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Letters 2

Frank Appleyard
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008
Women-only is not equality All it does is send the message to Sandy Hill appreciation the tuition. It would appear to me when people’s levels of comfort and
more men and women like me that all that a vote against an administration- discomfort in different circumstances
Re: It’s not your penis animals are equal, but some animals Re: Drawing the line in Sandy Hill sponsored skip day represents the are so varied?
(Letters, Sept. 18) are more equal than others. I want no (Editorial, Sept. 18) student body quite well. As important as campaigns like
AS A FULL paid-up U of O student part of a university that believes that AS A FORMER Sandy Hill resident I I particularly resent Fancie’s com- Take Back the Night and Step It Up!
who both uses the school’s fitness the only way to deal with the prob- think the Fulcrum nailed it right on ment: “I am ashamed and baffled by are in sensitizing people to sexism
facilities and happens to be male, lem of inequality is to create further the mark with a very reasoned edi- their decision; any other student who and tackling subconscious patriarchy,
I think that if women are to be ac- inequality. torial referring to the zero-tolerance believes in the right to accessible edu- no amount of outreach can replace
corded female-only fitness hours, By all means, raise awareness of the campaign by Ottawa Police Services cation should feel the same way.” I the security felt when in the company
then all male students should have issues women in general (and women (OPS) in Sandy Hill, the ByWard for one support accessible education of one’s own gender—regardless of
a reduction of their incidental fees of certain religions) face when it Market, and Vanier, which ran Sept. for all, but am firmly opposed to the sexual orientation. While the Student
(or, conversely, all female students comes to the use of fitness facilities. 11–13. I’ve had my share of broken Canadian Federation of Students/ Federation of the University of Ot-
should be charged higher incidental By all means fundraise to provide bottles thrown on my front porch Student Federation of the University tawa is a proponent of gender equal-
fees). In what demented “equal” sys- separate workout facilities for these and drunken students destroying my of Ottawa campaign to lower tuition. ity, it also advocates positive space
tem should I pay the same amount of students, but do not use my money flower beds, but these were rare oc- Thinking that his way is the best way where everyone should feel secure
money for fewer services? If I am not or the facilities that I pay for and then casions. The majority of students fit is entirely understandable, but think- and free from discrimination. I think
welcome or permitted to attend the deliberately exclude me from them. nicely into the neighbourhood and ing that his way is the only way is ar- that same-gender gym/swim time,
fitness facilities for the same length This solves nothing, and leaves a poor give Sandy Hill its bohemian char- rogant and short-sighted. if offered to both genders, is a good
of time as anyone else, why on earth taste in everyone’s mouth. acter. As an owner of a nightclub in These two student senators voted complement to regular co-ed gym/
should I be expected to pay the same Faris Lehn’s response has already the ByWard Market, I welcome these as they felt was right, and I fully sup- swim time.
as everyone else? The creation of made me regret my vote for his lead- blitzes by the OPS because they make port them in their decision. As far as process goes, put to a vote,
“women-only” fitness hours leaves ership of the Political, International our streets safer, punish illegal behav- Luc Lendrum do you think the student body at large
innocent male students paying for and Development Studies Student iour, and enhance our quality of life. Second-year electrical would agree with this pilot project? If
time and services they cannot ac- Association. Nearly half of the stu- It’s commendable to see the student engineering student a few female students stand up and
cess. dent body now faces discrimination newspaper at U of O taking a lead- say, “I don’t feel this service is nec-
This doesn’t even begin to address and his only reply seems to be “we ing role in helping students and resi- Poking holes in the penis debate essary”, do they speak for all women
the fact that, while women may (and had it coming”. Well I did not, and dents understand each other to build on campus? If a majority of students
I in no way seek to deny this) face I am willing to bet that neither did a pleasant community. Re: No penises allowed polled voted against the same-gender
different challenges when it comes most students now facing unfair re- Eugene Haslam (Editorial, Sept. 11) time, does this negate the popula-
to public fitness facilities, providing strictions on the use of facilities they Owner, Zaphod Beeblebrox I CAME AWAY from your editorial tion that do feel the need for that safe
a sexist, separatist solution does not have helped to finance. wondering whether you took issue space? In political thought, this is
alleviate these problems. It does not Gregory Mills Supporting student senators with Sports Services for an inadequate termed “tyranny of the majority”.
lead to a more inclusive environment. Fourth-year political science student process and lack of consultation, the I encourage any male students in
Re: Supporting academic amnesty pilot project itself, or both. favour of having their own swim/

(Letters, Sept. 18) I agree that the implementation of gym time to form a group, perhaps
ARROGANT. THAT IS the only way female-only gym/swim hours is sexist, through the “Tough Guise” men’s
I can describe last week’s letter by but for different reasons; I think male- group at the Women’s Resource Cen-
Mike Fancie criticizing the decision only hours should exist as well. You tre, get a petition together and submit
of Allison Enright and Joseph Wesley mentioned the body-image issues that it to Sports Services. Everyone’s needs
Celebrating 75 years on campus
News Richards II to vote against the day of
academic amnesty at the most recent
both men and women face, as well as
religious reasons for same-gender pri-
deserve to be respected, without step-
ping on each other’s toes.
The U of O’s School of Nursing has come a long
Senate meeting. vate time. I don’t see why female-only So there are three fewer hours men
way, as Amanda Shendruk explains. p. 5
I object strongly to Mr. Fancie’s gym/swim time would be a problem if can swim [and work out] every week.
Kenny Dodd checks out last weekend’s Home- decisions to equate a vote against the male equivalent existed as well. They still have the remaining however
coming celebrations. p. 5 the day of academic amnesty with a You made the point that some peo- many more hours. Is it really such a
p. 5 misrepresentation of the needs of the
student body and imply that Joseph
ple see the gym as a place to pick up,
much like other places around cam-
huge sacrifice if it brings comfort and
safe space to people who feel they
and Allison do not support accessible pus. You also mentioned that both need it?

Arts X marks the spot education.

If our university’s Senate were to
men and women are self-conscious. I
don’t know about you, but I feel par-
Celeste Côté
Former SFUO
Anna Coutts takes a snapshot of Festival X. tell us that this day of action to lower ticularly vulnerable when I’m work- campaigns coordinator
p. 13 tuition fees is more important than ing out and sweaty, or in a swim-suit.
our education, wouldn’t that be rather I avoid gyms for this reason. While Addressing inequality
Danielle Blab shows you the NAC’s Happy ironic? Well, by encouraging us to sensitivity training for gym staff

p. 13 Days. p. 13 skip classes, labs, tests, etc. without

fear of repercussions, they are doing
would be great, how practical is it to
offer this as an alternative to same-
Re: No penises allowed
(Editorial, Sept. 11)
just that. The student body is here to gender gym/swim time? What are the THE REASONS FOR implementing

Easy victory
be educated. Despite the apparently criteria for staff intervention? Would women-only gym and swim hours are
Sports exorbitant tuition fees, every student this training stop people from staring much more complex than portrayed
Men’s football team brushes aside the Waterloo at this university, and at others across at each other? If I look at someone the in “No penises allowed”.
Warriors. p. 21 Canada, votes with his or her wallet wrong way, am I going to get a lecture?
each year that the education is worth What is acceptable and not acceptable LETTERS continued on p. 3
Men’s baseball team suffers another winless
weekend in a winless season. p. 23 Business Department Advertising Department
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LETTERS continued from p. 2 ers, but apparently my hopes are too offended letter-writer Michael Read with a private lawsuit threat issued by of 126 promises, including reduc-
high. because he claimed it “contradicts the U of O VP Resources Victor Simon, ing wait times at hospitals, reducing
Women-only hours are about build- The irony of the article is laughable, message of our proud university”. He then with a threat of “discipline up to student debt, and making education
ing and creating a space that works as every point presented by Myers was perceived this shirt as a “slap in the and including termination of employ- more accessible and getting tough on
for women, both as members of the later contradicted in his own words. face” and urged me (along with oth- ment” issued by the Dean of the Fac- the environment.
campus community and as paying The assumptions are ill founded and ers who support this message) to re- ulty of Science, André Lalonde. The Next, he ignored all of Justice John
patrons of the gym and pool. Setting unwarranted. Ever heard of the say- evaluate the values of our school. U of O’s official position is that Ran- Gomery’s recommendations for im-
aside these hours enables women to ing, when you “assume” you make an I took Read’s advice, and I did re- court is violating a policy which states proving accountability in Ottawa and
work out in an environment that is “ass” out of “u” and “me”? evaluate. In doing so, I actually be- that, “Images found on the University even went as far as to create loopholes
less intimidating, one in which the The author’s first hypothesis as to came more pleased with the fact that of Ottawa website are the sole prop- in his own legislation that could be
primary focus is fitness. While some why women-only gym hours have I had worn that shirt. Universities are erty of the University of Ottawa. They exploited by his own party.
people may go to the gym to find a been instated in the smaller of the U meant to be a forum where we are free may be used by faculty, staff, students Afterwards, there was the Cadman
potential partner or hookup, not all of O’s two gyms, the Montpetit facil- to express whichever views we choose and the news media solely for posi- Affair, Mulroneygate, various anti-
do. Others may appreciate the oppor- ity, was that the changes must be a to—whether or not they are the dom- tive promotion of activities related to gay and misogynist comments both
tunity to work out in a space where knee-jerk reaction to some sort of inant ideology. The fact that Read the University of Ottawa” and “The in Parliament and in the media, al-
the focus is instead simply on becom- sexual harassment committed by the linked a T-shirt supporting an official images posted on the U of O watch legations of election corruption, and
ing a healthier person. male student population, some sort of federal political party to unfit dissent blog site have not been used for posi- most recently breaking his own fixed
The gym can be intimidating for incident that Sport Services are trying is not only ludicrously unfounded, it tive promotion of activities related to election date law.
women because it is a space that has to cover up as they won’t openly ad- in itself is completely contradictory of the University of Ottawa.” Rancourt Furthermore, Harper has dragged
been traditionally male-dominated mit to it. Maybe they won’t admit to the democratic values circumscribed explained on record that “criticism many a politician’s name through the
and unwelcoming for women. It is it because no such event occurred? in the constitutions of Canada and is positive, healthy, and necessary mud with cheap personal attacks and
also a place where an extraordinary Continuing on his ridiculous idea that the U of O. In actuality, I may not to produce change. Congratulatory radio/TV/street-corner propaganda
amount of emphasis is placed on the changes to the gym hours are re- even intend on voting for the Bloc niceties only support the status quo. that would have gotten any other Ca-
physical appearance and competition. actionary, the author then goes on to next month—I wore this shirt (which Not exposing known problems en- nadian sued senseless long ago.
Given that women are socialized to be say that not all men should be painted was gifted to me from a friend) in or- courages their continuation. Criti- So much for accountability and in-
constantly critical of their physical ap- by the same brush. A bit of a paradox der to raise awareness of the upcom- cism is vital work that needs to be tegrity, eh Mr. Harper?
pearance, it is easy to understand why considering his sexist hypothesis. ing election. The party that I choose encouraged rather than censored and If that wasn’t bad enough, just this
some women might want to work out The author then goes on to state to vote for is irrelevant. I wonder if as attacked.” month, while the economy goes down
in an environment free of these pres- that there was no public discussion much offence would have been taken On Sept. 11, at 12:10 p.m., while the toilet and hundreds of thousands
sures. before these changes took place. As if I chose to sport a Conservative, Lib- the EBOG begins their deliberation, a of jobs are lost, Harper “found” $8.8
As is often the case with positions a student who personally signed the eral, NDP, or Green Party shirt? press conference is held in the court billion of our tax dollars to give away.
of privilege, the editorial in ques- petition for women-only gym hours I am aware that his letter was not a yard outside of Morisset Library, Included in that reckless spending was
tion argues that women should adapt to take place, I strongly object to his personal attack, but rather an attempt where Rancourt voices himself to the $350,000 for an ice cream company in
themselves to the male “norm”. The pontificating. The Women’s Resource to voice both a social frustration and crowd: Prince Edward Island and $297,000
suggestions it provides ask women to Centre worked tirelessly last year to political opinion. I hope my response “This blog is part of my work as a for a ski club in Newfoundland!
remove themselves from the public obtain this minimal change in gym will be read with similar consider- university professor. And the abso- If that $8.8 billion had been given
gym space they have paid for. hours. And the change is minimal. ation. I have zero intention of being lute legal proof of the fact that it is to the National Student Loan Ser-
Ultimately, the advent of women- The women-only hours add up to offensive, but I could not allow his part of my work is the following: they vice or to our universities, maybe
only gym and swim hours is an ac- three hours per week. That is three letter to go without an educated re- couldn’t discipline me if it wasn’t part students would have an easier time
knowledgement that there is an issue measly hours where women are in a sponse. of my work. Now when a professor paying their bills and we wouldn’t be
of inequality on campus and in soci- safe, secure, and accepting environ- And while we are on the topic of does his or her work in this way, the bombarded by corporate logos on
ety that has to change. It is a promis- ment away from individuals who educated responses, I hope all of you University has a legal responsibility every corner of our university cam-
ing step in the right direction that is agree with the stance taken by the au- (whether you share the same senti- to support that work, and to support pus!
welcomed by many women. thor of this editorial that women-only ments as myself, Read, or otherwise) academic freedom in performing When you go to the polls on Oct.
Sarah McKinnon, Katie Verhoeven, gym hours are sexist, a waste, and will use the immense power we have that work. And instead of doing that, 14, send a message to Stevo. Tell him
Jordan Leichnitz other foul ideas. Why not use these as individuals and vote on Oct. 14. they’re trying to frustrate, they’re try- it’s not okay to be a hypocrite. Tell
SFUO Women’s Resource Centre three hours to embrace the feminist Amalia Savva ing to censor, and they’re even going him it’s not okay to sewer our econ-
movement, or to use the newer, more Second-year public so far as to discipline. My own dean omy and sell our environment to the
I’m not saying the Fulcrum spacious gym located in the Sports administration student threatens to dismiss me outright.” Alberta oil companies. Most impor-
is sexist, but… Complex, or to become more chau- The press conference, and the tantly, tell him it’s not okay to be a
vinist. Just stay away from the Mont- The U of O’s administration has events that ensued, including the en- corrupt politician!
Re: “No penises allowed” petit gym please. hijacked our institution counter with the protection officer- Dave D’Intino
(Editorial, Sept. 11) The only other article mention- fortified glass wall, are reported at U of O alumnus and master’s
“DON’T LET THIS sort of sexism ing the new women-only gym hours, ON SEPT. 11, at approximately 1:15 length on student in legal studies at
start here” are the final words of the while less biased, had a highly de- p.m., the Executive of the Univer- A documentary video portrays the Carleton University
editorial “No penises allowed”. I rogatory title. Women still don’t earn sity of Ottawa’s Board of Governors insanity. La Rotonde was there to wit-
would hope that this sort of sexism equal pay for equal work in Canada, (EBOG), after holding a one-and- ness it all. The Fulcrum chose to not
would have evaded writer Ben My- and the Fulcrum’s biggest issue is that a-half-hour meeting behind closed publish this story.
men have one less place to be sexist doors, barred from the public by force Marc Kelly
on campus, for three hours a week. of several Protection officers, ruled on Sixth-year physics and
Please Fulcrum staff, don’t let this sort the temporary suspension of physics mathematics student
Have Your Say of sexism start here.
Jessica Shewbridge
professor Denis Rancourt. While the
EBOG met in secrecy, Rancourt, and It’s all about ethics
Third-year psychology and women’s approximately 15 students, professors,
Will you attend the SFUO’s studies student and community members, stood out- THE UPCOMING CANADIAN fed-
“Wake up and Vote” event side of the glass wall at the entrance eral election will serve as a statement
Not about the Bloc to the university’s main governance for many issues. The Conservatives
on Sept. 26? facility in Tabaret Hall. Rancourt was want the election to be about cer-
Re: Keeping the “Canada” in Canada’s prevented from attending and speak- tainty vs. risk. The Liberals and the
University (Letters, Sept. 11) ing at his own disciplinary meeting. Greens want the environment to be
Yes YOU MAY HAVE read the letter in Students, professors, and community the central issue. The NDP want to
the Sept. 11 edition of the Fulcrum, members were prevented from ob- make poverty the focal point.
No which was cleverly entitled “Keeping serving the deliberation. The ruling I think the upcoming election
What’s that? the ‘Canada’ in Canada’s University”.
In this letter, a fellow second-year
has yet to be divulged.
Since Aug. 20, 2007, the U of O has
needs to be about ethics. In 2006,
when Stephen Harper was on the
student professed his disgust with the been pursuing Rancourt for openly campaign trail, he made over 126
Go to T-shirt that I wore to the Sept. 6 Gee-
Gees football game. For those of you
criticizing university activities and
for publicly exposing unethical uni-
promises, one of them being to clean
up government. who missed it, the “horrible t-shirt” versity governance with his blog uo- It has now been a little over a year
was emblazoned with the text “I am a The U of O and half and what has Stevo done for
to cast your vote! separatist. On Oct. 14 vote Bloc Qué- first attempted to coerce Rancourt us lately? Well I’ll tell you.
bécois”. This statement apparently into removing content from his blog He started off by breaking 120 out Sept. 25, 2008 LETTERS 3

