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A Journey Book

By Jainpur MWH
We are indebted to Mr. Suresh Menon for his guidance, encouragement and valuable advice. His invaluable opinion time and again has helped us in completion of this Journey Book.

I express my appreciation to Mr. Vinay Kumar Sharma & Mr. Ashish Srivastava for their cooperation

I also thank Mr. Purvin Patel (Chief Operating Officer RKFL) for the keen interest shown.





About Jainpur: Jainpur is the main Industrial Area which is located in District Ramabai Nagar and it is around 38 kms. from Kanpur City. The U.P. State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) has developed a large industrial area measuring about 294.70 acres in Jainpur.

The Major Industries who have set their base at Jainpur are: 1) Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd. (Beverage Division) 2) Nerolac Paints Ltd. 3) Supreme Industries Ltd.

About Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd.: With over 35 years of rich and varied experience, Radhakrishna Foodland Private Limited (RFPL), the pan-India Supply Chain Management Specialist, is the industry

leader in the Supply Chain Management of Food, Near Food, Agri-Services and Pharmaceuticals.

Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be associated with M/s. Pepsico India Holding Pvt Ltd (Beverage Division) at Jainpur. The Jainpur facility (A Mother warehouse) is approx 1.5 lacs sq.ft. and is the biggest warehouse in the country.

About Pepsico India Holding Pvt. Ltd. PepsiCo established its business operations in India in the year 1989. It is now the 4th largest consumer products company in India. It has more than 36 bottling plants including 13 Company & 23 Franchise owned ones.


Dinkar Khandelwal DC Manager Total Experience: 10 years. Qualification: MBA (Marketing), B Com and Diploma in Materials Management

Vinay Kumar Sharma Shift Incharge Total Experience: 17 years. Qualification: Bachelor in Arts

Ashish Srivastava Shift Incharge Total Experience: 4 years. Qualification: Bachelor in Arts





Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt Ltd (RKFL) was awarded the CFA contract by Pepsico India Holding Pvt. Ltd. (PIH) in March 2010 at Jainpur. Jainpur was the 1st Mother warehouse for PIH admeasuring 1.5 Lac sq.ft.

The Key focus area for RKFL was to handle the four main pillars of the warehouse operations viz. 1) Inward 2) Storage 3) Dispatch 4) Compliance

I. Road At the beginning, there were no roads built around the warehouse. There was a raw road with huge amount of dust and pebbles. speedy dusty winds. Great difficulty was faced during Infrastructure

Office There was no proper office in place from 19th March 20100 till end of April 2010. The Warehouse staff used to be work from a temporary room outside the warehouse which was again blown away by the speedy dusty winds.

IT Infrastructure Initially during the inception of the MWH, there was no VSAT Connection. Hence SAP was operated by Data Card. Using Data Card for SAP Connectivity delayed the work as there was a frequent breakdown in SAP Connectivity. This continued till May 2010. In May 2010, VSAT connection was implemented which resulted in smooth SAP connection



No format training was provided to the warehouse staff. Training included the following SAP Training SOP Training Documentation Training was finally imparted to all the warehouse staff in June 2010.


Operational Issues

High Shrinkages due to shrink wrapped packing Difficulty in stock taking Stock level was approx 4.0 lac cases by the end of April 2010. Vehicle availability issues till April 2010. Expiry stocks amounting to approx 70000 cases received from various warehouses from Sept 2010 to Jan 2011. Preforms were stocked from at the warehouse amounting to 40% of space during the period October 2010 to April 2010. High unloading pressure of vehicles at MWH from Plant since beginning. Stock received during April 2010 was around 50000 cases from Jainpur Plant.

We have handled close to 1.35 crore cases from March 2010 to April 2011.

Month wise details given below.

Initially all the PET stocks were received shrink packed. It was extremely difficult in storing these products. There was huge amount of leakages and damages happening at the warehouse.

Currently, all the PET stocks are received in Corrugated boxes which are stacked properly as per the PIH norms resulting into minimal damages.

