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GE Energy

Wind Service Solutions

Speed, competency and technology... Faster return to service

GEs wind turbine fleet is one of the fastest growing and most reliable in the world. Building on a strong power generation heritage of over 100 years, including decades of experience in product service, were focused on delivering reliability, efficiency and responsivenesskey areas that can enhance the performance of your wind power plant. We also understand the need for flexible solutions. Thats why our world-class wind services organization partners with customers to develop comprehensive and customized service solutions in remote monitoring, on-site assistance, inspection and diagnostic services, training, technical upgrades, parts sales and repair.

24x7 Customer support

GEs customer support and remote monitoring centers in Schenectady, New York and Salzbergen, Germany provide continuous monitoring and diagnostics services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are designed to increase equipment availability, reduce downtime and reduce operational and maintenance costs. An on-site SCADA system connected to each turbine generator's control system links to the customer support center, constantly tracking specific operating parameters and relaying the information to specialists. The SCADA system uses automated algorithms to detect abnormal conditions and if one should occur, GE specialists are automatically notified, provided with information regarding the event, and can troubleshoot or reset turbines from all remote locations. Once event information is analyzed, a recommendation can be provided or the event can be escalated for engineering analysis. Additionally, GE specialists are in constant touch with the customer site and the supporting GE service organizations. GE relies on its team of highly skilled specialists to deliver this fully remote service on a 24/7 basis.

Customer Support Center Features

Reduce Time to Respond. The customer support center helps GE respond quickly to customer needs. Data Quality. Our key measures are coverage, availability, validity and completeness of the data gathered. Automated Algorithms Monitoring. The On Site Monitor automatically processes data collected through algorithms. Specialists at the center monitor the data looking for abnormalities, providing quick resolution. Collaborative Troubleshooting. Specialists at the Center work in collaboration with the customer, looking at operation and performance issues to assure the turbine generators are operating to full function. Monthly Reporting. Monthly operational assessment reports provide a record of key operating parameters and significant operational events, trends and anomalies. This data is summarized to assist with the identification of performance shortfalls and the planning of maintenance activities.


Dedicated regional support

To support regions with growing wind fleets, GE has opened Wind Energy Service Centers such as the center in Sweetwater, Texas, where dedicated wind technician teams can optimize the performance of your wind power plant onsite. The combination of our remote customer support centers and our on-site expert services team assures wide coverage of large wind turbine fleets. With plans to open more regional Wind Energy Service Centers for on-site support, our objective is to utilize our extensive product knowledge to ensure a timely resolution whenever and wherever you need us.

Regional Wind Energy Service Center Features

Dispatch Service Teams. Our highly trained wind technicians, coupled with GEs extensive product knowledge, provide advanced and specialized services. Reducing Time to Respond. Our on-site service teams can be easily dispatched for on-site services and repairs, resulting in a timely resolution.

Maintenance and operations support

GE offers a wide range of flexible service solutions tailored to the maintenance and operation needs of your wind power plant, ranging from technical advisory services to on-site operations support. In addition, GE also offers custom parts kits to support six- and twelve-month plus routine maintenance schedules. The parts kits are designed to accommodate maintenance team deployment and work plans, as well as specific turbine configurations.

GE Qualified Technician On-Site

Technical Advisory Services

Remote Monitoring Center Support and Reporting

Labor for Scheduled Maintenance

Wear and Tear Parts

Maintenance and Remote Operation

Remote Monitoring Center Support and Reporting

Labor for Scheduled Maintenance

Wear and Tear Parts

Performance Analysis Reports

Field Resets and Initial Troubleshooting

Operations Support


Advanced services
GEs remote monitoring services provide access to inspection and diagnostic services and to trained technicians in a timely and efficient manner. Our trained technicians can help identify technical upgrades or potential turbine outages. Should our team detect an issue, you can rely on our top-of-the-line repair and replacement capabilities and our highly skilled services team to fix the issue immediately. The following process map highlights how advanced services can reduce downtime and avoid unplanned costs.

