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Shimadzu New Software for Testing Machines


New from Shimadzu, TRAPEZIUM X is the latest version of software for the Autograph series of testing machines. TRAPEZIUM X provides a state-of-the-art user interface, comprehensive functions, and easy-to-use design to improve the efficiency of your testing. Enjoy USB data transfer with new Autograph AG-X machines.

Q u i c k P a n e l a n d N av ig atio n Syst em Ensure Fast , Error- Free Operat io n

Navigation System with Learning Functions Displays only those operation buttons related to the current work conditions to ensure error-free operation. Use just these buttons for virtually all daily work operations.

Multigraph Allows Multifaceted Analysis Display up to 4 graph windows. Overlay up to 50 graphs per window. Simple point-picking acquires the value for any point clicked with the mouse.

Quick Panel Directly input specimen dimensions and report information into the test window. Fast operation, since there is no need to open separate windows.

Ch o o s e f ro m F o u r S o ftwa re P ackages t o Accommodat e Your Needs

Single Software Cycle Software Control Software Texture Software for tensile, compression, bending, peeling, and creep testing for testing with forces repeatedly applied and released create your own individual workflow patterns measure characteristics (textures) of foods and pharmaceuticals

V i s u a l W i z ard w ith U s e r Gu id ance Ensures Error- Free Set t ing Input

Variety of visual wizard illustrations makes even input of complex settings a breeze. Help functions and related user guidance ensure error-free input of settings.

Report Designer allows the report layout to be freely changed. Insert results, graphs, and photographs any way you like. Output reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML.

F i l e S e a rc h an d P re v ie w F u n ct ions Find t he Dat a You Need Fast

Quickly find test results or test condition files using a keyword or date. Use the report preview to easily find reports.

Use the Quick Method List for one-touch test operation.

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