in public and you don’t.

The females like to flirti.ebe noticed and be admired by several boys that they
are beautiful. They like to crack jokes, you get into their bad books when they crack
a joke and you don’t laugh. They want to be adored by their loved ones they want
to be petted even when they are at fault. when they get angry and raise their voice
at you they want you to beg them instead of retaliate.

They are fun loving and like attending birthday batches or any other youth
organized parties. They are so emotional, romantic and friendly. They talk a lot and
when they exaggerate, they don’t like to be busted. They like to run away from
issues which look impossible they are not often strong willed. They don’t often get
their bearings right they are not organized.


They are bossy, they want things to be done all ways in their own way, to their own
benefit. They are very strict and disciplined. They don’t like playful people you get
into their bad books when you try to discourage them from what they want to do.
They have hurtful words in their utterances and they are not patient. They are often
serious, determined and have characteristics of a leader.


They want things being done the right way. They are not particularly bossy but they
are faithful. They are easily offended, mostly think negatively and are often moody.
They like to perfect things, they are sensitive and react to things strangely but
they are creative.


They are introverts, the dullest set of teenagers. They lack motivation, they are
selfish , stingy and slow. Although they are gentle, efficient and calm but they are
easily afraid.


1.Let them know their weaknesses and how toimprove them.

2. Explain to them that it is not their fault that they inherited the temperament
from their parents.

3. Make sanguine feel noticed since it is what they want.

4. Orientate sanguine about relating with the opposite sex

5. Let sanguines know they can’t always have what they want

6. Make cholerics feel in charge since it is what they want.

7. Let them know they should try and loosen up and also control their temper.

8. Make melancholies move closer to God

9. Let them take things easy.

10. Encourage their creativity.

11. Try to motivate them and often discus their future

12. Let them know the disadvantages in being selfish and stingy.

In conclusion some teenagers do combine two or more temperaments.

teenagers who have discovered which they belong to should try and improve their
gifts and work on their buts. Every temperaments have advantages and
disadvantages this buttress the fact that nobody is perfect, only God is the master
of perfection.

Ori ja oluwaponmile