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For a Safer Community
My name is Wayne Fazzino and I have been a career law enforcement ofcer
for the past 36 years. I started my investigative career 32 years ago as the frst
special investigator with the Douglas County District Attorneys Ofce. I
currently serve our State as a special investigator with the Nevada Attorney
Generals Ofce assigned to investigate Public Integrity and General Crime
Simply stated, this election for Justice of the Peace is about the safety and
protection of you and your family as well as retaining your right to control
your court: the Peoples Court. I have worked efortlessly at the local and state
level to protect the citizens of the State of Nevada while my opponent chose to
serve during his career as a state public defender and private defense attorney.
Te Nevada Legislature gave you the right to control your court and the
Nevada Supreme Court supports that right with continuing education. Many
have fought to retain the right to have a non attorney protecting the rights of
the people. Tat right is in jeopardy this election.
I want to thank my opponent for flling in at the Justice Court, but it is time to
resonate the message that criminals will again be held accountable and their
actions will not be tolerated in East Fork Township. Your participation in this
election will assist me in protecting you and those who risk their lives for us
daily. It would be an honor to represent you as your Justice of the Peace.
Wayne is endorsed by the National Rife Association (NRA), Nevada State Law
Enforcement Ofcers Association, Nevada Narcotic Ofcers Association, and
the California Narcotic Ofcers Association.
WWW.WAYNEFAZZINO.COM Paid for by Wayne Fazzino
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Douglas County Teachers
Endorse the Following Candidates
for School Board:
Larry Lippmann Area 5
John Louritt Area 4
Karen Chessell Area 1
Paid for by the Douglas
County Professional Education
Welcome to The Record-Couriers printed
version of a candidates forum.
This is the 10th one of these Ive pre-
pared since I returned to The R-C back in
Each year the challenges are a little bit
different. This year we tried
to do most of the guide
through e-mail, which
worked very well in some
cases and not very well in
others. In many cases I
found myself trying calling
candidates to find out if theyd received an
e-mail from us.
Like a candidates forum, we issued for-
mal invitations to participate and in some
cases tracked down information about can-
didates and their races.
There is a school of thought that perhaps
we shouldnt track down those folks who
dont participate.
But we feel that including some informa-
tion about each candidate is an important
part of the duty implied in the freedom
weve been provided by the First Amend-
The information contained in this guide
is for the most part provided by the candi-
dates. It gives them an opportunity to talk
directly to you about what they think is im-
portant after providing us with some basic
information we think is important.
The guides focus is on local races,
though weve provided some information
about state and federal candidates.
More importantly we provide informa-
tion on how to contact candidates seeking
all levels of public office.
Here in Douglas County we have fertile
ground for the politically minded. No fewer
than 50 elected seats are in play around the
county with 19 contested elections.
Because we cover Carson Valley and
Topaz Lake, none of the Lake Tahoe races
may be found in the guide, except in the
candidates' list. Well include the contact in-
formation there.
The organization of the guide is simple
with local elections in the front, state elec-
tions in the middle and federal elections at
the end.
We hope that this guide provides a useful
means to track the candidates and con-
tributes to your ability to make an informed
decision when voting.
Early voting starts on Saturday and will
continue through until Nov. 2.
We wish all the candidates the best of
luck and encourage everyone eligible to cast
a ballot.
Kurt Hildebrand
County commissioners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
List of candidates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
School Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
East Fork Justice Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Gardnerville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Minden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Indian Hills General Improvement District . . .10
Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District . . . . .11
East Fork Swimmng Pool District . . . . . . . . .12
State Board of Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
University Board of Regents . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
U.S. Senate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Frank Godecke
Party: Republican
Place of residence: 1590-A
Godecke Lane Gardnerville
Occupation: Farmer
Age: 52
Contact information: (775)
Education: Graduated Douglas High School
Record of Service:
2011 - Current; Current Vice Chairman, Douglas
County Planning Commission
2009 - 2010; Appointee, Douglas County Water
Conveyance Advisory Committee
2004 - 2011; Governor Appointee, Carson Val-
ley Agriculture Association Board
1994 - Current; Treasurer, Allerman Upper Vir-
ginia Irrigation Company Board
1989 - 1998; Secretary/Treasurer, Douglas
Dairy Herd Association Board
1988 - 1993; Chairman, Douglas Agricultural
Stabilization & Conservation Board
As a member of the agricultural community
my goal is to be a voice of the citizens on the
board of commissioners and in that capacity
work with fellow agricultural members to help
preserve family farms in the Carson Valley.
