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7 • 8 • 9 NOV 2008
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I want you.
I want you so bad.
I want you so bad.
It’s driving me mad.

It’s driving me mad.
Frank Appleyard

Letters The choice is yours day you pay a lot for your university
Nov. 6–12, 2008
but it unites the great majority of stu-
simultaneously witnessing an increased of newly created jobs require a post-
experience. dents in Canada and lets them have a military presence on campus in the secondary education. Those denied an
IT IS OFFICIAL. We, the undergradu- What is important to note is that voice. form of the Canadian Forces’ aggressive education for economic reasons are
ate students of the University of Otta- joining the CFS will be yet another While the federal and provincial military recruitment campaign, bom- at a distinct disadvantage regardless
wa, are finally being asked the question cost added on to your student fees. You governments are funding so many barding students with half-truths and of their intellectual merits. Education
of whether or not to join the Canadian need to make an informed decision for other things, they are neglecting us: easy solutions for education financing. must be accessible for all, and this goal
Federation of Students (CFS) as full- yourself and for future students of this students and recent graduates. The CFS The deceptive tactics of the recruiters is certainly within reach. The first step
fledged members. institution of whether or not you think is fighting to change this and unite the is often enough to convince students is student mobilization, but we must
For those of you who do not already this increased fee will benefit you. voices of students so we can be heard to trade their debt sentence for a death make the connections between expen-
know, the referendum will take place Voice your opinion, because this time together. Provinces in Canada who sentence. sive imperialist wars and under-funded
on Nov. 18–20. Stay tuned for polling it actually does matter. have a united student voice have suc- While students make demands for post-secondary education. Drop fees,
stations around campus. So please stay tuned in the coming ceeded in obtaining tuition fee freezes better-funded education, we need to not bombs!
What is the CFS you ask? Google it; weeks. There will be two sides of the and reductions and increased funding link the student debt crisis to areas of Student Coalition Against War
it only takes 0.25 seconds. debate presented to you. And of course to post-secondary education. The CFS wasteful, unethical government spend-
Now, you are probably asking your- they will be bombarding you with pro- and the half-million students across ing. Over the next 20 years, Prime Min- Due to space constraints, we were
self why should you care about another paganda again and again. The most Canada that they represent have seen ister Stephen Harper has pledged to unable to print all letters received.
election. We have been bombarded in important thing you can do as a stu- many victories that have benefited all spend $490 billion on the military and Please visit to
the media with our own, arguably dent is to pay attention and vote. students. on Canada’s war in Afghanistan. But read more about sustainability at the
pointless, federal election. We have Liz Doneathy Why do we hear politicians speak let’s put these numbers into perspective: U of O.
been enthralled with the presidential Fourth-year English student about the economy, the elderly, fami- six new warships will cost Canada $4.5
election in the U.S. for the last year. But lies, etc., but seldom about students? billion. This spending could eliminate poll
most importantly we, as students, typi- A united student voice Because there are some who think we all tuition fees in Canada. Four strategic
cally don’t vote in elections, whether are better off independent, screaming airlift airplanes will cost $2 billion. This Will you be campaigning for
they are on-campus, municipal, pro- I AM A strong supporter of the CFS. with our individual voices and drown- equates to a $4,000 grant for every Ca- either side in the Canadian
vincial, or federal. I come from a working-class fam- ing each other out. We need one voice. nadian student. As our right to quality Federation of Students mem-
It is important to make your deci- ily. I have a degree in linguistics and We need a united student movement education is being disregarded, rights bership campaign?
sion. The decision of joining the CFS am completing another degree in or things will never change. Students to life, security, and self-determination
is crucial. You have the opportunity honours translation. I have had an may not be rich but we are many, and in Afghanistan are being bombed to Yes:
to end a long-running debate among incredible experience in university. if we can learn to speak together we pieces by the Canadian government. No:
your student leaders here at school. However, I have faced much struggle can effect change. All Canadians The war in Afghanistan has killed Not sure:
Now, you are probably saying that and hardship. Even now I am trying should have access to a high-quality thousands of Afghan civilians, and
you do not care about student poli- to pay off about $50,000 of debt. university education. Some say we al- 97 Canadian soldiers. Airstrikes are a Go to to vote!
tics. But the reality is that you pay for I have been involved in student poli- ready do, but it is neither equitable nor common tool in the NATO arsenal;
student politics to happen. You pay tics since second semester of first year inclusive. I know many brilliant people in August an air strike killed over 90
for services at your university that are when we had a rally for lower tuition who were denied their right to a uni- unarmed men, women, and children.
run by your fellow students, you pay in Halifax and I was introduced to the versity education, who dropped out or At the end of October, the Taliban an-
Last week’s results
for your Student Federation of the CFS. The CFS is focused on students, lost their scholarships, or couldn’t get nounced it would only engage in peace
Which winter-season Gee-Gees
University of Ottawa (SFUO) execu- is organized and run by students, and into grad school because their grades talks if all NATO forces leave Afghani-
tive salaries, and you pay for tuition, consistently gets results for students. suffered when they had to work full- stan. Canada’s occupation has proven team will have the best regular
books, rent, and beer. At the end of the Like all organizations, it is not perfect, time. I know many people who are destructive and fruitless. season record?
drowning in debt. Throughout the Drop Fees cam-

Contents You can tell yourself this is normal paign, some students may question if
men’s basketball: 31%
in a developed country like Canada, a reduction (or elimination) of tuition women’s basketball: 0%
you can tell yourself this isn’t true, you fees is economically feasible. Kalin men’s hockey: 13%

News An on-again, off- can tell yourself that not everyone who
is qualified deserves to go to university.
Smith makes several ridiculous argu-
ments against the Drop Fees campaign.
women’s hockey:
women’s volleyball:
again relationship But you would be in denial.
There is a referendum coming up.
First, if tuition fees are reduced, the
operational funds of the university are
Amanda Shendruk looks into the history of the
Educate yourselves. Examine the is- reduced. Smith is misrepresenting our
CFS and the SFUO. p. 4 Correction
sues, not the rumours. Listen to facts, campaign; Drop Fees isn’t targeting the

p. 4 An independent campaign aims to make the U of

O smoke free. p. 7
not naysayers. I support the CFS. Find
out whether you do too.
administration, but is targeting the pro-
vincial government. If the federal gov-
An article in the Oct. 30 issue of the Fulcrum
incorrectly said that over 70 per cent of stu-
Amy Morris ernment can allocate $490 billion to the dents who contact the Student Appeal Centre
are visible minorities. The article should have

Former SFUO vp finance military over the next 20 years, it has
read that over 70 per cent of students who
the means to properly fund education contact the centre concerning accusations of

awesomeness Drop fees, not bombs through a social transfer to the prov- academic fraud are visible minorities.
inces— it’s merely a matter of priorities A second article incorrectly stated that over
Peter Henderson reviews Fallout 3. p. 9 Re: “Don’t drop fees” (Opinion, Oct. 30) and political will. 70 U of O students have filed appeals with the
AS STUDENTS ASSEMBLE on Nov. Secondly, Smith’s argument that uni- university through the Student Appeal Centre.
Danyal Khoral reviews the latest comic take 5 to drop fees, we must not forget the versity degrees will lose value if enroll- The article should have read that there are cur-

p. 9 on the Joker. p. 15 very real connections between mili- ment increases is from the perspective
rently over 70 students with unresolved cases.

tary spending and a lack of funding for of someone blatantly unaware of his The Fulcrum regrets the errors.
education. As tuition fees rise, we are privilege in society. Over 70 per cent
Sports Shot down in a Business Department Advertising Department Got something to say?
shootout The Fulcrum, the University of Ottawa’s Deidre Butters,
Send your letters to
Women’s soccer team misses out on gold medal independent English-language student Advertising Representative
in shootout. p. 16 newpaper, is published by the Fulcrum phone: (613) 880-6494 Letters deadline: Sunday, 1 p.m.
Publishing Society (FPS) Inc., a not-for- fax: (613) 562-5259 Letters must be under 400 words unless
Football team upsets Golden Gaels in semifinal. discussed with the editor-in-chief.
p. 16
profit corporation whose members con- e-mail:
p. 17 sist of all Univeristy of Ottawa students.
Drop off letters at 631 King Edward Ave. or
The Board of Directors (BOD) of the FPS Check out our rate card online. e-mail
governs all administrative and business Go to and
actions of the Fulcrum and consists of follow the link for “Advertisers”.

Feature Pwnd by addiction the following individuals: Ross Prusa-

kowski (President), Andrea Khanjin
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Campus Plus: (800)265-5372
Letters must include your name, telephone
number, year, and program of study. Pseud-
Dave Atkinson explains the difference be- (Vice-President), Tyler Meredith (Chair), Campus Plus offers one-stop shopping for onyms may be used after consultation with the
editor-in-chief. We correct spelling and gram-
tween online obsession and harmful addiction. Peter Raaymakers, Nick Taylor-Vaisey, over 90 Canadian student mar to some extent. The Fulcrum will exercise
Toby Climie, Scott Bedard and Andrew newspapers.
p. 12–13 discretion in printing letters that are deemed
Wing. racist, homophobic, or sexist.
The Fulcrum is a proud member of
Di helps you increase your chances of having To contact the Fulcrum’s BOD, Canadian University Press: We will not even consider hate literature or

p. 12 random sex at home and at school. p. 22 contact Ross Prusakowski at (613) 562-
5261. libellous material. The editor-in-chief reserves
the authority on everything printed herein.
Emma Godmere

News Nov. 6–12, 2008

News Editor

The CFS and the SFUO:

A love/hate history
by Amanda Shendruk
Fulcrum Staff


graphic showed two arms:
biceps bulging, hands tight-
ly clasped, locked in an
unwavering arm wrestle.
On one arm, the letters
“CFS” were inscribed; on
the other, “SFUO”.
The cartoon, published in a 1994 issue of the
Fulcrum, and recreated at right, portrayed the
turbulent relationship between the Canadian
Federation of Students (CFS) and the Student
Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO)
in late 1994, just months before the two federa-
tions parted ways.
More than a decade later, the SFUO is once
again considering a relationship with the CFS,
and Nov. 18–20 undergraduate students at the
University of Ottawa will have the opportunity
to decide whether or not the two organizations
should re-visit their past.

A decade-long relationship

The conference that founded the CFS was held

Oct. 14–19, 1981, at Carleton University. The
federation was officially formed on Oct. 18, after
the merging of two national organizations—the
National Union of Students in Canada and the
Association of Student Councils. The CFS was
founded as a democratic student organization
with a mandate to articulate and advance stu-
dent interests and an ultimate goal of obtaining
accessible post-secondary education for every-
Although the U of O was not a participant in The breakup whether to proceed diplomatically or radically, “The upcoming referendum means that we
the founding conference, the SFUO attended leading to mass student movements both to join will have a choice about remaining with the
every CFS meeting up to 1985, when U of O un- “We left [the CFS] during a bitterly fought ref- and to leave CFS. During the 1994–95 academic CFS. But the Board of Administration’s recent
dergraduate students voted to join the federa- erendum during March 1995,” stated the transi- year, 20 affiliation or disaffiliation referendums move to accept CASA’s constitution in principle
tion. The referendum passed with 74.2 per cent tion report of Alain Gauthier, SFUO president were held at universities across Canada. and take the first step in becoming full members
of students in favour of membership. for the 1996–97 and 1997–98 academic years. “At the time, [the] CFS was accused by the means that this decision was made for us,” read
In 1990, 77.2 per cent of undergraduate stu- During the de-federation referendum Gauthier SFUO to be both too slow at reacting and too a January 1995 Fulcrum editorial.
dents voted to continue the SFUO’s membership was the organizer of the anti-CFS campaign. confrontational to these [political] issues,” stated Furthermore, the BOA approved the motion
in CFS. “Why we left was a combination of personal the report. Additionally, there were suggestions to lower quorum for the referendum from 12
“When we were members, we were really ac- politics, [and] a tumultuous political climate,” that the CFS was too involved in non-student per cent to five per cent, and to reduce the bud-
tive and took leadership roles—we had a nation- explained Wolfe, outlining the reasons for the related causes like free trade issues, and that get for the elections convener.
al chairperson [and] we were on the national SFUO’s 1995 departure from the CFS. their goal to abolish tuition fees was unrealistic. The lead-up to the referendum was not with-
executive a bunch of times. There was a history “The mid-1990s were turbulent times for the SFUO internal politics also played a signifi- out its fair share of controversy. Rumours sug-
of us being leaders in the CFS,” explained Sea- Canadian student movement: the federal gov- cant role in the 1995 de-federation. News arti- gested that Alain Gauthier, the SFUO vp inter-
mus Wolfe, current SFUO vp university affairs. ernment was cutting social transfers for post- cles and editorials in 1994 issues of the Fulcrum nal at the time, disliked Guy Caron, the previous
“We brought a lot of the stringent bilingualism secondary education by the billions of dollars suggested that the SFUO was doing everything SFUO president and then-national chairperson
requirements [to the CFS, and] we put a lot of and [former Liberal federal minister responsible in its power to leave the national organization. of the CFS.
the campaigns on the table.” for Human Resources Development Canada] These suggestions continued throughout the “Basically, from what I can see and from what
One of those leaders was Guy Caron, SFUO Lloyd Axworthy was proposing radical reforms 1994–95 academic year. I’ve read, it became Alain Gauthier’s goal to take
president for the 1992–93 and 1993–94 academic for post-secondary education,” stated the SFUO’s Fulcrum articles chronicled a number of suspect down the Canadian Federation of Students be-
years. Upon completion of his term as president, “Ad-hoc Committee on Student Advocacy Orga- actions by the SFUO’s Board of Administration cause he knew that it was appreciated by Guy
Caron was elected as national chairperson of the nizations Report Concerning the Canadian Fed- (BOA) of the time. Prior to the March 1995 CFS Caron,” said current SFUO president Dean
CFS. Ironically, Caron’s time with the CFS coin- eration of Students”, released this summer. de-federation referendum, the BOA moved to join Haldenby.
cided with U of O undergraduate students’ deci- University student federations across the coun- the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
sion to de-federate from the organization. try disagreed on how to handle the Liberal cuts, (CASA), a rival national student organization. LOVE/HATE HISTORY continued on p. 5
LOVE/HATE HISTORY hold another referendum the follow- nual general meetings as non-mem- During the 2006–07 academic year,
continued from p. 4 ing month. ber observers. the BOA considered joining a nation-
In March 1995, U of O undergradu- “You basically go through everything, al student organization, but decided Get to know the CFS
Concerns about the legitimacy ate students voted to pull out from the but you don’t vote,” explained Wolfe. against it. Last year, the SFUO execu-
of referendum proceedings peaked CFS with 70 per cent in favour of de- The SFUO also continued to par- tive proposed prospective membership
The basics
when the CFS obtained a court in- federation. Over 4,000 students voted ticipate in a number of CFS-led cam- in CFS, but the BOA overturned the
junction against the SFUO. In Febru- in the referendum, which equalled paigns, such as the “no means no” decision. On July 27 this year, however,
• The Canadian Federation of
ary 1995, a judge ruled that the SFUO approximately 20 per cent of the U of date rape campaign and the campaign the BOA voted in favour of accepting
Students (CFS) represents approxi-
disobeyed CFS by-laws regarding the O’s undergraduate population. to reduce tuition fees. prospective membership in the CFS.
mately 500,000 students at more
participation of non-students during In the 13 years since the U of O The fate of the relationship of the
than 80 universities and colleges
the campaigning period. Getting back together? and CFS parted ways, the BOA has CFS and the SFUO now rests in the
across Canada.
Because of the ruling that the SFUO re-addressed the question of mem- hands of current U of O undergradu-
• It operates under the premise
disregarded CFS by-laws, the initial For a number of years after the SFUO bership on three separate occasions; ate students as they head to the polls
that there is strength in numbers
referendum, held Feb. 13–15, 1995, left the CFS, they continued to attend however, a CFS affiliation referendum Nov. 18–20 for a full-membership p
and with the aim of creating ac-
was voided. The SFUO proceeded to the national organization’s semi-an- was never called. referendum.
cessible education for all.
• It is a national organization that

