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New White Paper Outlines the Potential of Open Badges for Users of Assessment an d Learning Systems MyKnowledgeMap have

today announced the release of their latest white paper enti tled Open Badges: Portable rewards for learner achievements, outlining how adoptin g the Open Badges initiative from Mozilla can add value to assessment and learni ng. York, UK, October 12, 2012 -- MyKnowledgeMap have today announced the release of their latest white paper entitled Open Badges: Portable rewards for learner achi evements, outlining how adopting the Open Badges initiative from Mozilla can add value to assessment and learning. An information site is also available which allows anybody who has read the pape r to earn a badge - Open Badge Awareness - and experience the technology in action . Open Badges are designed as an easy, web-friendly way for individuals to display their achievements, skills and knowledge to potential employers, centres of lea rning admission tutors, and other interested parties. Organisations using MyKnowledgeMaps tools would, in the future, be able to automa tically award Open Badges to people who meet a pre-defined quality standard when they take an online or mobile assessment. Employers and others who view the badge can then click the icon to securely veri fy who issued the badge and what criteria the person displaying it has met. Topics discussed in the white paper include: how the new technology works what the opportunities are for educators, employers, legislators, and standards setting bodies potential for use in assessment systems, ePortfolios, national skills infrastruc tures, online learning and capability management The white paper and badge awareness site can be found at the following address: http://ob-awareness.myknowledgemap.com/ Dave Waller, Product Manager at MyKnowledgeMap and author of the white paper, sa id: Open Badges are designed to be very easy to use: anybody who can use Facebook wil l see them as a much more powerful tool for self-promotion than a traditional ex am certificate. For employers, they offer much more than a certificate: informat ion about the actual skills and knowledge that a student has demonstrated will o nly be a click away. This is an improvement on the current qualifications climat e, where it can be difficult to understand and keep track of what a qualificatio n actually means an individual can do. For learners and people developing their professional skills, the ability to pres ent development activities in a compelling, visual way makes it easier to reflec t on what youve done, see where you are, and plan where you want to go. About MyKnowledgeMap Founded in 2000 and headquartered in the UK, MyKnowledgeMap is a leading assessm ent and learning technology provider. We enable organisations to improve the way they manage, assess and analyse learning, skills, accreditation, competencies a nd human development through our ReallyManaging product range and large scale cus tomised systems and solutions.

Contact : Tom Holland MyKnowledgeMap 33-37 Micklegate York, YO1 6JH, UK +44 01904 659465 info@myknowledgemap.com http://www.myknowledgemap.com