Maintaining an agriculture perspective and
our historical legacy is critical in county decision
making. I will engage all citizens of Douglas
County along with the Business Council of Dou-
glas County, the Carson Valley Chamber of Com-
merce, the Northern Nevada Development Au-
thority and the local business community to en-
sure their continued vitality while diversifying
our economic base.
For every job that is brought into our com-
munity that one salary turns over 4.5 times. We
must continue encouraging businesses with
good paying jobs to start up, expand or move to
Douglas County. Working with the Tahoe vision
group and the Lake Tahoe business community
is critical towards helping their redevelopment
efforts. Tahoe South must have a vision of being
a world class tourist/recreation destination.
As citizens of neighborhoods and distinct re-
gions in our county define their issues and
needs, I promise to work with county staff and
fellow commissioners to address their issues.
Douglas County Commissioner, District 3
Doug N. Johnson
Party: Republican
Place of residence: Ruhen-
stroth, 28-year Douglas resident
Occupation: Managing private
Age: 49
Contact information:
cell 790-3195
Facebook: Doug N. Johnson
Record of Service: Douglas County Commis-
sioner 2005-present (Chairman 2007)
Nevada Association of Counties 2005-present
(President 2011)
Carson Water Subconservancy District (Chair-
man 2010-2011)
East Fork Fire & Paramedic volunteer 1992-
China Springs Youth Camp 2005-present
Virginia & Truckee Railroad Commission 2007-
NACO Legislative Committee 2009-present
(Chairman 2009)
Nevada OHV Committee (Chairman 2007)
Nevada Chronic Disease Leadership team
Platform: Still Listening
It has been an honor to serve the people of
Douglas County this last 7 1/2 years. With a
proven record of transparency, accountability
and responsiveness, I am asking for your vote
again on Nov. 6. We have worked together
through some divisive growth and airport man-
agement issues over the years, with the voters
casting their approval. Now, with continued sup-
port, I would like to see through to completion,
the new community center, our federal Douglas
County Conservation Bill, the ongoing success
fighting faulty FEMA flood maps and elevate our
airport into a world sport glider destination. I
have the experience to work with the legislature
this next session to avoid state and federal
mandates being handed down to the counties.
With the tenacity of our good citizens and coun-
ty staff, we will deliver another balanced County
budget while maintaining our excellent public
safety and services. Please feel free to check
my voting record at http://www.douglascoun-
tynv.gov/AgendaCenter or contact me through
phone or email above. I hope to continue serv-
ing Douglas County as your commissioner.
Barry Penzel
Party: Republican
Place of residence: Saratoga Springs,
East Valley
Occupation: Retired
Age: 66
Contact information:
barrydccomish.com; (775) 781-8712
Education: UCLA with a degree in Economics and
Bachelor of Arts, Webster University with a degree in
Health Facilities Management and Master of Arts
Record of Service: I served as the chairman of the
Greater Genoa Business Association( 1997); chairman
of Douglas County Renewable Energy Committee
(2001); member of Carson Valley Chamber of Com-
merce, 2008-2009, currently on the Board of Suicide
Prevention Network of Douglas County.
I proudly served in the U.S. Army from 1967-1992 as a
Ranger, Aviator, and Combat Leader and retired as a
Honors: Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Air Medals (9)
with Valor award.
Position sought: Douglas County Commissioner, District
Place of residence: Saratoga Springs, East Valley
Occupation: Retired
Age: 66
Contact information: barry@barrypenzel.com
Education: UCLA, Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Web-
ster University, MA, Health Facilities Management.
Record of Service: Served as Chairman of GGBA;
Chairman of Douglas County Renewable Energy Commit-
tee; member Chamber of Commerce, 2008-2009, cur-
rently Board member of Suicide Prevention Network of
Douglas County.
Military service: Served in U.S. Army from 1967-
1992, retired colonel
Honors : Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Air Medals with
Valor award.
I have lived here since I retired from 25 years of service
in the U.S. Army. Its time for a change.
We have too many empty store fronts and empty pocket
books. As your County Commissioner I pledge to:
Ask for your opinion,
Work hard to create long term economic prosperity for
all county residents,
Always do the right thing,
Ensure that directions to the County Manager are clear,
achievable and results measurable, and
Maintain the philosophy that government closest to the
people governs best.