News 5
Emma Godmere
News Editor
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008

nostalgia by Amanda Shendruk
Fulcrum Staff

OVER 450 ALUMNI and guests at-

tended the University of Ottawa’s
School of Nursing Gala on Sept. 19
to celebrate the school’s 75th anniver-
Presiding over the event as honor-
ary chair was University of Ottawa

U of O’s Chancellor and U of O nursing alum-

na (class of 1960) Huguette Labelle.
The gala, which was held at the Hamp-
oldest ton Inn conference centre, included
speeches from Dean of the Faculty of Student nurses march at the U of O in 1947.
photo courtesy Kirsten Woodend

faculty Health Sciences Denis Prud’Homme,

Director and Associate Dean of Nurs- was initially called d’Youville School of O, and even today it holds a promi- chance that we can be.”
ing Kirsten Woodend, and Labelle. of Nursing and was located at Ottawa nent place in the institution. With over She expected that the future of the
celebrates Marion Dewar, the admired former
Ottawa mayor who passed away on
General Hospital. In 1933, authority
over the school was transferred to the
1,700 undergraduate and graduate
students, the School of Nursing is the
school will focus mainly on the growth
and expansion of the nursing doctoral
its diamond Sept. 15, was scheduled to attend the
gala. She was one of the school’s best-
U of O, becoming the sixth nursing
school , and the first bilingual one, in
largest school on campus. Attendance
has grown phenomenally since the
program and the continued develop-
ment of research initiatives.
known alumni, graduating in 1968. In Canada. school’s inception. In 1939, the school Woodend pointed out that since
anniversary memory of Dewar, a memorial book
was on display for signing by guests,
When the school first opened the
faculty offered two basic programs—
produced six graduates, whereas in
2008 over 300 nursing students re-
2003 the school has experienced a 200
per cent jump in research grants.
and will be given to Dewar’s family. a three-year diploma and a five-year ceived their degrees. Prud’Homme praised the school
Throughout the night, alumni min- bachelor of science of nursing— While many at the gala were reflect- and agreed that the School of Nursing
gled with patrons, faculty members, whereas the school now offers five ing on the history of the school, Woo- has a strong future in research.
and current students. The oldest alum- undergraduate and two graduate pro- dend took a moment to contemplate “We have among our faculty mem-
na in attendance graduated in 1949, grams. In October, the faculty’s first its future. bers many international leaders and
only 16 years after the school joined PhD in nursing, Amélie Perron, will “I would see us getting to be one of emerging leaders in nursing research,”
the university. walk across the stage. the top schools of nursing for research he said in an e-mail. “I could tell you
The school, which was established In 1933, the Faculty of Nursing was in Canada,” she said. “I think that’s that our school of nursing is the best
in 1896 by the Grey Nuns of the Cross, the first professional school at the U where we’re aiming, and there’s a good school of nursing in Canada.”

Homecoming hits U of O
Alumni take over everything on the same weekend at tea and a family music fair held by the
the same time and with concentrated Department of Music and the Ottawa
campus in the numbers of people.” Chamber Music Society. The three
event’s fourth year Homecoming has grown in size days were also filled with a variety of
since its inaugural year, resulting in faculty- and class-specific events.
by Kenny Dodd 3,000 registered participants for this The involvement of the U of O’s
Fulcrum Contributor year’s edition. The exact number of current undergrads in the festivities
people who attend is difficult to pin was crucial to the success of the week-
STUDENTS PAST AND present came down since many of the scheduled end. While Homecoming is geared
together this weekend to celebrate the events do not require participants to towards alumni, events such as the
University of Ottawa’s Homecoming register. Gee-Gees football game and Wings
2008. “A lot of the events are casual, and and Beer night at 1848 catered to the
A university-wide celebration that you can just drop in,” said Bennett. younger crowd, and current students
saw many alumni come back to relive This year’s festivities began on the assisted with much of the organiza-
their glory days at the U of O, Home- night of Sept. 19 with a Homecom- tion of the weekend.
coming—which was inaugurated in ing Casino held on Tabaret lawn and “Quite a number of our volunteers
2005—was created to bring together a Wings and Beer night at 1848. Sept. are students, and we employ students
the many informal reunions that oc- 20 kicked off bright and early with a on an ongoing basis in our office,” said
cur each year on campus into a single, pancake breakfast held by Alumni Re- Bennett. “We also plan events that are
large official occasion. lations, and the highlights of the day particularly created for the younger
“We had the elements of a reunion included a fajita bar and a live per- crowd.”
within the [reunions of] faculties and formance by the Ottawa Stilt Union Despite the emphasis on the in-
groups of graduates, and we brought at lunch, the men’s football game volvement of current students in
them together,” explained Danielle between the Gee-Gees and the Uni- Homecoming weekend, the Student
Bennett of the Alumni Relations Of- versity of Waterloo Warriors at Frank Federation of the University of Ot-
fice, which takes a leading role in the Clair Stadium in the afternoon, and tawa (SFUO) did not formally par-
organization of the weekend. “It was a movie marathon on Tabaret lawn ticipate in the event.
photo by Martha Pearce that ran 9 p.m.–4 a.m. The weekend
just a matter of gathering it up and
Students engage in some unhealthy competition at the Wings and Beer event. wound down on Sept. 21 with high HOMECOMING continued on p. 6
making a concerted effort: having
HOMECOMING continued from p. 5

SFUO President Dean Haldenby

pointed out that the SFUO does not
actively plan events since Alumni Re-
Marching to end violence against women
lations has specifically undertaken the
organization of the weekend.
“It’s not that we wouldn’t like to par-
Take Back the Night
ticipate, but the activities have been celebrates
taken on by the university,” he said. 30 years in Ottawa
Haldenby added that he would be
open to seeing the SFUO participate in by Jolene Hansell
future Homecomings, especially since Fulcrum Contributor
it already contributes to the weekend
through initiatives such as permitting ON SEPT. 25, women and men will
the use of its bar, 1848. march downtown together as Take
“[Our participation] is definitely an Back the Night returns to raise
option,” he said. awareness and help to end violence
Bennett hopes that the success of against women. The annual march,
this year’s version will allow for bigger celebrating its 30th anniversary in
and more diverse initiatives, and even Ottawa, begins at 6:30 p.m. at Minto
greater participation. Park on the corner of Elgin and
“Homecoming is for everyone and Gilmour Streets and will open with
we really want to keep building on a vigil and speeches taking place at
it,” she said. “We really hope it’s an the women’s monument. With pots,
experience that our alumni wish to pans, whistles, drums, horns, and
repeat.” tambourines in hand—which par-
ticipants are encouraged to bring
along—women will lead the march
downtown to promote awareness of photo by Martha Pearce
violence against women and to take
Sarah McKinnon (far right), advocacy officer at the Women’s Resource Centre and other staff members will be
action towards ending it. The rally
out in full force on Sept. 25.
is a symbolic reclamation of the city’s streets, a public space that the tawa’s Women’s Resource Centre, be made to feel as if we should be the Unicentre, which will feature
march aims to ensure is always safe the march is a political statement afraid.” various women’s organizations along
for women. aimed to raise awareness that vio- This year, the march will end at with counselling, entertainment,
According to Sarah McKinnon, lence is still prevalent. the University of Ottawa. An infor- and refreshments. The information
advocacy officer for the Student “We [women] should not be mation fair will be held in the Agora fair begins at 8 p.m. and everyone is
Federation of the University of Ot- afraid,” she said, “nor should we near the Pivik on the main floor of welcome to attend.

University of Ottawa

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your program
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year student in one of the
w following programs?
to be


t General 4DJFODF

If so, complete our survey about your program

of studies and we will enter you in a draw for
one prize of $500.

For details, keep an eye on your

uOttawa e-mail account on
September 23, 2008

Questions or comments?
Contact Hélène Lacroix at 613-562-5954.

6 NEWS Sept. 25, 2008

Proclaiming Obama
and explaining McCain
by Amanda Shendruk the Graduate School of Public and the spark of life that Sarah Palin’s vice-
Fulcrum Staff International Affairs, Peter Harder, president nomination brought back to
former deputy minister at Foreign Af- McCain’s campaign. He described Pa-
“IF YOU WERE American, how fairs and International Trade Canada; lin’s nomination as a “brilliant tactic”,
many of you would vote for Obama?” Michael Kergin, former Canadian and said it was one of the strategies
Arms immediately filled what little Ambassador to the U.S.; and Jeffrey that recently narrowed the gap between
space was left in the crowded room. Simpson, a national affairs columnist Obama and McCain.
“McCain?” with the Globe and Mail, discussed a Finally, Harder, who is also a mem-
Two lonely but defiant hands flew up. campaign that, Harder claimed, will ber of the U of O’s Board of Gover-
A laugh rippled throughout the group. be ingrained in history. nors, discussed the campaigns from a
It was a landside victory for Obama Kergin kicked off the dialogue by broader perspective, reflecting on the
that night. But most Americans aren’t describing the main characteristics phases of the presidential race and
U of O students, and when the U.S. of Obama. He portrayed him as the speculating about what surprises or
goes to the polls on Nov. 4, the out- “consummate outsider”, and Amer- gaffes the final stage may hold. Hard-
come likely won’t be as straightfor- ica’s first “post-racial” candidate. He er concluded by stating that neither
ward. also highlighted Obama’s “intellectual candidate has yet clinched the race.
On Sept. 22, about 75 University firepower and eloquence”, and his “ex- “We’re five weeks away, anything
of Ottawa students and community traordinary ambition and confidence”. could happen,” he concluded.
members packed into a classroom in Kergin closed with a crisp summation During the question period that
Desmarais Hall to hear what three ex- of his thoughts on the election. followed, the panelists had many op-
perts on American politics had to say “It’s Obama’s to lose,” he said. portunities to expand on possible
about the U.S. election and its impact Simpson followed Kergin’s com- impacts of the American election on
on Canadians. ments with a brief description of McCa- Canadian politics.
During the panel discussion, in’s campaign. Simpson attended both
photo by Jack Wang which was organized by the Centre the recent Democratic and Republican ELECTION PANEL
Panelists Michael Kergin and Jeffrey Simpson answered questions regarding the for International Policy Studies and conventions and witnessed first hand continued on p. 10
U.S. election on Sept. 22.

Tomorrow’s Professionals
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SAFA votes ‘yes’ for Café Alt levy

Apply Online!
Ontario Medical School Application Service
September 15, 2008: Last day to register for
online applications
October 1, 2008: Application deadline OLSAS
Ontario Law School Application Service
photo by Ian Flett
November 3, 2008: Application deadline – First year
May 1, 2009: Application deadline – Upper year
Voter turnout votes cast in the executive elections
in March.
cess and higher voter turnout for
the referendum, Referendum Con-
higher than Michèle Lamarche, who co- venor Caroline Frappier still be-

March elections
founded a group dedicated to lieves that many students display
raising awareness about the café’s voter apathy.
TEAS much-needed renovations called “It’s kind of surprising that peo-
Teacher Education Application Service by Aaron Kozak Project Alternatif, believes this is ple aren’t aware of [the café] … It’s
November 28, 2008: Application deadline Fulcrum Contributor a sign that students are starting to frustrating that a lot of students still
show more responsibility and inter- don’t care when it concerns them,”
THE VOTE TALLY in the Sept. est for their space. said Frappier.
17–19 referendum almost tripled “We broke down the apathy a lit- SAFA President Liz Doneathy
the number of votes garnered in last tle bit more,” said Lamarche follow- has been waiting for the café’s reno- ORPAS spring’s Students’ Association of the ing the final tally of the results. vations since their first mention last
Faculty of Arts (SAFA) executive The referendum still needs to be fall. Although she applauded Lama-
Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs
elections. approved by the Faculty of Arts be- rche and the rest of the students in-
Application Service
Arts students were presented fore the levy can be enacted for the volved in Project Alternatif, she too
(Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy,
with the option of adding to their 2009–10 academic year. The money agreed that many students are para-
Speech-Language Pathology)
student levy a one-time $3 fee and a received from the levy will go into lyzed by a state of indifference.
January 9, 2009: Application deadline
$1.50 subsequent yearly fee to sup- an account set aside for the café’s “It’s sad to say, but a lot of peo-
port Café Alternatif ’s future reno- upkeep and any add-ons that may ple don’t care about anything other
vations and upkeep. be requested in the future, such as than coming to school and leaving,”
With the final numbers total- an improved sound system, more she said. “Student apathy is unfortu-
ling 245 in favour and 26 against, furniture, or other accessories that nately a harsh reality.”
170 Research Lane
Guelph ON N1G 5E2 the 271 total votes demonstrated will make the café more appealing The Café, located in the basement of a major increase in participation for students. Simard Hall, is slated to formally open
from students, compared to the 100 Despite Project Alternatif ’s suc- in the second week of October. Sept. 25, 2008 NEWS 7

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French Immersion Studies
News in brief
photo by Oker Chen (CUP)

