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Dated 1.4.07, at A.K.F. (Chandigarh).
Clarification of Murli dated 4.8.67 (for General Public)

Om Shanti. There is a short night class dated 4th August 1967. You children are in the battle
field. Hm? With whom is the fight? The fight is with Maya-Ravan. The fight is with Ravan's
community. The fight is between Ram’s community and Ravan’s community. So, with whom is
the fight? The fight is with Maya, with those possessing the disposition of Maya and with the
whole sole family of Maya. It is said Maya Ravan, isn’t it? How many heads does Ravan have?
Ravan has ten heads. Ram is shown to have one head and Ravan is shown to have ten heads.
There must be some reason. What is the reason that Ram is shown with one head and Ravan is
shown with ten heads? There is one mat of Ram. Mat means intellect. The intellect resides in
the head. And ten heads of Ravan mean ten types of intellect. One person will say one thing, the
second person will say a second thing and the third person will say a third thing; Ten to twenty
types of the version will keep coming. Is truth one or many? Truth is only one. Even the English
men say, “God is truth”. The one who is truth is himself God. The Sikh people say “Hai si vi
satt, Ho si vi satt ” [whatever is happening is the truth and whatever will happen is also the
truth.] It means, like it is said in the Gita: truth is never destroyed. It is the truth today , it will be
the truth in the future and it was the truth in the past as well. Then where did the false world
come from?

Where did this false world of conflicts and sufferings come from? It is a false world. It was not
false before. First there was only truth in the Golden Age. Everything in the world becomes
satopradhan (dominated by goodness and purity), satosamanya (when there is ordinary
goodness and purity), rajopradhan (dominated by the quality of activity or passion) and
tamopradhan (dominated by darkness or ignorance). It becomes sorrowful when it becomes
degraded. When it is true (satwik), dominated by goodness and purity (satopradhan) it gives
happiness. Whether it is man, a shop or a house; at first it is satopradhan, gives happiness
(sukhdai) and later on it is tamopradhan, sorrowful. The world too was 100% satt (true) in the
Golden Age and when this world becomes tamopradhan then it is 100% sorrowful. But the
truth(satt) is not destroyed in the 100% sorrowful world. It becomes partially extinct. It is like
what they say for the Hindu religion that it becomes partially extinct. They say for the other
religions that they are not partially extinct. The Christians are spread in such a great population
over the world. Then, will we call it partially extinct? The Muslims were spread in all the
continents of the world. Then we will not call it partially extinct. It is said partially extinct for
the Ancient Deity religion. The souls equal to deities are not visible.

Whose work according to their name is to give. They give happiness to the others, they do not
give sorrow. This sorrowful world, which is visible in the world today, is the world of ten heads
made by Ravan. It is a world made by ten intellects. Which are those ten intellects? There must
certainly be ten intellects; there must be someone who starts those ten intellects? In the Hindu
religion they say: it is written in the scriptures that there were ten incarnations of God.
Dashavtar is famous. Among them two incarnations are shown to be of human beings; in the
costume of human beings. The incarnations of Ram and Krishna. All the other incarnations are
shown to be of animals. The incarnation in the form of a tortoise (Kacc avatar), the incarnation
in the form of a fish (Mach avatar), the incarnation in the form of a horse, the incarnation in the
form of half man and half lion (Narsingh avatar) etc. The ten incarnations that have been
shown, there must have been their followers as well.

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Among the Hindus, it is a belief that the human being wanders in 84 lakhs species. Well, would
God take a body in the many types of species and come or would He come (incarnate) in the
form of a human being? There is the mind and intellect in the human beings. The mind and
intellect are dominant. When God comes, he narrates knowledge. He is called the ocean of
knowledge. Would he come in the form of an animal to narrate the knowledge? No, God comes
only in the form of a human being. He narrates only to the human beings. Those who think and
churn are called human beings. They are the ones who use the mind. They are called human
beings. And those who don’t use their mind; mind is there, it is not that the mind is not there but
they don’t use their mind. They are like animals. They don’t think : what would be the result of
the action that we perform? How does the world work? Who is the creator (of this world)? How
is it a variety creation? The intellect does not work in these issues. In what is the intellect used?

