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Industry Report Excerpt January 21, 2009

Daily Report of TX Investment ---

January 21, 2009
By TX Investment Analysis Department

Commentary on Macro-economy & Market

Global Economic News

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Daily Market Review & Prospect

11.13mn Urban Residents Became Employed in 2008

Release & Holdings Reduction of Restricted Shares: Five Companies Suffered Holdings Reduction by

Comments on Industries and Companies

Communication Industry: Earning Report of Operators in December, with China Mobile Outshining Others

Aviation Industry: Lump-sum Purchase Cost Difference of Oil Lowered by Rmb330/ Ton

Zhejiang New Jialian Electronics (002188): Net Profit Attributable to Parent in 2008 Forecasted to Decline
85% YoY

Shenzhen Huaqiang Industry (000062): 2008 Net Profit Estimated to Slip 57%-61% YoY

Powerise Information Technology (000787): 2008 Net Profit Estimated to Slip by 96.5% YoY

Datang International Power Generation (601991): Net Profit Attributable to Parent in 2008 Forecasted to
Decline 85% YoY

China Aviation Optical-electrical Technology (002179): Controlling Shareholder Changed to China Aviation
Industry Corporation

Shanghai Bashi Industrial (600741): Predicted to Lose in 2008

Insigma Technology (600797): 2008 Net Profit Forecasted to Fall by 50& YoY
Report Excerpt

Henan Ancai Hi-tech (600207): 2008 Net Profit Predicted to Increase over 150%

Jiangxi Special Electric Motor (002176): 2008 Net Profit Fall Revised to 10%-20% YoY

China Life Insurance (601628): 2008 Profit Predicted to Fall by over 50% YoY

Kunming World Horticultural Exposition Garden (002059): Secretary of President Resigned for Health

Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronic Science and Technology (600363): Net Profit Attributable to Parent in
2008 Fell by over 50% YoY

Shenyang Chemical Industry (000698): Authorized as High-tech Enterprise; Enjoying Tax Preference

Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test (600485): 2008 Earning Forecasted to Increase ~100%

Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical (600750): Equity Encouragement Draft Approved at Board of Directors

Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor (002129): Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Tianjin Huan-ou Semiconductor
Material Technology Listed as “Integrated Circuit Enterprise Encouraged by China in 2008”

Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway (600269): Authorized as High-tech Enterprise

Fujian Septwolves Industry (002029): Begins to Charge Franchise Fee from Dealers in 2009

SVA Electron (600602): 2008 Loss Predicted at Rmb900mn-1.1bn
Report Excerpt

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3 Neutral Relative performance over TX Free-float Index -5% ~ 5%

4 Underweight Relative performance over TX Free-float Index -5% ~ -15%

5 Sell Relative performance over TX Free-float Index <-15%

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