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Why True Christians Avoid Dabbling in Spiritism Talk No.

2 (Oct 3, 2012)

Linda: Shalom, why dont you join our group of friends to watch a movie tomorrow night? Its a very interesting movie. Shalom: Thank you for inviting me. Whats the movie about? Linda: Its about adventure in a magical world filled with mysterious creatures. Its a type of horror movie and its also in 3D. Its an interesting movie. Shalom: Oh I see. Actually, I dont watch those kind of movies. Linda: Why? Shalom: Because that movie has spiritistic features. If I watched that movie, it would be as if Im dabbling in spiritism. Linda: Spiritism? What do you mean? Shalom: Spiritism is a way the demons use to mislead people, to get us involved in them, either directly or indirectly. Spiritism brings a person under the influence of demons. Do you know in what ways the demons can influence us? Linda: Erm... Im not sure. Shalom: The demons can influence people in a direct way. For example, when we get involved in voodooism, witchcraft, hypnotism, magic, these are things connected with spiritism. If we get involved in such things, it brings us directly under the influence of the demons. But the demons can also use subtle ways to deceive us and get us involved with them. Linda: Subtle ways? You mean indirectly deceive us? How? Shalom: The demons also influence us by means of books, music, movies and television programs which portray ghost stories, or vampires, mysterious magical creatures. The entertainment industry makes it seem interesting and nice to watch. But it is very dangerous. Linda: But these are just storybooks and movies. How can they be dangerous?

Shalom: I can share with you a scripture from the Bible about this. 1 Corinthians 10:21. Could you please read this scripture? Linda: (READ) Shalom: Thanks. cannot partake of the table of Jehovah and demons To partake of the table of Jehovah God means that we give him the kind of worship God requires. If we partake of the table of demons, this means we serve the interests of anything opposed to God. This includes all demonic propaganda, which is designed to mislead and turn us away from God. This scripture means that we cannot worship Jehovah God and at the same time have dealings with the demons. The demons want to distract and mislead us from having a close relationship with Jehovah. Thats why they try to influence us either directly or indirectly to disobey God. They try to encourage the practice of spiritism and make it seem appealing and exciting through books, movies and music. Ultimately, their goal is to get us to displease Jehovah and lose his approval. Theres another important reason why we should avoid spiritism. Its in Galatians 5:19-21. Could you please read this scripture too? Linda: (READ) Shalom: Thanks. This scripture speaks about the works of the flesh. Works of the flesh means things that are bad and wrong. Spiritsm is included as the works of the flesh. If a person practices spiritism, what will happen to him? What does verse 21 say? Linda: It says they will not inherit Gods Kingdom. Shalom: Yes. Thats very serious, dont you think so? Linda: Yes, Id like to know more. Could you explain to me? Shalom: Sure.