For example an animal; its intellect goes in the sustenance of its tan itself. Tan means body. The
intellect is directed to the consciousness of the body itself. It is involved in the nourishing the
body. The intellect is not busy in thinking about the soul. One is the soul and the other is the
body. Is the body first or the soul first? The soul is first and the body comes later on. How is
this? When the child develops in the womb, the child develops in the mother’s womb, doesn’t
it? So, does the body develop first or does the soul come first? There is the body first. The
lifeless foetus becomes ready first. The soul comes in it later on. Then this concept is false .
(Someone said: the soul is creating the body through its thoughts) Yes. Whichever human being
leaves the body, his foetus becomes ready in a mother's womb four months before he leaves the

It means that based on the good and bad thoughts and the vibration of the soul the foetus
becomes ready in the womb of the other mother. If he is to be born one-eyed, if he is to be born
blind; then on the basis of the vibrations (of the soul) that child will be born blind. Some are
born maimed, lame, some are born ugly, and some are born very beautiful. So, the foetus which
is created; is the foetus created first or is the soul there first? The soul is first, even if the soul
has an old body four months before. But that body became dilapidated. The accounts of the soul
with that body, with the effigy of the five elements are going to be finished. The soul leaves that
body. And the soul enters that lifeless foetus which is four months old. So, the soul is the main
and the physical body is the creation. The soul is the creator. Who is the father of this tree like
body? Who is the one who makes this tree like body? It is the soul. The soul is the seed. Some
may say that this mango tree is standing. Who is its father? It is the mango seed. So, the soul is
the seed and the body is its creation. Well, should we pay more attention to the soul or should
we pay more attention to the creation? Or should we pay attention to both ? On whom does
today’s world pay more attention?

Ask anyone, “Who are you”? Then they will say, “I am a master, a doctor, an engineer, a
lawyer, a judge, a minister”. If they are asked, where you this when you were born? Therefore,
whatever was said was it said in body consciousness or was it said after considering the self to
be a soul? They told it in body consciousness? They think that they are the body. The world
today gives priority to the body. When God the Father comes to improve this world, to make the
Iron Age into the Golden Age, to make the false land into the true land, then He says: you are
not the body. The body is an effigy made of five elements. The five elements are physical –
earth, water, wind, fire and ether. The soul which controls the effigy made out of these five
elements is living. And the living soul is a point of light. It is like a star. Those are the stars in
the sky. They are physical. And you are the living stars of the Earth. You, who are the living
stars ; one among you is the one who plays the part like the Sun, someone is going to play the
part like a moon, one is going to play the part like mercury, one like Moon, one like Mars. Some

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souls are there who play the part like the seven sages (saptrishis). But you have forgotten your
original form. I come and remind you how you are an actor like soul and what your part is. Like
it was said to Arjun in the Gita: “Hey Arjun! You don’t know your births. I tell you.” So, it is
not that God comes to this human world, sits and tells the part of many births to every single
human soul; whoever the 5 to 7 billion human souls that are there. No, it is like maths; Algebra.
Formulas are mentioned in it. If we follow that formula the result will come out. Similarly, God
comes to this world and describes the part of the main actors who have high reputation in the
world, the human world. Who are the main actors? There are two main actors who are in the
form of hero heroine; in the form of Ram and Krishna. They are the two wheels of this world
like vehicle. And the rest eight are such that they are not the main ones but they prove
themselves to be the leaders. They too are actors. It is not that they are not actors. But whatever
part they play that part of theirs is number wise. We will call it number wise powerful part; we
will call it number wise ancient; we will call it number wise elevated and we will call it number
wise degraded. They say Ram and Krishna were in the Golden and the Silver Ages. They show
that there was the rule of Narayan in the Golden Age. When they sing hymns they sing “Hey
Krishna Naryana Vasu dev”. It means the soul of Krishna and Narayan are one and the same.
They show the kingdom of Ram in the Silver Age. And the Copper Age is the age which
spreads duality. Two opinions emerge. The Copper Age
(Dwapur) begins from the time when two opinions emerge in this world. What kind of place
(pur)? Dwapur. There is duality in every issue. God comes and establishes the world of non –
duality. He makes such a world where the entire world (Vasuda) becomes a family (kutumbh).
Vasudev kutumbhakam i.e. whole world is our family. This is an old slogan of India.

