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Vignette Dialog ®

Product Datasheet

Your Web sites are a strategic platform to support your most • Offers a compelling customer experience with timely and
critical business objectives: finding new customers, improving relevant communications.
customer satisfaction and increasing customer value. With
• Enables short-term results – initial dialogs can be up and
Vignette Dialog, you can now leverage your investment in your
running within weeks – as part of a comprehensive and robust
Web sites and portals with a software solution that can automate
personalized sequences of customer interactions, or dialogs,
across Web sites, portals, e-mail, wireless, direct mail and more • Vignette Dialog offers an intuitive interface that empowers your
to create loyal, profitable relationships. marketing team to create high-impact, profitable dialogs with

Enhance Interaction Management

Vignette Dialog Example:
• Drive customers across the sales cycle and back to the Web site
with personalized dialogs delivered through e-mail, wireless, In the hypothetical example on the next page, a leading shipping
direct mail and other communication touch points company is using Vignette Dialog to up-sell customers from a free
package tracking service to a paid, full-service account.
• Leverage your significant content management and portal
investments with outbound dialog programs • The dialog begins when a customer registers to track a
package on the Web site.
• Gain valuable data about individual needs with two-way
interactions to further personalize ongoing dialog and Web • Vignette Dialog automatically sends a personalized e-mail,
sessions confirming registration and probing for other information
including preferred channel of contact. An automated “Thank
• Automatically execute timely, relevant programs (marketing,
you” page is queued notifying the customer their response was
customer service, etc.) triggered directly from Web session
• Based upon information the customer provides in the e-mail and
during registration, Vignette Dialog triggers a personalized
Increase Customer Profitability offer for a full-service account to the Web site via the preferred
channel of contact: postal & email, postal only, email only, or
Vignette Dialog provides value throughout the customer life cycle
“other.” If “other,” Vignette Dialog queues a Customer Service
by automating a series of two-way interactions with customers.
representative to call the customer and provide registration
Defined by business rules and triggered by events (e.g. a
registration or purchase on the Web site), a dialog serves as a
script for a compelling, personalized customer experience that • Vignette Dialog then waits for the customer to register for a
unfolds for each individual. full-service account online. If this does occur, Vignette Dialog
triggers another series of communications with the customer
Leading companies are using Vignette Dialog to automatically
based on user preference. If this does not occur, Vignette
follow up on requests for information, nurture and qualify leads,
Dialog queues a Customer Service call for further assistance.
convert prospects to customers, increase customer value and
retention and win back lost customers. • If e-mail is undeliverable at any time during this process,
Vignette Dialog automatically queues a service rep to call the
customer and update the e-mail address.
The Vignette Dialog Solution:
• Can deliver strong business results and marketing ROI with
targeted, measurable dialog marketing programs.
• Puts powerful marketing programs on virtual autopilot with an
automated, event-triggered system.
A Comprehensive, Automated Solution

Features Benefits

Email templates and

Enables users to quickly create email surveys; Includes conditional content

Dialog designer Create sequenced, results driven customer interactions through a drag and drop interface

Comprehensive Help ensure the readiness and seamlessness of your dialog before programs are implemented with multiple, easy to
dialog testing use testing tools

Multi email support Achieve successful message delivery by sensing the recipient’s system capabilities and automatically sending
and detection personalized messages in text or HTML

Gain detailed information about your program results through an extensive series of reports, including: response and
In-depth reporting
click through tracking, lift analysis, drill down from graphical results, free form text responses, and email delivery
and analysis statistics (hard bounce, soft bounce) showing the number of messages that are bounced for each Dialog

Track customers responses, analyze campaigns and measure your marketing ROI, all in real time, right from your
Marketer’s Console desktop; compare campaigns and dialogs across multiple time periods for a more accurate view of your results

Cost analysis Capture and analyze both variable and fixed costs with detailed cost breakdowns

Bounce Add a custom bounce message to the Bounce Handler’s list of known bounce indicator strings if an email message
management is returned to the bounce account but is not recognized as a bounce

Flexibility to create additional categories in addition to the sample categories included in the standard package.
Opt-in management Some examples might include account statements, or urgent status messages. Existing participants in the database
have the option to automatically opt into or out of the new category.

