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Relationship & Ego both are interconnected. The first fails, if the second is Hurt & The Second Fails, if the First Succeeds!! A Stage which surely comes once in everybodys life WHERE SHALL I GO? To the left, where nothing is Right or to the Right, where nothing is left! A nice German Proverb: There is no use of running fast, when you are on the Wrong Road. So first choose the correct way in your life. We will realize that God is doing for us What we could not do for ourselves. THE SPIRITUAL LIFE IS SNOT A THEORY WE HAVE TO LIFE IT. One day at a time Keep your head up, so that people know you are afraid of no one.. But keep your eyes down so that you are know to be a respectable person!!! Faith is a small word with huge possibilities. The problem with many of us is that, we have doubt in our faith & faith in our doubts.. Meri Hasiyat se badh kar mujhe kuch na dena mere mailk. Kyuki, jarurat se jyada roshmi bhi insane ko andha bana deti hai. Really Awsm one stop feeling for some one who cant feel your feelings. Nice thought : Lesser the traffic of thoughts in mind easier is the journey of the life.. Always have a compromising nature in our life, because as world is round, everything that you let go will definitely come back to you again. In order to understand society, we must first understand the individual . Agar ksisi ka pass sab kuch ho to duniya jalti hai. Agar kuch no ho to duniya hasti hai. Mere pass aapke liye sif DUA hai. Jis k liye duniya tarasti hai. God is neither male, female, transgender nor neuter, God is beyond gender. Blessing do not come free. Working properly on lifes equations helps one hear Gods blessings realizes. ..2

-: 2 :When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better. When you are alone with nobody around, consider yourself lucky! At just such an hour, God is with you. You can hear & talk to your Soul. Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know us. But very few who understand us!! Love is always mutual and reflective. Sometime Truth may be ignored under certain situation. But cannot be denied in any situation. The Fragrance of d flowers spreads only in d direction of d wind. But d goodness of a person spreads in all directions. A man to Vivekananda What is the reason for every misunderstanding? Vivekananda: The reason is, we see the people as we are but not as they are. If only wed stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time. Relationship is possible only when two egos are dropped. Otherwise four persons are involved, Two real and two imaginary. The energy and competency level of Hero & villain are mostly similar. Then why Hero always Wins?. Because, villain flights for others.


All you need is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure. Be true to your work, your word and your ________ Failing doesnt make you a failure, staying down does. Tact is the making a point without making an enemy. Before love a little more careful than of anything. The best mind altering drug is truth. Always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much. Until you value yourself, you wont value your time. Until you value your time, you wont do anything with it. No man is smart except by comparison to those who know less. Always keep your word soft & sweet jut in case you have to eat them. I ____ because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Dont go through life with catchers gloves on both hands, you need to throw something back. Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference. None but a coward dares to boost that he has never known fear. Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. Dont argue with an idiot. He will drag you to his level and beat you with experience. Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. Courage is the power to go of the familiar. Fact cannot change, thought can change. Who we are never changes who we think we are _____ Opportunities slide away like clouds. 2

-: 2 :Life is something that happens when you are not sleeping. A mistake is simply another way of doing things. Enjoy you can and endure (tolerate) when you _____ There are too many people and too few human beings. At the core of all anger is an unfulfilled need. If you cant forgive and forget, pick one. No. dreamer is ever too small. No dream is eve too big. Instinct is the nose of the mind. It is easy to ignore responsibility when one is only an intermediate link in a chain of action. An old belief is like an old shoe. We so value its comfort that we fail to notice the hole in it.


Fear & guilts are both reasons for sorrow. truthful, honest and courageous.