Today all the families are divided. The father doesn’t accept the opinion of the child. The elder
brother doesn’t accept the opinions of the younger brothers and the younger brothers don’t
accept the opinions of the elder brothers. From when did this happen? It happened from the
Copper Age. The history of the ones who spread duality, the ones who came from the Copper
Age, is present in front of the world. And the history of the one who made this non – dual world
is not available to anyone. Although the scriptures have been made have those scriptures been
made by the human beings or did God sit and make them? The human beings have made them.
The human beings have a vicious intellect. The deities have a vice less intellect. That is why the
deities are worshipped, they are adorned and offered flowers. Faith and confidence is show in
them by building temples. When human being does elevated deeds he becomes a deity and if he
performs corrupted deeds he becomes a demon. God comes in human being and makes them
equal to God – Goddess. It is because God Himself is incorporeal.

Just as the souls are incorporeal; the Supreme Soul is also incorporeal. What does incorporeal
mean? Just as the souls cannot be seen through these eyes. It is not necessary that all the things
of this world are visible to these eyes. It is not the case that we will believe it if it is visible
through the eyes and we will not believe it if it is not visible through these eyes. Someone is
infected with malaria fever. The doctor extracts a drop of blood. And if he observes it through
an instrument then hundreds of micro organisms are visible in one drop (of blood). Then does it
mean that there are no micro organisms that cause malaria? They are there, that is why they are
visible. Similarly, the soul is so subtle; you may call it very subtle. It is an element, a living
element which cannot be visible through these eyes.

It cannot be seen by the physical instruments of the doctors. But when man leaves the body then
by seeing his eyes we can come to know, where did the power which was in it, the brightness of
the eyes go? Why have the eyes become like button? Why have they become lustreless? Where
has that lustre gone? Where has that brightness gone? We come to know, don’t we? The Nose,

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eyes, ears; all the ten organs are present. The whole body is present. Then why doesn’t it work?
It is because the power that was in the form of the soul has gone. The ancient scholars (manishi)
have shown the power in the form of the soul to be a point in between the eyebrows. They
started the tradition of wearing a vermilion mark (tika) . This point like soul is seated in
between the eyebrows. So, they started the tradition of wearing the tika so that the people would
remember: we are not the body and we are souls. But it was the idea of the human beings. Will
the soul be remembered just by wearing a tika, a tripund (a set of three horizontal lines on the
fore head, made with cow – dung ash/sandal etc by the devotees of Shiv)? We need to practise
in order to remember the soul. For which it is written in the Gita “Abhayasenatu kaunteya
viraygyanecha grihayate”(Kaunteya(the son of Kunti), detachment will be possible only if you
practise). The soul and the Supreme Soul, the Father of the soul who are so subtle, how should
the intellect grasp them? By practising. We should remember the soul again and again and
remember the real (practical) form of the Supreme Soul Father again and again. The soul’s
reality is related to the cycle of 84 (births). A human being goes through the cycle of 84 (births),
He comes in the 84 births in the four ages. Whichever part the soul plays in the 84 births,
through that the soul’s part of many births becomes clear. The soul is a point of light and the
Supreme Soul, the Father of all the points is also a point of light. The Supreme Soul Father, who
is a point of light, will not be visible through these eyes. How can we see Him? Jaihe janav tehi
jaiu janayee. Nobody can give the knowledge of God other than God Himself. Arey! No one
has the knowledge of the deity world then how can they have the knowledge of God? When
God Himself comes to this world, He gives us the knowledge. He gives the knowledge of the
souls; He gives the knowledge about Himself i.e. the Supreme Soul, the Father of the souls. He
gives the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the entire world. Who takes it? They,
who become the offspring of manu i.e. manushya take it. Brahma is called Manu. The Brahma
who thinks and churns as well as those who became his offsprings were called as human beings.
Those, who heard the voice that came from Brahma’s mouth and then put it into practice in their
lives and changed their lives in practical are the ones who became manushya i.e. human beings.
And the best among the human beings are the Brahmins. Nine types of Brahmins are praised.
These nine types are praised numberwise one above the other. The origin of the nine types of
Brahmins is from the nine sages. Sages and saints (rishi-muni); those who practised purity when
God came. They renounced the company the impure body; they renounced the impure thoughts,
they renounced the impure vibrations, they renounced the impure actions, they renounced the
impure speech.

