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AUG 2012

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Dear Customer The validation studies at VOLVO premises for checking the effectiveness of vibration isolation plan put in place (a combination of 137 holes of 200mm Diameter each, 6000mm deep, arranged in ZIG-ZAG pattern near the Compactor Test Cell was completed by our team recently. The results are very encouraging with substantial reduction in the ground transmitted vibration originating from the test activities inside the cell; the results have been forwarded to the Seismic Experts from the RASTA institute for further acknowledgement and proofing. We are working now with an American Company that specializes in making labels for a wide range of fabrics and finished clothing products; the task is to assess the shop floor and other work area for Noise & Vibration behavior in compliance with OSHA standards. The 1st phase task of measurement and data processing Noise and Vibration is just completed and we are not working on a comprehensive plan for implementing effective methods of mitigation. Our continued tasks with Delhi Metro, Railway track vibration analysis works at Delhi and Hyderabad are in their final visit stage with our team assessing the effects of implementation of vibration isolation pads at select locations on the track. We are also in the shortlisted team for offering consultation and solution package for the New Metro Rail project for Ahmadabad (MEGA) With Paul Wurth, the Italian Company that specializes in Blast Furnaces, we worked on two vibration investigation tasks at VSL (Vishakapatnam Steel Plan) and at TATA Steel Jamshedpur. The first level of assessment of causes of higher vibration problem We have more about the current projects to discuss in the next issue

Warm Regards Krishna Balamurali krishna@nvdynamics.com



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SOUND PROOF ROOMS - PART 3: Recording Studios

In this article we'll take a quick look at some of the factors that are involved in the design of a space specifically for recording speech, music, or other sounds - that is, the basics of Sound Recording Studio design. This involves two different aspects of sound, which can be broadly characterized as 'soundproofing' and 'acoustics. The goal of acoustical treatment is to eliminate problems from parallel hard surfaces that reflect sound waves. Secondly, to stop unwanted sound from entering or exiting the room.

Sound Isolation
This involves creating a sound barrier between the recording space and any adjacent areas. The focus at this stage is to keep unwanted noise from entering or escaping the room in which recording is carried out. Generally, noise is isolated by using heavy materials to block the noise along with decoupling devices to reduce structural vibrations. Sound absorbing materials may also be used within wall cavities to reduce unwanted structural resonance. Regardless of whether building an isolation booth in a professional studio, or trying to prevent sound from leaking into or out of the studio, sound isolation is key.

Sound Absorption
Noise absorbing materials are designed to improve sound quality by reducing and controlling echo and reverberation. This is the primary method used to modify studio acoustics. Well planned, the use of sound absorbing materials can considerably improve recording quality. Contrary to popular belief, sound absorbers are not soundproofing materials and should not be used to block noise.

Sound Diffusion
Sound diffusion works hand in hand with Sound Absorption, and is popular in control/listening rooms where mixing will take place. Diffusers are designed to distribute sound evenly throughout the room, and prevent dead spots, where sound cannot be heard clearly. This will allow you to properly mix the recordings, which will enhance your finished product.

Fact File

Vibration collar for training a dog

Vibration training collars can be the perfect choice when training a dog which is a bit more sensitive. An ultra-sensitive pet might become frightened, stressed, alarmed or confused by an electronic shock collar. However, the vibrating sensations produced by this kind of collars are gentler and more easily tolerated by sensitive or mild tempered dogs. Many people also use these collars as part of a training program designed for a blind dog or a deaf dog. When using one of these collars, a quick alert vibration is first given. When the dog feels this vibration, he/she knows to begin a particular response. If necessary, a second vibration can be used if the desired behavior is not performed. However, even though these collars are frequently used for sensitive pets, it's also possible to use them on more active or stubborn dogs. Because the collars provide a range of different vibrations, it's likely that a dog will respond favorably to one or more of the sensations.

Nocturnal scorpion can sense Vibration thorough sand from its prey
The Scorpion locates its prey by orienting to substrate vibrations produced by movements of the prey in sand. At the end of each walking leg of the scorpion there are two sense organs, the basitarsal compound slit sensillum and tarsal sensory hairs that are excited by substrate vibrations coming through sand. The slit sensilla appear to be most sensitive to surface (Rayleigh) waves while the tarsal sensory hairs respond best to compressional waves. Both mechano-receptors are activated by nearby disturbances of the substrate but only the slit sensilla responds to insects moving more than 15 cm away. Both receptors are highly sensitive to small amplitude (less than 10 -angstrom or 0.1 nanometer) mechanical stimuli applied to the tarsus Behavioral studies of scorpions with ablated sense organs indicate that the basitarsal compound slit sensilla are necessary for determining vibration source direction.

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