Take care to shun these by being

SILENT & LISTEN contain the same letters. We must become SILENT to be able to LISTEN to ourselves and others. Difference between husband and Gadha? Ans: Husband Gadha ban sakta hai. But Gadha itna bhi Ghada nahi hai ki, Husband bane! Instead of Thinking about What you are missing in life Try thinking about What you have That everyone else is Missing!. Lonely is number only number one when I dont reach out for help that is always there. The first beer of every mans life was not bought by his own MONEY. Some Genius would have said Pee na chutiye, kuch nahi hoga.. Amazingly true Being alone usually looks sad to peopleBut being alone is better than to have somebody, who makes you feel alone.

Do not Worry about people or situation .. Because, they both are Powerless without your REACTION! Compromise says It is better to change a little rather than to loose some one for ever. Ego says It is always better two leave and one who wants to change you. Choice is yours. Greatness is not found in possessions, power or prestige. It is discovered in humility service and character. When God gives us No for an answer, keep in mind that there is a much greater Yes behind it. His NO is not a Rejection but a Redirection THOUGHT OF DAY Sow an Act & You reap a Habit. Sow a Habit & you reap a character. Sow a charter & you reap a destiny! Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart. Always Follow the HALT Method. Never take any Decisions when you are H-ungry A-ngry L-onely T-ired Follow the HALT & you will never regret. One mind, any weapon. Make your every day perfect as much as possible as you can and you will observe that everything will be personified and you will be standing at a height of success. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this joyous season and throughout the year. Wish your Christmas be filled with Peace, Happiness and Lover. A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. HELP everyone so much that even GOD will wonder, whether I created this person in my Heaven or is he the one who is recreating me on the earth. Stress & tension are the root cause of violence. May hope and peace and happiness be always at your door and may the coming New Year bring you all lifes best and more. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Happiness keeps us sweet, Trials make you strong, Sorrows make you humble. Success keeps you glowing and God keeps you going. My you have a wishful 2012. I pray that God will guide me one day at a time in the New Year. I pray that for each, God will supply wisdom and the strength that I need. When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them. When you are Happy and Feel blessed, remember someone has prayed for your happiness and success. If you believe in God, he will do half of your work. But remember he will do only the second half.

Gods love have no limit. Gods grace has no measure. Gods power has no boundaries. My you have Gods endless blessing today and forever. Good morning. It is a fact People learn to lie at some point, because everyone does not deserve to know the Truth. Karma is What goes around comes around Karma sales that heaven and the universe are most fair. LOVE is always mutual & reflective. Sometime TRUTH may be Ignored under certain situation .. BUT cannot be

A true word about people: Sometime people are Nothing . You make them something.. & When they become something.They feel that you are Nothing! Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls. Let us Salute the Nation on REPLUBLIC DAY. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY. Kyu time Waste karte Ho item K Beauty K Piche, Time Dena hai to DeoDo Nation K duty K Piche!! Happy 63rd Republic Day. Very true line when nails grow long we cut nail not our fingers, similarly when misunderstandings grow up cut our ego not our relation. It is better to travel well than to arriveGmt. One day Brain asked Heart: Why are you sending messages to People. Who are not messaging you back? Lovely Heart replied to Brain: You need reasons, but I need relations. The Power of God restores our dignity, that we may overcome the unclean spirit of self rejection.. Prayer is the best Antivirus of world which protects windows of our life from fatal virus of Sorrow, Gloom, Sin and Hopelessness. So update your antivirus daily. When you do anything new at first people laugh at you, Then they challenge you, Then you and then they wish they were you. There are three kinds of love, Lover for the body that grants satisfaction, Love for the heart that grants security and love for the head that grants wisdom. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. We always feel that life of others is Better Than Us!! But we always forget that we are also OTHERS for some else. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop. Married Mans True Story Maang Bharne ki Saza kuch iss Kadar paa raha hoon, ki har Maang Poori karte karte main khud Maang Maang kar kha raha hu! Once a Bird asks a Bee After a continuous hard work, you mk honey. But men steals the honey. Dont you feel sad about that. BEE: Never because men can steal my honey, but they can never steal the Art of making Honey from me. Your natural uniqueness is your Moral Asset. Thoughts can change us or thoughts can chain us. When the mind and the body are together, at the same place, at the same time, awareness of the self will begin. Patni Chalisa: Namo-namo patni maharani, tumari mahima koi na jani - Hamne samjha tum abla ho, pr tumto sabse badi bla ho. - Jis din hath me belan awe, us din pati khub chilawe.