Console page Console page can load folders in expanded form and the user can collapse or expand folders. When the user
loading expands the folder, the application loads Dialogs without the need to refresh the entire console page

Provides HTML authoring capabilities with a word-processing look and feel. This tool allows you to not only create
E-Phox content without having to write HTML code, but also allows you to see how your content will look to its recipient
before you test or send it
One to One Dialogs

Features Benefits

Create a new profile or update an existing Dialog participant profile
Registration Servlet

Help build long running customer relationships and drive revenue by increasing customer acquisition, retention and
Dialog marketing lifetime value

Event driven Turn external customers (e.g., Web site registrations, customer care calls, product purchases, renewal dates, etc.) into
interaction automatic, instant and repeatable triggers for dialog actions

Give customers and prospects the ability to express needs and preferences through interactive forms that help you
Interactive forms capture information and then automatically tailor the next steps based upon their responses.

Up-to date Web Respond immediately to each customer and capitalize on an opportunity as soon as it happens; for example, calling
response up a Web page customized with information that reflects the response just given by the participant in an email

Powerful Campaigns

Features Benefits

Increase the participants for a dialog/campaign by forwarding campaigns and dialogs to single or multiple
Multiple forwards recipients. User can manage the number of participants in the forward dialog box based on the administrator

Send the right message to the right individuals by identifying, selecting and refining your targets both at the
Segmentation tools beginning of the dialog and while it is in process

Deliver communication that is customized to each individual, from the contact information to the content, to drive
Personalization results and strengthen relationships

Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with built in capabilities, including random sampling and nth
Audience sampling number sampling, to improve your marketing message based upon what works

Initiate, track and measure automated, offer based promotions that let you present the most relevant offer based
Dynamic offers upon segmentation or previous interactions; define an offer and store it in the offer repository for use in messages

Opt-in/Opt-out Automatically manage the opt-in/opt-out process and decrease total opt-outs by giving participants more flexibility to
management opt out of a single category: newspapers, promotions, etc. rather than losing them altogether

Closed Loop Automate effective message delivery and follow-up to enable a fully coordinated, end to end campaign that will
marketing help you drive your program to a profitable conclusion

Open, Extensible Architecture

Features Benefits

Integration with Integrate with existing sales force automation applications, call centers, data warehouses, analytics, packages and
enterprise systems Web content management tools to provide a cohesive experience for the customer

Integration with
Incorporate live, dynamic data from external sources (e.g., up to date stock prices, news feeds, weather
dynamic external updates, etc.)
data sources

Integration with Deliver a consistent message across multiple communication points (e.g., email, Web site, call centers, fulfillment,
multiple channels etc.) for a richer, more integrated CRM strategy
Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Features Benefits

Cross channel Coordinate your message across multiple touch-points, including email, your Web site, wireless technology,
support telephone, fax and direct mail

Tie your Web site into customer interactions to further personalize the customer experience and expedite results:
• Trigger dialogs automatically based on Web interactions
Web integration • Customize Web content based on dialog interactions and profile data
• Incorporate existing Web content into outbound communications

Integration with Deliver a consistent message across multiple communication points (e.g., email, Web site, call centers, fulfillment,
multiple channels etc.) for a richer, more integrated CRM strategy

Vignette Dialog is an integral part of the Vignette Web Experience Platform. From simple campaigns to more sophisticated dialog
marketing programs, Vignette Dialog lets you design, execute, and measure results-driven communications across multiple channels—
Web, e-mail, direct mail, call centers, and various other touch points—for some of the most effective ways to build and maintain
healthy, profitable customer relationships. For more information about Vignette Dialog or other Vignette products and solutions, please
visit www.vignette.com or call +1 888 608 9900.

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