Its time for inventive solutions to keep our budget bal-
anced. Its time to diversify our economy. Its time to
elect someone who knows how to lead an organization
that lives within its budget. I am that someone. I built
two successful retail businesses and worked for two
prosperous manufacturing companies, all in Douglas
County. Its time to have a county commissioner who is
a problem solver and understands long term planning,
in both government and business. I have done that for
over forty years. Its time to have someone who will
hold government accountable and who will in turn be ac-
countable to the residents of Douglas County, not to
special interests. I am that person.
Its time for all of us, as citizens, to seize this moment in
time and change the direction and accountability of the
County government.
Its time.
Douglas County Commissioner, District 5
Michael Olson
Party: Republican
Place of residence: 3605
Silverado Drive, Jacks Valley
NV 89705
Occupation: Manager risk
Age: 51
Contact information:
(775) 250-5394
County commissioner since 2009
Education: Business and science courses
Record of Service:
I am currently in my fourth year as a Dou-
glas County commissioner, serving two
years as chairman. Prior to this I served as
a Douglas County planning commissioner
from January 2004 to December 2008. I
serve on the Carson Water Subconservan-
cy District, The Nevada Tahoe Conservation
District and alternate on the Carson Valley
Chamber of Commerce Executive Board. I
have served on the Carson Tahoe Hospital
Building Committee and I am two-term
president of the Business Council of Dou-
glas County. I also participate in many
other volunteer functions throughout Dou-
glas County such as the Big Brothers Big
Sisters program and the Boys and Girls
When I campaigned for office in 2008 my
interest in running was based on our com-
munity. We were losing our sense of com-
munity. As a board over the last four years
we have worked to strengthen our sense
of community. We are bringing our commu-
nity together with the building of a commu-
nity/senior center, the construction of the
North Valley Water Line, the investment in
economic development and the Southshore
Visioning Plan for Lake Tahoe. The Towns,
GIDs and elected Officials are making
progress to work together to bring back
the Lets Raise the barn together atti-
tude this community is known for. We need
to continue to address the issues together,
solving them together. We have many tough
decisions coming before the county com-
mission in the next four years.
We will be dealing with the roads issue,
labor relations and the continued challenge
of declining revenue. I believe that I am
the best representative for the people of
Douglas County at this time. If you would
like to discuss the issues, give me a call at
(775) 250-5394.
Godecke Johnson
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The Board of County Commis-
sioners is the governing, legislative
body for Douglas County. The five
members of the Board are elected at
large, by district. Commissioners
serve four-year, overlapping terms,
and receive limited compensation
for their service to the community.
Each year, the board selects one of
its members to serve as chairman
and preside over public meetings.
Commissioners meet on the first
Thursday of the month at the his-
toric Douglas County Courthouse,
1616 Eighth St., and at Stateline on
the third Thursday.
For more info, visit
About the Douglas County Board of Commissioners
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East Fork J.P.
Wayne A. Fazzino
Tom Perkins
Tahoe J.P.
Richard Glasson
Commissioner District 1
Greg Lynn
Commissioner District 3
Frank Godecke
Doug N. Johnson
Commissioner District 5
Michael A. Olson
Barry Penzel
School Board Area 1
Karen Chessell
Ron Santi
School Board Area 3
Cindy Trigg
School Board Area 4
Neal Freitas
John Louritt
School Board Area 5
Teri Jamin
Laurence Lippmann
Gardnerville Town Board
Marco Caldana
Lloyd Higuera
Jeff Schemenauer
Mary A. Wenner
Genoa Town Board
Nancy Aten
Trent Tholen
Minden Town Board
Howard Howdy Herz
John Stephans
Steven Thaler
East Fork Swimming
Pool District
Alisa Ashbaugh
Robert Cutts
Gordon Gray
Davis John Nishikida
David Oren
Janine Petrick-Sullivan
Carl Schnock
Gardnerville Ranchos GID
Cade S. Baligad
David Bourne
Indian Hills GID
Chris Johnson
Ronald Lynch
Charles Swanson
Jimmy Weaver
Kingsbury GID
Greg Felton
Ed Johns
Robert Bob McDowell
Jodie Nelson
Natalie Susan Yanish
Lakeridge GID
Robert Dickerson
Melvin Laub
Jereard Trombka
Logan Creek GID
Carly Holcomb
Tom Rackerby
James Seeman
Marla Bay GID
Ann Barnard
Ronald J. Borsos
Roy R. Pike
Minden Gardnerville
Sanitation District
Bob Allgeier
Barbara Smallwood
Jerry Smith
Mosquito Abatement
Matt McKinney
Irvine Phillips
Round Hill GID
Michael Pook
Wesley A. Rice
Glen T. Smith
Syland GID
Andy Chapman
Ellen Dauscher
Tom Kennedy
John Peel
Tahoe-Douglas Fire District
Greg Felton
Lawrence Howell
Larry F. Schussel
Steve Seibel
Tahoe Dougals Sewer
Richard Gardner
Bedford Holmes
Diane Dee Dee Imbach
Tom Kennedy
John Peel
Michael Riley
Gordon Gray
Larry Offenstein
Zephyr Cove GID
Teresa Downey
Mickie Hempler
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Karen Chessell
Party: Nonpartisan
Place of Residence: Johnson Lane Area,
Occupation: Education Programs Profes-
sional for the Nevada Department of Educa-
tion, Office of Career and Technical Education,
Family and Consumer Sciences program spe-
cialist, since June 2004.