Inspection and diagnostic services

Description Comprehensive inspection of components Analyze, diagnose issue Develop resolution plan Benefits Early detection of potential failures Planned repairs or replacements maximizing availability and power production

Technical Upgrades
Description Upgrades for your specific turbines State-of-the-art technical upgrades Performed by highly trained team Benefits Performance or availability improvements Latest technology insertion

Parts repair
Description Comprehensive inspection of system and components Analyze, diagnose issue Develop resolution plan Benefits On-site repair Minimized downtime Reduced replacement expenses

Identify technical upgrades or potential outages

Parts replacement
Description Benefits Full replacement services Parts availability and performed by highly trained fulfillment team Timely delivery Contractual parts offerings available for lead time guarantees and parts discounts

World class services training

At GE, we provide customers and GE technicians with the high quality training they need to successfully operate their wind equipment and maximize their potential. We believe that one of the best ways to maximize one's potential and build life-long skills is through hands-on learning. GEs world-class wind services training centers are located in Niskayuna, New York and Salzbergen, Germany. Our courses incorporate numerous exercises that allow participants to integrate classroom elements into real-world scenarios. Knowing each customer has diverse needs, we provide a flexible curriculum that meets varying requirementsfrom self-paced multimedia training and published courses to customized training we offer something for everyone.


Improving your existing turbines

GEs commitment to continuous technology improvements ensures that our customers benefit from increased reliability and efficiency. By investing in turbine upgrades, your existing assets can benefit from continuing improvements in GE wind turbine technology. Our upgrade offerings are designed to improve reliability and availability, increase power production, and improve grid integration for better wind power plant management. We also offer value packages to upgrade existing turbines to meet state-of-the-art turbine configuration and performance. Wind turbine upgrades are performed by our highly trained wind services support team. Utilizing remote monitoring data, we can customize the upgrade solutions to improve the reliability and availability of your turbine. Some of the current technical upgrades are tabulated below. Please contact your GE Wind Services sales representative for the latest upgrades available for your turbines.

AVAILABILITY & RELIABILITY Thermal Management System

Upgrade package for electrical cabinets in the nacelle and hub in high ambient temperature conditions PLC software upgrade

Improved turbine availability and component reliability

TurbineCONTROL 2007 High Ratio Pitch Gearbox GRID INTEGRATION WindRIDE - THRU Turbine Operation System

Enhanced overall turbine performance and availability Improved turbine availability

Increased torque capability to mitigate faults related to blade angle asymmetry

Uninterrupted turbine operation through grid disturbances Offered in two standard packages: Low Voltage Ride Through Zero Voltage Ride Through

Meets present and emerging transmission reliability standards similar to those demanded of thermal generators

WindFREE Reactive Power System

Provides reactive power even with no wind

Provides smooth fast voltage regulation by delivering controlled reactive power through all operating conditions Eliminates the need for grid reinforcements specifically required for no-wind conditions, and may allow for more economic commitment of other generating resources to enhance grid security

WIND POWER PLANT MANAGEMENT WindSCADA System VisuPro OPC Server Tools to operate, maintain and manage the wind
Means of communicating real time SCADA data from the wind power plants SCADA System to a third party SCADA or enterprise information system Intuitive operation and maintenance control Secure user-access Standard and defined interface to transfer the real time wind turbine and other available wind plant SCADA data from the GE system to the operators enterprise system

Wind Parts Center of Excellence

Availability of parts is critical to wind power plant operations. GEs Wind Parts Center of Excellence provides a full range of offerings for all parts and refurbishment needs: from routine maintenance kits, wear and tear and flow parts, to vital capital parts such as gearboxes and blades. We are dedicated to serving and answering your most important questions:

Which parts will my wind project need?