The children of those nine elevated sages are praised as the nine types of Brahmins. There is
numberwise power of Brahmatv (purity) in the nine Brahmins through whom these nine
religions of the world were established and who obtain numberwise kingship having learned
Rajayog from God. Those nine religions are – the Sun Dynasty of the Golden Age, Krishna,
Narayan is praised to be 16 celestial degrees complete, He is said to be complete in 16 celestial
degrees. Ram is said to be 14 celestial degrees, belonging to the Moon Dynasty. And then the
dualistic religions start. The history in the dualistic religions is available to the human beings.
Why? Why is the history of the deities not available? The history of the deities isn’t available
because 2500 yrs ago the massive destruction of Mahabharat had taken place. But it was half
destruction. In that half destruction of the world, in Bharat, which is an indestructible land, in
that indestructible land the establishment which was made by God became extinct, the deity
religion became extinct. The deity like intellect degraded. For this a story is mentioned in the
texts of Christians and Muslims; of Adam and Avva; of Adam and Eve. God told them : you go
to jannat (Paradise) but beware of one thing, do not eat “gandum”, the apple fruit (the body-
fruit) which is in jannat. Muslims say ‘gandum’ for wheat. The shape of wheat is like the organ
of the female among the human beings. The hint was given towards it. Do not experience the

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happiness of the body. This is dirty happiness. By experiencing this happiness the power of the
body is lost. The power of the mind is lost as well. What is result of loss of the power of the
body and mind? Human being become poor. If the mind and intellect is alright, if the body is
alright then wealth comes naturally. If the power of the body and mind were lost, the power of
money was also lost. Then you go on degrading. In the Golden and Silver Ages, in the world of
Ram and Krishna, the nature used to provide all kinds of happiness. There was no need for the
human beings to do any work. And in today’s world, not only a single person but the whole
family earns even so the fulfilment is not there. One is the satwik nature, dominated by
goodness and purity. And in today’s world nature is dominated by darkness and ignorance.
Nature is degraded (tamsi). How does the nature become tamsi? The nature means characters
and sanskars. When the human nature becomes tamsi then the nature which is in a collective
form becomes tamsi as well. When the intellect of human beings becomes satwik then in the
Golden Age the nature also becomes satwik and provides all types of happiness. Then how did
this mind and intellect like nature of the human being become satwik? It became satwik by self
thinking. Swa means the soul; the more we remain in the thought of the soul, that much our
nature, our character and sanskars will become satwik by themselves. And due to our vibrations
being satwik our next birth will be in a satwik family. Our birth will be in a satwik atmosphere.
Today births are taking place adjacent to dirty drains. The births are taking place like the flies
and mosquitoes. The birth which will take place in the Golden Age will be in a satwik family; as
the king so the subjects, everyone will be happy; it will be that kind of birth. For giving such a
birth, God is now teaching. The name of this study is the Easy Rajyog. None of the human
beings can teach this Easy Rajyog. He (God) transforms the entire world through the Easy
Rajyog; he transforms the entire mankind and goes.