Age: 52
Contact information:
Bachelor of science degree in home economics education
from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Master of Arts Degree in Educational Administration from
California State University, Long Beach
Language Development Specialist Credential, State of Califor-
Certified Public Official Certification from the University of
Nevada, Reno
Record of Service:
I am currently serving my seventh year as trustee for the
Douglas County School District Area 1. I was appointed to fill
the vacancy in January 2006 and elected to the seat that
November. I was re-elected in 2008.
I taught for 20 years at the middle school and high school
levels, in home economics/family and consumer sciences
courses, science, health, psychology and keyboarding. Ive
served as a department chairperson and on a variety of
school committees including high school reform councils.
Ive also served as cub scout and girl scout leaders for
eight years.
Honors & Awards:
I was a member of the Douglas County School District Board
of Trustees in 2007 when it was honored by The Nevada As-
sociation of School Boards as School Board of the Year.
I was honored with the Principals Award for Excellence for
my work on the High School Reform Team and for success-
fully procuring grants funding.
I would like to continue adding my perspective to delibera-
tion on the issues that come before the board, for another
term. I am devoted to the achievement of all students and
would like to continue to ensure that all students are provid-
ed a variety of learning opportunities, including those above
and beyond the few subjects that gauge student achieve-
ment with standardized tests. Students need a well-rounded
education to prepare them for success beyond high school.
I have participated in training, attending state and national
school board conferences, and I have completed the certifi-
cation program Certified Public Official, offered through UNR.
The topics covered have provided education on public serv-
ice in the areas of budget, finance, governance, leadership,
media relations, community development, and employee re-
lations. I feel this training has been essential in helping me
understand the importance of my role as a board member
and informs my vote towards the various decisions that
come before the board.
With 28 years of experience in education and the training
Ive received as a school board member, I will to continue to
work toward the success of all our students to realize the
school districts vision of education graduation stronger
Douglas County School Board Area 1
Douglas County School Board Area 4
Ron Santi
Editors Note: Ron Santi announced on Tuesday
that he was discontinuing his campaign for personal reasons.
Party: Nonpartisan
Residence: Johnson Lane
Occupation: Retired
Age: 64
Contact: chlionron@aol.com
Education: Some college, no degree
Record of Service: U.S. Army 1966 to 1969, Vietnam combat
I served 10 years on the board of Carson Valley Food Closet
I served on the Austin House Board during its planning and building
I have served on the Pion Hills Parent-Teacher Organization for the past 10
years and two years as president
I have served as the area coordinator for the Carson Valley Girl Scouts
I have served on the Carson Valley Middle School PTO for the past three years
I have been a active member of Lions Club since 1975
Since 1975 I have been awarded Lion of the year five times
In 2008 I was awarded one of Lions Clubs highest honors, the International
Presidents Award for my part in finding my friend who had been lost on Spooner
Summit for two days.
In 1999 I was awarded the citizen of the year by the City of Carson City
Platform: First, see that the money the district gets from the state and federal
government is spent wisely and do away with the waste that this district has had
in the past.
Second, try and fix the leak of so many students leaving our schools and going
to charter schools.
Third, try and fix the problem of losing good teachers because they don't have
years of service
And last I will do my best to learn as much as I can and serve the students and
parents of this district to the best of my ability.