In-depth product knowledge
Based on our fleet-wide parts consumption data and configuration management knowledge, our forecasting team is well equipped to provide customers with sophisticated parts forecasting capability. By partnering with our customers to anticipate future needs, GE is able to work with site operators to recommend onsite spare parts inventories for newly installed sites, as well as the particular needs of off-warranty turbines.

How do I place an order?

Parts Call CenterYour-one-stop shop solution With the launch of our 24/7 parts call center and the development of online ordering tools, GE is positioned to respond to all levels of parts inquiries quickly and efficiently, including emergency requests for down-turbine needs. 1-877-WIND-PRT (946-3778)

What about delivery?

On the Shelf to support your site GE has established a world-class parts operations center near Memphis, Tennessee, strategically positioned to take advantage of overnight delivery options when needed. The parts distribution center is sized to stock fleet-wide critical parts to maximize parts on the shelf, at the time of placing your order.

Wind parts operations center near Memphis, Tennessee


What else can be done to maximize wind plant performance?

Wind Parts and Refurbishment Program For wind power plant operators looking for the additional benefits that a contractual parts relationship with GE can offer, our Wind Parts Center of Excellence has developed tailored offerings that can provide on-going inventory-level support and parts lead-time guarantees, in addition to parts discount programs. GEs Wind Parts and Refurbishment program includes a membership to the capital parts pool, with a priority access to strategic capital parts. From parts availability and inventory-level optimization, to responsive parts knowledge and support, GEs Wind Parts Center of Excellence is available to meet all of your wind power plant parts and refurbishment needs.

Scheduled Replenishment

Inventory Download

GE Central Warehouse

Customer Value
1. One-stop-shop Parts Supply 2. Lean Process for Re-stock 3. Fleet Demand Forecast 4. Capital Parts Pool Access 5. Commercial Discount

Regional Inventory Dispatch To Site

Express Delivery

World-class quality and safety programs

GE Energy follows a rigorous environmental health and safety program that is implemented at every plant where we provide Operation and Maintenance services. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for the community and plant personnel by setting standards that often exceed government regulations as well as customer requirements. Customer-Focused Quality. Our ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Assurance Program, combined with our Six Sigma methodology, places a premium on developing technology that improves the quality of our products and serviceswhile also meeting the expressed needs of the customer.


Global footprint
GE Energy has six wind manufacturing and assembly facilities in Germany, Spain, China and the United States. Our current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 megawatts and support services ranging from development assistance to operation and maintenance.

Customer Support Center Schenectady, NY

Energy Learning Center Niskayuna, NY

Global Research Center Niskayuna, NY

Manufacturing/ Assembly and Engineering Salzbergen, Germany Noblejas, Spain

Customer Support Center Salzbergen, Germany Global Research Center Munich, Germany

Renewable Energy Headquarters Schenectady, NY Manufacturing/ Assembly Tehachapi, CA Customer Service Center Sweetwater, TX Manufacturing/ Assembly and Engineering Greenville, SC Wind Parts Operations Center Memphis, Tennessee

Manufacturing/ Assembly Shenyang, China

Manufacturing/ Assembly Pensacola, FL

Global Research Center Bangalore, India

Global Research Center Shanghai, China

Our facilities are registered to ISO 9001:2000. Our Quality Management System, which incorporates our rigorous Six Sigma methodologies, provides our customers with quality assurance backed by the strength of GE. We believe wind power will be an integral part of the world energy mix throughout the 21st century and we are committed to helping our customers design and implement energy solutions for their unique energy needs. GE Energy is one of the worlds leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologiesproviding comprehensive solutions for coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy; renewable resources such as wind, solar and biogas; and other alternative fuels. As a part of GE Infrastructurewhich also includes the Water, Rail, Aviation and Oil & Gas businesseswe have the worldwide resources and experience to help customers meet their needs for cleaner, more reliable and efficient energy. GEs wind turbine technology is a key element of ecomagination, the GE corporate-wide initiative to address challenges such as the need for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy, reduced emissions and abundant sources of clean water.


Powering the worldresponsibly.

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