CFS referendum rules released

is sub-divided into provincial
branches (such as CFS-Ontario).
• The CFS portrays itself as an ac-
tive organization. They research
and analyze government policies,
a total of $3.58 per semester. The and employ strategies such as

The question:
question concludes by asking, “Are lobbying, public awareness cam-
SFUO to experience you in favour of membership in the paigns, and student mobilization
Canadian Federation of Students and
“one of the most the Canadian Federation of Students-
in order to accomplish their aims.
• To either join or leave the CFS,
regulated” campaigns Ontario?” the interested student union must
“We feel it’s important for the stu- hold a referendum, in which each
in the CFS dents to have a base idea on exactly
The Canadian Federation of Students is a national
student gets one vote.
what they’d be voting on,” explained • There must be two years
by Emma Godmere Haldenby. student organization and the Canadian Federation between either federation or de-
Fulcrum Staff In a press release dated Oct. 29, of Students–Ontario is a provincial student orga- federation referendums.
shortly after the first draft of the ref- nization with a total membership of over 500,000
THE REFERENDUM OVERSIGHT erendum rules was published, a group university and college students. Services
Committee (ROC) has made its fi- identifying themselves as the No com-
nal decisions regarding how the Nov. mittee expressed their displeasure The Canadian Federation of Students was formed • The CFS provides prospective-
7–20 campaign for the Student Fed- with the finalized ballot question. in 1981 to advocate for an affordable, high-quality member and full-member student
eration of the University of Ottawa’s “The draft question splits the to-
system of post-secondary education and to pro- unions with various services, such
(SFUO) full membership in the Ca- tal membership cost into two com-
vide services to and provincial and national stu- as discounted cell phone rates,
nadian Federation of Students (CFS) ponents and essentially includes
dent representation for students. Student Saver Discount cards, the
will play out. Yes campaign speaking points,” said
National Student Health Network,
In a 22-page document dated Michèle Lamarche, identified as the
the Student Work Abroad Pro-
Oct. 31, the four-person committee chairperson of the No committee For full-time students, the fee is $3.90 per se-
gram, and access to Homes4stu-
consisting of SFUO President Dean in the press release. “The question mester for the Canadian Federation of Students
Haldenby and Political, International, should be [rewritten] immediately, or ($1.95 for part-time students) and the Canadian • The CFS partially owns and oper-
and Development Studies Student As- the referendum postponed until a fair Federation of Students-Ontario fee is $3.25 per ates the travel service Travel CUTS,
sociation President Faris Lehn, along question can be decided upon.” semester ($1.63 for part-time students). which specializes in cheap airfare
with CFS Northern Ontario organizer According to Haldenby, all of the
and budget travel.
Christine Bourque and CFS national rules set out in the ROC document
Are you in favour of membership in the Canadian • CFS members receive the Inter-
director for organizing Lucy Watson are set in stone.
Federation of Students and the Canadian Federa- national Student Identity Card,
detail polling stations and times, Yes “Basically, the [ROC] came up with
tion of Students-Ontario? which can be used for various
and No committee guidelines, cam- that question that we feel is fair. It
travel discounts. The $17 card is
paign material restrictions, and the mentions the fees, it mentions factu-
free for CFS members.
official referendum question that is to ally what the Canadian Federation of
appear on the ballot. Students is, and then it asks the ques-
“A lot of [the rules] were com- tion on whether or not [students] Campaigns
promises here and there,” explained want to become members,” he said.
Lehn. Haldenby identified Lamarche and • Member student unions are not

Fellow committee members Communications Student Associa- required to participate in every
Bourque and Watson were not avail- tion President Ryan Kennery as the CFS campaign.
able for comment. two No committee representatives, • Current campaigns deal with
The ballot question includes sever- along with SFUO VP Student Affairs matters such as tuition fees and
al paragraphs detailing the objectives Danika Brisson and SFUO executive funding, date rape, aboriginal edu-
and history of the CFS. coordinator François Picard as the will be no restriction as to the people unteers, such as allowing only up to 30 cation, copyright reform, racism,
“The Canadian Federation of Stu- two Yes committee representatives. who can campaign or the amount non-SFUO members to campaign on and sustainability.
dents is a national student organiza- The representatives were not yet of- of funds which can be spent on the campus per day; requiring all volun-
tion and the Canadian Federation of ficial at press time. [SFUO’s de-federation] campaign”. teers for either campaign committee to Proposed SFUO Fees
Students-Ontario is a provincial stu- Another section of the referendum The 1995 court order resurfaced be identified and recorded by the ROC,
dent organization with a total mem- rules that has been met with some when a motion was put forward at as well as hold a campaign permit; and • For full-time students:
bership of over 500,000 university and concern among students is section 10, the SFUO’s Board of Administration prohibiting campaigning in any service
college students,” the official question entitled “Campaign Expenses”, which (BOA) meeting on Nov. 2 to restrict or business owned by the SFUO, among o CFS National Fee: $3.90 per
reads. “The Canadian Federation of contains no evidence of regulations SFUO executives and employees from several other detailed rules. semester per student
Students was formed in 1981 to ad- on committees’ campaign spending. campaigning during paid hours, after “This is one of the most regulated o CFS Ontario Fee: $3.25 per
vocate for an affordable, high-quality Haldenby acknowledged that there the SFUO had pledged not to take a CFS campaigns that I can think of,” semester per student
system of post-secondary education will be no spending cap in this cam- collective stance in the CFS referen- said Haldenby.
and to provide services to and provin- paign, although “there are limits on dum. Undergraduate students will have • For part-time students:
cial and national student representa- [putting up posters], there are limits When the issue of the court order the opportunity to vote in the CFS
tion for students.” on banners … so we’re controlling was raised, the motion was amended referendum at polling stations across o CFS National Fee: $1.95 per
The question also details the ex- materials in that manner,” he said. to read “be it further resolved that any campus Nov. 18–20, from 8 a.m. to 8 semester per student
pected additional student fees, which, The issue of capping campaign fi- campaigning by the SFUO executive p.m. every day. For more information o CFS Ontario Fee: $1.63 per
when the fees for CFS and CFS- nancing was also addressed in the be done outside of paid time in good about the referendum, polling sta- semester per student
Ontario are combined, will be $7.15 SFUO’s 1995 CFS de-federation ref- faith”, and was passed. tions and times, or to obtain a copy
per full-time student per semester. erendum, where a court order issued The referendum rules contain other of the referendum rules, go to refer-
Part-time students can expect to pay in February of that year stated, “there regulations regarding committee vol- Nov. 6, 2008 NEWS 5

Students petition for a smoke-free campus
the Communications Students’ Asso- The organizers insist on promoting
ciation (CSA). “This conversation is the Smoke Free Campus campaign
Independent happening on a lot of other campuses, through democratic means. As an ac-
campaign promotes but hasn’t really happened here.” tive member of several student orga-
A core group led by Kennery and nizations, including the SFUO’s Board
ban on tobacco CSA VP University Affairs Sarah of Administration, Kennery has the
products Burke, along with a dozen other vol- ability to promote the campaign
unteers, are leading the Smoke Free through closed channels. However, he
by Len Smirnov Campus campaign. The volunteers believes that student opinion must be
Fulcrum Contributor plan to reach undergraduate students solicited prior to presenting the cam-
primarily through in-class presenta- paign issues to the student body or-
A GROUP OF University of Ottawa tions. They have already discussed ganizations. Kennery explained that a
students launched an independent, campaign issues with several fellow democratic petition will increase the
university-wide campaign on Oct. students and began visiting classes in weight of the campaign.
28 in an effort to promote a smoke- the first week of November. “It will give the elected SFUO ex-
free campus. The campaign aims to The organizers are focusing the ecutive a mandate to go with respon-
reach out to undergraduate students campaign on the issues of leadership sibility to lobby for change,” he said.
and garner support for a petition to and priorities, both of which they Kennery anticipates that the peti-
include two anti-smoking questions claim the SFUO is lacking by allow- tion will make the Smoke Free Cam-
on the 2009 Student Federation of the ing the sale of tobacco products in its pus campaign’s issues a top priority
University of Ottawa (SFUO) refer- businesses. They point to the SFUO’s for the SFUO over the next year and
endum ballot. Over 1,500 signatures contradictory roles as an organizer of hopes that undergraduate students
need to be collected before Nov. 21 the annual Relay for Life event, a fund- will encourage other university
for the questions to appear on the raiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, groups to discuss the campaign.
ballot. and as a retailer of tobacco products to “We are tackling the issues through
The first proposed referendum reveal the organization’s inconsistent the mechanism for undergraduate
question demands a ban on the sale of approach to tobacco issues and unwill- students,” said Kennery. “We hope
tobacco products at SFUO businesses, ingness to surrender the profits made that when the other undergraduate
while the second asks the SFUO to re- from selling tobacco products. Ken- students step up and make a state-
strict smoking to designated smoking nery hopes that the SFUO will over- ment, the other constituencies will
areas on campus. The campaign aims look the financial incentives of selling take notice.”
to initiate a broad conversation about the products to pursue the principles Students can get involved in the
smoking on campus and the SFUO’s of a smoke-free environment. Smoke Free Campus campaign by
links to tobacco companies. “I think that the principle out- sending an email to smokefreecam-
“What’s important is that we ask weighs any financial incentives,” said, checking out the
the students the question and we al- Kennery in response to concerns that Campus Sans Fumée | Smoke Free photo by Martha Pearce
low the students to have a conversa- the SFUO would experience financial Campus (uOttawa) group on Face-
Communications students Ryan Kennery and Sarah Burke are spearhead-
tion,” said Ryan Kennery, one of the difficulties in banning the sale of to- book, or signing the online petition at
ing the Smoke Free Campus campaign.
campaign organizers and president of bacco products.

U of O administration
loses third vice-president
in six months
newly arrived, I’d be grateful if you’d stay on,’
Search for vp academic and he kindly agreed to do that,” said Rock.
launches alongside ongoing “We started the [selection] process. That’s
going to take a few months to get the right
vp external hiring people.”
by Emma Godmere While the administration is faced with the
Fulcrum Staff burden of conducting two vp searches at the
same time, Rock explained that as far as the vp
THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa’s administration external search is concerned, they are already
will soon lose another vice-president, marking finding some success.
the third vp departure in six months. “We got some terrific applications. We have a
The search for a new vp academic was pile of very attractive CVs, so we’re going to now
launched Nov. 1, one day after the application get down to the point of meeting with the [hir-
window closed for the position of vp external ing] committee and considering them,” he said.
relations—a position that has been vacant since “Obviously, it’s in my interest to find someone
July. The position of secretary for the university, ASAP because I’ve been carrying a lot of that
a job that is considered a vp role, has been va- [position’s responsibilities] myself.”
cant for over a week. When asked about Harrod’s departure from
Current Dean of Common Law Bruce Feld- the secretary position, Rock emphasized her de-
thusen held the position of vp external af- sire to switch roles within the administration.
fairs—under its previous name of vp university “Pamela [Harrod] has taken on a new role.
affairs—in an interim role until August, while She’s taking some areas where she’s developed
former secretary of the university Pamela Har- expertise and she’s going to focus on those,” he
rod took on the role of advisor to the president said. “She was ready for a change—she’s been
for special projects at the end of October. Ac- working very intensively.”
cording to U of O President Allan Rock, the po- At press time, Rock expected that an an-
sition of vp academic will continue to be filled nouncement regarding a replacement for the
by its current occupant, Robert Major, until a secretary role would be made this week.
successor is chosen. Harrod and Major could not be reached for
photo by Martha Pearce “[Robert Major] was thinking about retir- comment.
Robert Major will leave the position of vp academic once his successor is named. ing this past summer, and I said ‘Robert, I’m —with files from Frank Appleyard Nov. 6, 2008 NEWS 7

Vote of confidence

One hundred words of woe

graph-long preamble that gives an overview consists of Yes committee talking points and electoral system proposed by the Citizens’ As-
of what the CFS does. In an interview with said that “there should be no preamble, the cost sembly (Mixed Member Proportional)”. While
the Fulcrum, SFUO President Dean Haldenby should simply be per semester, all in accordance there was concern over the fact that it wasn’t a
emphasized the importance of informing stu- with how all SFUO referendum questions have yes or no question, nobody voiced a need for
dents about the CFS. I agree that one needs to been asked in the past.” there to be an explanation of either electoral
be informed to vote; however, that is what the According to the SFUO constitution, refer- systems on the ballot—everyone knew the in-
13-day, committee-regulated campaign is for. endum questions are expected to be “concise, formation would be a part of the campaign.
The preamble gives the impression of favouring precise, and unambiguous.” While the CFS While the referendum rules are set in stone
the Yes side of the campaign, which has already membership referendum is not strictly SFUO- and little can be done to change the ballot ques-
concerned many students. led, Haldenby did acknowledge that the ROC tion at this point, the issue that the lengthy
Interestingly, in two CFS de-federation ref- attempted to incorporate several commonplace question raises is the importance of arriving at
Emma Godmere erendums that faced the Simon Fraser Student SFUO regulations in their referendum rules. the polls as an informed voter. If undergradu-
News Editor Society and the University of Victoria Graduate This CFS referendum question clearly does not ates on campus can prove they are more aware
Students’ Society in the past year, each student adhere to the rules that other SFUO referendum of the CFS and the pros and cons of full mem-
THE CANADIAN FEDERATION of Students association saw ballot questions that simply stat- questions must follow, and undergrads will be bership than the ROC appears to believe, then
(CFS) membership referendum ballot question ed, “Are you in favour of maintaining member- presented with a referendum ballot that will dif- the preamble on the ballot will no longer matter.
that will be presented to University of Ottawa ship in the Canadian Federation of Students?” fer from any others seen before. Rather than the influence of a carefully worded
undergraduate students Nov. 18–20 is unlike Both referendums resulted in de-federation When asked about switching to a mixed- preamble, it will be students’ markings on the
any other referendum question the Student Fed- from the CFS. member proportional electoral system last year, ballot that decide this referendum, and students
eration of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) has Vp communications francophone for the Stu- Ontario voters were simply asked, “Which elec- had better be ready to see the information arrive
seen in recent memory. dent Association of the Faculty of Arts Michèle toral system should Ontario use to elect mem- at their doorstep this month.
Using exactly 100 words, the referendum Lamarche, who is expected to represent the No bers to the provincial legislature?” with the
question established by the Referendum Over- committee, explained in an Oct. 29 press release option to choose either “the existing electoral
sight Committee (ROC) includes a three-para- that the SFUO’s referendum question essentially system (First-Past-the-Post)” or “the alternative 613-562-5260

Staff meetings Thursdays at 1 p.m.

