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3. Specifications
Specfications are correct at the time of printing. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. See below for product specifications.

3.1 General Specifications

Items Major Features Descriptions SCX-4016 Copier, Print, Scan SCX-4116 Copier, Print, Scan SCX-4216F Copier, Print, Scan, Fax SCX-4016 474x436x353mm SCX-4216F/4116 474x436x417mm SCX-4016 11.7 Kg (25.8 lbs) SCX-4216F/4116 13 Kg (28.8 lbs) 16*2 Char USB1.1 & IEEE1284 350W 20W Yes SCX-4016 52 dBA SCX-4216F/4116 55 dBA SCX-4016 39 dBA SCX-4216F/4116 39 dBA Less than 42 seconds Class B 16 MB (Printer : 8M, Fax : 4M, Scan : 2M, System : 2M) N/A Remarks Without ADF With ADF With ADF

Size (W*D*H)

With Toner Cartridge With Toner Cartridge

LCD I/O Interface Power Consumption Power Switch Noise

Printing Sleep Mode Operating Standby

Warm Up Approval Device Memory Internal N/W Connectivity

3.2 Print Specification

Items Print Speed Print Method Print Language Power Save Resolution Toner Save Memory FPOT Printable Area Toner Save 17ppm Laser Scanning Unit + Electro Photography SPL Yes(5/10/15/30/45min.) 600 *600dpi No Yes 8 MB Approx. 12 seconds Less than 54 seconds 207.6 X 270.6 mm (Letter) Yes
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Remarks Letter size, 5% Character Pattern

Normal RET

Stand by Power Save


3.3 Scan Specification

Items Halftone(Gray Scale) Scan Method Scan Speed ADF (seconds/scan) (SCX-4216F/4116) Descriptions 256 level Color CCD 25 sec Remarks ITU-T #1 Chart Text/Mixed Mode : B/W Letter & 300dpi. (USB) Photo Mode : Gray Letter & 300dpi. (USB)

72 sec


Platen Optical Enhanced

Halftone Scan Width

Width Length(Adf) Length(Platen)


23 sec 600 x 600 dpi USB 4800 x 4800 dpi Parallel 2400 x 2400 dpi 256 level Max.216mm (8.5") Max. 356mm (14.0") Max. 297mm (11.7") E-mail, Image, OCR, FAX, WEB


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3.4 Copy Specification

Items Copy Quality Selection or Original Image type selection Mode FCOT Descriptions Text Auto Photo Other Platen ADF Copy Speed / Letter Text Mixed Photo Resolution Scan Print 600x300dpi 600x300dpi 600x600dpi for Platen / 600x300dpi for ADF Power Save Approx. 54 seconds Stand by Approx. 12 seconds Power Save Approx. 54 seconds Stand by Approx. 17 seonds SDMC 16 cpm/A4, 17 cpm/LTR MDMC 7 cpm/A4, 17 cpm/LTR SDMC 16 cpm MDMC 4 cpm 600*600dpi 600*600dpi 25% to 400 % 1~99 Yes 3 level(by LED) TEXT/MIXED/PHOTO Yes(300dpi only) Yes(after 1 minute) 2-up, 4-up Yes Yes Yes Remarks

Zoom Range Multi Copy Preset Contrast Control Copy Mode Collation Copy Auto return to default mode N-up copy AutoFit Copy Clone Poster

SCX-4216F/4116 SCX-4216F/4116 Platen Only Platen Only Platen Only

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3.5 Telephone Specification (SCX-4216F Only)

Items Handset On hook Dial Search 1-Touch Dial Auto dial TAD I/F Tone/Pulse Pause Auto Redial Last Number Redial Distinctive Ring Caller ID External Phone Interface Report & List Print out Tx/Rx Journal Confirmation Help List Auto Dial List System Data List Ring Volume Key Volume Speaker Descriptions No Yes Yes (Phone Book) 10EA (3*4 Numeric Key) 100 locations (Using 3*4 buttons) No Selectable in Tech Mode No Yes Yes No No No Yes 2 types available (with Image TCR, w/o image TCR) No Yes List all user setting Yes(Off,Low,MED,HIGH) Yes(On,Off) Yes(On,Off) Remarks

Sound Control


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3.6 Fax Specification (SCX-4216F Only)

Items Compatibility Communication System Modem Speed TX Speed Compression ECM Resolution Std Fine S.Fine Scan Speed(ADF) Std Fine S.Fine Rx fax duplex print out Multiple page scan speed Receive Mode Memory Capacity Optional Memory Max locations to store to 1 Group Dial Fax Forward Broadcasting Forced Memory TX Cover page Delayed fax Memory RX Functions Voice Request TTI RTI Polling Earth/Recall Auto Reduction RDC Junk Fax barrier Security Mode Battery Backup Descriptions ITU-T G3 PSTN/PABX 33.6 Kbps Approx. 3 sec MH/MR/MMR/JPEG Yes 203 x 98 dpi 203 x 196 dpi 300 x 300 dpi Approx. 5sec/LTR Approx.7.5sec/LTR Approx.7.5sec/LTR No Approx. 7 ppm/LTR Fax, TEL 4 MB (320 pages) No 99 locations Yes (On/Off) Up to 59 locations No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes (Min. 15 minutes) Remarks

Back up Fax memory and Real Time data

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3.7 Paper Handling

Capacity (20lbs) Optional Cassette Output Capacity Output Control Paper Size Items Main Tray Bypass Descriptions 250sheets Single Sheet No 150Sheets/20lb, 1Sheet/Face up Face down CST : A4,Letter,Legal, Folio,Executive,B5 Bypass : Envelope6 3/4,7 3/4, #9, #10, DL,C5,B5 16~24 lb. 16~32 lb. Bottom to Middle Front (FIFO) Face up, Single Sheet 216 x 356mm(8.5"x14") 76 x 127mm(3"x5") Extension Fixed Adjustable Universal Adjustable 12.5~28lb 30 sheets(20lb) 148mm - 216mm(5.8" - 8.5") 127 mm - 356mm(5" - 14.0") Remarks

Main Tray Bypass Main Tray Bypass Standard output Straight Through Max Min Paper Document Bypass Tray Main Tray Document Paper Weight Capacity Document Size Widtth Document Size Length

Paper Weight Paper Path Paper Size Output Stacker Input Guide


3.8 Software
Compatibility Items DOS Win 3.x Win 95 Win 98&WinME Win NT 4.0 Win 2000 Win XP Mac Linux Printer TWAIN PC-FAX Descriptions No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No SPL Yes No Remarks

WHQL for Printer Only Mac Printer Only


PC Fax is only available through PC Modem


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3.9 Consumables
Items Type How to install Toner Descriptions Single Cartridge Front door open and front loading Initial 1,000 sheets running 3,000 sheets No Yes Remarks


Initial toner life could be different accroding to country

Level Sensor Toner Count

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