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The basic goal of information technology is to efficiently capture and organize the available information in a manner that would avail the management to concentrate more on decisional issues rather than the daily business chores. This has been a very important factor in the growth of computer technology and its quick amalgamation with the different business processes.

This project is a part of Third Year study, the final step towards the completion of the B.C.A course. The project duration was of one year which commenced from March-April, 2004 and concluded on March-April, 2005. During this tenure I initially learned Visual Basic and Oracle as front end and back end tool respectively. And I also learned Management Information System, Operational Research, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Computer Network, C++, Oracle, and Coral Draw.

The project report is divided into various sections. This section is sequenced in a way to give a comprehensive idea of work done. Sections encompass System Study, System Design and System Development.

System Study gives the complete outline of the system needs and various functional specifications which could be easily understood even by a novice.

System Design demarcates various processes pertaining to the system being developed. It incorporates data flows and entity relationships within the system.

System Development includes the description of data entry screens used to capture the data. It includes various reports providing necessary information in a structured manner.


The Automobile Service Station is the operation of the creating of the Jobcard, Recorording the data. The customers are come to the service station for servicing the vehicle. Here the customer has to create the Jobcard of the vehicle. In which the customer has to describe all the details or description are to be noted. Then the vehicle is taken for the servicing. From the service the parts which are to be added in to the vehicle or repair are listed into the BILL. The appropriate charges for the that part are counted.


There are major THREE parts of Automobiles. Sales Parts Service

Automobile Service Process:The Automobile Service System is divided in to mainly six Processes. A. Creating of Job Card. B. Reception Entry. C. Vehicle to Service. D. Trial by Head Mechanical. E. Washing. F. Billing.

A . Creating of Job Card: The first process is creating of job card. When the vehicle comes to the service station the first process is creating of job card as the problems, which are faced by customer & other details. The customer Job card is the card in which the we can see all the problems which the customer has detect in his vehicle. The Job card contains the following information.

The Job card has the Service stations name, address, phone number at the top right side the card. The Job cards first entry is Customers name, Customers address, phone

number Supervisors name, Vehicle number, frame number, engine number, reading meter, of the customers vehicle, service type, model, all the problems of the customer. And at last the sign of the Customer. When all these information are filled in to the Job card the laborer cut the counter slip and give it to the customer. The counter slip contains a sentence like To be return by the Customer and Submit at the time of Vehicle Delivery . Also the information of Dealers name, phone number, job card number, job date.

B. Reception Entry: The Receptor note down the arriving time of the vehicle. The number of that vehicle and its owners name, address of the owners. The Job card and keys of vehicle are taken by the receptor. The receptor also note down the time at which the owner take his vehicle from the service station.

C. Vehicle to Service: In this section the vehicle is taken by the workers and service process is perform on to the given vehicle. The problem, which are written in to, the Job card are solve by the workers. There are major THREE types of services. Free Service Paid service Minor service There are six free services on to the any vehicle of the hero Honda Company. In the free service all the checking of vehicle or services are free.


these six free services are

complete in to the first year. When all the six services are complete then the customer has to use of Paid Service. The total number of Paid services is nine. In all the services there is a combination of two parts. One is Kilometers & second is Time Period. You have to service your vehicle in to the time period, which comes first suppose the 4th free service has the

range of kilometers, is 7000 7500 Or 365 days from purchase. The owner has to service his vehicle in which is earlier.

If there is some major problem detected then the worker inform to the manager. After the suitable decision, the worker works on to the vehicle. After the solving all the problems the vehicle is ready to check weather all problems are satisfied or not. For this case the vehicle is given to the head mechanical for the checking.

D. Trial by Head Mechanical: The head mechanical first real show all the problems of the given vehicle from its Job Card, then after understanding all the problems. The Head mechanical takes the trial of the vehicle. During the riding he can understand weather all the problems are satisfied or not. If he will find some problems in the riding or from the job card. The Vehicle is given to the workers for Re-service of vehicle. When the service is completed, the Head mechanic tests it by trial second time. If there is some problem in the vehicle then it is send back for Re-Service. Other wise the Vehicle is send to the washing .If vehicle has solve all the problem in first service or it can be complete after the first service then it is send to the washing.

E. WASHING: In the washing process the vehicle are came when they are O.K. Tested service by head mechanic after the trial of the vehicle. The whole vehicle is washed with the water, which comes in very force by motor. All the Dusts, overflowed oil, etc are cleaned in washing process. When the washing completed. The whole vehicle is making dry with air pump pressers. In which the air comes in very high presser with the help of pump. The whole vehicle becomes very clean after washing.