Drop by 631 King Edward Ave. and pick up a story.
News in brief
Rapid HIV testing brary, where students have to log in to
continues on campus use a computer. Within two hours of

Memorial University administration
THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa’s hearing about the incident, police had
Health Promotion Resource Centre gathered students who had logged in
will continue its pilot program offer- that morning and began a round of
ing free, rapid HIV testing to part- questioning.
and full-time U of O students on the According to Memorial’s Depart-
second Wednesday of every month. ment of Marketing and Communica-
Testing remains anonymous, as date tions, the deadline given by the Web
of birth and gender are the only iden- threat has passed without incident.
tifying questions asked by health care Police are still investigating the
professionals, while some informa- threat and no arrests have been
tion on sexual history and practices made.
New cabinet for a new session who will take over as federal health may be needed to gauge potential risk — Ian MacDonald, The Muse
minister. Algukkaq’s position in the of contracting HIV.
RE-ELECTED PRIME MINISTER cabinet was seen by many as a a sign The next testing date on campus is
Stephen Harper and his new 38-mem- of the growing importance of Cana- Nov. 12, 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m in room 206
ber cabinet—increased from 31 min- da’s North. of the Unicentre. Appointment sign-
isters in his last cabinet—were sworn At the ceremony, Harper an- up is ongoing at the Health Promo-
in before Governor General Michaëlle nounced that the economy would be tions Resource Office (UCU 203) on
Jean at Rideau Hall on Oct. 30. his government’s “number one pri- a first-come, first-served basis.
Harper included 11 women in his ority”, and his selection of ministers —Jolene Hansell
new cabinet, an increase from the seemingly reflects that commitment.
seven women previously holding Jim Flaherty will continue his role Student threatens Memorial
ministerial positions. The decision to as minister of finance, Peter MacKay University prof online
include more women may be in reac- will remain as minister of defence,
tion to the over 437 women from all former health minister Tony Clem- ST. JOHN’S (CUP) – MEMORIAL
political parties who ran in this elec- ent will take the position of minister UNIVERSITY OF Newfoundland
tion, and the 32 female Conservative of industry, and John Baird is being was crawling with police officers on
MPs who were elected. Still, the per- shuffled from the environment port- Oct. 27 after a death threat was made
centage of female ministers in this folio to the transportation portfolio. against a professor.
cabinet—28 per cent—falls short of Other significant appointments in the The threat, which was posted by
former Liberal prime minister Paul new cabinet include Stockwell Day a student on a website, gave specific
Martin’s record of 30 per cent in his moving from public safety to inter- details on the date, time, and place the
2003 cabinet. One of these new fe- national trade, the newly elected Gail actions would be carried out.
male ministers is Leona Aglukkaq, Shea as the minister of fisheries, and Working with the university’s com-
Nunavut’s former health minister Lawrence Cannon as the minister of puter services, police discovered the
and the first Conservative member foreign affairs. threat was made from a computer
of Parliament elected in Nunavut, —Jessica Sukstorf in Memorial’s Queen Elizabeth II li-

8 NEWS Nov. 6, 2008

Peter Henderson

Arts & Culture Nov. 6–12, 2008

Arts & Culture Editor

Getting ahead in a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Fallout 3 is set in and around
Washington, D.C. in the year 2277,
Fallout 3 more than 200 years after the Great
War wiped out most life on Earth.
redefines Many perished, but pockets of hu-
modern gaming man beings survived in underground
bunkers called Vaults. After the war
by Peter Henderson was over, some of those hidden in the
Fulcrum Staff Vaults emerged to start a new civili-
zation. Some, however, stayed in the
FALLOUT 3 IS perhaps the most antic- Vaults, locked away from the newly
ipated video game of all time. The first developing world. You are one of
two Fallout games still routinely make those people, born in the Vault and
best-of lists, a full decade after Fallout destined to live out your remaining
2 was released. The online community days there. Of course, destiny is not
dedicated to the franchise has grown always fate, and you soon arrive in
as new generations of fans discover the the Wasteland, left to fend for yourself
original two games, and excitement while searching for your father.
has been building to a fever pitch ever Players create their own character
since Bethesda Softworks announced through a simple yet deceptively deep
in 2004 that it would be releasing a process. You can choose your gender,
true sequel to the franchise, now avail- your ethnicity, and your appearance,
able on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and as well as your primary characteristics
PC. It’s been ten long years but Fallout and skills. There are also perks: unique
3 was definitely worth the wait. attributes you can choose that give you
Fallout 3 is a game that defies skill bonuses or provide other advan-
description. It’s a first-person role- tages. Outside the Vault, as you gain image courtesy
playing game (RPG) that’s deeper experience and levels, you can upgrade Fallout 3 includes exploring, diplomacy, and giant-ass explosions in equal measure.
than BioShock, has a better plotline your skills and gain new perks. It feels realism. Other characters can join on your karma, and the karmic de- and agility that allow you to avoid
than Grand Theft Auto 4, and is more so natural that you can forget just how your party, including Dogmeat, the cisions you face will truly test your whatever dangers you come across.
engaging than Mass Effect. It’s every- complex the system really is. friendly canine companion from the conscience. Unlike many other RPGs, Fallout 3
thing you’ve ever wanted in a game, Player creation determines how first two Fallout games. There is also The game can be played any num- presents viable options for whatever
even if you didn’t know you did. Fall- you survive in the Wasteland out- a system of karma, which tracks your ber of ways, with high speech skills skills you choose. Every character you
out 3 is not without its flaws, but it’s side the Vault, and it is here that the good and bad deeds, and changes and charisma allowing you to talk create will provide a different game-
a massively ambitious project that game really shines. You can salvage, other characters’ actions accordingly. your way out of almost any situation, play experience.
will surely stand as one of the greatest repair, and sell equipment, and this Some non-player characters (NPCs) strength and guns letting you fight
games ever released. scavenging adds another layer of will join you or shun you depending your way to your goal, and sneak skills FALLOUT continued on p. 14

Zack and Miri make a fuck tape

ting into the movie anymore’.” tually overturned and the film was
Kevin Smith vs. Smith then made the decision to go
for broke and appeal the rating to the
awarded an R rating, but not before
Smith had second thoughts.
decency MPAA’s appeals board.
“The appeals process lets you have
“I was so close to looking over and
saying ‘alright, let’s cut a deal’. I’d seen
by Daniel Harris this one final bite at the apple. So so many Law and Orders and they’re
Fulcrum Contributor we put everything we wanted in the always cutting deals. I was so close
movie into the movie and accepted to saying ‘I will cut out a lot of the
THE LATEST FILM FROM writer the NC-17 rating.” thrusting if you just let me keep the
and director Kevin Smith, Zack and In the U. S., an NC-17 rating means shit shot’.”
Miri Make a Porno, has been stirring that no one under the age of 17 is ad- Due to the MPAA’s control over all
up controversy south of the border. mitted to the theatre. Children can at- marketing materials, Smith’s fight over
The film’s premise is all in the title; tend R-rated movies in the U.S., but content didn’t stop with the rating.
two platonic friends (Seth Rogen only with an accompanying parent or “They may have lost that little bat-
and Elizabeth Banks) are strapped guardian. Most major movie theatre tle, but they more than made up for it
for cash and find themselves making chains refuse to carry NC-17 films, so in terms of kicking back our trailers
a pornographic film to pay the bills. the rating means commercial failure and not letting us use any of the post-
This is the eighth film from Smith, for whatever films receive it. ers we submitted,” Smith contends.
who is best known for his cult classics Despite having been through the The poster in question showed Ro-
Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma. appeals process twice before with gen and Banks in split-screen, staring
During a conference call, Smith Clerks and Jersey Girl, Smith was less forward with slightly goofy expres-
talked at length about the controversy confident about the outcome. sions on their faces. On Rogen’s side
surrounding his latest film’s content, “Each time the objections had been of the poster, Banks’s hair is visible
marketing campaign, and the word based on dialogue the characters said,” at roughly his belly button, while on
“porno”. The film pushed the edge of he claims. “This was the first flick we Banks’s side Rogen’s hair is visible
the rating system to breaking point. ever made where they could actually at a similar level. It’s meant to be a
“Initially the Motion Picture Asso- point to visual sequences and be like broad innuendo for oral sex, but it’s
ciation of America (MPAA) gave us an ‘you’ve got a dude’s face being shit on, tame enough that no one in Canada
NC-17,” he says. “We made the cuts to you cannot have that in an R-rated seemed to notice.
get the R but they were still kicking it movie’. I fought it so hard because I
photo courtesy Alliance Films back at NC-17. After doing that three really wanted to keep that shit shot.” KEVIN SMITH
Director Kevin Smith fought hard to keep his latest film as dirty as possible. times I said ‘I’m not comfortable cut- The MPAA’s initial ruling was even- continued on p. 14
A dream to live in
by Nigel Smith Puck’s naughty ways, transforming do not distract from the palpable joy
Fulcrum Staff their star performer Bottom into a of the production. Dressed in re-
literal ass. The play is filled with ro- splendent costumes and acting on top
NOW IN ITS third year of touring, mance, comedy, and magic, and ends of real dirt, the performers exude uni-
Dash Arts’ intoxicating reimagining with a triumphant performance by versal warmth. Their energy and love
of William Shakespeare’s A Midsum- the acting troupe. for the material is truly infectious.
mer Night’s Dream makes one of the Peter Hinton, the artistic director The production’s incorporation of
Bard’s most cherished comedies into of the National Arts Centre (NAC), several languages adds to the magic of
a transcendent spectacle that defies deserves praise for bringing U.K. di- the play. Hindi is the official language
categorization. It’s a heady mix that rector Tim Supple’s unique vision in India, however the Indian consti-
incorporates dance, aerial acrobat- to Ottawa. Supple served as artistic tution recognizes 22 different spoken
ics, live music, and song, making this director for the Young Vic Theatre languages. Along with English and
production a testament to the com- in London in the 1990s, and formed Hindi, the production incorporates
munal power of theatre. Dash Arts back in 2005 to collaborate six of these dialects, linking India’s
Transporting the audience to a for- with artists from abroad. Supple’s in- wide range of cultures in an ingenious
eign landscape of fairies, kings, and novative staging of the comedy is a manner. No subtitles are provided,
queens, A Midsummer Night’s Dream conceptual marvel. Basing the pro- but through the clever staging and
unfolds within one magical evening duction in the recesses of India, he distinct characterizations, the story
of mischief and sensual awakenings. argues a case for the universality of unfolds with surprising ease. Though photo courtesy the National Arts Centre
Deep in the forest, two pairs of star- Shakespeare. Points are clearly made the tale is well known, this interpreta- Real dirt is just one of the innovative components of Dash Arts’ new take on a
crossed Athenian lovers fall suscepti- regarding the rigid and oppressive tion sheds a whole new light on the classic play.
ble to the magical powers of the fairy, class system in India, with the theatre plot and lends the comedy a new sense with aplomb. otic in the Western world.
Puck. Under the orders of his mas- troupe inhabiting one of the lower so- of vitality. Shakespearean adaptations This new take on A Midsummer You’ll never want to wake from this
ter Oberon, king of the fairies, Puck cial classes. Furthermore, the darker nowadays consistently strive to con- Night’s Dream is a piece of theatre that dream.
renders each lover lovesick over the aspects of sexuality that are hinted at nect to the younger generation while has the power to transform. Socially
wrong partner. Meanwhile, an ama- through the domination of the female keeping the older ones entertained. and culturally enriching, it provides A Midsummer Night’s Dream runs
teur theatre troupe, preparing a per- lovers by their male counterparts are Supple’s take on the Bard succeeds at an exciting new context for such cel- at the NAC until Nov. 15. Tickets are
formance for the Duke and Duchess provocative for a comedy. Though doing so with deceptive ease, cross- ebrated material, bringing audiences $32.50–$67, or $11 through LiveRush.
of Athens, also come in contact with these themes are touched upon, they ing generational and cultural barriers closer to a culture often deemed ex- Visit for details.

Breaking down the Urban Aesthetics

by Peter Henderson
Fulcrum Staff


TIVE the Urban Aesthetics are aiming high in
the wild-card round of the Live 88.5 Big Money
Shot on Nov. 7.
The Live 88.5 Big Money Shot is a multi-
round battle of the bands organized by Ottawa
radio station Live 88.5. Prizes include more than
$250,000 worth of recording time and equip-
ment. The Urban Aesthetics made it past the
first round, which was decided by text-message
voting. They now have one last shot in the wild-
card round, where they face a panel of judges for
their chance to make the finals.
“I think that everyone that’s in it will benefit
from it,” says Greg Janssen, founder, lead sing-
er, and principal songwriter of the band. “You
get the exposure, having an audience that you
wouldn’t necessarily play to, you get live experi-
ence, and if you win you get money.”
The seven-piece band released their self-titled
debut EP in October. It was produced by Dean
Watson, who has also worked with fellow Ottawa
residents Jetplanes of Abraham, and was released
on Janssen’s own label, Indie Empire. The EP’s
cover art was drawn by Colin White, a local art-
ist. What started as a solo project for Janssen in photo courtesy the Urban Aesthetics
January 2007 is now a full-fledged collective. The Urban Aesthetics live up to their name as stylish city-dwellers.
“At first, I only really wanted a three-piece— ent instruments and sounds into a cohesive and neat, and really different, but we’re more along growth.
bass, drums, guitar,” explains Janssen. “But we well-directed whole, the very opposite of some the lines of [a traditional] band.” “It is difficult sometimes, because it’s just hard
never found a bass, we just kept finding all these other, jam-band style collectives. The Urban Aesthetics’ first EP was recorded to get people out to shows,” explains Janssen.
other pieces. When we found a bassist, by that “As much as we’re a collective, we’re more before the addition of Gerster, Braia, or Pernica, “There’s lots of great stuff in Ottawa, it’s just hid-
time we’d picked everyone else up.” song-oriented,” explains Janssen. “We do some with Janssen filling in the bass and guitar tracks den somehow. We’ve been looking around, just
The band’s current lineup, finalized in May, jams and things like that, but we’re very much and a session musician playing the trumpet. from putting together shows over the past cou-
now consists of Janssen on guitar and vocals, a tight combo.” “We just hadn’t found anyone at that point,” ple months, looking for bands, and you stumble
his girlfriend Jen Rouse on vocals, Jon Rifkin As to the inevitable comparison to Broken says Janssen. “You can tell when you see us live upon all this great stuff that’s coming out of the
on drums, Mike Braia on guitar, Evan Runge Social Scene, another collective and one of Can- now. Our sound’s evolved a lot, just from having city that you’ve never heard of. If people knew
on violin, Neil Gerster on bass, and Lawrence ada’s most popular bands, Janssen doesn’t see those few extra members. It’s a lot more full, a all the stuff that was going on, maybe it would
Pernica on trumpet. Though ostensibly a col- much in common. lot more dynamic, because they can play their be a different story.”
lective, the band’s sound is much more like a “They’re more interested in textures,” says instruments better than I can.”
conventional rock band than other groups of Janssen. “It seems like everyone’s just throwing All the members of the band live in Ottawa, The Urban Aesthetics play the Live 88.5 Big Mon-
similar size. Their music combines lyrical depth in sounds whenever they feel like it, which ends and their experience with the local music scene ey Shot on Nov. 7 at the Live Lounge (126.5 York
with tight, catchy melodies, weaving the differ- up coming up with something really cool, really has been ambivalent, but Janssen sees room for St.). Admission is $8. Doors open at 8 p.m. 19+.