Neal Freitas
Party: Nonpartisan
Place of Residence: Gardnerville for 31 years
Occupation: Retired educator/administrator
Age: 54
Contact Information:
(775) 220-7343,
Education: Bachelor of arts from University of Montana, Missoula in Secondary Education
M.Ed. from University of Nevada, Reno (Guidance and Counseling)
Record of Service:
Classroom teacher (Special Ed.) with Douglas County Schools for 7 years (1981-1988); Guidance
Counselor with Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Augsburg, Germany for five years
(1988-1993); Assistant Principal with Lyon County Schools for six years (1993-1999); Principal
with Lyon County Schools for 10 years (1999-2009); and, Director of Human Resources with Lyon
County Schools for two years (2009-2011).
I have spent 30 years within the field of education, all within the public school setting. I came
into the profession when A Nation at Risk hit the scene, and I retired from it as No Child Left
Behind was still in effect. I have witnessed the profession I chose and the system it works within
come under tremendous scrutiny (close, careful, and thorough examination) from its many stake-
I have also witnessed teachers and school districts respond by taking the necessary steps to
ensure the students are better prepared for the challenges awaiting them once they graduate.
Douglas County School District is one of those districts.
Collectively the board of trustees is responsible and held accountable for making the tough de-
cisions by which the district must operate. It is each trustees duty and responsibility when voting
on matters to be as fully aware information-wise as possible beforehand.
I feel that the many experiences, the knowledge, and hopefully wisdom, I have gained over the
course of my professional career have prepared me in what I bring to the table.
John J. Louritt
Party: Nonpartisan
Place of Residence: 1018 Kerry Lane Gardnerville, NV 89460
Occupation: Carson Valley Inn Surveillance Officer, on call
Age: 66
Contact Information:
AA degree from Lake Tahoe Community College (General Studies)
BA degree from Chapman College (Criminal Justice)
MA degree from University of San Francisco (Public Administration)
Service Record:
I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and attained the rank of sergeant. I am a veteran of the
Vietnam War and a member of VFW Post No. 8583. I am also retired from the South Lake Tahoe Police
Department with 32 years of service. I served for almost eight years on the Douglas County School
Board of Trustees, twice as their president. I have been chairman of the Senior Citizens Advisory Council
and the Parks and Recreation Commission for Douglas County. I have also served as Exalted Ruler of
the Tahoe Douglas Elks Lodge No 2670.
Honors: I have been married to my wife, Marty, for 43 years. We raised our 29 year old daughter in
this valley and she completed all 13 years of schooling in Douglas County Schools. She has graduated
from University of Nevada. I have received meritorious service awards from the City of South Lake
Tahoe, Douglas County, and the Douglas County School Board. In 2007, during my Presidency on the
school board, the Nevada Association of School Boards awarded our board to be the Best School Board
in the State of Nevada.
I am asking for your vote and in return, I pledge to be fully prepared to carry out the duties of this of-
fice. I will exhibit professionalism for all aspects of the job. Most importantly, I promise to make all deci-
sions relative to whats best for the children and young adults in the Douglas County School system.
The Douglas County School
Board of Trustees is a seven-mem-
ber countywide board that oversees
the Douglas County School Dis-
trict, which serves the communities
of Gardnerville, Minden, and State-
line in Carson Valley and Lake
Tahoe regions.
School board trustees meet on
the second Tuesday each month
and as annouced.
Under the Nevada Open Meet-
ing law, agendas are available on-
line at http://dcsd.k12.nv.us/ or can
be mailed free of charge upon re-
Under the Nevada Plan, the dis-
trict is supported by a 75-cent per
$100 assessed valuation property
tax, which is charged to every
property owner in the state. Dou-
glas County also charges 10 cents
per $100 assessed valuation for a
continuation bond approved by
voters in 2008.
The district consists of seven el-
ementary schools, three middle
schools, and three high schools
that provide for more than 6,000
Like all Nevada counties, the
school district coincides with the
countys boundaries.
School board trustees are elected
at large, though they must live in
the district they represent. The
school board is a nonpartisan race.
About the Douglas County School Board of Trustees
Louritt Freitas
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l 1

8 PN2L



Paid for by Penzel for Commissioner

Vote Tuesday, November 6
Republican For Nevada Assembly
District 39
Opposes new
state taxes
Promises to vote NO
on new taxes
Supports smaller, less
intrusive government
Promises to promote
jobs in the private
Paid for by Wheeler4Nevada
Douglas County School Board Area 5
Teri Jamin
Party: Nonpartisan
Place of Residence: Since
1987, my husband Juan Guzman
and I have resided at 420 Diorite
Road, Gardnerville
Occupation: I am a planner by
profession and worked as a de-
partment head for the City of South Lake Tahoe
from 1984 2009.