Billing: The billing is Depends on to the types of service because there are three types of services, which provided by the service station.

Free service Paid service Minor service

Free Service: There are six free service provided by the Service Station. In the free service there are service is free. The examples of the service, which are given free, are listed below.
Changing of Oil Any guaranteed part that will damage during the time period of guarantee that parts are replaced. All the parts are checked, whether they are work completely or partially. The washing of bike Etc. services are provided in the free service.

Paid Service: There are nine paid service in which the amount to be paid if any type of part you can change in your vehicle.
In all types of paid service they will only wash the vehicle in free and all other processes are chargeable. Ex. There is an owner named Nirav Kumar Dipakbhai Patel, who takes their bike for paid service. The problems in their vehicle are listed below.

Side light is damaged Meter is not working The jumper becomes very loose Checking of average & Battery Washing of their bike Here you can see that which types of problems should Nirav Patel faced with their motorcycle.


Side light

45 150 1


90 150


2. 3. 4.

Meter Change Pulling the jumper


Checking of average & battery

Total Bill: -


Problems in Existing System

Problems in Existing System: For all kinds service system there are lots of difficulties without computerized system. When the all works is done by manually then lots of difficulties have faced to the persons who handling the all office work. Here are some problems, which are faced by such kind of persons who works in the automobile service center.
A. Difficult to Maintain. B. Wastage of Time / Time Consuming. C. Problem of Report generating. D. Record finding problem. E. Wastage of Money. F. Problem of Security. G. Pay slip Preparation.

A.Difficult to Maintain: The manually working in the automobile service center becomes very difficult because all kinds of information about vehicle are stored at some file. The filling of all vehicles, which comes for the service, is very difficult to maintain, because each vehicle occupied one file for the information about their vehicle. Means when we want know the information about any vehicle then we want to find out the file where we stored the file. The finding of the file is very difficult for manager or for the persons who working in the service station.

B. Wastage of Time / Time Consuming: All the process is done in manually therefore the creating of Job card, updating of the vehicles file, these process are very time consuming. These all the process takes lots of paper due to which it consumes lots of time. Maintaining and generation of all documents is done very slowly. In the system process such as making different type of reports, tedious calculations are examples of time-consuming process in the system. It is also timeconsuming process to know the actual survey of the Automobile service center when written manually but through computerized system it takes less time, as it is speedy and accurate.


Problem of Report Generating: -

After a certain time period if the user want to check his total number of services in between a week, month or a year it is becomes very tedious job to generate the appropriate report. A computerized system having report making facility can do this job easily and the owner can draw the different types of charts and diagram to make him understand the Up and Down of his system.

D.Record finding Problem: The major problems of this system are that the finding of records is to very difficult for the user to find record of some selected vehicle. Everex time

when the vehicle come for service the Actual data of that vehicle can fond but for that they have to faced very difficulties.


Wastage of Money: -

The Whole system of service station requires lots of file and documents which can takes very much time and as well as Money for that. The making of the files and the documents are also
requiring lots of spaces to store them properly. If any one of the file can be lost then it is very difficult to retrieve the all of the data. All the files of the customer can very importance for the Service Station.

F. Problem of Security: The Handling and the storing of data can be very difficult. If you can store that data into the locker or some safe place. But the data will have the problem of theft, lose, cutting or of some etc problem.


Pay slip Preparation: The preparation of pay slip can take very much time to prepare the whole lists, which are be done into the customers vehicle. The list of all Parts, quantity, and the amount of the all parts are been written into the pay slip. All of these process hade been work by manually. So it is very time-consuming process.

Features Of Proposed System

Features Of Proposed System: The System becomes very reliable, smooth, Fast, and very speedy after making it into the computerized. The all of features are described as follows. 1) ESAY TO MAINTAIN 2) SPEED 3) ACCURACY 4) SAFTY OF DATA 5) SAVING OF MONEY 6) FINDING OF RECORDS

7) BILL PREPERING 1) Easy to Maintain: After the all work is computerized then the process of maintain the whole system becomes very easy. Because the whole process of inserting the data are makes at the one place. After the computerized the person who fill up the data into customers data into their particular file are worked into computer so he cant find the files of particular customer elsewhere and the data processing becomes very easier.


