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The Canon Lens Mount Converters are dapters for converting a bayonet-type mount, such as that found on a Cano SLR, into a screw-type mount, such as that on a Canon rangefinder camera, and vice versa. There are two Canon converters. Converter A is used for attaching lensesand tubes with screw-type mounts onto single-lens reflex bayonet-type mounts. It has an optical length of 2.8mm. Converter B is used for attaching lensesand tubes with single-lens reflex bayonet-type mounts onto screw-type mounts. Its optical length is 13.2mm. These lens mount converters are of greatest use in close-ups and photomacrography where they are used to connect lenses, tubes and other accessories designed for single-lens reflex c meras to various accessories designed for rangefinder cameras. Their combined optical length of 15 m makes them useful for obtaining low magnifications when they are used alone between the lens and camera.

Notice d'emploi
Les bagues de conversion Canon sont des ad une monture a vis en monture a ba'lonnette, bagues de conversion Canon: la bague A, la montage d'objectifs et tubes-allonge avec mo t cessoires a monture a baronstte: la bague B, I au montage d'objectifs et tubes-allonge a mo cessoiresavec monture 8 vis. Ces bagues de conversion s'utllisent avant tout photomacrograph ie, etent donne qu'elles perm allonge et autres accessotres 0 monture baionn pour les appareils Canon a teh!mtltre. Utilisees seules entre Ie boitier et I'objectif, I permet des grossissementslegers.


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A : b t7'/ / l- (7)v /;(~1-.:t.-7z.-IIl'h77'/ ffl. j!j~ 2.8mm

B :-mV77'//r(7)v/;(~1-.:t.-7z.bt7'//r~n#~7.>~c\>')~~ HJ. )!f-~ 13.2mm

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For Close-up graphy Photography. Photom and Photomicrography





de vue



at photomicrographie

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Lens Mount Converter A Lens Mount Convetter B Macrophoto Coupler (Screw-in Type) Macrophoto Coupler F L Screw-mount Lens FD, FL, R Lens Extension Tube (Screw-in Type) Microphoto Hood Microscope Bellows Canon SLR Camera Canon Rangefinder Camera (7S)
En photog Possibilit

For General

Photoqraphv" . All distances on the distance scale

can be used but distance coupled with rangefinder scale is not camera.

n'est pas

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Notes When an FD lens is attached to mou t converter B, the lens must be set for manual diaphragm control. The cortct procedure can be found in the camera's or lens' instructions. For an D lens which lacks a chrome mount ring, this requires pushing the automa ic aperture lever at the rear of the lens to the right and locking it in that position with an accessorymanual diaphragm adapter. The use of these accessories with a camera which has a through-the-Iens meter requires stopped-down metering The exposure reading is correct. If the camera does not havea through-t e-Iensmeter or if a separate exposure meter is used, it is necessaryto correct the exposure according to the lengths of the accessories which are inserted ~etween the camera and lens. The table below gives the necessary exposur1 correction for the magnifications. Magnification can be calculated with the following formula: M =.E. where f x' = lens extension (total length of accessories hetween camera and lens, including lens mount converter) f = lens focal length The exposure correction in the table is expressed in terms of exposure steps. Make the correction by opening the diaphragm or reducing the shutter speed by the given number of exposure steps or a combination of the two. Subject to change without notice.

Remarques Le fait de monter un objectif FD sur un Ie reglage de I'objectif pour la commande cela,se ri!ferer a la notice d'emploi de l'appar un objectif FD depourvu de bague a baion blocage du levier de commande du diaphrag a fond a droite avec la petite cale prevue appareil a mesure it travers I'objectif, on n'o qu'en mesurant a diaphragme terrne. Lo svsteme de mesure a travers I'objectif, il est tion en fonction de la longueur totale de ci-dessous indique les corrections d'expoi du grossissement.On peut calculer Ie grossis x' ou M =T x' = longueur des tubes-a cornpris la bague de c. f = distance focale de I'obje La correction d'exposition indiquee dans II d'exposition. Pour effectuer Ie reglage, ou la vitesse d'obturation par Ie nombre de de une combinaison des deux.

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Magnification Steos

10.1 10.2 I 0.3 I 0.4 I 0.51 0.61 0.7 I 0.8 I 0.9 I

I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I

Grossissement Correction en degres d'exposition

I Yo I y" I % I 1 11% I 1% I 1Y, 11% I 1% I 2 I 3% I 4 14% 15% I

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