10 ARTS Nov. 6, 2008

You’ll never eat brunch in this town again

Gaming’s golden age

over appeasing the masses or mak- gaming what Waterworld is to film: a
ing a quick buck. Allowing artists massive vanity project brought down
to have control over their art is the by hubris and mismanagement. A
model the gaming industry should better idea would be to strike a bal-
follow, with game designers being ance wherein game designers have
allowed creative freedom over their almost total freedom over design and
products. programming, but business people
Currently, the gaming industry provide the nitty-gritty management
is organized in a very top-down of resources.
hierarchy, with many of the game For an example of the best-run
studios owned by huge conglom- company in video games, look no
Peter Henderson erates. Producing a game is a huge further than the most successful one:
Arts & Culture Editor undertaking that requires money Blizzard Entertainment. Although
most game development studios Blizzard is now a part of a giant cor-
WE ARE CURRENTLY living in don’t have, so they rely on larger poration, Activision Blizzard, it is
something of a golden age for video companies to fund their work. This left alone to do as it pleases, and its
games. Sales are skyrocketing, the is a necessary evil, but the busi- standing policy is to release a game
intense competition between per- ness concerns of the conglomerate when it’s done. Every game Blizzard
sonal computers and consoles has must be balanced against the cre- has released since 1995 has been a
led to incredible choice for consum- ative concerns of the developer. It’s massive hit, including Diablo I, Dia-
ers, and game developers are getting no surprise that the best games are blo II, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness,
the financial resources they need to and World of Warcraft. Its games are
make innovative and brilliant games successful because they take time
%9WXYHIRX6MGOMR'EPKEV]%PFIVXE'EREHE like Portal, Fallout 3, and BioShock. Now that gaming is a to make the gameplay experience
This massive success means that the unique, engaging, and easy to learn.
gaming industry is here to stay, but big business, it’s neces- The business side of Activision Bliz-
there are problems on the horizon. sary to safeguard the zard gives the designers free reign
Like other creative industries, the high-quality games over content, without relinquishing
gaming industry must straddle the control of management or market-
GSQTPIXI]SYVHIKVII[IGERLIPT line between business and art—nev- we’ve come to expect ing. They strike the balance perfectly,
%9SJJIVWSZIVGSYVWIWERHRIEVP]YRHIVKVEHYEXIERHKVEHYEXITVSKVEQW er an easy balance. from the demands of and as a direct result of that they are
;MXLSZIVWXYHIRXWEGVSWWXLIGSYRXV]ERHEVSYRHXLI[SVPH%9LEWLIPTIH Gaming is hugely profitable now, corporate types. the most profitable video-game com-
7S[L]RSXXEOIXLIRI\XWXIT#6IWIEVGL]SYVSTXMSRWSRPMRIZMI[EYRMZIVWMX] ing for $9.5 billion in revenues last Now that gaming is a big busi-
GEPIRHEVSVGSRXEGX%9«W-RJSVQEXMSR'IRXVIEXJSVEHZMGISRLS[ year. To put that number in perspec- made by developers who are free ness, it’s necessary to safeguard the
XSKIXWXEVXIH tive, the total worldwide box-office to experiment, innovate, and make high-quality games we’ve come to
*PI\MFMPMX]%RSXLIVVIEWSR[L]%9WXERHWSYXEWEKPSFEPPIEHIVMRHMWXERGI receipts in 2007 amounted to $9.66 the kind of game that they’d want to expect from the demands of corpo-
PIEVRMRKI\GIPPIRGI billion. The gaming industry already play. Warren Spector was given free rate types who care about nothing
has comparable revenues to the film reign at game developer Ion Storm’s but the bottom line. Games like Star
industry, and it’s growing fast— division in Austin, Texas, and Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II,
the 2007 earnings represent a 28.4 brought us Deus Ex, the first game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, per cent increase from 2006, and it to mix role-playing elements with and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of
 doesn’t even include the $9.35 bil- the thrill of a first-person shooter the Earth could all have been great
lion spent on gaming consoles and and get it right. The second game if the business people had let the
associated hardware. Gaming is a big he produced from Ion Storm Aus- designers make a complete game
business, and where there’s business tin was beset by interference from instead of rushing it out the door
The Fulcrum is looking for students there’s business people, and where the businesspeople at the top of the to make a quick profit. Gamers cur-
to join its board of directors. there’s business people there’s not a company, and it turned into the un- rently have an enviable amount of
If you are looking for experience in business lot of creativity. derwhelming critical flop that was choice among great games, and only
It isn’t hard to see that the ideas Deus Ex: Invisible War. the suits at the top of the chain can
or not-for-profit organizations, of profit and artistic expression of- Obviously the idea of game de- take that away from us. So please: let
email Ross Prusakowski, ten enjoy an inverse relationship. signers running the show does have the creative types create, and let the
the Fulcrum’s business manager. Business interests aim for the most its troubles. Think about Daikatana, managers manage.
profit from the biggest audience, the game released by one of the orig-
while artistic considerations value inal designers of Doom after years
experimentation and innovation of development. Daikatana was to 613-562-5931

If you’re reading this on Thursday,
it may already be too late.
But don’t worry, we have one every week.

Come to the Fulcrum’s staff meetings,

Thursdays at 1p.m.

Act now, before it’s too late. Nov. 6, 2008 ARTS 11

Surf junkies
The dangerous allure of the Internet
by Dave Atkinson The Internet was originally created as “My mind now expects to take in infor- In a 1990 article entitled “Addiction: diction system” targeti
Fulcrum Contributor a network between military computers mation the way the net distributes it: in definition and implications” published in The government’s effort
owned by the United States government a swiftly moving stream of particles,” he the British Journal of Psychiatry, author ing time of anyone un
SOME PEOPLE SHOOT heroin cooked that allowed the rapid sharing of infor- writes. “Once I was a scuba diver in the Aviel Goodman compared the criteria lists gamed for over five ho
on a tinfoil takeout plate into the web- mation over long distances. The network, sea of words. Now I zip along the surface for various addictive disorders such as al- the screen appeared aft
bing of their toes in a back alley. Some called ARPANET, was designed and like a guy on a Jet Ski. What the net seems cohol dependency, pathological gambling, utes of subsequent play
people take televisions apart in hotel implemented by the Advanced Research to be doing is chipping away my capacity and compulsive overeating and came up “You have entered unh
rooms after a week without sleep, fu- Projects Agency in 1969. It had no hilari- for concentration and contemplation.” with several characteristics of addiction. please go offline imme
elled by methamphetamine. Then there ous pictures of cats, porn, or Facebook. As the Internet becomes increasingly Essentially (and this is massively simpli- you do not your health
are those who spend the hours between ARPANET remained a purely military integrated into every facet of life, people fied) if you do something more than you and the benefits you ca
2 a.m. and 4 a.m. updating their cat’s blog and academic system until the late 1980s will spend more of their free time surfing feel like you ought to, try to cut back and to zero.” If the gamer r
to fill everyone in on the life and times of and early 90s, when it was opened to cor- according to Thatcher and Wretschko. fail, feel crappy when you’re not doing it their progress would b
Mr. Mittens, the greatest cat in the blo- porate interest, and most importantly, Some will use their time wisely while oth- and balls-out great when you are, and then This system is still in eff
gosphere. Internet addiction is as real as when the European Organization for Nu- ers will become addicted to the very idea feel awful when you finish doing it, you’re
any drug and has escalated into an actual
clear Research launched its World Wide
Web Project in 1990. The Internet was
of the Internet. While one person uses the
Internet to do research for their econom-
probably addicted to whatever “it” is. It’s
strange to admit, but some people exhibit
“Once I was
According to the Diagnostic and Sta- finally made public. ics essay, another spends all their time this behaviour toward video games. Now I z
tistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV Within a few years, the Internet became looking up YouTube videos. They don’t Alleged addiction to gaming has even
(DSM), an addiction to drugs or alcohol omnipresent; case in point: there are now go to class, they don’t wash their rotting been the cause of several deaths. For exam-
is present if the patient exhibits three or refrigerators that can go online. An ever- laundry, but they have over 1,000 friends ple, South Korean gamer Lee Seung Seop
more of the following symptoms: Toler- growing cross-section of the population on Facebook. It is these people that may died of exhaustion in 2005 after playing
ance to the substance; consumption of has gained access to the Internet, and have a problem. Starcraft for 50 consecutive hours. In Chi- So ladies, the questi
large amounts over a long period; a num- whenever you get a wide enough sample Jerald Block, a psychiatrist at Oregon na in 2007, recently fired schoolteacher Xu may be: “Is my boyfrie
ber of unsuccessful efforts to cut down; of people, there will undoubtedly be some Health and Science University in Port- Yan played online video games for 15 days dict?” Well, probably n
time spent obtaining the drug replaces people in there that can get hooked on land, has spent a significant time re- straight. Though these stories are relatively addict is dependent on
social, occupational or recreational activ- something as unexpected as the Internet. searching the idea that the Internet can rare considering the sheer number of gam- point where they can’t
ities; and continued use despite adverse be addictive. His research has led him to ers, they likely make you wonder what the to. Your boyfriend may
consequences. A person who exhibits The intoxicating Internet believe that the Internet is actually more difference is between liking to play video but if he still finds time t
these symptoms in relation to Internet than just an addiction; it’s a distortion in games and needing to play them. go to school, he is not a
use has become addicted. In a study published in Computers in the person’s mind. He spoke to the Tele- Well, for one thing, you’re at far greater
Internet addiction disorder was first Human Behaviour in December 2007, graph in January about his findings on risk if you’ve got a penis. According to a Pornography a
thought up as a joke by New York psy- authors Andrew Thatcher and Gisela Internet addicts. Stanford University School of Medicine
chiatrist Ivan Goldberg in 1995. Gold- Wretschko found that most people have “The relationship is [now] with the study on video games completed in Febru- Ask most men and odd
berg made it up to show the American what they call “problematic Internet use”, computer. It becomes a significant other ary, the part of the brain responsible for re- you they love their por
Psychology Association that the DSM which they defined as the “use of the In- to them,” he explained. “They exhaust warding feelings is more stimulated in men was a huge hit when it
included disorders that should be consid- ternet that creates psychological, social, emotions that they could experience in than in women when a video game involv- quickly getting as old as
the real world on the computer through ing territory control is being played. With just isn’t cutting it anymo
any number of mechanisms: emailing, increased playing of video games comes ternet and
South Korean gamer Lee Seung Seop died of gaming, porn.” increased skill, and higher rewards or lev- ic saviours in the world
exhaustion in 2005 after playing Starcraft Gaming addiction
els are attained. Alan Reiss, senior author
of the study and professor of psychiatry
and Who’s Nailin’ Paylin
porn is found either fre
for 50 consecutive hours. and behavioral sciences at Stanford, was these days. In the Thatch
One of the most popular things to do on not surprised by the outcome. study, they found that t
the Internet is play video games. Within “I think it’s fair to say that males tend main portal for porn du
ered questionable. He was trying to make school, and/or work difficulties in a per- several months of the Internet’s public to be more intrinsically territorial,” he cess, affordability and an
fun of society’s obsession with its own ad- son’s life”. Some of the symptoms they release, the nerds took hold and turned said in an Ottawa Citizen article in May. However, there are in
dictive disorders, and thought being ad- included in their study were a preoccu- it into an all-out gaming network. With “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who with over-usage of Inte
dicted to the Internet was ridiculous. That pation with online activities, needing to the release of Playstation 2 in 2000, the historically are the conquerors and ty- Psychologist Gabriel Ca
was before people started to upload hun- spend increasing amounts of time online, Internet weaseled its way onto video rants of our species—they’re the males. a study, “Narratives of S
dreds of videos of sneezing baby pandas. and unsuccessful attempts to reduce the game consoles. Online games like World Most of the computer games that are re- porn Dependents” in th
Though the makers of ergonomic chairs amount of time spent online. of Warcraft and The Sims have made it ally popular with males are territory- and ual Addiction and Comp
and Doritos are very happy with people Nicholas Carr, author of the article “Is possible to immerse yourself in a world aggression-type games.” the problem of Internet
sitting at their computers, Goldberg’s IAD Google Making Us Stupid?” published in that is forever at your whim, allowing you Notably, according to a May 2006 Wash- He noted, “when com
joke is now considered a serious issue by the Atlantic Monthly, believes the Internet to create a second life that is like the real ington Post article, treatment centres and the Internet reaches an
psychiatrists and the general public alike. has made life a lot easier in some aspects, world, only you can be an elf or some- telephone hotlines have opened in South of hours per week, it cle
such as conducting research, but has also thing. Most good things used in excess Korea to combat gaming addiction. Also, user’s involvement, car
Internet origins increased our reliance on technology with have detrimental effects, and video games in August 2005, the Chinese government to his family, and can
detrimental effects. are no exception. introduced an “anti-online gaming ad- marriage and sexual rel
ing Internet cafés. According to the 1996 study Differential
ts limited the play- Diagnosis of Addictive Sexual Disorders
nder 18. If players Using the DSM-IV, pornography addic-
urs, a warning on tion tends to worsen. Those affected by it
fter every 15 min- are continuously desensitized to common
ying time, saying: sexual stimuli, so they require hard-core
healthy game time, material to become aroused. This is strong-
ediately to rest. If ly related to the extreme types of porn
h will be damaged available so readily on the Internet.
an win will be cut Generally speaking, a porn addict isn’t
refused to quit, all turned on by a naked lady. The naked lady
be forcibly erased. needs to be covered in latex, carrying a whip,
ffect. flanked by a team of dwarfs and something

s a scuba diver in the sea of words.

zip along the surface like a guy
on a Jet Ski.”
Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

ion in your mind or other involving poo... or something.

