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(Q) Salam Alaikum, my name is Saba, and I am a student - I would ask, I would like to ask you a question, Zakir Bhai. A man will have Hoors, that is beautiful maidens when he enters Paradise - What will a woman get when she enters Paradise? Answer: The sister has posed a question, that when a man enters Paradise, he will get Hoor that is a beautiful maiden - What will the woman get, when she enters Paradise? The Quran has mentioned the word Hoor, in no less than 4 diffrent places. It is mentioned in SURAH DUKHAN, CH. NO. 44, VERSE NO. 54: COMPANIONS IN PARADISE 54. So; and we shall join them to companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes. SURAH TUR, IN CH. NO. 52, VERSE NO. 20: COMPANIONS IN PARADISE 20. They will recline (with ease) on thrones (of dignity) arranged In ranks; and we shall join them to Companions, with beautiful big and lustrous eyes. SURAH RAHMAN, CH. NO. 55, VERSE NO. 72: COMPANIONS IN PARADISE 72. Companions restrained (as to their glances), In (goodly) pavilions;SURAH WAQIA, CH. NO.56, VERSE NO. 22: COMPANIONS IN PARADISE 22. And (there will be) companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes, and many of the translations, specially the Urdu translations have translated the word Hoor, as beautiful maiden. If the word Hoor, means a beautiful maiden it means a beautiful maiden, then what will the woman get, in Paradise? Actually the word Hoor, is a plural for Ahwar, which is applicable to the man, and Hawar, which is applicable to the women. And it signifies the characteristic of Hawar, which means big, white beautiful eye, and describes especially, the whiteness of the eye. The similar thing is mentioned as Azwajur Muthaharin in many places in the Quran, in

SURAH BAQRAH, CH. NO. 2, VERSE NO. 25: SPOUSE IN PARADISE 25. But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is Gardens, beneath which rivers flow. every time They are fed with Fruits there from, They say: "Why, This is what we were fed with before," for They are given things In similitude; and They have therein companions pure (and holy); and They abide therein (for ever). SURAH NISA, CH. NO. 4, VERSE NO. 57: SPOUSE IN PARADISE 57. But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, we shall soon admit to Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath,- their eternal home: therein shall They have companions pure and holy: we shall admit them to shades, cool and ever deepening. It says... Azwajur Muthaharin, which means companion, pair. So the word Hoor, is rightly translated by Mohammed Asad as Spouse and also by Abdullah Yusuf Ali Abdullah Yusuf Ali as Companion - So Hoor actually means a Companion or a Spouse - It has no gender. For the man, he will get a good lady with big beautiful eyes - and for a woman, she will get a good man with big beautiful eyes. I hope that answers the question.