Age: 59
Contact Information:
B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Social Envi-
ronmental Science with highest honors from UC
Riverside in 1975
M.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning from
UCLA in 1977
Record of Service:
Elected as School Board Trustee for Area 5 in
2004 and 2008
Served as School Board President in 2008 and
Currently serving as Vice President
Appointed as board liaison to the Gifted and Tal-
ented Task Force 2009 to present
Served on the Employee Relations Communica-
tions Committee 2008 to present
Selected as School Board liaison to the Career &
Technical Education Skills Committee 2011 to
Appointed as rural school board representative
to the State Advisory Council on Parental In-
volvement and Family Engagement in January of
Honors & Awards:
Awarded 2010 Veteran School Board Member of
the Year by the NV Association of School Boards
Recognized by UNR as a Certified Public Official
in 2011
My belief in the value of our public education
system and the importance of community serv-
ice are what prompted me to run for school
board. I am running for re-election so that I
can continue to be involved with the exciting
changes that are underway including the 9th
graders moving to DHS as well as the imple-
mentation of the new Common Core State Stan-
dards. These measures will further increase our
graduation rate which is already 17 percent
higher than the statewide average.
I would also like the opportunity to follow
through regarding several proposals I have initi-
ated for consideration by the Board:
Review graduation requirements related to
the types of diplomas offered by the district;
Establish a process to receive input from our
high school students during board meetings;
Conduct a periodic board self-evaluation.
I am an objective and collaborative decision
maker who gathers the facts and obtains input
from all points of view. I am also able to build
consensus by suggesting alternative approach-
es to meet identified needs.
Putting kids first is not just my campaign slo-
gan. It is the fundamental principle I use to
make the best possible decisions for our stu-
Laurence (Larry)
Party: Nonpartisan
Place of Residence: Gard-
Occupation: Retired
Age: 68
Contact Information:
Education: Bachelors degree mathematics
Brooklyn College
masters degree mathematics University of
New Hampshire
post graduate studies Fordham University, Yale
Record of Service: Vietnam veteran
National Security Administration
RCA Corporation
Research Associate Los Alamos National Labs
Teacher Mathematics, Chemistry, Philosophy
Chairman Mathematics Department Douglas
High School
Chairman Curriculum Advisory Committee
Douglas County School District
Member Health Advisory Committee - Douglas
County School District
Commissioner Nevada Academic League
Retired from Douglas High School after 30 years
in education in June 2012
Honors & Awards: Special Recognition Award
for Teaching from Douglas High School three
Awarded Study Grants from the National Endow-
ment for the Humanities three times
Awarded Research Grant from the Council for
Basic Education
I am a candidate for the Douglas County School
Board because after retiring from teaching after
30 years I still care deeply about the students of
Douglas County and I wish to continue to con-
tribute to provide the best education possible for
them. For the past 14 years the School Board
has had a tradition of having as a member a for-
mer teacher, someone who can bring to the table
the perspective of the classroom, one who is inti-
mately knowledgeable of the needs of the stu-
dents. I wish to continue that tradition. Too often
school board members are far removed from the
realities of the classroom. Their lofty ideals are
sometimes at odds with what works or doesnt
work with students. Example: There currently are
standards for students coming from many levels:
Common Core Standards directed from Washing-
ton, Nevada State Standards and graduation re-
quirements, and district level competencies. The
district level competencies were set in place in
1996. The current school board has stubbornly
refused to revisit, revise, or eliminate entirely
these archaic and overlapping requirements. I am
a strong supporter for high standards and have
always maintained high expectations in my stu-
As a member of the Douglas County School Dis-
trict Board of Trustees I will commit myself to
have the board to take a good hard look all of
these multi-level standards and requirements to
see where that can be streamlined and where we
can move our school system into the 21st centu-
Jamin Lippmann
The East Fork Township consists
of all of Douglas County outside of
the Lake Tahoe Basin, including all
of Carson Valley, the Pine Nut
Mountains and Topaz Ranch Es-
tates. The township is named for
the East Fork of the Carson River
which flows through it.
Offices in the East Fork town-
ship include justice of the peace
and constable, as well as the advi-
sory boards for the towns of Gard-
nerville, Minden and Genoa and
the various districts located within
the boundaries of the township.
