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PAPER 1 A: Directed Writing



Paper 1


One hour and forty-five minutes This question paper consists of two sections : Section A and Section B. Answer both sections. You are advised to spend 45 minutes on Section A and one hour on Section B.

Section A: Directed Writing

[35 marks] [Time suggested : 45 minutes]

Your ex-classmate who stays in a school hostel has been chosen to take part in the inter-school elocution contest and she is worried about speaking in public. You have decided to write a letter to encourage and advise her. Use the notes below to write your letter. The benefits of learning to speak in public Share your ideas with others Occasions arise to speak in public Increase your confidence Ways to overcome your fears Prepare thoroughly Practice makes perfect Everyone else is also afraid Do not fear of making mistakes Have confidence in yourself When writing the letter, you must Lay out your letter correctly [address, greeting, closure] Use all the notes given Write in paragraphs

Section B: Continuous Writing

[50 marks] [Time suggested : One hour]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics: 1 From Rags to Riches 2 A hundred years from now 3 The worst holiday I ever had 4 Write a story ending with:..Did all these things actually happen or did i dream about them? 5 Money



Paper 2


One hour and forty-five minutes This question paper consists of four sections : Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in this question paper. Questions in Section A has four options. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on Section A, 25 minutes on Section B, 50 minutes on Section C and 35 minutes on Section D.

Section A
[15 marks]

ADD SPICE TO YOUR COOKING A PEEK INTO EASTERN CUISINE 99 recipes to select from: - Pizza and Pies - Terrines and Pate - Fish, Meat and Chicken Dishes - Pastries and Cakes - Desserts Highly Nutritious Simple and easy to cook Fully illustrated recipes 1. Which statement is true about the advertisement? A This recipe book contains 99 pages. B This recipe book is about eastern cooking C This recipe book contains colourful pictures. D This recipe book is about different spices used in cooking. PASIR GUDANG, Wed: The remains of murdered victim Nurul Nadhirah Abdullah, 5 were buried at Kampung Pertanian Masai Muslim Cemetry at about 1.30 pm today. The DNA samples from the charred remains found at Nusa Damai oil palm plantation on Thursday have been confirmed as that of 5-year-old Nurul Nadirah Abdullah, or Dirang. Dirang has been missing for 13 days since March 1, after leaving her Seri Delia flats in Bandar Seri Alam here at about 11 am. The remains were found at about 9 am in a 3.5m hole dug in the plantation, which was 3.5 km away from the flats through a shortcut. The plantation is about 20 km away from the main road. Seri Aman police chief Superintendent Roslan Zainuddin said the DNA matched the victims mother, Roselyn Alan, 25. The body is believed to have been set on fire at the plantation about five days ago, eight days after she went missing. 2. From the report we know that the victim was buried A today B yesterday C on Thursday D on Wednesday

Did you hear that Rose married that poor clerk after all?

I feel sorry for her. Doesnt she know that love flies out the window when poverty knocks on the door?

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3. The proverb in italics means that A People tend to marry someone who is poor B People like to throw things out of the window C People look for love elsewhere when they get married D People fall out of love when faced with money problems Items found on beaches Plastics food containers Plastic fishing floats Clothing of different material Rubber footwears Glass bottles and containers Percentage 29.8 27.2 18.5 16.4 8.1

4. From the information we know that our beaches are mostly polluted by A Clothing B Plastic wastes C Glass containers D Rubber products

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8. Choose the correct statement. A Winne reports directly to Marcus B Kysuan is responsible for finance C Winnie is the assistant to the President D Dollah receives instruction from Divyia Japanese food is popular the world over especially for its taste and flavour. One of the key___9___ which adds flavour to Japanese food is Dashi. Dashi was ___10___ in Japanese food culture around the 11th century. ___11___ has since become the basis of Japanese cuisine. What is Dash? It is a simple soup stock integral ___12___ Japanese cooking. Dashi has many uses in Japanese cooking. This key ingredient can be used as soup stock ___13___ added as a tasty flavouring to the dishes. Some of the Japanese dishes that use Dashi include miso soup, noodle soup, sauces for tempura, cooked rice, simmered dishes, marinated dishes and boil vegetables. ___14___ are only a few of the many Japanese dishes which use the flavourful Dashi. However, these days, freshly made Dashi is very rare, even ___15___ Japan. Most people instead use granulated instant substitutes to enhance the flavour and taste of their dishes. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. A components B elements A establish B establishes A It B Its A at B to A or B so A This B That A at B in C substances D ingredients C established D establishing C They D Their C in D for C but D since C These D Those C by D of

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5. From the advertisement, we know that the A Offer is on fragrant laces B Promotion is available throughout the year C Gift sets are given away free upon purchase D Exclusive offers for those who sign up

After the breakdown, well get you home.

