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FOR PURPOSES OF PARTICIPATION in Chapter Nomination, nomination eligibility to National Directorate position is open to all PRC licensed real estate service practitioners who are members in good standing (MIGs) of PhilRES as of 05 October 2012. Members in good standing may be nominated and / or vote during the Chapter Nomination; provided, that he submitted his Membership Documents and paid his National Membership on or before 05 October 2012; provided, further, that his eligibility is confirmed by the National Directorate on 12 October 2012. IMPORTANT DATES:
Sun, Nov 18 Thu, Oct 18 - National Election - Deadline for Submission of Chapter Nominees Mon, Oct 08 - Chapter Submission of Members in Good Standing (MIGS) interested to be nominated for Nov 18 04 August 2012 - Synchronized National Elections and interested to vote during Chapter Nomination 04 A * paid membership dues as of Oct 05 * submitted membership docs as of Oct 05

October 13 - 18 - Chapter Nomination Schedule Friday, Oct 12 - National Boards Re-confirmation of Chapter Members eligible to exercise Right of Suffrage (to vote and be voted upon) during Chapter Nomination

NOMINATION PROCEDURE General Guidelines 1. Only members paid and with document submitted as of October 05 are eligible to a. To be nominated b. To nominate c. To vote should there be a contest between 2 or more nominees in any position 2. These members shall be submitted by Chapter to National Directorate by October 08 3. These members shall be confirmed by National Directorate by October 12 4. These members shall be allowed to participate in any selected schedule of Chapter Nomination anytime between October 13 18 5. Chapter shall constitute a Chapter COMELEC to facilitate the Chapter Nomination Process. 6. Chapter COMELEC shall submit to National COMELEC the results of the Chapter Nomination.


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Scheduling Protocol 7. Chapter is required to submit by e-mail: philres_comelec2012@yahoo.com the following on or before October 10 : 1.1 Five (5) members as Chapter COMELEC who will facilitate the nomination.
(See COMELEC Election Form #1 : PhilRES Chapter COMELEC Members) 1.2

Submit Letter of Intent (LOI) for Chapter Nomination specifying the nomination date, venue and process.
(See COMELEC Election Form #2: PhilRES Chapter Nomination Advisory)

8. Chapter to receive from National Board the "Confirmed List of Chapter's Official Roster of Voters and Eligible Candidates for the Chapter Nomination" on October 12. List to be given to Chapter COMELEC Chair and Interim President. The list shall be the only basis for participation of members in Chapter Nomination. Nomination Imperatives 9. Chapter COMELEC shall prepare the nomination process by secret ballot. 10. Chapter COMELEC shall prepare a system for Election Protest with appeal mechanism to National Directorate who will resolve the issue in summary proceeding not later than 48 hours. Nomination Procedures 11. Chapter COMELEC to conduct the chapter nomination as per submitted LOI. 12. Nomination to all positions is open to any member except for Vice Presidents of Consultants, Government Assessors, Appraisers, Government Appraiser and Brokers which requires the corresponding license eligibility. 13. Chapter COMELEC to ask for nomination and conduct canvassing according to the following hierarchy of national positions: i. Chairman of the Board ix. VP for (Private) Appraisers ii. Vice Chairman x. VP for Brokers iii. President xi. VP for Treasury iv. Executive vice President xii. VP for Membership v. Secretary General xiii. VP for Chapter Devt and Chapter Affairs vi. VP for Consultants xiv. VP for Administration vii. VP for Govt Assessors xv. VP for Internal Audit viii. VP for Govt Appraisers xvi. Regional Vice President 14. In case of position with 2 or more nominees, Chapter COMELEC shall determine the official candidate through an election process agreed upon by the chapter members. 15. Nomination to any position is optional with Chapter reserving its right to send or not to send a corresponding candidate for the National Election. Members Right of Suffrage 16. Chapter member reserves the right to participate or not in the Chapter Nomination. 17. Any member may choose to vote and/or be nominated during the Chapter Nomination. 18. Any member may be nominated to any or all national positions subject to corresponding license eligibilities. Submission of Chapter Nominees 19. The Chapter COMELEC Chair and the Interim President are required to submit the official result of chapter nomination to National COMELEC on 18 October 2012 not later than five oclock in the afternoon by e-mail at philres_comelec2012@yahoo.com.


Posted by VP Rem Ramirez @ www.facebook.com/philres2011