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0 MW
The North American variant

Top of its class

The V80-2.0 MW is a variant to the proven variable speed V80-1.8 MW wind turbine, installed in the North American market since 2001. More than 2,900 units have been installed world wide with a total of over 7 years of operational history. Designed to maximize energy capture for high wind regimes (IEC IA) and produce more energy output than the V80-1.8 MW

Diameter: Area swept: Nominal revolutions: Operational interval: Number of blades: Power regulation: Air brake: 80 m 5,027 m2 16.7 rpm 9.0 to 19 rpm 3 OptiTip pitch and variable speed Full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders.

Features include
Primary bed frame structure made from casting to optimize load transfer to tower, and increase overall frame stiffness. Improved main bearing housing design for increased structural stiffness. Standard LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Thru) capability to provide continuous operation through grid faults. Complete variable speed capability with VCUS (Vestas Converter Unity System) technology. Powered service platform as standard.

Standard hub heights: 67 meter and 80 meter

Operational data
IEC Class: Rated power Cut-in wind speed: Nominal wind speed: Cut-out wind speed: IEC IA 2,000 kW 4 m/s 15 m/s 25 m/s -20 to +40 C

Power curve V80-2.0 MW

2,200 2.000 1,800 1,600
Output (kW)


Type: Nominal output: Operational data: 4-pole asynchronous with variable speed 2,000 kW 60 Hz 690 V

1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 0

101.0 dB(A) 104.0 dB(A)

102.0 dB(A) 105.1 dB(A)


102.5 dB(A) 106.4 dB(A) (Offshore)


Type: 3-stage planetary/helical

Wind speed (m/s)

The figure above illustrates the power curves at different sound levels for the V80-2.0 MW turbine.

Type: Microprocessor-based monitoring of all the turbine functions with the option of remote monitoring. Output regulation and optimisation via variable speed and OptiTip pitch regulation.

This document is intended to provide general information about this wind turbines features and general specifications and does not constitute a warranty or representation as to actual turbine performance. Vestas - American Wind Technology, Inc. 1881 SW Naito Parkway Portland, OR 97201 USA Tel. +1 503 327 2000 Fax +1 503 327 2001 vestas-americas@vestas.com www.vestas.com To see a complete list of our sales and service units, visit www.vestas.com

Nacelle: Rotor: Towers: 67 m 80 m
t = metric tonnes.

68 t 38 t

120 t 160 t

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