Green leader kicks only 14 per cent of voters support- environment. provinces to fund university and col- financial contributors, cut $1.5 million
off green campaign ing the party. At the same time, the Canadian lege education. of funding, arguing that education
—Sam VanSchie, Youth Climate Coalition branch Layton also took the opportunity should be under Ontario’s jurisdiction.
VANCOUVER (CUP) – GREEN Western Bureau Chief of CFS will present their Power to at Memorial to reaffirm his party’s The province, however, claims that
PARTY LEADER Elizabeth May Vote campaign, which encourages positions on a number of other is- FNTI’s head office in Tyendinaga Mo-
kicked off her coast-to-coast cam- CFS, David Suzuki kick off young people to vote and partici- sues. With respect to the rising price hawk Territory is on a native reserve,
paign at a rally in Vancouver, B.C. Canada-wide university tour pate with issues like environmental of gas, Layton vowed to take on oil which is not their responsibility.
on Sept. 21. May will be travelling sustainability. corporations, whom he accused of The school was about to close down
from the West Coast to Truro, N.S., ST. JOHN’S (CUP) – THE CANA- The tour will travel to 21 uni- gouging consumers, and restated the last April when the provincial govern-
via train, and will make 90 stops in DIAN FEDERATION of Students versities in 30 days, starting in St. NDP’s intention to immediately pull ment issued $1.5 million to make up
towns and cities along the way to (CFS) is promoting the importance John’s, N.L. on Sept. 30, and will Canadian troops out of Afghanistan for the cut, but maintained the fund
publicize the Green Party platform. of student funding, a sustainable include a stop at the University of if elected. was only a one-time investment and
While all of the other national par- environment, and the power of vot- Ottawa on Oct. 9. —Ian MacDonald, The Muse called upon the federal government to
ties have chartered jets to fly their ing in this year’s federal election— —Ian MacDonald, The Muse take more responsibility.
leaders across the country, May’s messages they hope will sway voters Ryerson’s First Nations students at Ryerson and FNTI offer programs in
choice of transportation reflects the and candidates alike—by launching Jack Layton speaks risk of losing funding administration and public governance
Green Party’s commitment to run- a tour across Canada. to students in N.L. as well as social work in Ontario. First
ning a carbon-neutral campaign. In collaboration with sustain- TORONTO (CUP) – ABOUT 150 Nations students can graduate with
During her send-off at the Van- ability organizations like the Sier- ST. JOHN’S (CUP) – NEW DEMO- STUDENTS could lose their educa- a Ryerson University certificate, ad-
couver train terminal, May re- ra Youth Coalition and the David CRATIC PARTY leader Jack Layton tional facilities and funding if the pro- vanced certificate, or degree depend-
marked that she was optimistic that Suzuki Foundation, the CFS has addressed students during a cam- vincial and federal governments can’t ing on the length of schooling.
her appearance in the forthcoming developed a nation-wide Students paign stop at Memorial University in decide who should fund the First Na- A strategic consultant report—sug-
nationally televised leaders’ de- for Sustainability Campus Tour, St. John’s, N.L. on Sept. 12. In a speech tions Technical Institute’s (FTNI) joint gested and paid for by the federal gov-
bates would increase support for in which they will send delegates geared towards post-secondary stu- program with Ryerson University in ernment—will review the institute’s
the Greens among the electorate. to various post-secondary institu- dents and young voters, Layton Toronto. operations and give recommendations
Recent polls by Angus Reid sug- tions to spread the word about the pledged that if elected to power, the The FNTI has had a close partner- on its sustainability, and will be tenta-
gest that even in environmentally importance of encouraging stu- NDP would table post-secondary ed- ship with Ryerson University for al- tively available to the public by the end
friendly British Columbia, the dents to get involved in national ucation legislation that would ensure most a decade. Last spring, the federal of the year.
Greens place a distant fourth with issues and how this applies to the regular federal transfer payments to government, one of the school’s biggest —Joyce Yip, The Eyeopener

MIA at the BOG

Vote of confidence

ing fire codes. Demonstrators resorted rows of chairs set up were left com- of this opportunity. Dates, times, and This time, we’re seeing the current
to banging on outside windows and pletely empty. agendas of BOG meetings are always president welcome observers practi-
doors and eventually police interven- Both University of Ottawa Presi- posted on the U of O’s website and cally with open arms, and no one is
tion forced a side meeting between a dent Allan Rock and Chair of the BOG the room change was advertised both even waiting at the door.
Protection officer and two of there and on posters in Taba- The code of conduct, originally
the demonstrating students ret Hall. formed under Patry’s former admin-
to try to settle the dispute. Granted, there were more istration, and having faced resistance
This was in stark contrast controversial items on the from students last April, has been
to Sept. 22’s meeting that No one really takes advantage of agenda last April—the uni- quashed. A students’ bill of rights is
opened with a reception fea- versity had used a commer- currently being drafted under a part-
turing a string quartet and the transparency this new cial title in naming a terrace nership between the university and
Emma Godmere finger foods.
administration seems to be at Tabaret Hall, and students the two student unions on campus. It’s
The first BOG meeting of wanted to shed light on the only September, and the administra-
News Editor the 2008–09 academic year so willing to offer. fact that it was against univer- tion has already made a great effort to
wasn’t even in the Senate sity policy to do so—but it was express their openness on campus.
LAST APRIL’S BOARD of Governors chambers. It was in the cha- still unfortunate to see no one Students have gotten so accustomed
(BOG) meeting undoubtedly ended pel—the much larger hall in take advantage of the trans- to trying to make their voices heard
the 2007–08 academic year on a sour the north end of Tabaret Hall parency this new administra- when the university refuses to listen.
note. Students were barred from en- that is home to the annual student- Marc Jolicoeur expressed, at the start tion seems to be so willing to offer. At this point, all eyes and ears are on
tering the Senate chambers in Tabaret cards-and-loans extravaganza in early of the evening, their intent to bring According to Federico Carvajal, the students: now that the opportunity
Hall first upon claims that the meet- September. the public meeting to a larger space in who was vp services for the Graduate has been won, it’s time to take advan-
ing was private and the guest list only It’s the type of room that can cer- order to accommodate anybody who Students’ Association (GSAÉD) at the tage of what was fought for.
included some student media and tainly hold a lot of people, but apart wished to witness the goings-on of the time, it was former U of O president
administrators, and subsequently be- from a handful of administrators and university administration. Gilles Patry who denied students’ en-
cause there was fear of violating build- a few student journalists, the multiple Nobody seemed to take advantage try into the public meeting last April. 613-562-5260 Sept. 25, 2008 NEWS 9

Tories aim to toughen laws for young betting that the proposal, announced constitutional challenge given the Su-
criminals Sept. 22 in Ottawa, will reiterate that the preme Court’s earlier rulings on young
Conservatives are tough on crime. offenders.
THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY of Currently, the Youth Criminal Jus- Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, Bloc
Canada would extend lifelong prison tice Act (YCJA) provides a maximum Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, and

Ottawatch sentences to young offenders 14 and

older and would allow their names to
be released publicly in cases of murder,
10-year sentence for first-degree mur-
der for young offenders if tried as chil-
dren. Six of those years are served in jail
NDP leader Jack Layton were all quick
to dismiss the plan.
According to the Toronto Star, Dion
manslaughter, or aggravated assault, if and four on conditional sentence. The said it would “repeat the mistakes of
the party is re-elected. act also prohibits the identification of the right-wing United States” and con-
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is young offenders if they are under 18. trasted it with his own party’s stance on
Harper said he would allow a province- the YCJA, which states that “the system
by-province reassessment, providing needs improvement, but not a radical
for the possibility that individual prov- overhaul.”
inces could choose their own publica- Duceppe, according to the Globe
tion ban age. and Mail, called it “more weapons and In a Globe and Mail article published prisons.” Layton also told the Globe he
Corporate Residency on Sept. 22, Queen’s University youth- has “yet to meet anyone” who believes
justice expert Nick Bala cast doubt on measures such as the Tory policy would
the plan, explaining that there is a pos- work in lowering crime rates.
sibility the proposal could not pass a —Carl Meyer

photo by Jacob Hall

Panelists discuss the American election on Sept. 22.

Straight to the juicy. ELECTION PANEL

continued from p. 7
When questioned about the impor-
tance of the American election to Ca-
nadian students, Simpson was quick
Canadian support for Barack to point out that the future of both
The Dalhousie Corporate Residency MBA gets you what you want, faster. Obama is strong, Harder noted, and countries belongs to today’s youth.
Our unique model is a practical, relevant and hands-on learning experience it cuts across all demographics. In “So much of what we do, and so
designed for the real world right now. s It integrates classroom learning with an the case of a Democratic win, U.S.- much of what we think, and so much
friendly Stephen Harper may have of how we behave in this country is
eight-month paid corporate residency with one of North America’s leading
less difficulty selling cooperation with in response to what happens in the
employers. So you’re earning your MBA while you’re earning your place in the the Americans to a population that United States … [Students] should try
corporate world. No waiting. s As the only Corporate Residency MBA in favours the president, Harder sug- to understand [the U.S.] because what
Canada, we worked with more than 30 top employers to design the program. gested. they do has a considerable influence,
You’ll get what you want because you’ll have what employers want. “It would be a godsend for Harper direct or indirect, on how we comport
if Obama wins,” he said. ourselves in Canada,” he said.
The outcome of the American elec- Nearing the end of the panel, the
tion will certainly affect Canadian speculative nature of the discussion
politics. The issues most influenced, prompted Harder to joke about the dif-
the panelists suggested, will be those ficulty in predicting election outcomes.
surrounding free trade and the North “I’ll give you the right answer on
American Free Trade Agreement, Nov. 5,” he said.
border control, arctic sovereignty and Before the audience exhausted its
policy, and dialogue about the envi- questions, moderator Roland Paris,
ronment. director of the Centre for Interna-
“Americans may save us from our- tional Policy Studies, closed the dis-
selves,” Simpson said in response to a cussion.
question about the impact of U.S. en- After suggesting that the three re-
vironmental policies on Canada. If a turn for a follow-up election dialogue,
cap-and-trade policy is implemented he thanked the panelists.
in the U.S., he explained, Canadian “If the quality of television [politi-
businesses might follow suit on emis- cal] analysis were this good I would
sion reductions in order to be more renew my cable subscription!” he
appealing cross-border trade partners. joked.

How can you beat rising gas prices?

Find out:

10 NEWS Sept. 25, 2008

Dion pledges to open
federal wallet for students
Liberals promise loans microscopes cluttering the cramped “The future productivity and eco-
lab. nomic success of Canada depends on
for all, regardless of Liberal Member of Parliament the investments we make in research
family income Bob Rae opened for Dion, setting and development today,” said Dion,
the tone by interspersing snipes at before promising to increase the
Prime Minister Stephen Harper amount of “indirect research fund-
by Joe Howell with quips. Referring to the engine ing that universities will receive by
Ontario Bureau Chief trouble that forced the Liberal plane50 per cent, reaching an annual level
to land unexpectedly in Montreal, of $500 million per year within our
LONDON (CUP) – IF THEY HAD Rae said he’d been “up for most of mandate.”
known what the Liberals were about the night drinking beer and yakking He also expressed a desire for a
to promise, perhaps students would with friends—can anyone here re- Canada where not only “the rich are
have had a warmer welcome for late to that?” able to broaden their minds with a di-
Stéphane Dion as he arrived at the Shortly after, Rae said that Harper
ploma or degree”. To that end, Dion
University of Western Ontario in “runs a one-man band”. said he would improve tax credits,
London to unveil his party’s post- “We have a team—I think orches- loans, and grants.
secondary platform. tras do well—and we’re going to do To reform the first, a Liberal gov-
But the Grits had been ernment would scrap the
so tight-lipped, UWO stu- existing student tax credits
dents couldn’t have known and instead institute a grant
Dion’s bus was practically that would be payable to
stuffed full of cash for The Liberal platform includes every student every three
them. Otherwise, there guarantees of educational tax breaks; months, and would total
probably would have been $5,000 federal loans available to ev- about $1,000 when com-
more than a small knot of bined with the average stu-
people there to greet the ery post-secondary student, regardless dent GST rebate.
bus when it pulled into of their parental income; and a bonus “Students with a job will
campus Sept. 17. $250 cheque for every student who also get an additional $250
Maybe the hundreds of cash,” added Dion once the
millions of dollars Dion holds a job. applause had died down,
promised universities for although he did not elabo-
research wasn’t exciting by rate on how much or when
itself. But it was coupled students had to work to
with guarantees of educational tax well in this election,” said Rae. qualify.
breaks; $5,000 federal loans available The party leader tried to keep the It was probably the Liberal loan re-
to every post-secondary student, re- laughs going. forms that best heralded the shift in
gardless of their parental income; and “Nothing was going to stop me policy.
a bonus $250 cheque for every stu- from being here in London this “The Liberal government will make
dent who holds a job. morning. I would have jogged here,” all students eligible for guaranteed
The crowd was thicker and more said Dion. “Colleges and universities student loans of $5,000 regardless of
boisterous in the windowless labora- are critical to Canada’s success.” parental income,” promised Dion.
tory Dion and his entourage quickly Dion said that due to Canada’s Will it be enough to win over the
moved to after shaking a few hands. small population and the mounting post-secondary demographic and
There, a throng of students clad in pressure from larger G-8 countries, their parents?
photo by Joe Howell (CUP) Western-purple and Liberal-red the Liberals intend to build a “knowl- One thing is certain—the Liberals
Liberal party leader Stéphane Dion announces his party’s education plat- shirts formed a strategic backdrop for edge economy” based on “innovation are definitely strong in their attempts
form at the University of Western Ontario on Sept. 17. the TV cameras, along with the many and creativity”. to court students. Sept. 25, 2008 NEWS 11

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8243R 10x13_V2.indd 1 8/12/08 1:21:38 AM

Arts & Culture 13
Peter Henderson
Arts & Culture Editor
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008

offers a
snapshot photographic of Ottawa’s talent
by Anna Coutts missioned by the RCMP to destroy
Fulcrum Contributor 400 guns that had been confiscated,”
explains Berube. “The mystery of
PHOTOGRAPHY TAKES CENTRE them—and what I think makes them
stage this month in Ottawa’s arts com- magical—is that we don’t know what
munity. Running Sept. 18–28, the sec- these guns were used for, if it was for
ond annual Festival X will showcase protection or some horrible scene.”
the talents of over 100 photographers Berube urges people to check out
in nearly 30 galleries throughout Ot- as many Festival X galleries as they
tawa and Gatineau. Since its incep- can, noting that there are “a number
tion last year, the festival has nearly of hidden gems” that people may miss
doubled in both the number of galler- if they only visit one or two exhibits.
ies and artists participating. In particular, he urges people to check
“[Festival X] is becoming quickly out the IPO Gallery (110 O’Connor
important [in the world of photog- St.)
raphy],” says Guy Berube, one of the “It’s an investment firm, but they
festival’s founders and owner of La use their walls to show,” says Berube.
Petite Mort Gallery (306 Cumberland “Not a lot of people will think to go
St). “I can tell that excitement is in the there, because it’s not a traditional
air.” gallery, but it’s probably the most
According to Geoffrey Gurd, Fes- amazing stuff in the city.”
tival X’s media representative, one of The IPO Gallery is showcasing The
the reasons for starting the festival Uchronie Fragments, an exhibit by Os-
was to “raise the profile of photogra- heen Haruthoonyan.
phy as an art form in Ottawa.” “They are manipulated photo-
This year, Festival X’s theme is “The graphs, manipulated negatives, which
Decisive Moment”, a term that is com- are based on the loss of memory,” says
monly associated with the work of re- Berube. “It’s very strong stuff.”
nowned photographer Henri Cartier- Gurd also recommends a num-
image courtesy Barbara Bolton
Bresson. Cartier-Bresson is known ber of intriguing exhibits, including
for his exploration and innovation in his influential work. Both Gurd and Berube agree that and have something to discuss to- artist Geneviève Thauvette’s self-
photojournalism, yet his innovations Although Festival X has an over- the main goal of Festival X is to in- wards what they saw, because I think portraits, which are on display at the
in spur-of-the-moment photography arching theme, this doesn’t limit the crease discussion about the art of that’s what it’s all about. If there is no Dale Smith Gallery (137 Beechwood
defined a new style for both artists types of pieces being displayed. Rath- photography and its impact on soci- reaction, then perhaps you failed.” Ave.), and the Watershed exhibit at
and professionals alike. His attempts er, the festival committee has made ety in both the past and the future. Berube says he’s particularly inter- Redwall Gallery (168 Dalhousie St.),
to capture the decisive moment led the utmost effort to ensure that the “We want to increase dialogue ested in seeing how people react to which has reinterpreted the festival’s
to the creation of the street photogra- festival showcases a variety of styles about [photography],” says Gurd. “We Gun Control, one of the exhibits on theme.
phy style, a spontaneous and impul- from a number of emerging and sea- want [to] increase people’s ability to display at La Petite Mort Gallery for Berube hopes that people will come
sive way of taking photographs that soned photographers. talk intelligently about it, about why the duration of the festival. Put to- to Festival X and leave “inspired”,
was the very antithesis of the staged “There’s a fairly broad range of dif- they like something or why they don’t gether by Toronto-based artist Steven “blown away”, and having “something
photography of his contemporaries. ferent types of photographs showing like something.” James Brown, Gun Control features to talk about”.
As this year is the 100th anniversary in the galleries,” says Gurd. “Some are “To me, what successful photog- photographs of numerous guns that
of Cartier-Bresson’s birth, the execu- mostly landscapes, for example. Some raphy is, is something that is meant have been hammered to smithereens. For gallery locations, a list of exhibi-
tive committee of Festival X decided lend more toward photojournalism. to be reactionary,” says Berube. “So I “[Brown] found these [guns] at tions, ticket prices, and more informa-
it would be fitting to pay homage to Some are portraits of famous people.” would hope that people come in here a blacksmith’s, who had been com- tion, visit