From the time the dualistic world started the world and the nature started to degrade. The pomp
and show of Maya increased so much in the (last) 100-150 years, that the intellect of the human
beings started wondering about (the power of) science. It is because science is the product of the
human beings. It is the creation of the human beings. But silence is greater than science. God
the Father comes and establishes it. On one side there is science and on the other side there is
silence. Even 5000yrs ago, this great civil war of Mahabharata took place. And this war took
place, the war between the scientists and the ones who practised silence, ( i.e.) those who
imbibed the power of silence taught by God. They were called the Pandavas. And those who
took the side of the scientists, those who gave due respect to the marvels of the intellect were
called as the Karuravs and the Yadavs. In other words, they were called as the Ram’s
community and the Ravan’s community. Are science and the scriptures, the creation of a single
human being or the creation of many human beings? It is the creation of many human beings. It
is the product of corruption. Does corruption take place in a Shivalay or a brothel? The place
where corruption takes place is called as brothel. And where there is the kingship of Ram, as the
king Ram so are his subjects; they are uncorrupted. So, science is the invention of many
intellects. The scriptures are also the invention of many intellects. A single human being did not
write the scriptures. Those who are following the scriptures, those who are following those
scientists, all of them belong to Ravan’s community. Their intellect is dazzled (camatkrit); it has
been influenced, it has not been influenced by God. It is because God is one and devils are
many. Ravan is called a devil. The one who makes (people) cry is called Ravan. He brings
sorrow in every issue. That one is called God, behind whom finally…. every human soul’s
intellect will run behind God when the world ends. It is because He i.e. God who is the truth
will be revealed in front of the world. When the intellect runs behind one He will Himself be
proved as God. The biography of God is sung in the path of devotion as Bhagvat. The whole
world will run behind Him. It is not so that only the followers of Ram and Krishna will run
behind Him. No, they may be the followers of Abrahim – i.e the people of Islam, they may be

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the followers of Christ – the Christians, they may be the followers of Buddha – the Bhuddhists,
they may be the followers of Guru Nanak – the Sikhs and they may be the followers of
Shanakarcharya – the sanyasis, they may be the followers of Maharshi Dayanand – the
Aryasamajis or the children of Lenin and Stalin who caused a massacre of the Kings in their
country. They hated the very name “kingship”.

When the world will be destroyed by the atom bombs even they will bow their heads. They will
shout “Oh! God the Father”. Even they will have to believe at the end time that science created
by the human beings is nothing at all and the world of silence that is established by God is
everything. God comes and establishes the world of Kings through Easy Rajyog in this world.
Who taught the teaching of kingship to all the small and big kings who happened to be there in
the various countries of the world, in the history? When was it taught? Someone must have
taught them. From where did the power of controlling come in them? There must have been a
time when those kings inculcated this controlling power. It is the end time of the Iron Age and
the starting time of the Golden Age which is called as the Confluence Age. Whoever the 500-
700 crore souls are; among them all those who are the best actors are going to be revealed in
front of the world. In memorial of those best actors in every religion, the rosary like gathering is
famous today. The followers of every religion rotate the rosary. They chant the beads of the
rosary. They remember it but they do not know that these round beads are the memorial of those
souls whom God had made worthy of being chanted and remembered. Like the Pandavas those
beads of the rosary are now learning Rajyog secretly in the world. To learn this Rajyog there is
no need to play any musical instruments (cymbals, drums, anklets etc). This is not the yog of
the body so that one would need to perform the yogic postures (asanas) and breathing exercises
(pranayam). These asanas and pranayam are the activities of the body. Rajyog is the effort of the
soul. The mind and the intellect are called the soul. When a person dies the power of soul in the
form of mind and intellect went away. It is not said that the mind and intellect are still in him.
What went away? The power to think went away. The power to decide went away and the
sanskars of the many births which are filled in the mind and intellect, the good and the bad
sanskars went away with the mind and intellect. This soul in the form of the mind and intellect
in the form of a point of light is a small record; it is a small tape in which the part of 84 births is
filled. The soul is such a wonderful nature! God the Father comes and tells us its history. To
know the cycle of 84 (births) of the soul and to know the biography of the Supreme Soul Father
the human beings have to get a chance, get a chance and are getting a chance only in this one
birth of the Confluence Age. There will be no birth other than this where the souls of the human
souls can obtain the kingship of many births. God comes and gives the kingship of many births.
But (only) those who study will attain it. The human beings teach, so they will make a doctor,
an engineer, a lawyer, a judge for one birth; and it is not necessary that after finishing the
studies they will certainly become a doctor, a judge or an engineer. And God the Father gives
the guarantee that if you study regularly the studies which I teach you then it is guarantee that
you will become the beads of the royal family. You will become the members of the royal
family; the Royal family of many births which God establishes when He comes. This is the
Royal family of 16,108 souls.