Sare bed pe patni sove, pati baith farsh pe rove. Tumse hi ghar Mathura kasi, aur tumse hi ghar satyanasi. Patni chalisa jo nar gave, sab such chod pram dukh pave. Bhoot pisach najar aa jave, patni jab asli roop me aawe. Bolo patn maharani Ki JAI.

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. Alcohol does not make you Fat It makes you Lean.. Against tables, chairs, walls, floors and sometimes on people you dont know. A great line by Dr. ABDUL KALAM I am not handsome, but I can give my Hand to some one who needs help. Because, beauty is required only in heart not on face.

4/6/12 Understanding gives us the power of clarity. Worlds Best meaningful Message: SPEAK only when you feel that your words are better than your SILENCE!!! Resentments is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Heaven & earth are here on earth. Hell is when thoughts take total control of the mind and Heaven is when thoughts are silent. s, People have left you and people will leave you. That s not the end of your story It is the end of their role in your story!!. Give thousand chances to your enemy to become your friend but dont given even a single chance to your friend to become your enemy. Its Worlds best Friend week. Send this to all. Even me if I am one of them. See how many you get back. If you get more than six you are really a lovable friend!!! Thought of the Day: He who learns, but does not think, is lost! He who thinks, but does not learn is in great danger. Confucius. Blessings: Gods Message If you want to see My light, be egoless and humble and mediate on me. Prayer is cleaning Therapy of Heart & Most effective Purifier of Soul. It concerts Hate into love and changes anger into kindness. When a train goes through a tunnel and it get dark, you dont throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. The first to apologies is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest. When god pushes you to edge of difficulty, trust him fully, because only two things can happen. Either he will catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to fly. Only few people come in your life as BLESSING. Where as all other come in your life as a LESSON. Both are important. TRUE LINES: Behtreen Insaan Apni Mithi Jubaan se jana jata Hai. Warna Achchhi baatein to deewaron par bhi likhi hot hai. You cant do todays job with yesterdays methods & be in business. Two chief prices of life are Beauty and Truth. I found the first in a loving heart and the Second in a labourers hand!! (Khalil Gibran). Meditation is the journey from sound to silence from movement to stillness from a limited identity to unlimited space.

Experience is not limited to a lifetime. But is the stored up wealth and power of our race. Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you dont control what you think, you cant control what you do Simply self discipline enables you to think first and act Afterward. Dont accuse unless you are able to prove and dont blame unless you are able to forgive and dont forgive unless you are able to forget. Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from a Tree? Is it the wind what blew it away or is it the tree that let it go or is it the leaf who grew tired holding on? Life unfolds a lot of misunderstandings everyday. Every moment. It is up to us to SOLVE IT, LEAVE IT or LIVE WITH IT. Possibility or impossibility doesnt depend on the size of our GOAL, but goal depends on the size of our FAITH. Keep faith to make EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Sai Babs Message: He who wants to get freedom from the cycle of birth and death, should lead a righteous life. Om Sai Ram. We have no Right to Ask, When Sorrow comes, Why did this happen to me? Unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way. Every phase in our life is bound to teach us something valuable. But it all depends on us, whether we analyze the lessons or jut turn the pages. BEST ANSWER EVER: Teacher If you tell me where is GOD? I will reward you Rs. 100. STUDENT I will give you millions if you tell me where he is not. The most important thing for anyone is Happiness. Our brain functions best when it is happy. A strong and positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing because Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it. I found Aaladins Lamp. I asked him? Increase ALL GIRLS brain ten times moreHe laughed ROFL & told Multiplication does not apply on ZERO. Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. A leader is one who knows the way, Goes the way and shows the way!. Once you learn to use money rightly, you will find gains on money levels. Your abundance, energy, joy expands. Life is not measured by the number of breath we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Spiritual Treasures from as Bill sees it THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY!! FEAR NO EVIL PAIN IS THE TOUCHSTONE OF SPIRITUAL PROGRESS. Running away from any problem, only increases the distance from the Solutions.