Happy Days
by Danielle Blab
in the capital Although one might expect Happy Days to
Fulcrum Staff lack dynamism due to the main character’s im-
mobility, this production is consistently engag-
IMAGINE BEING STUCK in a waist-deep ing and entertaining, largely due to actress Tanja
mound of earth, unable to move, with the bright Jacobs’s larger-than-life portrayal of Winnie and
sun constantly glaring down on you, and every her grandiose facial expressions which project
time you try to close your eyes and get some rest, to the very back of the theatre.
a buzzer rings. This is the situation in which we Winnie shows her insecurity by being seem-
find Winnie, the protagonist of Irish playwright ingly unable to stop talking and through her
Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, currently playing need to confirm that Willie can hear her, even
at the National Arts Centre (NAC). Beckett sur- though he rarely responds. It would seem that
prises and delights the audience with this un- Beckett’s portrayal of Winnie’s unusual incar-
expected setting that goes against all traditions ceration of sorts is a metaphor for the plight of
and theatre-goers’ expectations. Winnie never women in society. Beckett is credited with hav-
moves from her landlocked position during the ing said that only a woman could “cope with
play, kept company only by a bag of assorted that and go down singing”, which is exactly what
items and a rarely seen husband, Willie, who Winnie does.
apparently resides in a hole on the other side of image courtesy National Arts Centre
the mound. HAPPY DAYS continued on p. 14 Tanja Jacobs stars as Winnie, the partially entombed protagonist of Happy Days.
Mozart and Metallica, together at last
cello-metal band
creates its own
by Ben Myers
Fulcrum Staff

IT CAN’T BE blamed on the transla-

tion. Mikko Sirén, drummer for the
Finnish cello-metal band Apocalyp-
tica, uses the terms “they” and “us” in
particular ways to describe the trans-
formation his band has undergone in
the past decade. When talking about
Apocalyptica, the cover band that
played Metallica, Pantera, and Sep-
ultura covers for its first two albums
in 1996 and 1998, he uses the term
“they”. This could refer to the band
in the years before Sirén joined, but
it’s more about the transition to the
band’s current form.
“It just came to the point that if
they wanted to continue, if they want-
ed to be fresh, to be excited [about]
the band, they really needed to find
something new to do,” Sirén says. photo courtesy Apocalyptica
Then he makes the switch. Apocalyptica do their cello-metal thing on stage at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival in 2005.
“And to make our own songs, that’s
a way you can express yourself.” cial that we change the stuff we do; in other bands. But the combination sciously.” but in real life it’s really supportive,
He switches back to “they” when be brave and not just stuck with some of those two in one band, I think Sirén cited recording tracks with really caring.”
speaking in the past tense. old things we’ve done.” that’s something special that’s [not] Dave Lombardo of Slayer as another Defying expectation is something
“That was a thing that they aimed When interviewed, the band was easy to find.” great opportunity. Before he joined that Sirén has come to enjoy. Per-
for and I really have to be proud of the in Finland to rest, practice, and “keep The three cellists, Eicca Toppinen, the band, however, Sirén wouldn’t forming on the main stage at some
guys that they did it because it was a girlfriends happy”, before launching Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso, have cared much about being in the of Europe’s largest metal festivals,
brave thing to do,” he adds. the North American leg of their tour, and Sirén, the drummer, have gained studio with a heavy metal demigod. including the Wacken Open Air and
The band switched to releasing which started on Sept. 21. some credibility and fame in both “I haven’t ever considered myself to the Graspop Metal Meeting, Apoca-
albums that consisted primarily of Although the concept behind Europe and North America, and are be a metal drummer, because before lyptica gets a range of reactions from
original material in 2000, a move that Apocalyptica appears to be more Mo- now collaborating with some notable [joining] the band I [rarely] listened unsuspecting metalheads.
some fans found unsettling. Sirén first zart than Metallica, the crash of the metal musicians. They have Corey too carefully [to] metal music,” he “People really don’t believe their
joined the band on stage in 2003, and cymbals, the sinister tone of the cel- Taylor, lead singer of multi-platinum says. “I didn’t own any metal albums eyes or ears. ‘Where’s the guitar
became a full-fledged member of the los, and the legitimate metal-inspired metal group Slipknot, singing lead at that time. For the first three years, player? When is he going to come on
group in 2005—another step away cello solos in their music can make vocals on their latest single. That’s one the cello players were more metal stage? Or is he behind a curtain?’”
from the cover band that translated even the most dedicated metal fans more thing that’s helping the evolu- than me.” By the end of the concert, most
Master of Puppets to chamber music. raise the devil horns. tion of the band. Learning about heavy metal and fans have learned to just kick back
“Of course, we know that some “I think it’s a combination of the “I really look up to him. He is one its fan base has been enlightening for and rock out to a truly unique band—
fans might be upset about it and that tenderness, those really fragile [ele- of the most musical guys I have ever Sirén. one that can use those elegant cellos
it’s the wrong thing to do,” Sirén says ments] that those classical instru- met,” Sirén says. “When you get to “It always makes me feel bad be- to shove metal up your ass.
considerately. “But I also agree that ments bring and that combined with work with somebody who is really, cause people have so many prejudices
the only way a band survives is to the high energy, [and] the power [of really good at what he is doing, you against metal music and about the au- Apocalyptica performs Sept. 24 at
keep our minds fresh. It’s really cru- metal],” he says. “You can find those sort of absorb things, even subcon- dience. They think it’s really negative, Capital Music Hall. Tickets are $20.

HAPPY DAYS continued from p. 13 program, including both Winnie’s interpreta-

tion of them and the original passage in full.
Despite all the hardships she faces, including Director Leah Cherniak’s note in the program
the neglectful treatment she has received from states that it is the “tragic/comic nature” of
her husband since he proposed to her—his only Beckett’s plays that makes them so compel-
romantic gesture—Winnie doesn’t let herself ling.
get depressed. Although she sometimes displays The audience is often drawn in to empathize
shades of resentment and loneliness, she is de- with Winnie and to wonder what exactly she
termined to put on a brave face and deems that means by many of the things she says. Toward
no matter what her tiny victory for the day, re- the very end of the play, many elements are left
gardless of how negligible it may be, “it will have open to interpretation, with myriad possibilities
been a happy day after all, another happy day.” and significations to be considered. This open-
Humour is the glue that holds this one- ness to interpretation is what makes Happy Days
woman show together. The play is full of liter- such a fascinating play, and illustrates why Sam-
ary references of all kinds, including allusions uel Beckett’s works continue to be performed:
to Milton’s Paradise Lost and various works of they’re still relevant today.
Shakespeare. However, Winnie has not memo-
rized the lines properly and quotes the half- Happy Days runs until Oct. 4 at the NAC (33 El-
remembered passages with varying levels of gin St.). Students who sign up for the Live Rush
dramatic flair, often with a sense of irony or program can get same-day tickets, or tickets pur-
for humourous effect. As an aid to audiences, chased the day before the show, for $11 (subject to
the NAC provides a list of these passages in the availability).

14 ARTS Sept. 25, 2008

Good Mediocre
Lakeview Terrace Film
ON THE SURFACE, Lakeview Terrace looks like move closer, the action on screen grows more in-
just another thriller about a sociopath terrorizing tense. By the end of the film the entire neighbour-
Ghost TownFilm C
GHOST TOWN IS not a horrendous movie; it’s politically incorrect and grating persona, which
just not very good. It gives us a few laughs but grew from his characters on the BBC’s The Office
a helpless couple. hood is under a cloud of thick smoke, which adds when it reaches for melodrama it falls flat on its and Extras, is starting to grow tiresome. As the
The movie tells the story of interracial 30-some- a sense of foreboding and creates tension in every face. film progresses, it becomes clear that Gervais and
thing newlyweds, played by Kerry Washington scene. The film stars the great British comedian Kinnear are so cynical and mean that they cease
and Patrick Wilson, who have moved into their Lakeview Terrace is a character study masquer- Ricky Gervais in his first role as a leading man. to be funny and come across as miserable human
first home in safe, upscale Beverly Hills as a Cali- ading as a psychological thriller. It preys on basic Gervais plays Bertram Pincus, a man who is beings, taking the audience down with them.
fornia wildfire begins to rage. On one of their first human fears by asking the question: what hap- described by his The film also takes
nights in the new house, the couple make love in pens when you are being terrorized by the per- co-worker as a an unwise detour
their new pool. Their son sworn to protect you? “miserable fucking into melodrama
neighbour—Samuel L. Jackson’s character is a so- prick”. While un- when Gervais must
Jackson portraying a ciopath. His scenes are so dergoing a routine help the ghosts that
racist Los Angeles po- Jackson’s character is a effective that it doesn’t take operation he is haunt him with their
lice officer with some sociopath. His scenes are so much for us to understand declared clinically As the film progresses, it becomes unfinished business.
rage issues—witnesses effective that it doesn’t take his motivations. Unfor- dead for a short clear that Gervais and Kinnear are so What results is a
the synchronized swim- tunately, the pace lags in time and, upon cynical and mean that they cease to four-minute mon-
ming and decides the much for us to understand his the middle, often showing his revival, discov- tage that is meant to
couple is not suitable for motivations. three scenes when the act- ers he can interact be funny and come across as miser- make us cry but in-
his neighbourhood. ing, directing, and writing with ghosts. One able human beings. stead comes across
The escapade in the are good enough to get the of them, Greg as a poorly edited
pool, coupled with Jack- message across in one. Kinnear, promises music video.
son’s racist feelings towards his neighbours’ mari- This film isn’t just about angry neigh- he can make the Writer/director
tal decision, fuels his decision to make the couple’s bours, but rather it touches on some deep-seated ghosts disappear David Koepp must
lives miserable. Jackson destroys their air-condi- racial issues. The film’s message is less about how if Gervais helps have written the
tioning unit, points his flood lights into their bed- to deal with disruptive neighbours and more break up the re- film with Gervais in
room window, and slashes their tires. But Wilson’s about how racism still affects daily life in America. cent engagement of his widow, played by Téa mind. The dialogue is perfectly suited for Ger-
character isn’t a saint either. He is disrespectful and Lakeview Terrace is a perfect showcase of Jackson’s Leoni. We soon realize however, that the fiancé vais’ acting style, but when it comes to Kinnear
naïve, and his alpha-male need to fix every situa- ability as an actor to play a complete sociopath and is a good guy, and Kinnear is just an asshole who and Leoni they simply coast through on charm.
tion on his own only causes more conflict within still be a joy to watch. Lakeview Terrace succeeds doesn’t want his wife to be happy. Gervais is great and the film has a few laughs, but
his own family, and with his neighbour. Director in simultaneously tackling tough issues and enter- The film does have its funny moments, mostly you won’t be missing much if you decide to stay
Neil LaBute shoots their respective houses against taining the audience. as a result of Gervais, whose shtick is simple— home and rent The Office on DVD.
a California horizon in flames. As the wildfires —Daniel Harris he is brilliant at playing a jerk-off. However, his —Daniel Harris

images courtesy Lionsgate, Paramount Vantage, Dreamworks, Screen Gems

The Duchess A- My Best Friend’s Girl A

ONE OF THE most politically influential fig- play an aristocrat. UNLIKE THE PAINFUL flop Good Luck Chuck, friend Alexis, portrayed by Kate Hudson. While
ures of the 18th century and the fashion icon Dibb provides the viewer with a faithful rec- My Best Friend’s Girl doesn’t try to turn sardonic most of the storyline is cookie-cutter romantic
of her time is brought to life by director Saul reation of 18th-century England. Beautiful cos- comedian Dane Cook into some cutesy roman- comedy, every time Tank takes a girl out on a
Dibb in The Duchess. Keira Knightley plays tumes add to the historical authenticity of the tic lead. It lets him be date from hell the movie be-
Georgiana Spencer-Cavendish, the Duch- movie and serve as a valuable artistic component the smart-alecky ass- comes worth watching. As
ess of Devonshire, in a compelling film filled to the film. There are marvellous performances hole his fans all know This film lets Dane Cook be usual, Hudson does an okay
with intrigue, love, and emotion. In a time by Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Domi- and love. Cook plays the smart-alecky asshole his job playing a cutesy sweet-
when men and women followed two differ- nic Cooper, and Hayley Atwell that give their Tank, a cocky bastard fans all know and love. heart and Biggs works well
ent sets of rules, Spencer-Cavendish navigates characters depth and complexity. The Duchess is who is so good at being in the role of the bumbling
her way through a difficult arranged marriage an excellent film that lets the viewer take part in a bad date he makes a nerd. Throw in a vulgar Alec
and sets out on a quest for true happiness and the unfolding of one of the most dramatic sto- living off it. Trouble arises when his roommate Baldwin as Tank’s father and you have a surpris-
fulfillment. Knightley inhabits the role like a ries in British history. Dustin, played by Jason Biggs, begs him to use ingly decent romantic comedy.
second skin; she seems to have been born to —Maria Habanikova his jackass skills to help him win back his girl- —Anna Coutts Sept. 25, 2008 ARTS 15

Peer Help Centre Pride Centre International House Bilingualism Centre Centre for Students with Disabilities CHUO