Wayne A. Fazzino
Place of Residence:
1344 Bridle Way,
Occupation: Special
Investigator-Nevada At-
torney Generals Office
Age: 59
Contact Informa-
Palo Alto High School
Foothill College
University of Nevada Reno
Record of Service:
Law Enforcement -36 years
Douglas County District Attorneys Of-
fice-Special Investigator
Nevada Attorney Generals Office-
Special Investigator
Santa Cruz District Attorneys Office-
Inspector II
Reno PD and Los Angeles Police De-
partments-Police Officer
Toastmasters-Past President; Board
Sertoma Club-Past President
Child Quest International-Past Board
Carson City Senior Citizen Advisory
Committee-Past Board Member
Association of Certified Fraud Examin-
Nevada Narcotics Officers Association
California Narcotic Officers Associa-
Nevada State Law Enforcement Offi-
cers Association
National Rifle Association
I am your 36-year law enforcement
career candidate who as your next
Justice of the Peace will work to pro-
tect you, your family, and those who
protect us on a daily basis. I thank
my long-time defense attorney oppo-
nent for filling in, but it is time to res-
onate the message that crime will not
be tolerated in Douglas County. Thir-
ty-two years ago I was appointed as
Douglas Countys first special investi-
gator in the district attorneys office. I
am currently serving our State as a
special investigator with the Nevada
Attorney Generals Office. The citizens
of East Fork Township will benefit
from my experience investigating gen-
eral crimes, elder abuse, child abuse,
domestic violence, financial crimes,
public integrity, high profile cases,
and testifying at the local, state, and
federal level. It would be an honor to
represent and protect you as your
elected justice of the peace. Thank
Tom Perkins
Residence: Minden with his wife,
Ellen. They have
five daughters.
Occupation: East Fork
Township Justice of the
Age: 61
Contact Information:
Nevada high schools in Tonopah and
University of Nevada, Reno
University of Denver, College of Law
Hastings College of Advocacy
the NCCD Trial Practice Institute,
and the National Judicial College.
Admitted to law practice: State Bar of
Nevada, the U.S. District Court, Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals and the
Supreme Court of the United States.
Record of Service:
Appointed East Fork Township Justice of
the Peace in 2010, and was sworn into
office in November of that year.
In addition to 14 years in private law
practice, served as District Judge,
Nevada State Public Defender, and Chief
Civil Deputy District Attorney. In the
criminal courts, he has tried more than
50 jury cases, including many major
homicide cases in rural Nevada and
Douglas County, and has appeared in
the Supreme Court of Nevada on both
the prosecution and the defense. On
the civil side, he handled significant
projects for the County, including the
1996 Master Plan and the Herbig Park
dedication. Member of the Carson Valley
Historical Society, the Business Council
of Douglas County, Carson Valley Cham-
ber of Commerce, the Nevada Judicial
Historical Society, Winnemucca Lodge
No. 19, F. & A. M, and Rosebud's Dance
Served on Supreme Court standing
committees concerning criminal law and
procedure, lawyers ethics in criminal
cases, and judicial ethics and campaign
Other organizations he is a member of
are the Sierra Regional Judicial Council
and the Nevada Judges of Limited Juris-
Honors and awards:
The Community Counseling Center
award for exceptional leadership and
service on Aug. 30, 2012, for many
years as a member and president of
the board of trustees for the nonprofit
substance abuse treatment center.
The Carson Valley Conservation Dis-
tricts John Indiano Outstanding Conser-
vationist award in 2005.
Judge Perkins is connected with the
communities in Douglas County. He has
worked here for 30 years and lived
here for 20. He and his wife, Ellen,
raised their daughters here. Since tak-
ing office in 2010, he has been a re-
sponsible leader in the Douglas County
courts, an able and fiscally responsible
manager, and an honorable public ser-
vant. He has taken specific and con-
crete steps to save taxpayer money and
preserve the public safety.
Our community expects our Justice
Court to treat people with dignity and
respect. The Justice Court is a court of
law, where decisions are made based
on the law and the evidence. Judge
Tom Perkins has an exceptional law ed-
ucation and strong background in the
law. He is trained and experienced in
all of the work of the Justice Court.
When you go to Justice Court, you
know Judge Perkins will hold a fair hear-
ing and make his decision based on the
law and the evidence, and without fear
of favor, passion or prejudice. He is in-
dependent, decisive and fair. Victims of
crime are given a voice, and victims of
domestic violence are entitled to pro-
tection. Civil cases, evictions and small
claims actions are handled promptly
and fairly with practical, common sense
application of the law.
For 36 years, Judge Perkins has
served the courts as a prosecutor, de-
fense attorney, private attorney and
district judge, and now as your Justice
of the Peace. He is committed to serv-
ice on the Justice Court for a full term
and asks for your support.