SPEED :The most powerful advantage of the computerized system is SPEED. All the system require speedy work for their system. After the computerization, Whole process

becomes very easier and very faster because the whole process is done at some particular place where the whole data of each customer can stored. So the filling of Data, some entries of vehicles are done at the some particular place. At that time the whole process becomes very speedy and very fast. 3)

ACCURACY :If you can have to handle the all files at a same time the you can very confused. But now you can have only handle only one computer at a time from where you can fill up your all entries at a time. And now at this time you can see that your speed becomes very faster and you can not afraid from making so mistakes. Thus the ACCURACY of the proposed system becomes very Good.


SAFTY OF DATA :Before computerized the whole systems data are stored into files. These files have some problems like lost, cutting, and etc problems are created. But when the system is computerized then the whole systems data are stored into floppy disk or into the memory of the computer. And into the computer the password system of the process can secured the whole system and the other person cannot get the original data of the system or company. The another main advantage of the computerization is reducing the

documentation. Means after the computerization the computer can replace all the documents work into the computer data processing. There so many files of customer in which the all of information about the customer and customers vehicle are stored. These data are stored into the floppy disk, cds, or into the memory of the computer. Which require less place and reducing the documentation.


SAVING OF MONEY :The process of storing the data into the floppy disk, cds, or into the computer memory. All these types of storing places are required less space, then the files. In this way the computer reduces the files and the

papers. So the cost of files and papers are save. In this way it save the money.


FINDING OF RECORDS:In the proposed system the problem of finding the records are reduce. The another major advantage of the computerization is to getting the speed in to the finding of records. When the person is handling the files of all records then he or she has to find the record file of the customer and then he or she will enter the data into the file. But now after the computerization the user have to only write down the name of customer or in place of name the user also fill the number of the vehicle number. Now when the user write down the number of the vehicle or the name of the customer the file of the customer will automatically open and the all detail of the customer you can on to the screen of monitor.

7) BILL PREPERING :When the preparing of bills by manually, there are so many problems occurring into the bill. Because of there are lots of calculation, writing process, feeding the bill into the files all these process are creating so many problems. But into the computerization there is no fear for making these kinds of problems, because into the computerization all the calculation process is done automatically, and the other processes like print of bills, feeding the information of all bills into the file of bill.



(1) HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SYSTEM: This phase of the software development process deals with a brief study of different hardware used in the computerized system. There is a list of hardware materials used during the making and also during the use of the proposed system. As the new system to be made into a computerized functional system, requirement of a computer is must. All the hardware needed here are generally the basic configuration of a typical office computer. A list of the hardware requirement used in the system given below: Minimum Configuration :

To run the application software of the system in the computer the minimum configuration required is as below: 233 MHz Pentium processor or other compatible. Intel Chipset Motherboard. 32 MB SD-RAM. 10 20 GB Hard-Disk. 4x Compact Disc drive or faster. 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive. Monitor. [ 640 x 480 Display ] Keyboard. Mouse. Dot Matrix Printer.

Recommended Configuration :

The system can run on the above mentioned system, however for perfect ness and clearness it is recommended to use a computer system having the below listed configuration. The configuration listed below can give best and optimum result at instance during the working of the system.

1 GHz Pentium 4 processor or other compatible. Intel 81x Chipset Motherboard. 128 MB SD-RAM. 20-40 GB Hard-Disk. 52x Compact Disc drive or faster. 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive. Color Monitor. [ 800 x 600 Display ] Keyboard. Mouse. 132 Column Dot Matrix Printer/Laser Printers. 500 V.A UPS. [Used in case of power failure]

Note: The proposed system of Automobile Service Station can work on both the

above mentioned computer configuration. It is just for knowledge that the system can also work with the old technology as well as the new technology.

(2) SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SYSTEM: Along with the hardware, used in the system it requires software to make a system as well as to run a system with the computer hardware. Collection of different types of hardware into a specific type can form a computer but it can not execute different process on its own. For efficient and proper working of any system software must be installed. These software may be in the form of operating system or application software. To make the system one also needs to use software. To survey the Automobile Service Station I too have used certain soft wares which are listed below. The soft wares used in the proposed system are the latest versions of themselves and can give up-to-date and perfect result of every processes in the system. These software comprises operating system and application software used in the system.

Software used in designing (code) of the system :

Operating System Application Softwares

: :

Microsoft Windows 98. Oracle 9i [ back-end tool ] Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 [front-end tool]