A guide to volunt
by Brianna Reid Volunteering at the three types of volunteers: peer mentors, peer lis- in the office while acting as open, outgoing rep-
Fulcrum Contributor University of Ottawa teners, and peer helpers. Peer mentors are paired resentatives of IHouse for visitors to the centre.
up with high-school students to give them a per- Event volunteers help with IHouse events and can
THERE IS A point in the school year when The wide range of student services at the U of O son with whom they can talk about anything. offer any amount of time. Providing help here is a
classes become mundane and work days begin makes for a great place to get introduced to vol- Peer listeners offer an objective ear on the Peer great way to gain some connections for that epic
to drag on. It is at this point when students look unteering. Students can volunteer between classes Support Phone Line, a confidential help line that trip to Europe you have planned for the summer
for something else to do with their time; some- or on days off and are directly helping the people is open to students who need advice or just want and it may even land you a sofa for a night.
thing meaningful. Winston Churchill once said, that surround them every day. The Student Fed- someone to talk to. Peer helpers are involved with The Bilingualism Centre caters to the various
“We make a living by what we do, but we make a eration of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) is the the day-to-day administration of the centre and languages of the university, not exclusively French
life by what we give.” The selfless act of volunteer- best place to start, as the majority of student ser- are available for active listening with students or English. Volunteers don’t have to be bilingual;
ing can provide those in need with much-needed vices fall under its umbrella. The Terminus on the who drop in to chat. Farrah Issa, the service co- the volunteer positions are open to people who
support and care, while offering a rich experience second floor of the Unicentre serves as the hub of ordinator, explained the process for becoming a are unilingual, bilingual, and multilingual alike.
to someone looking to lend their time to deserv- these services. volunteer. Pascal Boyer, linguistic advocacy officer, ex-
ing causes. Ottawa has diverse volunteering op- The Peer Help Centre offers academic, social, “You do have to be a U of O student and it’s plains the different opportunities available.
portunities open to students and the Fulcrum has and personal support through services like a help not a complete in-and-out volunteer system,” she “We have three different spheres of student
compiled a comprehensive list of the best places line, tutor referral service, and language work- said. “We do ask that you apply and go through life on campus. We have the linguistic advocacy,
to start. shops, amongst other things. The centre looks for an interview process because we do look for cer- [so] we need people to help on the different days
tain things in our volunteers. We want them to that we are organizing, like Nov. 17 Bilingualism
be both empathic and compassionate. The centre Day,” he said. “There’s a cultural sphere [which
does expect a time commitment of at least three involves] organizing a whole lot of activities like
hours a week.” French music nights and Francophonie Week.
The Pride Centre is the next stop in the Ter- Finally, we have the information sphere with a
minus and, as stated on its website, “offers a safe resource centre. So we would need volunteers
place to celebrate sexual diversity—whether that to help with classification, or various discussion
means sexual orientation, identity, preferences, groups that we offer.”
practices, or philosophies.” There are various vol- Finally, the Centre for Students with Dis-
unteer positions open to students who are inter- abilities welcomes all prospective volunteers. The
ested in helping out in this open environment. service exists to promote the independence of
“We have volunteers come in for social activi- students with disabilities. There are several ways
ties, workshops, special events, and we’re this year to get involved. After a training session, volun-
starting up working groups,” said Patrick Hoban, teers can become a member of the Accessibility
the volunteer supervisor at the centre. Dream Team who look into issues of accessibil-
The working groups discuss topics covering ity in the university and help students with dis-
sexuality in society and volunteers help lead the abilities get around campus. Students can also
session and provide guidance to visitors. If this volunteer by shoveling snow in the winter to clear
seems too hands-on, the Pride Centre is always the pathways and entrances. The centre expects
looking for volunteers to hang around the office an hour of commitment a week but accepts any
and make sure no visitors feel shy or frightened interested students.
when entering the centre. “We are organizing a disability awareness week
“We do have mandatory volunteer training of- for the winter and we’d love to have as many
fered at least once a month,” said Hoban. “This volunteers for that as well,” said Shaughnessy
provides an orientation of the service, going over O’Reilly, the centre’s volunteer coordinator. “It’s
the policies, and what people are expected to do always a huge help.”
as volunteers.” Besides volunteering for the SFUO, the
The International House (IHouse) is the place U of O campus offers several media-related vol-
to volunteer for exchange students, new Cana- unteer positions. Head to the Morisset Library
dian citizens, or anybody looking to experience a basement to check out CHUO FM 89.1, the U
taste of diversity. The centre offers a wide range of of O’s campus radio station. Students can sign up
activities, from movie nights and an annual boat for an orientation session to get familiar with the
cruise to potlucks, International Week, and the equipment and get a general sense of the station’s
International Gala. There are two types of volun- atmosphere. After 15 hours of general volunteer
teers at IHouse: weekly volunteers and event vol- work—such as sorting CDs and voicing ads—
unteers. Weekly volunteers hold three or more of- volunteers can take part in workshops which
fice hours a week and provide administrative help teach the finer details of radio, such as production

Peer Help Centre Pride Centre International House Bilingualism Centre Centre for Students with Disabilities CHUO

16 FEATURE Sept. 25, 2008

O FM 89.1 Fulcrum La Rotonde Ottawa Little Theatre Ottawa Mission Ottawa Humane Society Boys and Girls Club

g a hand
teering in Ottawa
and interview skills. Once completed, volunteers The Ottawa Mission, 35 Waller St. number of animals that go in and out of its care. presentation. Additionally, helpers can offer their
may get a chance to shine on-air or help with the Last year alone, the shelter rescued almost 11,000 time for special events organized through the
station administration. It may seem like a lot of Most students have passed the Ottawa Mission animals. various clubhouses. Bill Gibbons, a volunteer at
work, but it can give awesome bragging rights and on more than one occasion on their way to the the Britannia clubhouse at 2825 Dumaurier Av-
it looks great on a resumé. ByWard Market or the Rideau Centre, but few The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, various enue, explained the appreciation the teens have
If this doesn’t sound interesting, there is venture inside. The Mission provides shelter, locations. for the volunteers.
always the two autonomous university papers run clothing, and food for the impoverished and “Being a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club
by students, for students. The English paper, the homeless. Volunteering at the Mission involves The Boys and Girls Club is an international or- gives me a chance to be a positive role model for
Fulcrum, (631 King Edward Avenue) holds staff serving food, cleaning rooms, and helping with ganization that offers a place for youth to go after the kids that attend the club,” the former Carleton
meetings on Thursdays at 1 p.m. For those who the administration. With an occupancy rate school and relax away from teachers or parents. student said. “Being able to help them with their
prefer to write in French, La Rotonde (109 Os- of 97 per cent in the 2007 year and over 200 The six locations in Ottawa helped over 4,500 decisions, from school work to simple life choices,
goode St.), the French-language paper, hold their shelter beds to fill, the Mission is a busy place. teenagers last year. There are several ways for is very rewarding. I really enjoy helping out the
weekly meetings on Tuesdays at noon. Frank Ap- Patricia Younger, past president of the Ottawa university students to get involved and volun- members with sports, computers, and homework
pleyard, editor-in-chief of the Fulcrum, explained Mission board of directors, explained the vast teer their time. Students can become clubhouse projects. It’s a great feeling to see them succeed
what the newspaper contains week-to-week. amount of help needed. volunteers, which requires at least two hours a with their challenges.”
“The Fulcrum exists to provide coverage of the “We still provide the basics—food, shelter and week, a position which includes one-on-one in-
U of O community and issues that are of interest clothing,” she said. “However, we now provide teraction with a teenager. This can include help- Check out to see comprehensive
to students in general,” he said. “We try to pro- an incredible variety of programs and services ing with homework or even playing video games. listings of available volunteer opportunities.
mote alternative voices and issues that may not to help individuals get off the streets, overcome If volunteers have the time and expertise, they
necessarily be covered in more mainstream me- addictions, find jobs, and regain a healthy life- can offer their knowledge of a certain subject as a photos by Ian Flett
dia.” style.”
The Mission is a staple in the Ottawa commu-
Ottawa Little Theatre, nity, but for some the thought of volunteering
400 King Edward Ave. there can be daunting. However, volunteers are
constantly under the watchful eyes of various se-
For those who love the stage, the Ottawa Little curity guards and cameras. What helpers take out
Theatre (OLT) offers an amazing opportunity to of this experience is not a constant sense of appre-
work behind the scenes at a theatre. Established hension but rather a feeling of goodwill and pride
in 1913 and now in its 96th season, the OLT is for those who make it through rough times.
a volunteer-run community theatre and—be-
cause of its proximity to the university—has a The Ottawa Humane Society,
student-friendly atmosphere. With eight plays 101 Champagne Ave.
in the 2008–09 season, the theatre is in constant
search for helpers. John Muggleton, OLT’s direc- Head over to the Ottawa Humane Society and
tor of marketing and communications, believes help animals who are in dire need of tender, lov-
there’s something for everyone at the theatre. ing care. According to their auditor’s report, the
“If someone is more interested in the technical expense of running the society was more than
side, they can help in designing or running the 3.5 million dollars for the 2007–08 fiscal year.
light board during the show,” he said. “Then there For a non-profit organization, this is a tremen-
are people who like to get involved backstage with dous amount to make up for in volunteer hours
costumes or props, or acting. It’s a great opportu- and donations. Not all students can afford even
nity for volunteers to do something different in a minimal donation, but they can offer their
theatre.” time. If students have the time and space, they
Experience is not necessary to volunteer. There can become foster parents to an abandoned dog
are various long-time volunteers who hold work- or cat until a permanent family can be found.
shops before a production so that new volunteers Not everybody has pet-friendly landlords, so
are not lost at sea. They do not expect any par- there are other ways to get involved. Helpers can
ticular time commitment either. take one of the shelter-bound dogs for a much
“Because it’s volunteers, we are extremely flex- needed walk. There are also animal visits, where
ible, if you can only come in for one day a week, a helper accompanies a dog or cat to a long-term
that’s fine, or be here every night, it’s entirely up care facility or hospital to brighten someone’s day.
to you,” Muggleton said. “We do heavily depend Last year, the shelter’s volunteers managed to set
on our volunteers, so we look for people who are up 561 such visits. The shelter is also always in
committed.” need of administrative help for the incredible

O FM 89.1 Fulcrum La Rotonde Ottawa Little Theatre Ottawa Mission Ottawa Humane Society Boys and Girls Club Sept. 25, 2008 FEATURE 17
Unleashing your inner dark side

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed finally lets you be the bad guy
image courtesy
by Camila Juarez Matter (DMM), and Euphoria. DMM offensive capabilities become even
Fulcrum Contributor and Havok work together to apply more devastating. At the beginning
real-world properties and physics of the game it takes several swings
THE NEXT HIGHLY anticipated to in-game objects. There are tons of of the lightsabre to bring an enemy
game in the Star Wars series, Lu- things to pick up, throw, and smash down, but by the end Starkiller is
casArts’ Star Wars: The Force Un- in this game, and ripping apart the cutting down foes like a chainsaw-
leashed, is finally available for all the environment never gets old. Eupho- wielding lumberjack. This is by far
fanboys out there. The game’s story ria infuses the game’s artificial intel- the most fun feature in the game,
takes place between Episode III: Re- ligence (AI) with actual intelligence; and although it may sound sadistic,
venge of the Sith and Episode IV: A enemies will steady themselves on destroying waves of enemies with
New Hope, bringing the old and new nearby objects, take cover, and use massive displays of force is hugely
Star Wars trilogies together. It’s an intelligent tactics against the player. entertaining. This game gets the ex-
entertaining but ultimately flawed These three engines work together perience of wielding the awesome
experience. to make The Force Unleashed an im- power of the Force dead on, and that
The character development and alone makes The Force Unleashed

story in The Force Unleashed are worthwhile.
awesome, and it ranks among the Though Star Wars: The Force
best Star Wars games in terms of Unleashed gets many things right,
plot. The player gets to explore many
Although it may sound
it also gets many things wrong.
new worlds and interact with new There’s no multiplayer capability,
characters, all within the Star Wars sadistic, destroying which is inexcusable considering
universe. The main character plays
as Darth Vader’s apprentice, born
waves of enemies the amazing amounts of mayhem
that would surely result from a
COMEDY” Owen Gleiberman
Galen Mark but codenamed the with massive displays Force-fuelled deathmatch. The ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
more badass “Starkiller”. Starkiller, of force is hugely game is short, and without multi-
the player, is charged with executing entertaining. player modes it lacks any real re-
Imperial Order 66, which was given play value. The debris and destruc-
by the Emperor in Episode III and tion caused by the combination of
calls for the extermination of all the the player’s Force powers and the
Jedi. Starkiller travels from world to two physics engines is frustrat-
world, seeking out and eliminating ing—there’s nothing worse than
all the remaining Jedi with the help mersive gaming experience. How- trying to throw a stormtrooper
of his pilot and eventual love inter- ever, sometimes they don’t always off a cliff and instead sending the
est, Juno Eclipse. work as intended. The AI will occa- tiny piece of metal beside him fly-
The Force Unleashed is a third- sionally become artificial stupidity, ing into oblivion while he pumps
person action role-playing game and the huge amounts of debris that lasers into your skull.
(RPG), and as with other RPGs the two physics engines create can All in all, Star Wars: The Force
every person you destroy gives get in the way of the action. Unleashed is an entertaining game
you a handful of experience points The most entertaining part of the that could’ve been so much more.
that can be spent to upgrade your game is the Force powers. The title The sheer awesomeness of the Force
weapon combos, Force powers, and of the game, The Force Unleashed, is powers and the huge amounts of de-
defensive capabilities. There are also quite appropriate—the player really struction you can bring down upon SUBJECT TO CLASSIFICATION
hidden Jedi Holocrons throughout does get to unleash the Force. At the your enemies are fun, but the lack
each level that give you extra experi- beginning of the game, Starkiller al- of replay value and occasional bugs
ence points or extra abilities. ready has Force Push and Force Grip, in the physics engines keep it from
Visually, The Force Unleashed is
incredible. For the first time in the
powers that, respectively, allow him
to move objects at will and choke
being a must-buy. If it’s destruction
you want, look no further, but those
history of video games, there are his enemies. As the player gains in search of a deeper game-play FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH!
three game engines working simul- experience points and levels, the experience will have a bad feeling
taneously: Havok, Digital Molecular powers get stronger and Starkiller’s about this.

