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Drawing the dragster with SketchUp is somewhat tricky, in that we are trying to define how we will alter a solid

piece of wood by subtracting material from it. SketchUp does not think of objects as solid, rather it defines objects by their outside surfaces and edges. For that reason, it can process the shape of either the top-view or the bottom view of the car, but it cannot process the shape that would result from combining these two views. For this reason, you will need to use SketchUp to draw an Orthographic Projection of your car, which has both a Side View and a Top View arranged directly above and below each other. We will be using Guide Lines extensively in this exercise, which are generated using the Tape Measure Tool. The guide lines will help you keep the two views coordinated.

Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace

a. Go to the Camera menu and Select Parallel Projection b. Go to the Camera menu and select Standard Views > Front c. Select and Delete the Girl d. Use the Tape Measure Tool () to make lines 1) 10 inches to the right of the blue axis line. 2) 1.25 (1 1/4") inches from the red axis line 3) 1.5 inches above the previously made line 4) 1.125 inches above the last line. e. Zoom in on the boxes you have created

Step 2: Draw the Front and Top Views

a. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw rectangles in the top and bottom boxes b. Zoom Extents so the rectangles fill your screen c. We will now call the bottom rectangle the Front View and the one above it the Top view. d. Make a Guide line .25 inches from the bottom of the Front View

e. Use the Line Tool to draw a line from the upper right corner to the left side where the Front View intersects your guide line f. Use Erase to remove the lines of the Front View above the angled line g. Remove the guide line with the Erase Tool

Step 3: Make Both Shapes 3 D

a. Use the Orbit Tool to change your perspective so you can see the two shapes from an angle b. Use the Push/Pull Tool to 1) make the Top View 1.25 thick 2) make the Front View 1.125 thick f. Go to the View > Face Style > X-Ray

Step 4: Put the Air Holes in Both Shapes

a. Go to Camera > Standard Views > Right b. Use the Tape Measure Tool to draw diagonal lines on the back ends of the two shapes c. Use the Circle Tool to draw 3/16 radius Circles in the centers of the two shapes d. Orbit around again so you can see the shapes from an angle e. Use Push/Pull to make each of the circles 3 deep holes f. Once you have placed the circles and made the holes, you can use the Erase Tool to remove the Guide lines on the back sides

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