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As you know, I hope to make this folder a useful resource for NBS students studying logistics and supply

chain management. As we extend our knowledge of useful sites, we will further categorise them. Dont forget, Email me at with any sites you come across which you feel may help, or be of interest to, others. INTRODUCTORY SITES HyLife for Logistics. A UNN network resource and the starting point for all logistics students. A really good site to get you going on using the Internet to search for relevant information. Work your way through the Internet Business Manager tutorial which you can access from the home page. Company Facts can be very useful as well. For a good summary of financial ratios turn to 'Learning Materials', 'Business Studies', and the 'Ratio Analysis Package'Then go to 'Data', 'Company Reports' and 'Company Report Browser'. Using this you can look at a full financial analysis (including ratios) for a wide range of companies, one at a time. Knowledge@Wharton A bi-weekly resource that offers business information and research from a variety of resources, including analysis of business trends, interviews with business leaders, articles etc PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS Takes you to the site of the Council of Logistics Management which is the US equivalent of the Institute of Logistics ( only much bigger! ). The site has an on-line logistics bibliography and 14 case studies as well as other material. Home page of The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Jobs and careers, training and technical information from a UK-based org promoting best practice in the purchasing and supply profession. Home page of The Institute of Logistics and Transport. Jobs and careers, training and technical information from a UK-based org promoting best practice in the logistics and transport profession. TEXTBOOKS

If you go to the web page of Thomson Business Press, and access Business and Management and then Operations Management and then Resources, you can open two very useful sites linked to textbooks. The first is Operations Management; A Supply Chain Approach. From here you can access many company sites associated with case studies in the book. The second is Global Cases in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Here you can access data and information associated with the cases in the book. MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER SITES GENERAL The Sunday Times For an interesting note on air freight and perishables go to, open 'library', then 'InfoTimes', then 'Air Cargo'. The Sunday Times page can often contain articles of topical interest, particularly in the Business Section. The Financial Times is a very useful site for all business students. There is a good series on 'Mastering Management' which covers the theory and practice of management. Written by experts from leading business schools around the world, the series guides you through the fundamental concepts of management science, and bring you up to date with latest developments. Also look at their FT Surveys section and search for supply chain management. The Economist MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER SITES - SPECIALIST Logistics management for logistics and distribution Supply Chain & purchasing matters..... Magazine of total supply chain management. Materials handling product news Takes you to the 'Distribution' magazine website where you can look up short articles on a large range of subjects. Takes you to 'Marketing Online' magazine.

Modern materials handling Magazine. Home page of Supply Management. Web site of 'The Logistics Business' LOGISTICS Navigate through the site to see some very helpful presentations on purchasing, logistics and scm. News portal. Click on the logistics category in the industry channel. It will supply you with logistics news headlines from 1800 sources, and links to journals and articles. UK logistics site including the Top 100 logistics company websites visited, lots of other information, tips on CVs and job vacancies. Virtual library specialising in logistics. Directory for the logistics industry. Logistics on-line. Provides an explanation of logistics and the processes involved, and a list of abbreviations commonly used in the industry. Consultant's page containing technical advice and papers. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT htm For several articles on reducing the supply base and improving relationships with suppliers, turn to the November 19th 1998 edition of Purchasing Online Gives you an excellent article on 'The 7 Principles of Supply Chain Management' html Ditto a good overview of key issues in supply chain management. An example of a global supply chain management modelling package, and what is involved. Achieving supply chain excellence through technology US consultancy/research site with some good MOR articles. Navigate through the site to see some very helpful presentations on purchasing, logistics and scm. PURCHASING htm Purchasing on-line. Navigate through the site to see some very helpful presentations on purchasing, logistics and scm. WAREHOUSING TRANSPORT Very useful website for the transport industry. MASS CUSTOMISATION Mass customisation is an important current trend in a lot of industries. A search on Yahoo reveals many good sites. Limit your search by entering mass+customisation+logistics. Start by reading an Economist article 'All Yours : The Dream Of Mass Customization' for a general introduction. The article refers you to the website of a watch firm in Hong Kong, and here you can see mass customisation at work and design your own watch should the urge take you! Elsewhere, you can see a worked-through example of mass customisation at and further good information and real-life examples at and htm

OUTSOURCING Outsourcing is naturally the object of concern at This is an American site containing a breadth of material. Also refer to

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A subject that is important to the development of supply chain management. Many informative sites on the internet, some of which I include below :
Knowledge Managem ent & Organiz...

Knowledge Managem ent & Workflo...

knowledge strategy.htm

LEAN Home page of the Lean Enterprise Institute. REVERSE LOGISTICS Good information on reverse logistics, including downloadable 283 page book. The Partnership Sourcing website. SITES FOR HONG KONG Includes information from the HK SCM Advisory Board Online 'shipping gazette' of Hong Kong Freight Industry, providing a lot of information on HK's freight forwarding industry including news and links ( land freight transport, VOCC/ NVOCC and Air cargo field)

LOGISTICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Use the Hot Links for environmental information and links. This is the Governments report on Sustainable Distribution : A Strategy, published in March 1999, containing lots of useful information on UK logistics and freight. COMPANY FILES Some company and organisation websites you may wish to visit. of a group of logistics companies providing details of the storage and transportation services offered to industrial business customers.

CATEGORY MANAGEMENT Excellent starting point for an exploration of the subject.

RETAIL Overviews on retail developments in US. Retail information systems news. QUALITY Home page of the European Foundation For Quality Management. A useful information page about the Baldridge Award. CAR INDUSTRY For news on the Japanese automobile industry. BEST PRACTICE CBI initiatives on transferring best practice.