18 ARTS Sept. 25, 2008

You’ll never eat brunch in this town again The Bugle is a weekly podcast from for cardio workouts. Jump on a bike,

Your own personal podcast

The Daily Show’s John Oliver and his throw on The Bugle, and laugh your
best friend, fellow British comedian way to fitness. It’s great to exercise
Andy Zaltzman. They take a satirical both your mind and body at the same
and hilariously inaccurate look at the time, so try something more educa-
up with the latest news on hundreds tional Public Radio (NPR), the British
week’s news, and it’s a must for any tional like This American Life or NPR’s
of topics. Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and
fan of The Daily Show or political hu- news show All Things Considered. If
Podcasts became popular after their the Canadian Broadcasting Corpora-
mour. They invented the perfect nick- you’re not into edutainment with your
integration with Apple’s iTunes music tion (CBC). Aside from the weekly
name for Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez: sweat, try NPR’s similarly titled All
store in June 2005. iTunes allows the news shows all three produce, there
“Crackers from Caracas”. If that Songs Considered, which plays new
user to easily search and subscribe are other, more in-depth programs that
makes you laugh, there’s plenty more music from bands across the musical
to almost every podcast available on provide thorough analysis of many dif-
where it came from. spectrum. Replace some of your mu-
Peter Henderson the internet. Podcasts work best with ferent stories and subjects.
CBC Radio offers almost all of sic-listening time with podcasts, and I
iTunes and an iPod, but there are This American Life is a popular
Arts & Culture Editor other programs like Podcatcher and podcast from NPR that delves into
their shows for free online through promise you’ll thank me for it.
WHAT IS A podcast, and why should podcasts. As It Happens, The Hour, Whatever you’re into, there’s a pod-
MyPodder that allow you to subscribe personal stories all centered on a
you care? A podcast is a syndicated and Definitely Not The Opera all have cast for you. Keeping up with the latest
to and browse different podcasts on theme that changes from week to
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Intercontinental Champion A- ALBUM REVIEWS The Chemical Brothers
Brotherhood B+
THE FIRST FULL-LENGTH record from Win-
nipeg’s Boats! is a surprising collection of kooky,
Elliot Brood
Mountain Meadows A
Ayla Brook
After the Morning After A+ THIS DEFINITIVE SINGLES collection by the
Chemical Brothers is a record of Europe’s rave
scene going nuts for 13 years. The late 1990s saw
majestic art-pop songs. Guitarist Mat Klachefsky
sings in a cartoonish high register while guitars, MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MARKS the third AFTER THE MORNING After is Ayla Brook tell- the duo become jet-setting megastars, and al-
bass, drums, toy keyboards, xylophone, trumpets, release from prairie boys Casey Laforet, Ste- ing heartfelt stories of patience, friendship, and though they were never the most interesting nor
kazoos, carol bells, and handclaps go bonkers with phen Pitkin, and Mark Sasso, collectively love. His songs are a stirring reminder of a time be- groundbreaking electronica act, they were and still
excitement around him. “500%”, the bold album- known as Elliott Brood. The upbeat “Write fore music became all about top-20 charts and lip- are undeniable hitmakers and trend-setters. The
opener complete with a wonderful choir, trium- It All Down For You” pits a well-written and synching pop idols. Upbeat, foot-stomping songs big-beat screeching of 1997’s “Block Rockin’ Beats”
phantly introduces the band’s quirky grand ambi- catchy beat against the throaty, gruff voice like “Wake Up Early” and the title track make you is an electronica staple and 1999’s “Hey Boy Hey
tions—which never cease. Each song is exuberant of Sasso, whereas the calm and somber “31 want to hit the open road in a big red pickup truck, Girl” still sounds fresh off the lacquer press. 2007’s
and eccentric, but “Bear/Fence” and “March of Years” is softly melodic and well-arranged. windows down, and stereo blasting. Other songs, “Saturate” is the most bumpin’ track in the set, de-
the Sandbaggers” are the most memorable and This release shows the musical range that such as the raw “Leaving Tonight” (with confused manding glowstick-waving with its grinding bass,
confirm Klachefsky as an exceptionally creative Elliot Brood has to offer. It takes a certain lyrics like “She’s calling / I’m stalling / I know I’m star-bound keyboards, and live drums. The second
songwriter. Intercontinental Champion is packed amount of bravery to mix both a banjo and not falling / but boys, I’m stumbling back”), give disc collects all the tracks in the duo’s Electronic
with whimsical lyrics, buoyant musical ideas, and ukulele on the same album, but the three-man listeners insight into Brook’s thoughtful mind. By Battle Weapons series. It’s a mix with longer trance
jubilant singalongs that have been sorely missed band pulls it off without a hitch. The simple the time that you’ve finished the nine songs on the tracks that sees “EBW 2 (Don’t Stop the Rock)” as
from the Canadian independent music scene ever lyrics and alt-country feel give Mountain album, you feel as if you’ve just spent an evening in the standout. The tweaked-out two-disc collection
since the Unicorns broke up. Meadows a truly Canadian sound. his kitchen, sharing a bottle of whiskey and listen- isn’t a huge as it is on the floor, but Brotherhood is
—Michael Olender —Jaclyn Lytle ing to him tell you the best moments of his life. still immensely enjoyable on a laptop.
—Jessica Sukstorf —Michael Olender



Please see the insurance certificate for applicable
conditions and exclusions at
* VISA Int. / Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, authorized user. Sept. 25, 2008 ARTS 19

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416-322-6520 or
Sports 21
David McClelland
Sports Editor
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008

Gee-Gees trample Waterloo

Sacobie has quarter, three of them to Kelly.
Defensively, the Gee-Gees were
apparent that the 2008 Ottawa squad
is starting to gel.
career-best six excellent, racking up three intercep- “We have a lot of new players that
touchdown passes tions by the end of the game, the most
memorable being rookie defensive
are being put in new situations and I
think they’re doing a great job. They’re
in 59-0 victory back Trevor Schroer’s touchdown- a great bunch to be around as well,”
stopping pick in the Ottawa end zone said Sacobie.
during the fourth quarter. The War- Sacobie, with 75 career touchdown
by Hilary Caton riors had trouble finishing drives, passes, is now just 12 away from
Fulcrum Contributor with their troubles including a fumble matching the Canadian Interuniver-
on Ottawa’s one-yard line and a 17- sity Sport (CIS) record, set by former
THE SUN WAS shining in a cloud- St. Mary’s University quarterback
less sky on Sept. 20, as the stands of Chris Flynn from 1987 to 1990. Addi-
Frank Clair Stadium filled with fans CIS all-time career tionally, Sacobie is 936 yards from set-
that showed up for the University of touchdown passes ting the all-time CIS record for pass-
Ottawa’s Homecoming football game. ing yardage, which currently stands
The Gee-Gees took on the Waterloo at 9,974, set by Ben Chapdelaine of
Warriors, and came away with a 59-0 1. Chris Flynn (87) McMaster University in 2001.
victory. “We did what we always do. It
The Gee-Gees wasted no time
2. Josh Sacobie (75) doesn’t matter who we play, it’s all
putting points up on the board, as 3. Bill Robinson Sr. (73) about discipline and execution,” said
quarterback Josh Sacobie threw two head coach Denis Piché regarding the
touchdown passes to receivers Cyril Gees’ dominant performance.
Adjeity and Ron Kelly early in the yard sack while in field goal range in The Gee-Gees have suffered a few
first quarter for his 70th and 71st ca- the fourth quarter. injuries in practices and games result-
reer touchdown passes. Backup quarterback Brad Sinop- ing in players being forced to miss
Waterloo struggled against Ot- oli took over for Sacobie in the final the game against the Warriors. “We
tawa’s stellar defence, and they had quarter, closing out the game. The haven’t had our A-team playing yet,”
trouble gaining yards in the first quar- Gees’ 59-0 win over the Warriors was admitted Piché, who added he is still
ter and through much of the second. their largest-ever margin of victory hopeful about the team’s prospects.
Meanwhile, the Gee-Gees contin- over Waterloo. “If we get the boys back next week,
ued to rack up points, with receivers “It was great. I was having so much we can keep building on this,” said Pi-
Mathew Bolduc and Kelly pulling in fun I didn’t want to leave. But it’s great ché. “We reload, we don’t rebuild. We
touchdown passes, and running back to see everyone get out on the field and have an aggressive team that’s play-
Davie Mason making an effortless do their thing,” said Sacobie follow- ing more relaxed, and is allowing the
39-yard touchdown rush to give Ot- ing the game. “I was glad [Sinopoli] athleticism to take over. They know
tawa a 39-0 lead at the half. got some playing time in. It just goes when we play, we play for keeps.”
It was clear that the Warriors had to show how we’re not dependent on
no fight left in them as they struggled one person to make plays happen. It’s The Gee-Gees are now 3-1 and sit
against the Gee-Gees’ high-powered about working together as a unit.” third in the Ontario University Athlet-
offense. Sacobie shone throughout The Gees have several new faces ics conference. They will next play on
photo by Frank Appleyard the game, completing a career-high due to students transferring from Sept. 27, when they visit the Windsor
Receiver Alex Fortier-Labonte reels in a pass as the Gee-Gees blew away six touchdown passes by the third other universities, but it’s becoming Lancers.
the Waterloo defence.

Former Gee-Gees football coach takes over in Steeltown

by Daniel Harris son as the Montreal Alouettes run-
Fulcrum Contributor ning backs coach, Bellefeuille was
promoted to offensive coordinator
FOR A CANADIAN football coach, for the 2007 campaign. He joined the
to be a head coach is the Canadian Tiger-Cats at the beginning of the
Football League (CFL) is about as 2008 season.
good as it gets. The newest coach to “I didn’t see the [head coach] op-
step into the spotlight is former Gee- portunity coming here,” said Belle-
Gees head coach and Ottawa native feuille. “I came here with people I
Marcel Bellefeuille. knew and was comfortable with, but
After the Sept. 8 firing of Hamilton not thinking that there was [this] op-
Tiger-Cats head coach Charlie Taffe, portunity here, especially not in the
then offensive coordinator Belle- first year.”
feuille took the helm as the interim Hamilton has been a revolving
head coach of the team. door for coaches recently, going
Bellefeuille certainly has the quali- through four coaches in as many
fications for the job. He was the head years. Among those coaches are for-
coach of the Gee-Gees men’s foot- mer McMaster University head coach
ball team from 1998 to 2000, lead- Greg Marshall, the last Canadian
ing them to a Vanier Cup victory in Interuniversity Sport (CIS) coach to
his final year. He left Ottawa in 2001 lead the Ti-Cats, who was given the
to take over as the Saskatchewan job despite having no coaching ex-
Roughriders offensive line coach. perience at the CFL level. Marshall
After two years he was promoted to spent the 2004 and 2005 seasons with
offensive coordinator, leading the the Ti-Cats before being fired early in
Riders offence to the league rushing the 2006 season.
title for three straight years, and a
29-25 record over his tenure with the BELLEFEUILLE photo courtesy Hamilton Tiger-Cats
team. After spending the 2006 sea- continued on p. 22 Marcel Bellefeuille served as head coach of the Gee-Gees from 1998–2000.
BELLEFEUILLE continued from p. 21 the Year honours. McMann spent six
seasons at McGill before taking a posi-
“Coach Marshall was well suited for tion with the Lions, who also currently
this job. That said, my coming into this employ former Laval Rouge et Or head
chair is significantly different than his,” coach and 1999 Vanier Cup champion
said Bellefeuille. “He came straight from Jacques Chapdelaine as their recievers
the CIS whereas I’ve been eight years in coach.
[the CFL] as a coordinator and an assis- In spite of it all, Bellefeuille hasn’t for-
tant and really learned the CFL way.” gotten his time in Ottawa.
Unlike Marshall, Bellefeuille has put “I still draw some knowledge from
in his time in the CFL and is believed my time as a head coach in Ottawa,” ex-
by many CFL pundits to be a legitimate plained Bellefeuille. “Especially in terms
candidate to take over the team on a of process and being in that role and un-
permanent basis if it is successful in derstanding the responsibility.
the second half of the season. The Ti- “I miss the college atmosphere. I
Cats currently have the worst record in enjoyed my time at [the U of O],” he
the CFL, a spot they’ve held outright continued. “I was a graduate of the
for the past three seasons. The Ti-Cats University of Ottawa and a head coach.
currently sport a 2-10 record—with I’m very fond of that time. You miss it a
two of those losses coming since Belle- little bit. You miss the relationships with
feuille’s hiring—and have six games left people, but I’m really enjoying where I
to play. am. This was a goal of mine.”
Bellefeuille isn’t the only former CIS Bellefeuille doesn’t rule out coming
head coach currently employed in the back to Ottawa if the CFL were to re-
CFL, though he is the only one hold-
ing a head coaching position. Current
turn to the city but maintains that his
focus is on winning with the Ti-Cats Im in ur website,
BC Lions special teams coach Chuck
McMann was at the helm of the Uni-
for now.
“The most important thing is to get steelin’ ur newz.
versity of Waterloo Warriors from the team in the right direction; we start
1988–1991 before a short stint in the to turn around and people see the team
CFL, only to return to the CIS in 2001 is improving,” Bellefeuille said. “It’s my
to lead the McGill University Redmen responsibility to get it going in the right
to a Vanier Cup and earn Coach of direction.”


Graduate Studies
Showcase 2008

Saturday, November 8th

12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
University Community Centre

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22 SPORTS Sept. 25, 2008

by Mike Gribbon
Men’s baseball team still winless
Fulcrum Contributor

THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa men’s baseball

team had a challenging weekend at Heritage
Field in Orleans. The Gee-Gees played double-
headers both days while hosting the Laflèche
College Dragons from Trois-Rivieres on Sept.
20 and the McGill University Redmen on Sept.
21. After the final out on Sunday, the Gees were
a disappointing 0-4 over the weekend.
In the first game versus Laflèche, U of O
pitcher Tyler Munro was outstanding. He
struck out seven and pitched a complete
game. Munro gave up just three hits and
walked three over seven innings, but still took
the loss after giving up two runs, only one of
them earned. Despite Munro’s excellent pitch-
ing, the Ottawa offence registered only five
hits, including a 2-for-3 effort from catcher
Daniel Richardson. Still, the Gee-Gees failed
to score and lost 2-0.
In the second game of Saturday’s double-
header, the Gees offense seemed rejuvenated,
opening up a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first
inning. However, Laflèche responded with a
powerful five-run inning in the top of the sec-
ond. The Garnet and Grey chipped away at the
lead, scoring two runs in the bottom of the in-
ning, cutting the lead to 5-4 for the Dragons.
Laflèche reacted with another monstrous inning
in the fourth, again scoring five runs. The Gee-
Gees managed to score two more runs over the
final three innings but still lost the contest 10-6.
photo by Martha Pearce
Gee-Gees pitcher Kevin Brunet was outstand- The Gee-Gees had trouble getting baserunners home in a series of doubleheaders against Laflèche College and McGill University.
ing at the plate, notching two doubles and three
RBIs in the loss. sively and frustration mounted. hits, while surrendering two earned runs. The We have only four players who returned from
“It seems like we’re always in the game and “Is nobody in this game or what?” Gees hit- Gee-Gees were in the game until the top of last year,” he said.
then all of a sudden the wheels fall off,” ex- ting coach Dave Dunn yelled at the bench at the fifth inning. After giving up five runs on a The Gee-Gees have a roster of just 15 play-
plained Gee-Gee’s head coach Larry Belanger. one point during the game. couple of walks and four hits, the Ottawa squad ers including pitchers, making it difficult to
“And we don’t have enough depth to come back. The Redmen pounced in the sixth inning, was down 7-2. They never recovered, and the properly handle fatigue and injuries. The Red-
The effort’s been there. It has been there all sea- tallying another five runs. Although down 8-0, game ended with the score unchanged. men had five more players than the Gee-Gees
son.” the Gees managed to score two runs in the final Belanger said pitch count was definitely a on Sept. 21.
After the disheartening results from Sat- two innings, with Munro and Ryan Chow add- factor in the loss against McGill. “We’ve had a tough time recruiting new play-
urday, the Gee-Gees took to the field Sunday ing an RBI each. The final result was an 8-2 loss “[Caron] threw 110 pitches,” Belanger said. ers,” explained Belanger, “so we definitely need
looking for their first win of the season against for the Gee-Gees. “I think he pitched well, but he pitched a lot.” to improve our recruiting.”
the McGill Redmen. In the second match of the doubleheader, Belanger alluded to the deficiency in depth
The first five innings saw only three runs starter Maxime Caron took the mound and and youth the team faces. The Gees are now 0-10 on the season and are at
scored, all by McGill. Once again, the Gee-Gees pitched impressively through the first 5 and 2/3 “We are a very young team and we are lack- the bottom of the Northern Division in the Cana-
failed to generate anything threatening offen- innings, registering eight strikeouts and three ing in our depth. We have a very small roster … dian Intercollegiate Baseball Association. Sept. 25, 2008 SPORTS 23

See ya later, Bishop’s Gaiters
Women’s rugby Gees’ defense pulled together and must win for us, to go forward from
denied the Gaiters a chance to score. here and compete against Concor-
earns first victory in With 23 minutes left in the second dia and McGill,” said Chaulk. “We
shutout win half, Tegan Bradshaw rounded off needed to win this game and I’m
the scoring for the Gee-Gees, mak- glad we did.”
by Anna Rocoski ing the final tally 24-0. “Defensively, we’re pretty tough.
Fulcrum Staff The team enjoyed the win af- There [are] moments we have our
ter being defeated in their last lapses but then we put it together
THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa and [stopped Bishop’s] from com-
women’s rugby team hosted their ing in, so that’s good,” explained
third game of the season at Matt “I can be honest and Chaulk. “Offensively, up until now
Anthony Field on Sept. 21, de-
feating the Bishop’s Gaiters 24-0. say this was a must we’ve been a little weak, we’ve been
moving the ball for the sake of
The win is Ottawa’s first of the win for us.” moving the ball instead of looking
season,and marks a dramatic turn Suzanne Chaulk at the field and playing down. To-
around from their first two games. Gee-Gees head coach day I think we were looking hard to
All of the Gee-Gees’ tries were get in behind the [goal] line—that
scored in the first half, as Karen was good.”
Snell, Katie Mcgraw, and Dana
Macdonald all carried the ball past two games, losing 48-0 to the La- With the win, the Gee-Gees improve
the goal line for Ottawa scores. val Rouge et Or and 22-0 to the to 1-2 and sit fourth in the Quebec
Tegan Bradshaw booted three drop Concordia Stingers. Head coach Student Sport Federation confer-
goals as well, putting Ottawa ahead Suzanne Chaulk said that that the ence. Ottawa will play at again on
21-0 at the half. win came as a relief after the pair Sept. 28 at 1 p.m., when they host
photo by Guy Hughes The Gaiters started the second of shutout losses. the Concordia Stingers at Matt An-
half strong and threatened to over- “It feels good. It was key. Now thony Field. Tickets are $4 for stu-
Bishop’s was hard-pressed to contain an explosive Gee-Gees offense.
dap_campusp_4x7-5_sep12.eps 09/12/2008 9:47:52 AM power the Ottawa squad, but the I can be honest and say this was a dents.