6. What is the service advertised here? A A taxi service B A medical service C A renovation service D A tow truck service

2000 = 4.4 billion 2001 = 4.7 billion 2002 = 4.8 billion

7. The amount of tax collected A Is diminishing B Is increasing C Is fluctuating D Is erratic

2003 = 4.4 billion 2004 = 5.7 billion 2005 = 5.8 billion

[10 marks] (Time suggested 25 minutes) Questions 16 -25 Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.

Section B

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Introduction Our personal goal is to practise kindness. Performing acts of kindness benefits not only the receiver but the doer as well and benefits both ones mental and physical health. Volunteering to spread kindness The Story of Shitra Schiffer: I saw the homeless shivering from the cold every winter. In sixth grade, a teacher offered to bring some students to homeless shelter after school. I went with my friends and the teacher for several weeks, and I continued to volunteer my services. I mended their clothes and they were very grateful to me. More importantly, I came to know the people. I also started a sewing club and taught others how to sew. I continue to volunteer at our fully-homeless shelter and it has taught me to appreciate my own talents and gifts that I was given. Every time it rained, I would think about the umbrellas I had sewn and suddenly, I would appreciate that I was lucky enough to have a home. Random Acts of Kindness Week: 9 to 15 October Go out there and do your random acts of kindness! Our sister foundation, The Foundation of Better Life, is offering a free set of posters promoting positive values featuring such figures as the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, and other everyday heroes for schols and other organisations.
Questions 16 20 Using the information given, complete the chart. Title: Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Purpose: 16 _________________________________ ____________________________________ Benefits: the giver, 17_________________________________ ____________________________________ ones 18 _____________________________ ____________________________________ ones 19 ______________________________ ____________________________________ Name of Sister Foundation 20 ___________________ [5 marks] Questions 21 25 Using the information given, complete the sentences with short answers. 21 Shitra Schiffer went to a shelter when she was in the _____________________________________ 22 She helped the poor by ______________________ _____________________________________ 23 By volunteering, she learned to appreciate __________ _____________________________________ 24 The ________________________is held to make people carry out random acts of kindness. 25 The free set of posters features people like __________ _____________________________________ [5 marks]

Section C [25 marks]