end a gaming ad- It needs to be quite extreme.
not. A real gaming What effect does this have on a normal
the activity to the sex life? Well, we need to remember that
stop if they want porn stars are basically the professional
y not want to stop, athletes of sex, so trying to work at the
to shower, eat, and same level is like trying to run as fast as
addicted. that Jamaican Bolt guy who tripped and
danced his way to a record-breaking
addiction 100-metre time.
Three ways to curb
ds are they will tell The World Wide Web
your Internet habit
rn. While Playboy
2. Shuffle your habit to another vice.
first came out, it’s If you’re awake at 5 a.m. in the centre of
You have a problem, your friends have
s Hugh Hefner and a field of empty Red Bull cans and Dorito
held interventions, you own four smart- Why not be addicted to sandwiches?
ore. Luckily the In- packaging, putting in eye drops to coun-
phones with burned-out touchscreens, Or kayaking? Or both? After all, if you
m emerged as hero- teract the effects of staring at a flat-panel
and you want to cut back or even quit the spend your time slicing ham in a kayak
d of Jenna Jameson monitor for 19 straight hours, you may
Internet. With these three easy tips, you to make a nice hoagie, you’ll have no
n?. Almost all good have a problem. But this is far from the
can break your dependence on the pre- time for the internet!
ee or cheap online average person. Most of us use the Inter-
cious network of information and fun.
her and Wretschko net a lot because it is a great and power-
3. Maroon yourself on a desert island
the Internet is the ful tool, and it makes what we want to do
1. Go back to dial-up
ue to its “ease of ac- easier, cheaper, or more fun.
Drastic? Perhaps, but by far the most
nonymity.” While not everybody has a compulsive
This will allow you to check email and effective. Who is going to think about
ncreasing problems personality, many of us likely spend far
little else. It would be like an alcoholic the Internet when you’re collecting vari-
ernet pornography. too much time on the Internet. Our tele-
having to suck his beer through a mil- ous bugs for your next meal? And who
avaglion published vision, music, and comedy fixes all come
limetre-wide straw six kilometres long. needs World of Warcraft when you’re
Self-Help of Cyber- from cyberspace along with our gaming
The inconvenience alone may allow you spear fishing with a sharpened rock tied
he July issue of Sex- and porn needs. Everybody has had the
to kick your habit completely. to a branch with coconut hair rope?
pulsivity examining experience of looking up long-lost friends
porn addiction. on Facebook instead of writing that essay
mpulsive sex use on due the next day. It is Carr that put it most
average of dozens eloquently:
early decreases the “Never has a communications system
re and availability played so many roles in our lives—or exerted
be detrimental to such broad influence over our thoughts—as
lationships.” the Internet does today.”

photo by Alex Smyth

FALLOUT continued from p. 9 as you see fit. All around the Wasteland are the scope. It seems as though no small detail has of the game. Also, the huge amount of content
remnants of a once-great civilization. When been overlooked, and every NPC you interact in the game world means that there is no way
The combat in Fallout 3 is a hybrid of the you first emerge from the Vault, you look with is believable. everything could be play-tested beforehand,
turn-based strategy of the first two Fallout ti- out over a destroyed Though Fallout 3 and some bugs seem to have slipped through
tles and first-person mayhem. Players use the town,and can see the is a triumph on many the cracks. Also, the game is not for the faint
Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS), partially destroyed levels, it falls short in of heart—even the basic level of gore is pretty
which pauses combat and allows the player to Washington Monu- some areas. There is shocking, and this is not a game to be played by
spend action points to target specific areas of ment in the distance. Fallout 3 is a massive post- a third-person cam- or around children.
an enemy’s body for area-specific damage, like There are pages of text era available, but the Fallout 3 may not be perfect, but it’s the clos-
slowing an enemy down by shooting it in the to be read on comput- apocalyptic tale of mutants animations for your est a video game has ever come to perfection.
legs or aiming at a vulnerable spot. There are a
limited number of action points, and after they
ers detailing the events
that led to the Great
and anarchy that is yours character—the way
he or she walks, inter-
It’s a vast, complex, incredible experience that
is almost infinitely re-playable, and it only gets
are expended the player reverts to real-time War and that war’s ef- to shape as you see fit. acts, or shoots—are so better the more you play it. The storyline is
until their action points recharge. This makes fects on the populace, bad that you’ll stay in nothing short of epic, and proves once and for
for an intense combat experience, especially as well as dozens of first-person whenever all that gaming has finally come into its own as
once other people join your party—you must hours of side quests possible. Combat, a narrative form—no movie can hope to com-
be both strategic and skilled if you are to sur- that detail the differ- though intense and pete with the hours of engrossing gameplay
vive. ent ways humans (and others) are surviving satisfying, can sometimes be chaotic, and there that Fallout 3 has to offer. It is not often that a
Fallout 3 is a massive post-apocalyptic tale in the wastes. Even without the compelling isn’t enough variety in the enemies you fight game transcends the limitations of its medium.
of mutants and anarchy that is yours to shape main story, this game would be epic in size and considering the massive scope of other aspects Fallout 3 is one such rare beast.

KEVIN SMITH is just a cute word.

continued from p. 9 “You can’t object to the term.
How the fuck [else] are we going to
“In Canada, Alliance distributors describe it?” Smith adds. “It’s like a said ‘we don’t have a film board and dude walks into Blockbuster and
Corporate Residency we don’t give a shit, we’re going to sees the sign that says ‘action’ and
use that image’,” Smith recalls. “[In goes ‘I object to that term’. And who
the US] we were forced into a corner are these fuckers that are confused
about how we could and think this is real
market and sell the pornography? I don’t
The inclusion of
“We didn’t go with know how people are
confusing what is so
the word “porno” in ‘Zack and Miri Make blatantly a comedy
the title didn’t help a Fuck Tape’ or some- with hardcore por-
the process much. nography.”
Many U.S. television
thing like that.” Despite the prob-
networks have cut Kevin Smith lems with the MPAA,
the word during pro- Smith hasn’t lost his
motional spots and edge. He got the re-
shown trailers that sult he wanted—a
simply call the film Zack and Miri. film filled with comedy, vulgarity
“I knew when we titled the movie and sex—all without having to step
Zack and Miri Make a Porno we in front of the camera.
were going to turn off some people,” “No one needs to see me fucking;
Smith says. “But I was flabbergasted I don’t need to see myself fucking. I
because I thought we had used the don’t want to see that many rolls jig-
cutest word possible to describe that gling at one time. The closest I ever
industry. I mean, we didn’t go with got was taking a picture of my dick

Where self-starters start. ‘Zack and Miri Make a Fuck Tape’ or with an iPhone and I couldn’t even
something like that. Or even ‘make a do that. I mean, how do you take a
porn’. It’s got that ‘o’ on the end of it picture and lift the gut up at the same
The Dalhousie Corporate Residency MBA gets you what you want, faster. that makes it cuddly and cute; porno time?”
Our unique model is a practical, relevant and hands-on learning experience
designed for the real world right now. s It integrates classroom learning with an
eight-month paid corporate residency with one of North America’s leading
employers. So you’re earning your MBA while you’re earning your place in the
corporate world. No waiting. s As the only Corporate Residency MBA in
Canada, we worked with more than 30 top employers to design the program.
You’ll get what you want because you’ll have what employers want.

14 ARTS Nov. 6, 2008

Good Bad
Zack and Miri
Make a Porno
KEVIN SMITH HAS done it yet again, creating
a film that intertwines a sweet romantic comedy
Film A
living under a mountain of debt. They find
themselves just before the Thanksgiving holi-
The Haunting of
Molly Hartley Film d
THE HAUNTING OF Molly Hartley is the High dramatizing the events of this film as if it were
School Musical of horror films—it targets a teen- a bad television soap opera. This penchant for
with so much crude sexual content that you’re day with no water, no electricity, no money, age audience and is almost critic-proof. It’s per- melodrama is best exemplified in the main sub-
still laughing when you leave the theatre. and no way to avoid their looming eviction fectly tailored for its young audience and no one plot of the film; a trite, lifeless, Gossip Girl-style
Writer and director Smith is renowned for from the apartment they share. After mulling else, so the reviews won’t really matter to the high-school drama that seems to exist only to
his low-budget cult-classics like Mallrats, Dog- over several options to save themselves, they people who are determined to see it. satiate its target audience’s need for teen angst.
ma, and the two Clerks films. Zack and Miri figure that the best and easiest way to make For everyone else who’s brave enough to watch The scares are relegated to obvious and re-
Make a Porno is one of the few where he uses a money is by creating an amateur porno movie this film, they’ll probably perceive its writing, petitive jump-out-of-your-seat moments that
cast of name actors instead of the close friends with themselves as the leads. Several setbacks visual style, and act- require no skill to
who originally performed in his films. Smith’s put production of the film behind schedule, in- ing to be among the produce. Nearly ev-
movies tend to revolve around the same group cluding the hidden feelings that arise as Zack blandest things ever The scares are relegated ery character, at one
of characters played by a core group of actors and Miri put their supposedly platonic rela- recorded on film. The to obvious and repetitive point or another,
that Smith has used from his beginnings as an tionship aside to film their sex scene. plot trudges along in jump-out-of-your-seat moments. suddenly appears ei-
independent filmmaker. Though some of these Smith is notorious for creating the most in- a Frankenstein’s mon- ther behind or beside
actors return for Zack and Miri, they’re playing genious comedic lines imaginable, and he fills ster-like mélange of Molly, accompanied
different characters. The majority of the main Zack and Miri with some of the dirtiest scenes other, better horror films. A teenage girl named by an orchestral sting. All the horror in this film
players consist of Judd Apatow’s (The 40 Year ever shown in a mainstream movie. Yet the Molly Hartley (Haley Bennett) begins to have follows this template and winds up, ultimately,
Old Virgin, Knocked Up) crew, namely Seth movie is still a romantic comedy at heart, and vivid flashbacks to a young age when her mother just being an emotionally vacuous exercise in
Rogen, Craig Robinson, and Elizabeth Banks. Smith doesn’t forget that, even during a scene tried to kill her. Molly’s mother believed that if jump-scares.
While the film may be mistaken for an Apatow featuring human excrement. The movie is equal her daughter reached 18, she would then become This film isn’t nearly as bad as its deplorable
production due to the cast, Smith’s characteris- parts vulgarity and affection, making it the property of the Devil. Molly’s frequent, disturb- trailer made it out to be and will serve the needs
tic minimalist comedy shows up in the first 10 sweet and sour candy of comedic genius. But ing visions of her mother, and strange encounters of its young, intellectually developing audience.
seconds of the film, when Zack (Seth Rogen) be forewarned: Zack and Miri Make a Porno is at school and at home begin to convince her that For everyone else, the time spent watching this
walks in on Miri (Elizabeth Banks) using the essentially that—two people making a porno her mother might have been right. film and the price of admission can both go
toilet. The combination of toilet humour and film. Be prepared for some rough, tough, and The plot of The Haunting of Molly Hartley is towards something more entertaining, like wa-
romantic moments is a Smith trademark. in some cases, just plain nasty sex scenes that ludicrous at best, executed awkwardly by jump- terboarding or watching a family pet being au-
Zack and Miri Make a Porno has a simple yet make the movie live up to its title. ing from scene to scene with no real continu- topsied.
wild plot. Zack and Miri are two best friends —Hisham Kelati ity. Director Mickey Liddell seems just fine with —Danyal Khoral
images courtesy Alliance Films

The Joker returns

chauffeur and follows him through the chaos. lence are all rough and realistic, but beautiful to
Joker is a one-shot, which means that it doesn’t look at.
New graphic novel directly relate to any continuity in the canonical There can be many interpretations of the Jok-
Batman timeline. One-shots are important for er’s function in relation to Batman and Gotham
takes on Batman’s comic book readers because they allow the art- City. Azzarello’s Joker is a violent, discordant
ist of a book to take an unexpected and some- metaphor for the abominable aspects of society.
worst enemy times experimental look at a character. In Joker, The criminal characters in this novel continu-
the artist and writers are not constrained by the ally refer to the Joker as a disease; they’re more
by Danyal Khoral events of the canon Batman universe and can frightened of him than they are of Batman. Az-
Fulcrum Staff therefore take the story in any direction they zarello reinforces the idea that the Joker is more
see fit. a concept of corruption and evil than a man.
THE JOKER IS Batman’s greatest and oldest foe, In 2006, roughly the same time the film The There are truly gruesome and brutal moments
first appearing in the comic Batman #1. He is Dark Knight went into production, Azzarello in this story that make the Joker seem like the
a relentless psychopath whom the residents of conceived the design concept for the Joker’s look stuff of nightmares.
Gotham City and Batman fear the most. Joker, a in Joker. This look happened to coincide with Overall, Joker is an oddly subtle rumina-
new graphic novel authored by Brian Azzarello that of Heath Ledger’s universally acclaimed tion about two men who are ideological oppo-
and drawn by Lee Bermejo released on Nov. 4, portrayal of the character in The Dark Knight. sites but almost require each other to survive.
allows the reader to get a close-up look at the However, according to Azzarello in an inter- The events in Joker could almost be a sequel to
inner workings of the Joker’s insane mind. It view with the online entertainment site IGN, The Dark Knight or could run concurrent to it.
chronicles some of the most lurid and subver- the resemblance was just a happy accident. The While the film is an epic story involving many
sive things the Joker has ever done, and does its coincidences don’t end there; both Jokers share characters and situations, the graphic novel only
best to explain just why he does them. a mystery and menace previously unseen, with has one focus—the Joker. The story allows the
The graphic novel’s story begins moments many of the aspects that made Ledger’s Joker so reader to have private time with him; the novel
after the Joker has been officially released from compelling present in the graphic novel. functions as almost a character study of the Jok-
Arkham Asylum, Gotham City’s home for the In terms of the comic’s look and feel, Azza- er. It explores the nature of evil and our capacity
criminally insane. The Joker realizes that his rello and Bermejo portray Gotham City and its to empathize with a true psychopath.
position in the city’s underworld has severely di- residents in a realistic manner similar to direc- Notably, Joker has an amazingly effective and
minished because of his long incarceration and tor Christopher Nolan’s approach in Batman poignant ending that no fan of Batman or the
begins—in violent fashion—to attempt to regain Begins and The Dark Knight. The artwork is si- Joker should go without reading. This graphic
the respect he once had among the criminals. The multaneously gorgeous and surreal, with more novel is an adult and intellectual take on the
entire story is told through the eyes of a low-level than a few pages produced in lavish, near-photo character and should be read by everyone who
thug named Jonny Frost, who becomes the Joker’s splendour. The city, the characters, and the vio- enjoyed The Dark Knight. illustration by Alex Martin Nov. 6, 2008 ARTS 15

David McClelland

Sports Nov. 6–Nov. 12, 2008

Sports Editor

Gees can’t find gold in shootout

After winning semifinal,
women’s soccer team falls
to Laurier in gold medal
by David McClelland
and Anna Rocoski
Fulcrum Staff