The ones who study will be numbering in lakhs, the whole world will study the Godly study but
the ones who receive numberwise high position will be only 16,108. Those who will be taking
birth in the royal family, birth after birth. They will keep on becoming prince- princess. They
will keep on obtaining kingship for many births. They will keep on becoming the King or
Queen, the Emperor or the Empress. If they study well they will obtain a good position. If they
keep coming in the grasp of the devil while studying the Godly study then they may become
servants or maids in some of their births. They may even become a cremator. The cremators of

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the royal family are different, the servants and maids are different and the servants and the
maids of the rich subjects are different, their cremators are different as well. The accounts of the
many births are becoming ready now.

God doesn’t come to this world again and again. Like a potter puts the stick in a wheel once
(and rotates it) and the wheel begins to rotate. Similarly world is in the form of a wheel. God
the Father comes and rotates this world like wheel with the stick of knowledge once and this
world keeps going exactly in the same pace for 5000yrs. When the power diminishes, those who
are the incarnations in the form of animals, those who spread animosity in the world; they
spread duality. Two religions start; four religions emerge from the two religions; eight directions
come out of the four religions and all of them keep fighting with each other. The Copper Age
changes into the Iron Age. The Iron Age is called as the world of fights and quarrels. When do
this fight and quarrels begin? It is when adulteration is created between the opinions. Ravan,
who has many intellects, rules. 200-300 yrs ago, was there the rule of kings in the different
countries of the world or was there democracy?

Now in the end, Maya Ravan becomes so powerful; the ten headed Ravan becomes so powerful
that democracy has been applied in all the countries of the world today. There was the rule of a
King in Nepal up until today. Now, democracy has been set up even over there. God calls this
rule of subjects over subjects as the improper rule. Nobody is the controller in such a kingdom.
Every head has a different opinion. Whatever comes to whosever mind, he makes it a rule. Now
God the Father establishes the kingdom secretly when He comes to this world. This is the
incognito government of the incognito Pandavas. It is going to be popular in front of the world
in a few years. The various human religions and their followers that are there; among them the
most elevated souls….because there is also goodness in every religion. There are the very good
ones as well as the very bad ones among the followers of every religion. So, God the Father is
selecting the most elevated souls from all the religions. The task will be finished after the
selection completes. The rosary will be ready. The studies will complete and the numbers will
begin to be declared out. Just like there are those (worldly) studies; there are very few who
obtain scholarship among them. Then (the number of) those who obtain the first class is little
more than that; then the number of those who come in the second division is even more than
that, and the number of those who pass in the third class is very high. Similarly, in the Godly
studies those who obtain scholarship are the eight angles that are praised in all the religions.
Among the Hindus, they are worshipped as the nine planets (navagraha). In southern India
temples are made for them and they are worshipped in the form of eight deities. Among the
Muslims, it is written in the Koran as well that at the time of destruction eight angles lift the
throne of God (Khuda). The result, of those who obtain the scholarship, has begun to come out.
And the people of the world are sleeping just like Ravan’s brother Kumbakaran. Om shanti.

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