Waste Error & Theft (WET) is under control i.e. within the approved norms.


Order Service time is defined as the time difference between when the order is punched in SAP and the time it is executed.

Order Service Time = Order Executed Order entered in SAP.

Eg. An order of a distributor is received on 28th May 2011 at 9.00 pm and it was invoiced to the distributor on 29th May 2011 at 11.30 am. Hence the Order service time for this particular order is 14.5 hours.

The benchmark laid down by Pepsico is 24 hours. However, Jainpur MWH is able to achieve the same between 12 hours 16 hours.

What hampers OST? Stock Availability & Vehicle Availability

Continuous Improvement is what Jainpur MWH believes in. Jainpur MWH will always strive hard to achieve the best possible result it can and will also try to acclaim the 1st position in India.

Jainpur MWH has seen drastic improvement in terms of Warehouse Compliance.

Warehouse Compliance is basically measured into 4 parameters viz. Statutory Compliance Inventory Compliance Cut off Compliance / Invoicing / Dispatch Godown Hygiene & Housekeeping Compliance

Parameters Statutory Compliance Inventory Compliance Cut off Compliance / Invoicing / Dispatch Godown Hygiene & Housekeeping Compliance Overall Compliance

Jan 2011 54% 85% 71% 77% 75%

Feb 2011 100% 88% 86% 83% 88%

Mar 2011 100% 88% 86% 97% 93%

Below mentioned Graph is self explanatory.



Productivity is the key area where every warehouse is focused on. Productivity is also part of Continuous Improvement.

Productivity success is based on following.

Prioritize and plan the work Right Attitude Organize your thought Do the right thing Use resource smartly Commitment Take Ownership Improving Continuously Vision Influence Other Team Work Your effort
Jainpur Productivity for various parameters is as follows: 1) Labor Productivity : 900 cases per day 2) Forklift Productivity: 18000 cases per day 3) Loading Productivity: 4 hours per vehicle (including documentation) 4) Unloading Productivity: 2 hours per vehicle (including GRN)


Congratulation messages for improvement in Warehouse Compliance.

Huge well done to you and the team at Jainpur. I know we are

having a hard time from them but real tigers always come out winning.... by Mr. Purvin Patel on 8th April 2011
Congratulations by Mr. Bala Iyer and Mr. Vishal Sharma on

8th April 2011

What a performance!!!! Real proud of you guys. Keep it up..u will

scale great heights!! .... by Mr. Purvin Patel on 12th May 2011

Congratulation messages from PIH for highest dispatches in a single day. Jainpur MWH had dispatched closed to 55K raw cases in a day.

Good show Dinkar. I am now convinced that Jainpur MWH has

built such strong momentum that it can dispatch 1L cases (outward) per day. Look forward to that day. All the best .. By Vishal Kaul (Unit Head North) on 30th March 2011.
Great improvement team. Keep it up.. by Mr. Ashish Dubey

(Product Availability Manager North) on 27th March 2011.

Good show!!!!

You people have made 55 k raw dispatched on

25.03.2011. Very good, keep it up. by Parmeshwar Paul on 26th March 2011.
Congratulation messages from PIH for adherence to warehouse compliance initiated by BU, Gurgaon

Good show Team.and delighted to see the progress on the Supply Chain frontespecially the proactive transparency! Keep up the good work and look forward to similar record breaking efforts in the days to come.All the best! But I would also add.This is just the beginningas Picture Abi Baaki Hai Mere Dost by Mr. Vishal Kaul (Unit Head North) on 28th March 2011.

Overall, Jainpur MWH has gone through Roller Coaster Ride. There has been significant improvement in last 4 months. Jainpur MWH is now capable of handling 120 -130 trucks a day. Jainpur MWH is also capable of dispatching approx 60000 cases a day.

This could not be possible without the support of the Jainpur Team, the RKFL management and the PIH team.

Journey Begins