AFTER OVER TWO hours of play,

the winner of the Ontario Univer-
sity Athletics (OUA) women’s soc-
cer gold medal was decided in mere
With the battle between the Laurier
Golden Hawks and host Ottawa Gee-
Gees on Nov. 2 still deadlocked at 0-0
after 30 minutes of extra time, the
match was decided on penalty shots.
After each side scored three times,
second-year Laurier defender Sadie
Anderson stood under the lights at
Matt Anthony Field and drove a shot
into the corner of the net past Gee-
Gees goaltender Jess Charron, win-
ning her team the gold medal.
To get there, the Gee-Gees first had
to defeat the Brock Badgers in a semi-
final game on Nov. 1.
It was a tightly contested match, de-
cided in the 36th minute, when Gee-
Gees midfielder Catherine Scott took a
free kick in front of the Brock net. The
ball bounced around in front of the
goal until it was booted out of the pen- photo by Alex Martin
alty area, but Ottawa midfielder Élise Ottawa goalkeeper Jess Charron was perfect in 210 minutes of regular play, but was unable to hold off Laurier in a penalty shootout.
Desjardins connected with the ball to
score the only goal of the game. much as possible in Brock’s end and to the Hawks. “[Laurier] is a good Hawks 17-5, many of their strikes ei- unfortunate that we lost on [pen-
“The little team that could, that’s not give them those opportunities on squad. I thought the game was go- ther sailed wide of the net or seemed alties],” said midfielder Brittany
what we tell ourselves,” said Desjar- goal.” ing to be a bit more difficult than it to be targeted directly at Woeller. Harrison after the game. “We made
dins following the game, referring to Brock managed to create more was, but their back line held firm and While Charron was not as busy as her [Laurier] look pretty bad compared
the Gee-Gees relatively small stature chances in the second half, but the they were there when we tried to get counterpart, she was able to keep the to what they usually look like. We
compared to other OUA teams. “I Gees hard-working defence and solid through.” Hawks at bay when needed to main- got through a little bit, but they
mean we’re not the biggest team but goaltending from Jess Charron held Despite the loss, Ottawa domi- tain the tie. were pretty strong today so it was
we’ve got a lot of heart.” the Badgers off the scoreboard. nated throughout the game. During “I think we had one of our best tough.”
Althought the Gees maintained Despite maintaining their strong the first half, the Gee-Gees applied games of the year, and it’s unfortu-
possession for much of the first half, play into the final against Laurier the consistent pressure on the Hawks, nate we couldn’t finish it in [regu- As OUA finalists, the Gee-Gees will
the Badgers had several close chances next day, the Gee-Gees ended up fall- but were unable to score. Ottawa’s lation time],” said a disappointed now compete in the Canadian Inter-
in the Ottawa zone that were denied ing short of the gold medal. attacks were shut down by either Sarah Bullock, a third-year Gee-Gees university Sports championship hosted
by goalkeeper Jess Charron. “I think the first 45 minutes was Laurier’s tough defence or by goal- striker. “I think we had a lot of great by Trinity Western University in Ab-
“We knew Brock was a team that maybe the [single] best performance keeper Mal Woeller. At the opposite shots on net, we just had trouble fin- botsford, B.C. Nov. 6–9. In addition
liked to play very direct, so we tried to I’ve ever seen us play in a playoff end of the field, the Garnet and Grey ishing. Overall I’m happy with our to the Gee-Gees and Golden Hawks,
keep the ball out of our end. It was go- game. I thought our whole perfor- effectively slammed the door on the performance ... It sucks that we lost in the Trinity Western Spartans, Brock
ing to be a bit of a game of territory,” mance through the whole match was Hawks’ attack and prevented them [penalty shots], but what are you go- Badgers, Montreal Carabins, Victoria
explained Gee-Gees head coach Steve top class, [and] it’s a shame we didn’t from taking the ball deep into the ing to do?” Vikes, Dalhousie Tigers, and defending
Johnson following the game. “We carry that through in the penalties,” Ottawa zone. “We’re really happy with what we champions Cape Breton Capers will
wanted to play strong in this game as said Johnson shortly after the loss While the Gee-Gees outshot the have going into nationals, it’s just compete for the national title.
Bronze medal

Gold Medal

1 Ottawa

0 Brock
1 Brock 1 Laurier
1 Carleton 0 Carleton 0 Ottawa
3 Laurier
Gees shock Gaels
Men’s football team downs
undefeated Queen’s team,
moves on to Yates Cup
by David McClelland
Fulcrum Staff

THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa Gee-Gees are

back in business. After tumbling to a 3-4 record
late in the regular season, the U of O’s men’s
football team has now won three straight games,
culminating in a dramatic 23-13 win over the
undefeated Queen’s Golden Gaels in an Ontario
University Athletics (OUA) semifinal game in
Kingston on Nov. 1.
The game paralleled last season’s semifinal, in
which the undefeated Gee-Gees had their prom-
ising season cut short by an underdog when they
lost 23-16 to the University of Western Ontario
Mustangs. This year, it was the Gee-Gees turn to
play the spoiler.
“I’m pretty emotional right now,” said Ottawa
head coach Denis Piché after the game, sur-
rounded by celebrating Gee-Gees. “What a year
this has been! These kids and the coaching staff,
they beat a very good football team.”
Ottawa struggled during the game’s opening
moments. Through much of the first quarter,
the two teams battled for field position, with
neither defence giving up much ground. Finally
with just over two minutes left in the opening
quarter, Gaels’ quarterback Dan Brannigan
tossed a 51-yard touchdown pass to receiver
Devan Sheahan to open the scoring. The Gaels photo by Frank Appleyard
then forced Ottawa to give up a single point on The Gee-Gees defence surrendered only one touchdown and a field goal to a renowned Golden Gaels offence.
the following kick-off to go up 8-0.
The Garnet and Grey then dug in and re- gether an awesome game plan. [Queen’s] didn’t lineup for the remainder of the playoffs. team is finally beginning to realize its potential.
sponded in the second quarter with a pair of come out and surprise us with really anything,” However, by that point the game was all “I’m just so happy for this win,” he said after
touchdowns from third-year running back Da- said fifth-year Gees linebacker Joe Barnes, who but over. The Ottawa defence kept the Gaels the game. “This is our team, what we’re supposed
vie Mason, who punched through the Queen’s added that the ability of the Ottawa coaching offence in check in the second half, with to be. We’re seeing it now, but it’s never too late.
defence with a couple of nard-nosed rushes. staff to adapt to Queen’s offence on the fly was Queen’s only tally coming from a safety off a This is where it matters. This is the Ottawa Gee-
Ottawa also added a field goal from kicker Matt integral in the Gees’ success. blocked punt deep in the Gee-Gees’ zone. The Gees that I saw at the beginning of the year.”
Falvo before halftime. On the other end of the Ottawa may have had the lead going into the Gees’ offence was able to add a pair of field
field, the Gee-Gees’ defence held strong and second half, but they were missing a key element— goals in the fourth quarter to bury the Gaels. The Gee-Gees will play in the OUA Yates Cup on
kept Queen’s to a single field goal in the quarter, Mason, who strained his hamstring late in the sec- The win qualifies Ottawa for the Yates Cup Nov. 8 against Western in London at TD Water-
securing a 17-11 lead going into halftime. ond quarter, sat out the rest of the game and Piché against Western on Nov. 8. house Stadium. The game will be broadcast on
“We worked hard all week; the coaches put to- indictated he is unlikely to return to the Ottawa Gee-Gees quarterback Josh Sacobie felt his The Score, with the kick-off at 1 p.m.

Dried fruit blues

available, and they do enhance your immune clinical studies on humans, so most of these ply), while the dried fruit itself is also available
system function.” benefits are unconfirmed. in bulk form.
Goji berries provide a new Goji berries are native to China, where they Goji berries are available in dried fruit form Since the berry is relatively new to Western
have been used for about 6,000 years by herbal- or juice form, but goji berry juice may not be as culture, few scientific studies have been done
and possibly very healthy ists in Chinese medicine. pure as the actual berry itself, since the extract on it, and its potential health benefits are still
snack Claudine Guiet, the coordinator of the peer is diluted. The berry contains seeds (which unconfirmed.
education and resource centre with Health carry essential fatty acids) that are sometimes “In terms of the research that we have on
by Anna Rocoski Promotions at the U of O, explains that in Chi- omitted during the juicing pro- goji berries, it has only been tested on hu-
Fulcrum Staff nese culture, food is considered an im- cess. So check the ingredi- mans in two published studies, which means
portant part of staying healthy. ent listing of the goji nothing in the greater scheme of things,” said
TIRED OF CALIFORNIA raisins, cranber- “In all these traditions berry juice before Guiet.
ries and apricots? Well don’t fret, there is an- people look at food as a purchasing to ensure Published studies have shown that cancer
other dried berry on the market that is gaining way to stay healthy the whole berry is patients taking goji berries tended to respond
prominence in North America. Also known as and prevent ail- being used. better to treatment. The berries are also believed
the wolfberry, the goji berry has a tangy and ment,” she said. Prices of goji berries to contain antioxidants, and may reduce the
sweet taste, looks like a red raisin, and may also Guiet ex- range depending on growth of cancer cells, lower blood glucose, and
have health benefits. plained that the the company distrib- reduce cholesterol.
“They are delicious, kind of like raisins if herbalists in China uting the berry, the quantity The goji berry is great for snacking on, mix-
you get them really fresh. They are quite sweet have used goji berries being purchased, and the health ing with other fruit or yogurt, or as a cereal top-
in taste,” said Phillip Bosloy, manager of The for many purposes, believing they can food store visited. Most health food ping. Though further clinical trials have yet to
Wheat Berry, an organic food store located protect the liver, help eyesight, improve sex- stores in Canada carry the dried fruit, be done, they are still a healthy snack, and worth
at 206 Main St. in Ottawa. “They’re rich in ual function and fertility, strengthen the legs, with prices tending to be about $10 per 100 checking out if for no other reason than that
vitamins, minerals [and] amino acids, [and] boost immune function, improve circulation, grams. Goji juice with seeds is available at The they’re delicious and make a new and interest-
they’re one of the best known antioxidants and promote longevity. However, there are few Wheat Berry for $55 per litre (an 18-day sup- ing snack. Nov. 6, 2008 SPORTS 17

Why we bother Gee-Gees unable to
to watch sports stop Martlets
by Tony von Richter emphasised in favour of more nega-
The Brunswickan tive coverage.
Then why do we support these
FREDERICTON (CUP) – I LOVE teams and athletes? If one of the pre-
SPORTS, and always have. For as long vailing opinions about sports is that
as I can remember, sports have been a it is filled with nothing but “punks
big part of my life. From first watch- and thugs” as Krause’s character says,
ing and playing them, to now writing then by spending time and money on
about and studying them, there has sports, aren’t we just encouraging this
never been a time when sports haven’t kind of behaviour?
been important to me. I don’t think that we are, and
Up until last week, though, I never that’s because the vast majority of
stopped to think why I consider sports people who are involved with sports
to be so important. On the surface, it are good people who just happen
seems absurd. Rather than focusing on to have their careers play out in the
things that have a direct effect on our public eye. We usually only hear
lives, sports fans spend an inordinate about the misbehaving athletes be-
amount of time watching people put a cause they are the exception to the
puck into a net or hit a ball with a stick. rule, and the nature of the media is
In fact, many of us will spend hun- to report on the extraordinary, not
dreds, if not thousands, of dollars for the everyday.
the privilege of watching other people If it’s not purely for entertainment,
exercise. and if it’s not be-
Why do we do cause we look up to
this? It can’t be the athletes, then
solely for the enter- why do we invest
tainment value, as so much time into
there are hundreds sports?
of other forms of en- As long as there It’s human na-
tertainment that are
cheaper and easier have been people ture.
That may seem
to access. there has been like an outrageous
Is it because we statement, but as
look up to the ath- some form of sport long as there have
letes and individu- or athletic been people there
als involved in the has been some
games? Somehow, competition. form of sport or
photo by Alex Smyth
I doubt that’s it. athletic competi-
Despite putting the puck into McGill’s net four times, the Gee-Gees weren’t able to beat a strong Martlets team.
More often than tion. Whether it’s
not, these days we’re in organized events “We were playing against the team on Audet in only 10 minutes. This
confronted with or simple play be- that won the national championship flurry of goals brought the final score
stories of athletes tween children, last year and we expected them to to 6-4 and extended the Martlets’
acting out and not behaving as public there are elements of sports such
Women’s hockey be tough,” she said after the game. “I winning streak against Ottawa.
figures should. as our competetiveness and natural
Sometimes when watching or read- drive for success that are ingrained,
loses 13th straight think we came out a little bit tentative
because of that and just a little too
While Coolidge agreed that
McGill’s sixth goal was hard earned,
ing current sports coverage, I wonder and sports are how we exercise these
if we’re really covering sports at all, elements of our personalities.
game to Martlets tense.”
The Gee-Gees turned the game
she was upset that their fifth goal was
allowed to stand.
and I’m reminded of a quote from Since sports have always played an around in the second period, as Au- “Their fifth goal was on a net drive
Aaron Sorkin’s fictional TV show, important role in human society, it by Megan O’Meara det blocked all of McGill’s shots while that I think should have been an of-
Sports Night. really bothers me when people mar- Fulcrum Staff Ottawa tallied two goals to tie the fensive charge,” said Coolidge. “I
“Look, I got into this ‘cause I liked ginalize sports. In the grand scheme game at 3-3. The first goal belonged wasn’t happy with the fact that a pen-
getting people to like sports. And I’ve of things, of course sports aren’t as THE GEE-GEES WOMEN’S hockey to forward Joelle Charlebois, and was alty wasn’t called on the play.”
turned into a PR man for punks and important as things like national team played one of their most intense followed quickly by forward Jodi Re- Pouliot felt that her team needed to
thugs. Any atrocity, no matter how defence and health-care issues. But games of the season against McGill inholcz’s game-tying goal. come out stronger against McGill, but
ridiculous or hideous or childish, it we are far too quick to dismiss the on Nov. 1 at the Sports Complex are- The beginning of the third period believed they have a real chance at de-
doesn’t matter. I make it sports.” importance of sports in our society. na. In a game highlighted by 10 goals featured Kayla Hottot taking the lead feating them in future matchups.
That quote from actor Peter This attitude can sometimes be seen scored and several lead changes, the for Ottawa, getting the puck past “I think we need to play harder
Krause’s character was first broadcast in sports media, and I think it comes Gee-Gees ultimately fell 6-4 to the Smith less than three minutes into against them because they are ranked
10 years ago last month—and if any- from a desire to be seen as not taking McGill Martlets. the period. With Martlets’ star goalie number one, but now we know that
thing, the state of the sports world has ourselves too seriously, as we realize McGill dominated the first period, Charline Labonté away at a Canadian we can beat them because it was a
only worsened. there are more important issues than scoring twice before Ottawa could national team training camp, it seemed close game,” she said. “That was one of
Instead of stories about thrilling sports in the world. However, sports respond when forward Erika Pouliot the Gee-Gees could finally break their the best games we played this year.”
come-from-behind victories and tales are a much larger part of our culture scored the Gee-Gees’ first goal of 13-game losing streak against McGill, Despite the loss, Coolidge was sat-
of late round draft picks overcom- than often believed. It’s time to stop the game with a fierce shot that beat which dates back to the 2007-08 sea- isfied with her team’s performance.
ing the odds and becoming all-stars, pretending that sports don’t matter. McGill goaltender Gabrielle Smith. son. “Jessika Audet played a real solid
we’re presented with stories about They do. As long as we keep them in Before the period ended, the Mar- Hottot said after the game that game for us in net,” she said. “At the
athletes being convicted of assault or perspective, we should celebrate the tlets answered back with forward they were determined to show McGill end of the game I was really proud of
other crimes. Sure there are stories good parts of sports and give them Vanessa Davidson sending a slap- what they could do. how our team competed and how we
of athletes donating to charities and the proper respect and attention they shot past Ottawa goaltender Jessika “We wanted to prove to them that fought back.”
similar things, but they tend to be de- deserve. Audet, leaving the Martlets with a we were a lot better than we have been
two-goal lead at the end of the first in the past, and that we were going to The Gee-Gees sit in second place in
Watching football—good. period. give them a run for their money this the QSSF with a 3-1-1 record. They
Watching football, soccer, basketball, Gee-Gees head coach Shelley year,” she said. next play on Nov. 8, when they host
or hockey live, for free—better. Coolidge reasoned that her team’s At the end of the third period, the the Concordia Stingers at 2 p.m. at the
hesitant start was a result of the Mar- Martlets fought hard to bury the Gee- Sports Complex arena. Tickets are $4 tlets’ reputation. Gees, managing to score three goals for students.