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24 SPORTS Sept. 25, 2008

Lighting the lamp
Women’s soccer team
Learn from the past, don’t repeat it splits road trip
Ottawa would have to rely on building League franchise granted to local busi-
community support and fan loyalty— nessman and Ottawa 67s owner Jeff
hard things to cultivate when the ma- Hunt tentatively set to debut in 2010? ON A ROAD trip Sept. 20–21, the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.
jority of your fanbase lives a half-hour Such a stadium could also be used by University of Ottawa women’s soc- Ottawa plays again next weekend,
drive or more to the east. It will likely the U of O for Gee-Gees games. Yes, cer team lost in Kingston and won in when they host a pair of home games
take more work to build the fanbase it would require negotiating with the Peterborough. against the Laurentian Lady Vees on
for an MLS team than an NHL team, MLS to get around their requirement The Gee-Gees were unable to pro- Sept. 27 and the Nippissing Lakers on
something Melnyk should be mindful for soccer-specific stadiums to be duce any offence on Sept. 20 against Sept. 28. Both games will be played
of when locating his stadium. built, but a combined stadium would the Queen’s Golden Gaels and were at 3 p.m. at Matt Anthony Field.
A downtown stadium, on the other be a much stronger addition to the Ot- shut out 2-0. Although Ottawa out- —David McClelland
hand, might be just what a team needs. tawa sports community. shot Queens 8-7, the squad was un-
David McClelland It would be much more central to both Thankfully, politicians in Ottawa able to capitalize on any of its oppor-
Ottawa and Gatineau, and could prob- seem to be on board with this idea. tunities, while Golden Gaels Renee
Sports Editor ably be planned to connect well with Mayor Larry O’Brien was quoted in MacLellan and Katie Dalziel were
the light-rail transit proposals for the the Ottawa Citizen as saying that it able to best Gees goalkeeper Jess
ON SEPT. 16, Ottawa Senators owner city. Granted, rail will eventually reach would be a waste of city resources to Charron.
Eugene Melnyk made an announce- Kanata as well, but the key word is build two stadiums. The same article On Sept. 21, the Gee-Gees moved
ment that was both exciting and stu- eventually—it probably won’t reach also quoted architectural and urban on to face the Trent Excalibur in Pe-
pid. He is bidding for a Major League the suburb before 2031, if not later, ac- planning experts who agreed that a terborough and won 1-0. Though
Soccer (MLS) franchise for the City of cording to the plan currently favoured Kanata stadium would be a mistake, they won by just a single goal, they
Ottawa and declared that he wants to and it should be downtown and tied to still managed to set a Gee-Gees pro-
build the 30,000-seat soccer stadium public-transit developments. gram record for shots in a single
for the team out in Kanata, near Sco- A downtown stadium is a What it comes down to is that an game with 42. While only 20 of the
shots were on target, it was enough to
tiabank Place. must, both for the MLS team will not survive if left to
keep rookie Trent goalkeeper Melissa
Now, I’d love to see professional soc- fend for itself in the suburban waste-
cer in Ottawa. The popularity of soccer viability of any teams land that is Kanata. A downtown sta- Waresa busy throughout the game.
is rising throughout North America that may play there dium is a must, both for the viability Third-year striker Trinidad Ruiz net-
ted the lone goal for the Gee-Gees in
and especially in Canada, and the time and for the strength of of any teams that may play there and
the 68th minute off a rebound.
is right for more MLS franchises in for the strength of the City of Ottawa
Canada in addition to Toronto FC. Ot- the City of Ottawa as a as a whole. The Gee-Gees now hold a 4-2-1
tawa would probably be a great fit for whole. regular season record, good for sec-
a team, though the chances of the city ond place in the Ontario University
getting a team are admittedly slim due 613- 562-5931 Athletics East division behind the
to strong competition from Vancou- by Ottawa City Council.
ver and Montreal. But if Ottawa does Personally, I think that an MLS
win a team, putting the franchise out stadium would be well placed in LeB-
in Kanata would essentially cripple the reton Flats, just east of the downtown
team. core. The area is still mostly empty, and
Anyone who knows me knows that a well-designed stadium could easily
I think that Scotiabank Place’s Kanata play off the views of Parliament and
location is one of the worst decisions downtown to make for a truly breath-
made in the city’s history. It’s just over taking venue. Additionally, the Flats
25 km from Parliament Hill, inacces- are near two different Transitway sta-
sible by public transit during non- tions, and not far from the 417 and two
event times, and tops it all off by sitting interprovincial bridges.
in a cold, windswept field surrounded As well, a LeBreton Flats stadium
by parking lots and car dealerships. In would be able to host festivals, con-
spite of it all, the Senators have man- certs, and other events. Bluesfest is
aged to become a successful franchise, already held at LeBreton Flats, and an
regularly selling out games, likely driv- MLS stadium could easily provide a
en by the intense popularity of hockey permanent central venue for the event,
in Canada and the significant fan loy- further strengthening the integration
alty cultivated by the team. of such a stadium into the community.
I believe that an MLS franchise For that matter, why not make the sta-
would not be so lucky. While soccer dium truly multi-use and combine it
is growing in Canada, a new team in with the conditional Canadian Football Sept. 25, 2008 SPORTS 25

Scoreboard Newspapers are simple.
Team Record Standing Last game Next game

Football 3-1-0 2nd in OUA 59-0 win vs.

Sept. 27
at Windsor Relationships are complicated.
Women’s 1-2-0 4th in QSSF 24-0 win vs. Sept. 28 vs.
Concordia. 1 p.m.
rugby Bishop’s at Matt Anthony

Women’s 4-2-1 2nd in OUA East 1-0 win at Trent Sept. 27 vs.
Laurentian. 3 p.m.
soccer at Matt Anthony


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26 SPORTS Sept. 25, 2008

Opinion 27
Michael Olender
Executive Editor
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008

Rules for the rebound Banking

model used for
ratings grab
by Laurel Hogan
Fulcrum Staff

EVEN BEFORE CYCLE 11 of The CW’s Ameri-

ca’s Next Top Model (ANTM) debuted on Sept. 3,
the Internet was abuzz with rumours that one of
the lucky 14 contestants was transgendered. Isis
King, a 22-year-old receptionist from Maryland,
was chosen by Tyra Banks and company after a
grueling (and ridiculous, in true Tyra style) fu-
turistic space-themed selection process, during
which Isis’s fellow contestants scrutinized her
suspiciously flat-chested figure.
When the truth came out, some girls were sup-
“For Isis to be so brave and so secure with who
she is, and being able to not let anything bother
her, it’s very commendable,” praised Sheena Sakai,
a Kimora Lee Simmons look-alike from Harlem.
But most were more than a little wary.
“America’s next top model is not gonna be a
drag queen,” declared Brittney “ShaRaun” Brown,
the requisite overconfident (and recently ousted)
diva. “I’m sorry, it’s not.”
The despicable nature of comments like Sha-
photo courtesy NBC
Raun’s should be obvious. It takes immense cour-
Ratings for the two-hour premiere of Heroes on Sept. 22 were down 25 per cent from last year’s one-hour opener. Trouble’s a-brewin’.
age to be open with 13 closed-minded, catty girls

How to avoid
eryone go through a year earlier, and it was tiring. ducts experiments on the heroes—have already
Our favourite, established heroes were forced to chosen their side, but some of the weak-minded North Americans are
ruining the third share screen time with dull characters who could
not match the gravitas of the original cast. In an
characters have shown that they can be eas-
ily swayed and are susceptible to evil tendencies. suckers for a freak show
volume of Heroes interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show’s
creator Tim Kring admitted that “We [the writ-
Noah Bennett, Peter Petrelli, and Matt Parkman
have all been responsible in one way or another
and a bitch-fight.
by Daniel Harris ers] made a mistake.” He was being modest. for the death of others, all in the name of the who apparently don’t realize there’s a difference
Fulcrum Contributor For the upcoming third volume, which pre- greater good. between a male who dresses up as a female and a
miered on Sept. 22, here are some rules that transgendered woman. These girls are in desper-
WHEN HEROES DEBUTED two years ago it Kring and his cast should abide by if they want to Rule three: ate need of some sensitivity training—unlike, of
was the hottest NBC premiere in five years. The keep the series alive. No more prolonged time travel course, Tyra. Or is she?
first season, or ‘volume’ as the creators call it, Let’s get a few things straight: Tyra is ANTM’s
averaged 14.3 million viewers and earned eight Rule one: Each of the first two volumes featured time-travel executive producer, an attention seeker, and the
Emmy nominations, including Best Dramatic Se- Characters that die episodes that were admittedly among the best- host of a talk show that borders on the Sally Jessy
ries. The series suffered a creative slump during must stay dead written episodes. What didn’t work were pro- Raphael kind of trashy. Tyra Banks does not give a
the second volume, paling in comparison to the longed journeys into past centuries. Hiro spent damn whether or not Isis can actually model. So far,
creativity of the first and, in turn, the show lost 15 I’m tired of the comebacks. Noah Bennett, one way too much time in 16th-century Japan. Please I haven’t seen Isis pose in even one great picture.
per cent of its viewership. When the show began of the major characters, is shot in the head and keep time travel to a minimum. What the media maven does give a damn about
it was like nothing else on television, but the sec- killed. The next scene however, shows him being is ratings, and, as a talk show host, she knows
ond volume played out like a poor imitation of injected with his daughter Claire’s blood, which Rule four: better than anybody that North Americans are
that great first one. revives him. Bullshit! Let them die! In the second Stop adding cast members suckers for a freak show and a bitch-fight. Isis,
The following contains some spoilers, so if you volume’s finale, two characters—Nathan Petrelli perceived as the former, is a great catalyst for the
keep reading you aren’t allowed to bitch about it and Niki Sanders—are both killed. According The principle cast list has 17 actors. In addition latter. After all, the same formula has worked be-
later. to IMDB, both characters are still listed as cast to avoiding killing off the current cast members, fore; each cycle’s token lesbian contestant always
The first volume, titled “Genesis”, had a show- members for the upcoming volume. If the series new characters keep being added. It is impossible serves to create the perfect storm of girl-on-girl
down in its finale that saw four characters fatally hopes to maintain any credibility it must let them for viewers to emotionally invest themselves in kisses and cusses.
wounded. The second volume, “Generations”, rest in peace. that many characters. There are a lot of references The saddest part is not that lesbians and trans-
started slowly and it became increasingly clear to Darwinism in the show, so why Kring doesn’t gendered women are still considered freaks in
that the show was losing its backbone. Instead Rule two: let the weak characters die off is a mystery to me. 2008, nor is it that cat-fighting models regularly
of going for the throat and showing characters pick sides already rake in more ratings than talented actors and ac-
grieving, it concocted ways to bring the dead The new volume is titled “Villains”, so it is sure tresses. What’s truly deplorable is that Tyra, a for-
characters back. “Generations” introduced a After two volumes, it is time to decide which to feature destruction and death that will likely mer supermodel and occasional photographer, is
whole new set of heroes with new problems and characters will be good and which will be bad. surpass what we have seen so far. With the help fully aware of the modelling potential Isis doesn’t
terrible powers (flying is only cool if we haven’t There is a clear villain in Sylar, who kills heroes of these four simple rules, I hope that Heroes will have—transgendered or not—but put her in the
seen it before). We had to watch these new char- and learns to use their powers. Those who work not be a massive disaster, only so I won’t have to top 14 anyway. Isis deserves to be evaluated as a
acters follow the same learning curve we saw ev- for the “Company”—an organization that con- save everyone’s asses again. model, not as a titillating plot device.
HECKLES Harper’s “better off” with
by Frank Appleyard
another slogan
aren’t telling us to go ahead and eat nately, he’s probably too busy sitting unseen in politics since the days of
Fulcrum Staff raw chicken just so long as we don’t in his office, smiling proudly at sell- John F. Kennedy.
smoke. ing the political equivalent of a 1987 Politically speaking, the slogan
“WE’RE BETTER OFF with Harper.” This Conservative mind-boggler is Hyundai Pony. And let’s be honest: if “Change We Can Believe In” is in a
This is the gem that Stephen Harper’s about as confidence-inspiring as “Pick this slogan were a car, it would cur- league of its own. “We’re better off
crack team of advisors picked as the this guy. Er, I guess. Please?” It’s not rently be up on blocks and, upon clos- with Harper” is riding the pine.
slogan for the prime minister’s at- exactly a ringing endorsement of your er inspection, need an engine. But, in I suppose the benefit of having a
tempt at re-election on Oct. 14. party’s leader when this is the best you true salesman fashion, I bet he gave less-than-impressive motto is that if
Really. can come up with to propel him back the Cons a great deal. Harper wins, at least voters won’t be
At first glance, the sentence prob- to office. But if this were the top choice, Comparing Harper’s slogan to expecting too much from the Con-
ably reads well enough. But step one wonders exactly what didn’t make U.S. presidential hopeful Barack servatives over the next four years.
back for a moment and look at what it onto the Conservative strategists’ Obama’s powerful “Change We Can After all, if you can’t come up with
the Conservative Party is really tell- shortlist. How about: “Harper: You can Believe In” campaign shows exactly an inspiring motto, voters probably
ing you here: “A vote for Harper is a do worse” or “Harper: How bad could how anemic Harper’s slogan really is. shouldn’t expect an inspiring govern-
vote for the best of a bad lot.” Well, he be?” That simple statement is at the fore- ment.
medically speaking, we’re all probably I would love to meet the slick mar- front of the galvanization of millions Actually, that would probably be a
“better off ” with salmonella than lung keting pitchman that sold the Con- of Americans behind Obama, and better motto: “Harper now. Medioc-
cancer, but the folks at Health Canada servatives this pitiful shtick. Unfortu- the creation of a sensation largely rity later.”

