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CHAPTER 2 : COORDINATE SYSTEMS TASK 1 (Project a Shapefile from a Geographic to a Projected Coordinate System)

Before projecting the shape file

XY Coordinate systems showed as unknown in Shapefile Properties dialog

For Task 1, we will first define idll.shp by selecting a predefined geographic coordinate system and then project the shapefile onto the Idaho Traverse Mercator coordinate system (IDTM). A custom coordinate system, IDTM has the following parameters value.

Projection Datum Units Parameters

: : : :

Traverse Mercator NAD83 Meter

Scale factor Central meridian Ref. Latitude False easting False northing

: : : : :

0.9996 -114.0 42.0 2,500,000 1,200,000

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[Type text] After project the shape file

Shape file properties showed the shapefile has been projected from Geographic to a Projected Coordinate systems.

idll.shp to the IDTM coordinate system

Parameter values entered in Projection dialog

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Question 1

Summarize in your own words the steps you have followed to complete Task 1. idll.shp, a shapefile measured in geographic coordinate has an unknown coordinate system before the parameter values is entered. idll.shp has successfully projected to idtm.shp. To project a shapefile from geographic to projected coordinate system

TASK 2 (Import a Coordinate System) In Task 2, we will complete the projection of stationsll.shp by importing the projection information on idll.shp from Task 1

Stationsll.shp coordinate systems is unknown


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After import the idll.shp as a Spatial Reference

Stationsll.shp coordinate systems is GCS_North_America_1927

stationstm.shp is now projected onto the same (IDTM) coordinate system as idtm.shp

Question 2 Describe in your own words what you have done in step 1. For this step, what have I done was to import the coordinate system from idll.shp that have been done in task 1 to the stationsll.shp. It is easier because we do not need to repeat the step like task 1.

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TASK 3 (Project a Shapefile by Using a Predefined Coordinate System)

Name it as Task 3&4

Add data (snow.txt)

Set up the spatial reference coordinate systems

1) Click Edit button 2) Select North America Datum 1983 projection

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snow.txt Events is added to ArcMap

Finally, change the projection to NAD 1983 UTM Zone11N.prj.

Question 3 You did not have to ask for a geographic transformation in Step 2. Why? Because we are using predefined coordinate system.This is because if we click on the properties of snow.txt event, it already has longitude in X field and latitude in the Y field.

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TASK 4 (Convert from One Coordinate System to Another) Change Task 3&4 coordinate systems (from GCS_NAD_1983 to NAD 1983 UTM Zone 11N) After change Task 3&4 coordinate system (to NAD 1983 UTM Zone 11N)

NAD 1983 UTM Zone 11N

Add and project idtm.shp to the UTM coordinate systems

idtm.shp and snow.txt Events data preview

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Question 4 Can you use Import instead of Select in step 3? If yes, how? Yes. Double click on the Projection Tool select idtm for the feature class specify idutm as output feature class click select in the Spatial Reference System double click on Projected Coordinate System, UTM, NAD 1983, and NAD 1983 ZONE 11N.prj click OK.

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