18 SPORTS Nov. 6, 2008

Lighting the lamp

Shootout an unfortunate way to end game

soccer game on penalty shots is like. out of place in a soccer match. While hockey match. Even if Ottawa had won, it would have
On Nov. 2, I was a (very cold) witness to the tends to feature sudden changes of momentum been unfulfilling, as it simply would have meant
Ontario University Athletics women’s soccer and bursts of individual effort on a regular basis, luck was on the Gees’ side.
gold medal match between the Ottawa Gee- soccer is all about building and shifting momen- Unfortunately, there’s no effective solution for
Gees and the Laurier Golden Hawks, hosted tum as a team. Plays are pieced together intri- the penalty shootout in soccer. Many matches
here at Matt Anthony Field. As you can read on cately, working their way from one end of the would drag on for hours upon hours if there
pg. 16 of this issue, the Gees lost the match in a field to the other, usually as a string of quick, weren’t a strictly enforced end time, and there
shootout. But it was a game Ottawa should have accurate passes, that, if done right, culminate in aren’t really any less arbitrary ways of deciding a
won. The Garnet and Grey outplayed the Hawks a shot on goal. winner. Regardless, a shootout is a poor way to
throughout the game, and it was only solid The penalty shot is the antithesis of a typi- end what may otherwise be a terrific match, and
David McClelland goalkeeping and defending that kept the game cal soccer play. It’s quick and immediate, and to lose in a shootout as the Gee-Gees did is a fate
scoreless until the end of the extra time. doesn’t reward teams for the skills that build a I wouldn’t wish upon any team.
Sports Editor And then, suddenly, jarringly, the game is in otherwise strong soccer team. Goalkeepers, es- The bottom line is that the Gee-Gees played
penalty shots. The ball is placed 12 yards from pecially, are hung out to dry as all they can do is a fantastic game and should not beb blamed for
IMAGINE YOU’RE WRITING a final exam the net, the goalkeeper is forced to guess what guess where the shooter will try to put the ball not winning the gold medal. They’ve built an
worth 60 per cent of your grade, but you and the shooter is going to do and, more often than and hope that they guessed right. extremely strong team, and one that should be
several of your classmates are unable to finish not at the university level, the ball ends up in the The shootout is also an emotional letdown. It able to compete with the best Canada has to of-
before the time is up. The professor then pro- back of the net. was obvious that the Gee-Gees were crushed by fer at nationals this weekend. The shootout was
ceeds to award an A+ to the first person who can Soccer isn’t the only sport to decide games the fact that they had played an excellent game a bad way to cap off the gold medal game, but
shout out the answer to a question asked aloud, on a penalty shootout, as the National Hockey but lost due to what essentially boiled down to one that should not be dwelled upon.
while the rest of you get a failing grade. Sound League has received wide criticism for its intro- bad luck. And as a fan, such an ending feels an-
arbitrary and an unfair test of your skills? Well, duction of the shootout as a tiebreaker in regu- ticlimactic, with none of the payoff that comes
that’s kind of like what ending a championship lar season games, but it somehow seems more from watching a well-executed goal during a 613-562-5931

Im in ur
Around the horn
Three varsity teams travel to U.S. second period but were unable to catch the
steelin’ ur for exhibition games Raiders.
—David McClelland
ON OCT. 31 and Nov. 1, three Gee-Gees var-
news sity teams—the men’s basketball, women’s bas-
ketball, and men’s hockey teams—travelled to
Women’s volleyball
sweeps Lakehead
the United States to take on several National
t h Collegiate Athletic Association Division Two THE GEE-GEES WOMEN’S volleyball team
O T T A W A ’ S 2 4

vintage clothing sale

teams. earned a pair of wins against the Lakehead
On the evening of Oct. 31, the women’s Thunderwolves in Thunder Bay Nov. 1–2.
basketball team posted a 55-51 win over the Ottawa won in straight sets on Nov. 1,
Cortland Red Dragons, led by a 14-point downing the Thunderwolves 25-21, 25-20, and
game from third-year point guard Melina 25-18. With nine kills and 18 digs, fifth-year
Sunday, November 9, 2008 Wishart. The following day, the Gee-Gees left-side hitter Karine Gagnon was a highlight
were unable to top the Le Moyne Dolphins, for the Gees.
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. losing 55-36. The Gee-Gees dominated Lakehead again
The men’s basketball team faced off against the next day, winning in straight sets but by
Fairmont Chateau Laurier the Providence Friars on Nov. 1. The Gee- a wider margin. Third-year middle Aminata
Gees had trouble matching the Friars, falling Diallo had eight kills and 11 digs leading t to
Admission $7.00 by a score of 85-55. A highlight for Ottawa was Gee-Gees to scores of 25-15, 25-15, and 25-
rookie guard Warren Ward, who had 13 points 23.
Help the Ottawa Food Bank. Bring along and seven rebounds in the game. With the wins, the Gee-Gees opened up a
a non-perishable food item or make Finally, the men’s hockey team took on six-point lead in the Ontario University Ath-
a donation at the sale. the Colgate Raiders, and lost 6-3. The Gee- letics East division over the second-place To-
Gees fell behind 3-0 in the first minute- ronto Varsity Blues. The team plays next on
Information: Penelope Whitmore (613) 730-8785 and-a-half of the game and Colgate added a Nov. 8, when they visit the McMaster Maraud-
fourth goal later in the period. Scoring three ers.
goals, the team attempted a comeback in the —David McClelland Nov. 6, 2008 SPORTS 19

Michael Olender

Opinion Nov. 6–12, 2008

Executive Editor

“When I grow up, I want to be...”

by Anna Coutts you’re gunning for, or are in a program you don’t
Fulcrum Contributor think is right for you, don’t forget that there’s
nothing wrong with taking some time off from
“WHAT DO YOU want to be when you grow school to experience the world and figure out
up?” In kindergarten, the answer to this ques- what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to switch
tion seemed so simple. Firefighter, doctor, programs or take a break from school. It could
teacher: these were just some of the simple an- save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.
swers we had. In high school I excelled in and enjoyed all
By the time age 18 comes around, this ques- of my classes, so when it came time to choose
tion is the bane of students’ existence. As uni- a career path, I was torn. I had no idea what I
versity application deadlines draw nearer, every wanted to do with my life, but I decided to go to
student begins pondering what they really want university anyway. I thought it was “the thing to
to do with their life. Unfortunately, this dilemma do” and I felt pressured to start a post-secondary
doesn’t disappear with an admission offer; even education as soon as I finished high school.
in university, most students still don’t know The end result? I switched majors three times
what they want out of life. and still graduated with an undergraduate de-
I know choosing a career isn’t easy. It took gree I didn’t really want. I spent thousands of
me over 20 years and several in-school program dollars on an education I wasn’t really interested
switches to finally figure out what I wanted to in rather than taking some extra time to work
do with my life. However, my years of indecision or volunteer and figure out what I really wanted
and confusion have taught me several things. to do.
The most important thing I’ve learned is that Like many other people, I had it in my head
in order to figure out what you want to be, you that I had to finish school quickly and get a start
first need to find out what you can be. Even in on “real life”. The problem is that rushing into
university, most of us still think of careers with “real life” without an idea of what kind of job
kindergarten simplicity—we all still want to be you want doesn’t really save you any time.
teachers, doctors, or firefighters. While sometimes it might work out for the
Whether you ask a counsellor or surf the best, many people who rush into school or force
Web, make sure you spend some time research- themselves through a program end up feeling
ing what is out there. There are likely thousands miserable and going back to school for anoth-
of jobs in the world you’ve never heard of, and er degree. I pushed myself through an English
one of them just might be perfect for you. The degree just because I felt I should finish it and
more jobs you know about, the more likely you didn’t want to stay in school any longer. And just
will be able to find your dream job. like a lot of my friends, I ended up going back
I learned the hard way. I didn’t research any- to school anyway. I realized that avoiding an ex-
illustration by Amlake T-Digaf
thing; I just went with what I knew. When I tra year of school or trying to save a few bucks
applied to university, I was still thinking with isn’t worth it if it means spending your life doing wasn’t the field for me. Even if you’re pretty sure it’s easier to sort out what you want to do with
kindergarten simplicity. I only knew of a few something you hate. you know what kind of career you want, make your education. While it may sound ridiculous,
schools and a few programs. I bounced around Another important thing I learned on my the effort to get some work to make sure it’s really I swear by this trick. After I graduated with a
from psychology to media to English before I journey of self-discovery was the importance of the job for you. If you just base your decisions on degree I wasn’t interested in, I wrote up a list
ended up in my current program, educational gaining real-life work experience. If you aren’t school, you might discover that while you loved like this to help me figure out my future. Sort-
counselling. I’d never even heard of it when sure what you want to do, try working in the field the classes, you hate the reality. ing my thoughts on paper forced me to really
I started university; if I had, I probably would you’re considering a career in. Even if you can’t The last tidbit of advice I can offer is this: look at what I wanted out of life. It offered me
have applied to it years ago. I was limited in my get a job, it’s worthwhile to job shadow, take on make a list of your values and goals. It may clarity I’d never been able to find before.
knowledge of my career options, and this lim- an internship, or volunteer to get a taste for your sound silly, but a little list can go a long way. It’s So if you’re having trouble choosing a ca-
ited me in my education. potential career. I also learned this lesson the a great way to organize your thoughts. Start by reer, hopefully you can learn from my mistakes
The second significant lesson I’ve learned is hard way. While I loved all the media courses I listing and ranking your goals in life. Then, list and save yourself some of the stress, time, and
that you shouldn’t feel pressured to choose your took during my undergraduate degree, it wasn’t all of your interests and cross-reference them money I lost while struggling to figure out what
career overnight. If you don’t know which career until I actually worked in media that I realized it with your goals. Once you put it all on paper, I wanted to be when I grew up.

there is the ‘Hollywood’ (someone going to earn high marks if you are ate the small things around me like

HECKLES: who must have millions of friends

because their cell phone is glued to
always distracted and really, if you
need to bring a distraction to class,
the environment changing as the
seasons shift. Actually speaking face

Bursting the campus

their ear constantly) and the ‘ghetto you probably shouldn’t be registered to face with friends was quite inter-
blaster’ (someone whose iPod is so in the first place. esting. I appreciated taking time to
loud that everyone around them Before I step down from my soap- myself without being caught up in

technology bubble
starts to sing). I know it’s going to box, I want to explain that I used to be someone else’s drama. Without a cell
be hard, but U of O students have a victim of the bubble. Mine popped phone, I had to make more concrete
got to burst the bubble. when I lost my cell phone and forgot plans with people since they had no
When on campus, students are to charge my iPod. I was no longer way of contacting me once I left the
by Anna Rocoski of campus, that fault is disrupting the in a learning environment. Maybe permanently connected to my friends house. Work and volunteering would
Fulcrum Staff educational environment and alienat- some are good at multi-tasking be- and family and I waited for my bus contact me via email or by home
ing other students. tween taking good notes, texting, uncomfortably staring at the ground phone. I would deal with things
LEAVING THE COZY confinements In any class, it isn’t difficult to and listening to music. But for most, with no music and no one to call or when I wanted to and I still meet my
of home, the typical University of Ot- witness someone stuck in a tech constantly switching between ear text. I had no idea what to do—I felt deadlines. I began to feel more and
tawa student wedges ear buds in his bubble. There is the ‘sloucher’ buds, cell phone, and ballpoint pen completely exposed. Lots of other more as if technology was no longer
or her ear canals and a cell phone in (someone slouched in perfect tex- threatens a sound education; not just students on campus were bopping dictating my life.
in their back pocket, effectively seal- ting position, texting productively for themselves but also the students around in their tech bubbles; why did So try it. Ditch the cell phone and
ing the technology bubble shut. for the duration of class), the ‘ringer’ around them. Many professors do mine have to pop? leave the iPod at home. Slow down
A technology bubble can be defined (a cell phone blares the latest Brit- not use PowerPoint and expect stu- It only took a few days to get ac- and take things as they come. School
as the world in which all that matters ney Spears song in the midst of a dents to devote their full attention customed to life outside of the brings enough stress, so don’t bother
to a person is their electronic devices. class—never gets old), and the ‘not- to lectures and take comprehensive bubble. It really isn’t that bad to bringing additional baggage that will
Cut off from reality (and other bub- much-of-a-sneak’ (someone trying notes. The typical student brings wait around or walk around campus just add to it. As a student, education
bles), the person’s life is dictated by to hide their ear-bud wires under their bubble to class and distracts without something assaulting your should come first—the world can
technology to a fault; in the context a bulky sweater). Outside of class, others who come to learn. You aren’t ears constantly. I began to appreci- wait.
Finding what drives you
ercise as per the professor’s instruc-
tions, with the intention of pleasing
Dear first-years: him and entertaining my classmates.
But when it came time to discuss
postponing university what I had done, I had nothing to
say, and was unable to fully wrap
could enrich your my head around the purpose of the
educational exercise. By working so hard to sat-
isfy the professor without asking the
experience right questions, I wasn’t being true to
myself; a disservice to the reasoning
by Nigel Smith behind the exercise and my educa-
Fulcrum Staff tion in general.
Presumably I grew throughout the
I WAS 17 when I first began work- four years, gaining a clearer and surer
ing towards my bachelor of fine arts sense of self by my final year of stud-
in 2001. Back then I was the puppy in ies. My professors took note of the
class, but nowadays that tender age is change, expressing surprise at my ad-
common amongst first-year students. vancement in regards to confidence
The age of enrollment decreased in on stage. I had grown to understand
2002 when Ontario abolished grade the techniques developed throughout
13—a grade I never completed. Hav- the four years, realizing what worked
ing earned my high school diploma in best for me and what didn’t. However,
Switzerland, I got a head start on my though my final year came as a revela-
formal education. You could say I was tion of sorts, the first few years of the
lucky, but I would beg to differ. journey were tough ones; years that
At a university in British Colum- could have been easier, richer, and
bia, my year was composed mostly of fuller had I immersed myself more
students aged 19–25. I was majoring in my program along the way. The
in acting. The majority of my classes elder students in my class, who had
took place in the Theatre School, come into the program with a greater
a building separate from the main sense of self, left the program further
campus. It was hard- enriched. I, on the
ly your regular uni- The time after other hand, began
versity atmosphere. graduating from high my studies in a state
illustration by Amlake T-Digaf
Being a conservatory
program, our class
school should be used of elation, which
soon withered when too long you’ll end up never apply-
was limited to 30 to feel out every I came to terms with ing? In our bustling society, there’s an
students. Although available option and the fact that I felt innate fear of taking the time needed
I was young, I felt a lost amongst such to reflect. Think back to your time in
sense of entitlement,
toy with all the strong individuals. high school. In the confined nature
having been hand- bustling ideas in your Being too young of most high schools, many students
picked along with head. and not ready to don’t graduate with a true sense of
my fellow classmates fully appreciate the
following a lengthy audition process. fact that I was getting a high level of
We considered ourselves to be the education, I unconsciously squan-
identity. Without truly knowing one’s
self and one’s passions, why would
someone begin forging the path to-
Friends & Family Days
acting elite of the nation, the first- dered the semesters, only realizing wards a career they aren’t even sure
year Julliard class of Canada. And this my potential late in the game. Sure, they like?
was before class had even officially my last year was a high, but in hind-
started. The school’s process during sight, I now feel troubled knowing
Now in the midst of your stud-
ies, ask yourself: do you feel like
the first semester was to break us that I couldn’t express myself fully you’re reaching your full potential? NOVEMBER 11 -12, 2008
down, rid us of any preconceptions until late in my education. I can only Do you speak up in class? For that
we had regarding the craft, and re- imagine how gratifying the entire ex- matter, do you feel you have any-
build us from scratch. My classmates perience would have been had I taken thing of value to bring to the table? OFFER VALID AT FOLLOWING LOCATION:
had a wide variety of experience. the time to learn more about myself Or do you simply not feel the need
Two had backpacked through Asia, before applying. to, because deep down your studies
a few had performed overseas, and There is no doubt that my experi- don’t spike any interest within you?
many had worked professionally be- ence mirrors that of a large number Would taking some time off to dis- OTTAWA REEBOK
fore embarking on their education. I of students. With the majority of cover where your true passion lies Reebok Outlet
on the other hand had an assortment first-year students beginning their really be such a bad thing? The time Westgate Shopping Ctr
of high school and independent pro- studies at 17, how can they be ex- after graduating from high school
ductions under my belt, but no clear pected to have a firm grasp on what should be used to feel out every
1309 Carling Avenue unit M1
picture of what the acting profession they want to pursue, and what truly available option and toy with all the Ottawa, ON
truly entailed. drives them to learn? Many individ- bustling ideas in your head. If there (613) 728-3191
The format for our introductory uals are fortunate enough to know is any doubt that your studies aren’t
technique class was a solo exercise what they seek out of a university benefitting you, look within. Travel
performed in front of the entire education and work towards obtain- to inspiring locales, read stimulat-
class, followed by a feedback session ing a degree with a goal in sight. But ing books, keep a journal. Focus on TIME OF PURCHASE TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT.
between the student on stage and the there are many who enter into a de- what you want out of life and what
rest of the class. While the majority gree blindly. Feeling pressured by course of study would benefit you
were adept to the discussion forum either familial demand or society’s intellectually. From then on, you’ll
process, I felt hindered by my lack rush to get ahead, many embark on be forging your future with passion.
of insight. Literally, I couldn’t grap- an education in order to please those It’s your life to live, so think every THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT REEBOK
ple with what was being discussed. powers that be. How many times option through because it is easy to INCLUDES SALE AND PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY
When called up, I performed the ex- have you been told that if you wait let the right one slip by. Nov. 6, 2008 OPINION 21

