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Dasgupta Maha kali or Devi Kali is probably the most dreaded deity in Hindu philosophy. She is black (blue - in some particular form), with three eyes & four hands, long hairs flowing, without any cloth on body - only wearing cut human hands (stitched in a row), wearing garland of 52 human heads, upper left hand holding a kharg (particular type of sword), lower left hand holding a human head with bloods dripping from it, two hands in abhaya mudra (giving solace). She is dancing on the body of Shiva with her red tongue out and hold by her white teeth. Her form depicts the ultimate truth of life and death. One side is her dance in creation of this universe and holding it through the union of Purusha (male soul) and Prakriti (female power), and other side the ultimate truth of life beyond death lovingly kept beyond the general perception by her free flowing hair (Maya). She is black, as pure light has no color. She is not wearing any cloth as truth is always bare and she is the ultimate truth. She holds her red tounge by white teeth indicating to control tamoguna (red) by our satvaguna (white). Godhood of human being is in the head which hold all the knowledge and the sahasrar chakra. So she wears garland of 52 human heads representing 52 sanskrit letters from which all beeja mantra is formed. She also holds human head in one hand showing her ultimate control on our knowledge and will. She wears human hands showings us the importance of karma in this life and her ultimate control on it (or its results). And in one hand she is holding sword of scriptural knowledge (vidya) to destroy the darkness of ignorance (avidya). She is the Prakriti the female power, holding and maintaining this universe. She is dancing in ecstasy willing to feed all her children with divine milk of knowledge from her bare divine breasts. She is dancing on the body of Shiva, the purusha. He is inactive. He is the pure soul. Without Him Prakriti cannot manifest. Again without Prakriti Purusha cannot manifest. Both power combined rules this universe. Wheels requires the shaft to rotate. The shaft alone has no power to manifest. But both combined moves the vehicle. This is the basis of all universal law. This also explains the atomic structure, where the electrons travels around the proton nucleus and form various atoms. This is also the basis of moksha-when kudalini power the Prakriti rises from muladhar chakra to unite with the Purusha at the shahashrar. LET US ALL COMBINE TOGETHER TO PRAY TO THE DEVINE MOTHER TO PROTECT THIS UNIVERSE. LET US PRAY TO HER TO BESTOW SUPREME KNOWLEDGE AND PEACE TO THE TROUBLED HUMAN BEINGS.