Time suggested: 50 minutes Questions 26 31 are based on the following passage. 1 2 Ben went along with uncertain steps. His face wore an angry look as he kept looking behind him. The general had called him and his companions farm boys . He had thought, well show him! But his dreams had flown away when the farm boys had hesitated, then retreated. And now the retreat of those farm boys was a march of shame to him He still hated the enemy, but he felt a stronger hate for that general. He had called them all farm boys - and been right about it. That was what hurt most of all. He hid his shame and held the flag high.He encouraged his companions to greater efforts. Between him and the angry young liuetenant a strange friendship grew up. Together they drove everybody to try harder, and Bill did his best to help him. But the regiment was like a broken-down machine. It had no more power. Those soldiers who were still able to go on, were discouraged by the knowledge that others were slipping away to save their own lives. It was difficult to think of glory when others are others are were thinking of safety. The smoke clouds and flames were as bad as ever. Once Ben looked through a sudden break in a cloud, and saw a crowd of enemy soldiers. To his anxious eyes there seemed to be thousands of them. Their flags flashed before their eyes. Immediately, as if the lifting of the smoke was a signal, the rebels gave a shout. A hundred rifle bullets flew towards the retreating regiment. Grey smoke clouds rolled as the tired regiment fired back bravely. Henry was deaf from the shouting and fire shots The retreat seemed togo on forever. In the clouds of smoke men seemed to lose their sense of direction. They thought the regiment had lost its way and was marching into danger again. Once the men at the head of the retreating crowd turned and came pushing back against their companions. They are firing at us! they screamed, and pointed in the direction of their own armys lines. At this cry, a mad fear filled the men. One soldier, who until then had behave most calmly and bravely, sank down and buried his face in his arms. Another man cursed the general at the top of his voice. Men ran about looking for a way out of all this. And still the bullets flew. Ben walked boldly into the middle of the frightened crowd. He held the flag high. Well, Ben, said Bill beside him, I supposed this is goodbye, old friend. Oh, be quiet, you fool!replied Ben. He would not look into his friends eyes. The officers struggled to beat the untidy crowd into a proper circle to face the attack. The ground was uneven and torn. The men crawled into holes and settled behind anything that might stop a bullet. Ben saw with surprise that the young lieutenant was standing silent, leaning on his sword as an old man leans on a stick. Whats happened to his voice? he wondered. There was something strange about the young mans silence. He was staring towards the enemy, like a child staring at a distant toy. He was whispering softly to himself. Smoke floated about, and the men waited for it to clear. Then suddenly the lieutenant found his voice again. Here they come, my God! he shouted. The rest of his words were lost in a roar of wicked thunder from the mens rifles. As smoke cleared, Henry saw a group of enemy soldiers. They were so near that he could not see their faces and the details of their uniforms. These men had been advancing carefully, with their rifles ready for action but the lieutenant had spotted them. Now their movement had been interrupted by the shots from the blue regiment. They had not realized how near their enemies were, or had mistaken their direction. Almost at once, they were lost again in the smoke from the rifles of Bens companions. They tried to see the effects of their shots, but the smoke hung like a curtain in front of them. The two bodies of men exchanged blows like a pair of fighting cocks. Ben looked around and tried to get a better view of the enemy. There seemed to be alot of them and they were firing well. They seemed to be advancing towards the blue regiment, step by step. Ben sat down sadly on the ground with his flag between his knees. All around him his companions were fighting like wolves. Well, the boys are dying bravely, he thought with satisfaction. But the blows of the enemy grew weaker. Fewer bullets tore the air. Finally, the men stopped firing and looked around to see what was happening. They saw only dark floating smoke. No answering shots rang out. The regiment stood still and stared. Presently the dark smoke rolled away and they saw nothing. Nothing moved on the ground in front of them but it was not an empty stage. Many bodies lay on the grass. When they saw this, many of the men in blue danced with joy. A cheer of delight broke from their dry lips. They had been attacked, and they had fought back and won. They were confident once more. They looked proudly about them with their smoking rifles in their bodies. They were men. 1 5

3 4 5 6 7

10 15


25 30

8 9 10 11 12




45 50




26 (a) From paragraph 1, why did the farm boys feel ashamed ? _______________________________________________________________________ (b) From paragraph 2, how did Ben encourage his companions to greater efforts? _______________________________________________________________________

[ 1 mark ] [ 1 mark ]

27 From paragraph 1, why do you think the general had called Ben and his companion farm boys ? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 28 From paragraphs 4 and 5, give two indications that made Ben think that the enemy soldiers were overwhelming. (i)_____________________________________________________________________ (ii)_____________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] [ 1 mark ] [ 1 mark ] [2 marks] [ 1 mark ] [ 1 mark ]

29 From paragraph 7, which expression shows clearly one mans hopelessness? ___________________________________________________________________________ 30 (i) From paragraph 11, what made the young lieutenant stand silently? _______________________________________________________________________ (ii) From paragraph 12, what does this line ... his words were lost in a roar of wicked thunder suggest? _______________________________________________________________________

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31 Based on the passage given write a summary about: how the men reacted when they lost their sense of direction how Ben tried to deal with the situation what happened to the young lieutenant Your summary must be be in continuous writing (not in note form) be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below the material from line 22 to 42. Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Begin your summary as follows: It seemed like they were retreating for a long time... ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

[20 marks] Time suggest: 35 minutes 32 Read the poem Are You Still Playing Your Flute? below and answer the questions that follow. Are you still playing the flute? In the village so quiet and deserted Admidst the sick rice field While here it has become a luxury To spend time watching the rain Gazing at the evening rays Collecting dewdrops Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers Zurinah Hassan (a) What sound can be heard in the quiet village? ____________________________________________________________________________________ [ 1 mark ] (b) Write down two things the writer says is a luxury. (i) ______________________________________________________________________________ [ 1 mark ] (ii) _______________________________________________________________________________ [ 1 mark ] (c) What do you enjoy and consider a luxury? Using your own words, give a reason to support your answer. ___________________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks]


33 The following are the novels studied in the literaturre component in English Language. Catch Us If You Can Step By Wicked Step The Curse - - Catherine MacPhail Anne Fine Lee Su Ann

Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below. Using the details from the novel you have studied, write about how family relationship should be nurtured and not taken for granted. [15 marks]



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