Sarah Leavitt

Distractions Nov. 6–12, 2008

Features Editor

Dear Di If you have a question for Di,

e-mail Thursday, Nov. 6
Dear Di, Mexican cinema: Frida, naturaleza
I was inspired by last week’s ran- viva. 7 p.m. Arts Hall.
dom-sex in the library question. Tell Room 257. Free.
me, how can I increase my chances
of random sex with my boyfriend? Last week, I was Speaker: Jennie E. Burnet. “Sorting
We’ve been dating for almost three stumped by a question and Suffering: Gender, Ethnicity, and
years, and everything about our on random hookups and didn’t Social Classification in Post-Geno-
relationship is great, except for the want to give a half-assed reply. I cide Rwanda.” 1 p.m. Desmarais
sex. Every week we do it on the same decided to appeal to my readers for Hall. Room 3120. Free.
day, at the same time, and in the a little bit of help. This was the ques-
same positions. It’s getting harder tion:
and harder to find the energy for it.
Friday, Nov. 7
What should we do? Dear Di,
The Sexuality Team presents
—A Clockwork Girlfriend My friend told me he got a blow
the film: Three Hearts:
job behind one of the stacks in the
A Postmodern story. 6 p.m.
Dear ACG, Morriset Library by a girl that se-
Unicentre. Alumni Auditorium.
Sex is as mental as it is physical. It’s duced him while he was studying.
all about state of mind, and it sounds I’m so jealous! Is there any way that
like both yours and your man’s need I can improve my chances of hav-
Hock and Rock: Men’s hockey
to change. Remember that while sex ing random sex with strangers? Or
game followed by a Grace Over
is an integral part of your relation- do you just have to be really fucking
Diamonds concert. 7 p.m. Sports
ship, it should never be as dreaded hot?
Complex. $5 ticket pickup at
(or as pre-planned) as your weekly —Wanting Fifth-Floor Fun sudoku answers on p. 19
Morisset 006.
chores. Unlike housekeeping, boy-
friends don’t have to be done accord- For shame, dear readers. Like any func-
ing to a schedule, so don’t have sex for tioning relationship, there needs to be Saturday, Nov. 8
the sake of having sex. A change in at- some give and take for the relation- Word search by Virginia Raynec (CUP)
titude can really kickstart the coitus, ship to flourish. Unfortunately, after Women’s hockey: Ottawa vs.
and it might as well start with you, presenting this question to readers last Concordia. 2 p.m. Sports Complex.
ACG. It sounds like there is a discon- week, I only received a single reply: Students $4.
nection between you and your man; Yo first of all, let me say that it is
it seems that you two are caught up pretty much impossible to swing that New Ottawa Repertory Theatre
with other things, bored with sex, or kind of ‘exchange’ without having a presents: Fires in the Mirror. 7 p.m.
just plain tired of each other. So I want hot body (any ab flab and you can Ottawa School of Speech and Drama.
you to talk about fantasies and desires forget it!), however that’s not the only 294 Picton Ave. Students $15.
and facilitate unspoken communica- ingredient. Let me put it succinctly,
tion like eye contact and certain ways you’ve got to ‘work it’. Confident poise
of touching, which will increase the and eye contact are among the lead- Sunday, Nov. 9
energy between the two of you. The ing causes of women to make bad de-
better you both get at being present in cisions! I’d say try to fish out someone Learn-to-meditate workshop.
that moment—enjoying the sense of who looks bored and take an avid 2 p.m. Arts Hall. Room 257. Call
intimacy, paying attention to authen- interest, then ask for help with some- 613-791-5793 to reserve a seat. Free.
tic reactions, playing off each other’s thing and lead them into a dark cor-
signals like breathing and shivers, and ner. Best case scenario? Oral. Worst Concert: Trio Hochelaga. 3 p.m.
really exciting each other—the better case? Sore cheek. Tabaret Hall. Room 112. Students $5.
your chances of fucking like bunnies. So, WFFF, I’ll explain to you what
After you two have worked on your I’ve been ruminating about all week: Monday, Nov. 10
attitudes, tell him to take time off Confidence, eye contact, and even the
work and have lunch-break sex on the results of sheer boredom could affect Concert: Generation 2008. 8 p.m.
balcony. Halloween costumes are offi- your chances of randomly hooking up Dominion-Chalmers United Church.
cially on sale, so buy a sexy cop outfit with strangers, but all that is as futile 355 Cooper St.
complete with handcuffs. Have sex as betting on the Ottawa Senators— Voluntary contribution.
when your boyfriend is least expect- there is no way to predict what’s going
ing it, like in changerooms. Watch to happen. People feel and act differ-
TV in your lingerie. Build up antici- ently in various situations, so changing Tuesday, Nov. 11
pation with notes around the house yourself to increase your chances of
mentioning how much you want to random sexual encounters is impos- CDN4700: Les francophonies
suck his cock. Talk to him about sex sible. All you can do is groom yourself, canadiennes presents the film:
and during sex in new ways. All of smell great, be yourself, and hope for Deux voix en un echo. 5:30 p.m.
this should encourage him to think unrestrained horniness. Or you could Lamoureux Hall. Room 271. Free.
about the relationship and how he keep the library hook-up a fantasy
acts. I also want you to consider this: and avoid the risk of contracting STIs. Wednesday, Nov. 12
does it always have to end in sex? Happy studying!
Love, Love, Anonymous rapid HIV testing.
Di Di 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
Unicentre. Room 203. Free.

The Thryllabus needs lots of events to remain so thrilling. Chinese cinema: Introduction of
Chinese Opera. 7 p.m. Fauteux Hall.
Room 147A. Free.
Email with suggestions.
Frank Appleyard

Editorial Nov. 6–12, 2008


Checking CNN every
30 seconds since 1942.
Volume 69 - Issue 12 WHETHER YOU LOVE or hate
The necessity
of independent voices
Nov. 6–12, 2008 the goals of the recently launched
phone: (613) 562-5261
Smoke Free Campus campaign, you
fax: (613) 562-5259
631 King Edward Ave.,
have to give organizers Ryan Ken-
Ottawa, ON K1N6N5 nery, Sarah Burke, and company respect. The independently run campaign to limit the use and sale
of tobacco on campus is proof that
Recycle this paper or legitimate campaigns don’t neces-
Ohio goes red.
sarily need the backing of an influ-
Staff ential student association to gain
Frank ‘maverick’ Appleyard
traction among students and affect
Editor-in-Chief change on campus. Campaigns at the University of
Ottawa are typically the domain of
Ben ‘secret muslim’ Myers
Production Manager the Student Federation of the Uni- versity of Ottawa (SFUO), as cam-
paign ideas are floated by the SFUO
Michael ‘tax credit’ Olender Campaigns Committee, and are
Executive Editor carried out by the committee, SFUO
campaign staff, and volunteers.
Martha ‘pit bull’ Pearce According the SFUO’s website,
Art Director
the only current SFUO campaign is
the Drop Fees campaign, while re-
Emma ‘hussein’ Godmere cent initiatives have urged students
News Editor to Stop the Security and Prosperity
Partnership, Vote Mixed-Member
Peter ‘the plumber’ Henderson Proportional, and speak out to im-
Arts & Culture Editor prove the conditions in First Nations communities. Such campaigns are
David ‘wriststrong’ McClelland undeniably expensive—over $30,000
Sports Editor has been committed to Drop Fees— and extremely labour-intensive to
run effectively. While it’s under-
Sarah ‘troop surge’ Leavitt
Features Editor standable that given these costs only a handful of student-funded cam- illustration by Devin A. Beauregard
paigns can reasonably occur in a giv-
Danielle ‘exit strategy’ Blab
Laurel ‘fist pound’ Hogan
en year, there are nevertheless many Smoke-Free Campus campaign is referendum question being posed Perhaps you don’t agree with
Copy Editors student views and convictions that proof that beyond the complaints to undergraduate U of O students. the Smoke Free Campus campaign.
do not receive SFUO endorsement. and democratic inadequacies, ac- Given this historic context, the Perhaps you just don’t think its goal
Amanda ‘swing state’ Shendruk Enter the non-SFUO campaign. tion is possible. The voiceless can be Smoke Free Campus campaign’s is realistic. Regardless, the fact re-
Associate News Editor The value of independent cam- heard in a meaningful way. goal is even more ambitious. De- mains that organizers have admi-
paigns cannot be understated. While The Smoke Free Campus cam- spite their prolonged absence, non- rably taken it upon themselves to
James ‘W.’ Edwards any undergraduate student has the paign has the potential for signifi- SFUO campaigns meet a vital need advocate for change without seek-
Webmaster opportunity to attend SFUO Cam- cant ramifications for the U of O in on-campus democracy, as they ing the SFUO’s stamp, and the addi-
paigns Committee meetings and community. If the organizers can give students on the periphery of tion of their voices to the oft-tiring
Jessica ‘the ticket’ Sukstorf pitch their ideas, there is no guaran- get 1,500 signatures on a petition, student government an opportunity din of top-down student politics on
Volunteer & Visibility tee that the committee will approve undergraduate students will have to legitimately affect change free campus is refreshing.
the concepts, thus relegating the the opportunity to decide during from the constraints of bureaucracy If the Smoke Free Campus cam-
proposed campaigns to the dustbin a February referendum whether or the brick wall of student leaders paign achieves nothing else, let it be
Megan ‘i see russia’ O’Meara of history. This process—which is a or not the SFUO should adopt the representing opposite views. While to prove that any student with any
Staff Writer much-improved system implement- ideals of the campaign: to restrict running a campaign with the budget idea is capable of making waves on
Alex ‘tina fey’ Martin ed this year—can still leave deter- smoking on campus to designated of Drop Fees campaign is obviously campus. For those who frequently
Staff Illustrator mined students feeling marginalized areas, and to ban tobacco sales from unrealistic, the Smoke Free Campus complain about this campus’ stu-
where their ideals and convictions SFUO businesses. campaign has proven that it is pos- dent leaders and their work, con-
Inari ‘joe six-pack’ Vaissi Nagy are concerned. Every year, students Last year’s SFUO election ballot sible to reach students without a de- sider following this campaign’s
Jiselle ‘miss wasillia’ Bakker
Ombudsgirls opine that for various reasons the included two referendum questions pendency on deep pockets. Instead, lead, and putting the energy spent SFUO doesn’t properly represent and a plebiscite, all directly result- the organizers have reached U of O bemoaning the system into chang-
them, or that the on-campus demo- ing from SFUO work throughout students through well-planned pos- ing it.
Travis ‘yes we can’ Boisvenue
cratic system bars input from all but the year. In recent memory, no in- tering, Facebook, and simple deter- the student leaders themselves. The dependent campaign has led to a mination.

Nicole ‘straight-talk express’ Gall

Staff Proofreader

Robert ‘you betcha’ Olender Contributors

On-campus Distributor

Deidre ‘lipstick’ Butters Dave ‘hope’ Atkinson Kenny ‘voting machines’ Dodd Anna ‘bristol’ Rocoski
Advertising Representative Devin A. ‘vietnam’ Beauregard Jolene ‘battleground’ Hansell Len ‘ron paul factor’ Smirnov Hilary ‘p.o.w.’ Caton Daniel ‘designer glasses’ Harris Nigel ‘nader factor’ Smith cover photo by
Anne ‘tax credit’ Charls Danyal ‘hustler’ Khoral Alex ‘believe’ Smyth
Ross ‘this one’ Prusakowski Anna ‘colin powell’ Coutts Hisham ‘prank call’ Kelati Amlake ‘infomercial’ T-Digaf
Frank Appleyard
Business Manager Jessica ‘electoral college’ DeJonge Jocelyn ‘troopergate’ Robitaille Jack ‘change’ Wang
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