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Teachers Training Refresher Course

Held on July 09-10, 2012 A two days teachers training refresher course was organized here in project office. Govt. has changed its curricula and medium of study in govt. schools so main objective of this refresher course is to build capacity of the NFE teachers to teach learners according to the new syllabus and English medium. The following topics were covered in this refresher course: English 1 English 2 English 3 Math 1 Math 2 Math 3 Science 1 Science 2 Science 3

Session 1
Arslan Ishaq (PO-Training) organized all training

arrangements. He completed attendance and registration process. Training started by name Almighty Allah and Naat. Purpose and objectives of the training was shared with teachers by Mr. Muzaffar Iqbal Khattak (PM-CACL-II). He greeted teachers and asked about the performance of their centres. He said as you all know that we are mainstreaming our learners in govt. schools after getting study from our NFE learners and we are teaching them old syllabus in Urdu medium. He said govt. has changed the syllabus, contents and medium of study in govt. schools so you all should teach learners in the same context. Thats why this training is organized to build capacity so that you all may easily teach existing learners and help mainstreamed learners.

Session 2
Mr. Arslan Ishaq (PO-Training) conducted the session for Subject English. He started from English of class one. He said that in new books contents are designed in a way that all objective of the chapter can easily be understood. He told the methods of reading and teaching the chapter along with contents. He said each chapter is having instructions for teacher about the objectives and things to be focused in that chapter. He told the methods of teaching English to NFE Learners by teaching each chapter with the teachers with new methodology. After break he covered remaining English portion and at the end of session presentations were designed for teachers.

Session 3
In second session Science for the primary class was discussed. This session was conducted by Mr. Arslan Ishaq (PO-Training). He shared the methodology of teaching science with all teachers. He said in new syllabus prepared by Govt. contents of the chapter has been changed to up level. So all teachers must teach their learners in a way that they can understand what is in book to be study. He said you will help students who have been mainstreamed in Govt. schools in their studies by coaching them with new syllabus. He completed half of the subject as per designed schedule. The day was finished at lunch.

Session 4
In third session Mr. Arslan Ishaq (PO-Training) took the review of the last day session in way of presentation. In 3rd session remaining portion of the science were discussed. He said as you move from lower class to upper class then course contents become difficult and need more explanation. While discussing science of 3rd class he said that you should use easy words for explaining the contents of chapter. He then taught the contents by showing practice examples to teach contents. He said our motive should not be just teaching but it should

be updating their concepts and knowledge. And session was finished by finishing Science subject.

Session 5
In Session 4 Mathematics was discussed by Ms. Sidra Tul Ain (PO-MER). She explained the new methodology of syllabus for teaching methods and shared the ways for guiding students from Urdu to English medium. She explained the basic operations of the mathematics. She explained all the mathematic subject of four classs chapter wise and guided all teachers where they faced difficulty in mathematics. She also took presentation for review of what they have learnt in this refresher course. At the end teacher were paid honorarium and offered lunch.