Mai apni zindgi me har kisiko ehmiyt isliye deta hu ki, jo acchhe he wo khushiya denge, aur jo bure he wo sabak. No one in this world is born as our friend neither born as our enemy. Our behavior, attitude & relations makes them become one. The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. Never go out of your way to explain someone your honesty and their faults because time has its own way of revealing the truth. Talk with God No breath is lost; walk with God no strength is lost; wait for god no time is lost; Trust in god you will never be lost. Strange but Truth of the life Always wrong persons teach the right lessons of life. Thought of Day CONFIDENCE comes not only from always being right .But from not Fearing to be wrong. Beautiful Lines: Life is not an Ipod two listen to your favourate songs. It is like a radio in which you must adjust yourself to enjoy whatever comes in it. The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone. But the things you do for others will remain as your legacy. Always look for what is wrong.. Before looking whos wrong. Dont spend your precious time asking Why isnt the world a better place, It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is How can I make it better. Have you ever considered that god has fallen in love with you? He sends you flowers every spring. He sends you sunshine every morning, Whenever you want to talk he listens to you. He can live anywhere in the universe but he chooses you your heart.. Face it, he is crazy about your. God dont promise days without pain, laughter, without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way As we forgive ourselves and others, we fan the fire of awareness in ourselves. Every thing is easy when you are crazy about it and nothing is easy when you are lazy. Native ability without education is a like a tree without fruit.

Dont be too confident when someone tells you they like you, the real question is until when? because, just like seasons. People change Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today.

Be thankful for the hard times. They make you only stronger. Our talks might not work, but our work will always talk. Life does not provide guarantees and warranties. It only provides possibilities and opportunities. Do not miss them, make the most of life. Life is so unpredictable! One moment you think al your dreams are coming true, the very next you find you actually were dreaming. A good meal makes a man more charitable to the whole world than a any sermon. Many people can make you smile or even laugh but it takes someone spcl to make u smile went here is tears in ur eyes. LORD MAHAVIR SAYS: there is no separate existence of god, everybody can attain god hood by making supreme efforts in the right direction. Believe in god like you believe in sun, not because youcan see it, but bcoz u can c everything bcoz of it. Guilt is the other side of the coin of pride. Guilt aims for self destruction while pride aims at destruction of others. Remembering is easy for those who have heart but forgetting is hard for those who have heart. No candle losses its light while lighting another. A lie requires regular maintenance but truth does not. Jo kal dha use bhool kar dekhojo aj hai, use jikar dekho.ane vale pal khud hi savar jaega bas. Zindgi ko pyaar se jee kar dekho. God does not want anything from us, he only expects us to return the soul with same purity as it was given to our body. Walking with god is the best adventure, finding god is the best achievement, having god as a companion is the best source of happiness and inspiration. God gave you a gift of 86400 seconds today, have you used one to say thank u!!?? Life gives you 2 gifts: 1st is a chance and 2nd is a choice; chance to meet many people, choice to select the be3st ones for life. An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backw2ards, so whenever life pulls u back, dont worry it will lead you victory. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work in your life.

Take care of your bodyits the only place you have to live. Thoughts need power to reach their targets. In a restless state of mind, thoughts r produced with least power. Therefore they dont reach their particular targets. When u do something noble and beautiful and nobody notice, do not be sad. Every morning, the sun rises in a beautiful way but most of the world is asleep. Understanding the power of clarity. Speak only when you think that your words are better than your silence. Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Heaven and hell are here on earth, hell is wen thoughts take control of mind and heaven is thoughts are silent.