Time for a food revolution

Improve your eating 4 a.m. and closing usually around food combinations. Some sliced cu-
habits by visiting 6 p.m., the market hosts an assort-
ment of vendors selling everything—
cumbers with a drizzle of vinegar, or
sliced apples with peanut butter, or
the ByWard Market produce, cheese, poultry, beef, as- seasoned olive oil on steamed pep-
sorted breads, cookies, desserts, tea, pers will balance out the frozen din-
by Anna Rocoski maple syrup, and honey, among other ners and beer.
Fulcrum Contributor items. Not only will you be support- If you don’t go to the Market be-
ing the local community (which cuts cause of the distance and inconve-
IT IS TIME for a 180-degree turn down on your ecological footprint as nience, you probably have access
when it comes to students’ approach produce doesn’t have to be hauled in to the Internet. There are scores of
to nutrition. We’re supposed to be from across the border) but you will recipe websites that allow even the
informed university students, so why also be making fresher, less expensive worst cooks to read up on how to
do we allow ourselves to be so con- purchases compared to what you can improve their cooking techniques.
sumed by our hectic lives, forgoing find at Loeb or Loblaws. I love, a website
the nutritional basics? My main focus is the popular pro- that focuses on baking and dessert
A swig of milk and a muffin for duce like tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, recipes. It has many recipes for treats
breakfast. A chocolate bar and slice of apples, spinach, celery, cucumbers, like cookies, tarts, even ice cream,
pizza with pop for lunch. A defrosted potatoes, and carrots. Almost all the and most of them are simple, use
Hungry Man dish with a tall boy for vendors sell one box of usually five affordable ingredients, and always
dinner. Arguably, this is what the stu- items for $2 or mix three boxes for $5. taste great. Because most of us don’t
dent diet has come to. When it comes to cucumbers, lettuce, eat sweets for dinner, there is also
It is so frustrating for me to wit- spinach, and corn, prices are even The website is quite
ness students settling for quick, con- lower. You can buy two cukes for $1, a comprehensive, offering recipes for
venient foods that are unhealthy, head of lettuce for $1, a large basket of everything from small snacks to
mainly because I have a certificate spinach for $1, and six corn cobs for massive meals. Interestingly, users
in baking from George Brown Col- $2! September is a great month to visit can review the recipes posted, and
lege, which taught me the nitty gritty the Market because there is an incred- this feedback hints at which recipes
about the simplest forms of food ible array of produce in season—just are the tastiest. The “Top 20” best-re-
(flour, sugar, salt, etc.) and their im- go and explore to see for yourself. viewed recipes include instructions
portance to the human body. For any Loeb and Loblaws sell Ontario for banana crumb muffins, chicken
meal to work properly, there needs to produce, but they don’t offer the com- pot pie, and ham and potato soup.
be a balance of ingredients. You can’t munity feel you get at the Market. At It is time for students everywhere
just live on burgers and condiments; supermarkets, you don’t get to see the to get off convenience foods and start
there are components of meals, like family or farm that you are directly exploring the endless combinations
protein and nutrients from various supporting. that food offers. Don’t confuse eating
vegetables, that are integral to health. I visit the Market at least once a healthy with some fad diet; healthy
Students need balance too. week because it is so close to campus eating is about thinking long-term—
We live in the capital of Canada, that I can go whenever I have time to it’s a lifestyle. Bad habits you may
home to a tourist attraction called kill in between classes. If you start go- have now will likely stay with you
photo by David McClelland
the ByWard Market. During the day, ing to the market routinely you will unless you decide to make a healthy
The main ByWard Market building is surrounded by outdoor vendors.
sometimes even starting as early as likely develop an appetite for simple change.
sudoku answers from p. 30

The Flash could totally beat Superman in a footrace around the world.


E-mail with your response. Sept. 25, 2008 OPINION 29

Distractions 30
Sarah Leavitt
Features Editor

Dear Di
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008

If you have a question for Di,

Dear Di, e-mail Thursday, Sept. 25
When my boyfriend and I were You Say Party! We Say Die!
having sex last week, the condom The fourth annual Institute of the 7 p.m. Babylon. 317 Bank St. 19+
slipped off and got lost inside me! I Environment Lecture Series: The $7, $10 at door.
was panicking for a while but I even- Global Carbon Market – New Chal-
tually got it out. Is there anything I lenges to International Law by Dr. Monday, Sept. 29
should know? What should I do if it when Christina Voigt. 4 p.m. Lamoureux
ever happens again? there’s Hall, room 477. Free. Celebrity Speakers Series:
—Pussies Are Actually Pretty Deep l e s s Peter Hinton. 7:30 p.m.
hair, Friday, Sept. 26 National Arts Centre. 53 Elgin St.
Dear PAAPD, a n d Free.
Oh my goodness. Listen, a condom that it makes Recital: Karen Holmes, harpsi-
getting lost inside you is rare, but it’s his stump look bigger when chord. 12 p.m. Freiman Auditorium, Where the Buffalo Roam.
important to understand how it can there is no forest to compete with. Perez Hall. Voluntary contribution. 9:05 p.m. ByTowne Cinema.
happen in order to prevent such a Playing on his pleasure and his ego 325 Rideau St.
thing. If the condom is too loose it will surely get him to remember. If $9, $6 for members.
Saturday, Sept. 27
can slip off mid-thrust, and if it is too all that is not getting through his
tight it can burst. Vigorous bucking thick skull after two weeks, take Women’s soccer: Ottawa vs. Lau- Tuesday, Sept. 30
and thrusting on the woman’s part matters into your own hands. The rentian. 3 p.m. Sports Complex. $4.
can do it, and it can also happen if traception, which should be taken next time you go down on him, Seminar: Questioning the
the man doesn’t hold on to the base of within 72 hours. grab a razor and start trimming Roman Polanski: Wanted And Rationality of Communication
the condom as he pulls out. To get the Love, his pubic hair for him. If he hasn’t Desired. 7 p.m. ByTowne Cinema. Policymakers during Terrorism.
rubber out, lie back, relax the muscles Di figured things out by then and ne- 325 Rideau St. $9, $6 for members. 1 p.m. Simard Hall, room 429.
at the opening of your vagina, and glects trimming after that, dump Free.
get your boyfriend to insert two fin- Dear Di, him for someone who is mindful
gers inside and try to pull it out. If he I love going down on my guy, but and respectful enough to trim their Sunday, Sept. 28
can’t find the condom, it is likely that he constantly refuses to trim the hair in exchange for your wonder- Wednesday, Oct. 1
it is lodged at the top of your vaginal landscape. It’s just not fun when he ful oral pleasure. Good luck! Women’s rugby: Ottawa vs. Con-
canal near your cervix. To get a good doesn’t. I hate it when his pubes get Love, cordia. 1 p.m. Sports Complex. $4. Library Research 101. 10 a.m.
angle, stand up, prop one foot on a stuck in my throat! I’ve asked him Di Morisset Library, room 144. Free.
chair, and again try to retrieve it with to trim before, but he either forgets Tokyo String Quartet. 2 p.m.
fingers. If you still can’t get it out, it’s or neglects to keep it up. National Arts Centre. 53 Elgin St. Jason Collett w. Rock Plaza Cen-
time for the hospital emergency room —Impeach Bush! $14.50 for students. tral and Zeus. 8 p.m. Barrymore’s
(or if the sun’s still up, you could al- sudoku answers on p. 29 Music Hall. 323 Bank St. 19+ $15.
ways make a trip to your gynecolo- Dear IB,
gist). It’s necessary to get the condom Don’t give up on him just yet. Like
out because leaving it inside of you with young puppies, if you repeat
for more than a few hours can cause something enough, a boyfriend will
bacterial build-up, which can lead to learn (especially when there’s a blow
a painful infection. Keep in mind that job involved). To send a stern message,
the condom slipping off can also lead I want you to get drastic—even unrea-
to sexually transmitted infections sonably drastic. Refuse to go down on
(STIs) or even a baby bump. Even if him until he trims. Then keep it up
your boyfriend didn’t come, his pre- for two weeks and check up every
come could have leaked inside you. day to make sure that he’s listening to
So unless you’re absolutely positive you. Your boyfriend needs to under-
that your boyfriend is STI-free, you stand that if you ask for something—
should get tested. And unless you’re especially in regards to sex—his ears
using a reliable birth-control pill, you should be open. For better results, in- The Thryllabus needs lots of great events
should visit your gynecologist so you sistently tell him you read somewhere to remain so thrilling.
can be prescribed emergency con- that oral sex feels better for a guy
E-mail your events and ideas to
Think Things by Jocelyn Robitaille
Frank Appleyard

Editorial Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008


Riding the lightning
since 1942.
Wanted: a party worth throwing
University of Ottawa’s Homecoming
weekend held Sept. 19–21 made one
thing clear: this party leaves a lot to be
Volume 69 - Issue 6 desired.
Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2008 The event, now in its fourth year,
phone: (613) 562-5261
may have drawn its largest registered
fax: (613) 562-5259
631 King Edward Ave., crowd to date and featured over 30
Ottawa, ON K1N6N5 events, but what was most apparent were the shortcomings scattered liber- ally throughout the weekend. Basically,
this year’s Homecoming was lame.
Recycle this paper or In attempting to diagnose the
no solos on the next album. faults behind the flat celebration, the
complaints centre on one overriding
Staff theme: a lack of imagination. There is
no doubt that the U of O’s Alumni Re-
Frank ‘Slayer’ Appleyard
lations Office poured endless amounts
Editor-in-Chief of hard work and dedication into plan-
ning the weekend. However, the result
Ben ‘Megadeth’ Myers of their toils could have been far more
Production Manager impressive. Homecoming exists to entertain
the diverse and expansive alumni of
Michael ‘Rammstein’ Olender the university and maintain the gradu-
Executive Editor ates’ links to the school and its culture, while simultaneously encapsulating
the enduring spirit of the institution
Martha ‘Spinal Tap’ Pearce
found within its students and faculty.
Art Director
Any hopes of achieving this grand
vision require grand imagination—
Emma ‘Cradle of Filth’ Godmere something that the U of O failed to
News Editor demonstrate with middling events like movie marathons and fajita bars high-
lighting the weekend.
Peter ‘Danzig’ Henderson That being said, there were bright illustration by Devin A. Beauregard
Arts & Culture Editor spots to the weekend, including a Homecoming events. ment considering Frank Clair Sta- for some Homecoming events. Such number of successful events held by Western’s Homecoming features dium’s capacity is 22,422. Some imagi- a move would make the now-distinct
individual faculties and groups—in- some ideas worthy of imitation, or nation and an investment of time are groups of present students and alumni
David ‘Black Sabbath’ McClelland cluding a reunion held by this newspa- at least to use as a source of inspira- needed to transform the game into a more interactive, fostering the idea of
Sports Editor per for former staff from throughout tion: a Homecoming parade through showcase event. Think barbeques, tail- one overriding U of O community—re-
its 69-year history. the campus community, bar nights at gate parties, marching bands, halftime gardless of whether its members gradu-
However, the weekend had its share trendy clubs, and a golf tournament at concerts, and appearances by standout ated 40 years ago or are in their first se-
Sarah ‘Dødheimsgard’ Leavitt
Features Editor of head-scratchers. The makeshift casi- a prestigious course. And all of this is former players. It’s ultimately about the mester at the school. On the other side no night on Tabaret Lawn, where play- on top of fare similar to the U of O’s spectacle and the full experience—not of the coin, involving current students
ers gambled with pretend money, was offerings. While the U of O seems to just the game. in a rocking Homecoming will only
Danielle ‘Helloween’ Blab a little juvenile considering the mature have the smaller events (breakfasts, One of the more glaring omissions inspire them to return for the festivities
Laurel ‘Manowar’ Hogan crowd in attendance. A more ambitious chamber music performances, faculty from the U of O’s Homecoming fes- once they graduate.
Copy Editors approach would have seen the U of O dinners) down pat, it lacks a slate of tivities in comparison to Western and The ideas above obviously come
hold a real night out at the nearby Lac showcase, catch-all events that would Queen’s University’s attempts was any with a price tag; ambition typically
Amanda ‘Stratovarius’ Shendruk Leamy Casino—turning the concept turn Homecoming into a party that meaningful presence of current stu- does. If the U of O is serious about
Associate News Editor of a casino night into a formal night on alumni would scramble rather than dents. At last check, the vast majority continuing to hold a Homecoming the town, uniting alumni in a dynamic hesitate to register for. of U of O alumni were also members of weekend, it is time to do away with
atmosphere. Of what currently exists at the U of the Student Federation of the Univer- the half-hearted activities and create a
James ‘Metal Church’ Edwards
After seeing Homecoming stuck in O, the most obvious area for improve- sity of Ottawa (SFUO) and Graduate memorable experience—not a casual
neutral after its fourth year, the ques- ment is the football game. Homecom- Students Association (GSAÉD) during weekend event.
tion of how the U of O can improve ing games are traditionally the focal their time at the school, and would like- The U of O is just a few bright
Jessica ‘Dragonland’ Sukstorf its offerings for future years must be point of alumni reunion culture, fea- ly jump at the chance to attend events ideas away from having a Homecom-
Volunteer & Visibility raised. The short answer is that the turing packed stands and a raucous held by their former associations and ing weekend to be proud of, and more
Coordinator school needs to look to its contem- atmosphere. However, the Gee-Gees mingle with their younger selves. importantly, one that current students poraries for ideas. The similarly sized Homecoming game on Sept. 20 against In the interest of helping to expand will be proud to one day attend as
University of Western Ontario’s often- the Waterloo Warriors was woeful. Homecoming, the SFUO and GSAÉD alumni.
Deidre ‘Hammerfall’ Butters praised annual alumni celebration is a Only slightly over 1,500 spectators should approach the university to bring
Advertising Representative stark contrast to the U of O’s lacklustre attended—a tremendous disappoint- current students and alumni together
Ross ‘Edguy’ Prusakowski Devin A. ‘Mercenary’ Beauregard Daniel ‘Thunderstone’ Harris Alex ‘Underoath’ Martin
Business Manager Travis ‘Wizard’ Boisvenue Roxanne ‘Audiovision’ Hart Carl ‘Primal Fear’ Meyer Sarah ‘HolyHell’ Bradfield Patricia ‘Icarus’ Hennigar Tim ‘Pyramaze’ Mott cover photo by
Laura ‘Omen’ Clementson Ted ‘Voyager’ Horton Dave ‘Powerwolf’ Piccini Frank Appleyard
Anna ‘Eidolon’ Coutts Guy ‘Ligeia’ Hughes Brianna ‘Sycorax’ Reid
Hilary ‘Sixlip’ Caton Camila ‘Knut’ Juarez Jocelyn ‘Deep Purple’ Robitaille
Kenny ‘WarCry’ Dodd Hisham ‘Morifade’ Kelati Anna ‘Demon Hunter’ Rocoski
This issue of the Fulcrum Phil ‘Oratory’ Flickering Danyal ‘White Skull’ Khoral Steven ‘Rosetta’ Ryan
was fuelled by Satan. Mike ‘Majesty’ Gribbon Aaron “Killer” Kozak Émilie ‘Avian’ Sartoretto Jack ‘Throwdown’ Wang
Jacob ‘Twelvestep’ Hall Brennan ‘Brown Brigade’ Loh Holly ‘Ophydian’ Sernoskie Kristy ‘Helstar’ Welbourn
Jolene ‘Manilla Road’ Hansell Jaclyn ‘Mendeen’ Lytle Nick ‘Nightwish’ Taylor-Vaisey Kristen ‘Torch’ Woodend

Related Interests