East Fork Justice of the Peace
CVIC Hall - 1602 Esmeralda Ave.,
Fish Springs Fire Station
2249 Fish Springs Road
Gardnerville Fire Station - 1255
Douglas Ave., Gardnerville
Gardnerville Fire Station - 1255 Dou-
glas Ave.
Genoa Fire Station - 2298 Main Street
Sunridge Fire Station - 3620 No. Sun-
ridge Dr
Carson City
CVIC Hall - 1602 Esmeralda Ave.
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive
Topaz Ranch Estates Fire Station -
1476 Albite Drive, Wellington
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Way, Minden
Washoe Tribe Senior Center
801 WaSheShu, Gardnerville
Sunridge Fire Station - 3620 No. Sun-
ridge, Carson City
Fish Springs Fire Station - 2249 Fish
Springs Road, Gardnerville
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Way, Minden
Sheridan Fire Station - 980 Sheridan
Road, Gardnerville
Ruhenstroth Fire Station - 2008 Pinto
Circle, Gardnerville
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive, Gardnerville
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive, Gardnerville
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive, Gardnerville
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Way, Minden
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Way, Minden
Sunridge Fire Station - 3620 No. Sun-
ridge, Carson City
Topaz Ranch Estates Fire Station -
1476 Albite Drive, Wellington
Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station - 940
Mitch Drive, Gardnerville
CVIC Hall - 1602 Esmeralda Ave.
CVIC Hall - 1602 Esmeralda Ave.
Fish Springs Fire Station - 2249 Fish
Springs Road
Sheridan Fire Station - 980 Sheridan
Ruhenstroth Fire Station - 2008 Pinto
Gardnerville Fire Station - 1255 Dou-
glas Ave.
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Lane
Johnson Lane Fire Station - 1450
Stephanie Way
Sunridge Fire Station - 3620 No. Sun-
Carson City
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Kahle Community Center - 236 Kings-
bury Grade
Douglas County polling places
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About the East Fork Township
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Marco Caldana
Place of Residence:
Occupation: Retired
Age: 55
Contact Information:
Education: Attended
Bradley University, Peoria,
IL and Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Record of Service: I have recently retired
from a 35-year career in the food and bev-
erage industry. My time in the industry in-
cluded successfully owning and operating a
full service restaurant, single and multi-unit
management positions for nationally recog-
nized companies and consulting for busi-
ness startups. My leadership responsibili-
ties consisted of active participation in
project site selections, working with local
and municipal government entities (Neva-
da, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Califor-
nia) throughout the building and permitting
process and the hiring and development of
management teams. Additionally, I was re-
sponsible for strategic planning, budgets
and all related financial results.
Honors: Various awards and recognition
including being a three-time recipient of
the Managing Partner of the Year award for
a 125-unit nationally known full service
restaurant concept. I am a member of the
Knights of Columbus at St. Gall Catholic
Community in Gardnerville.
Platform: It is the role of the town board
to provide guidance for the town manager
and to ensure all decisions made are in the
best interest of our residents. I believe it is
important to do everything possible to
maintain the desirability of living in our
town. I believe in keeping our town safe,
clean and in good repair. I believe we must
encourage and support a viable and vi-
brant business community. I believe we
need to allow our existing local businesses
to grow and encourage new businesses to
open. By focusing on these goals, we will
also help strengthen our towns property
values. I believe budgets must be based
on the reality of current economic condi-
tions and that spending your money is a
serious responsibility. I am committed to
protecting our towns finances. I absolutely
believe in being held accountable for my
Jeff Schemenauer
Place of Residence: Gard-
nerville for 12 years
Occupation: Douglas County
Sheriffs investigator
Age: 40
Contact Information:
Education: Bachelor of Science from Mountain
State University (West Virginia)
Record of Service:
Three years in the Army Infantry/Honor Guard
Currently assigned to the TRI-NET Narcotics Task
Force. Below are a few of the assignments Ive
participated in as an employee of the Douglas
County Sheriffs Office:
Bomb Squad Member
Field Training Officer
Level 3 Coroner
SWAT Officer for 10 years
SLEDNET Narcotics Task Force Member
17 years total law enforcement experience
Honors & Awards:
Currently the President of the Fullout Booster Club
Board of Directors (supporting Tumbleweeds
Gymnastics Competitive Gymnasts)
As an employee of the Douglas County Sheriffs
Office, I serve and protect our community each
day. As a Gardnerville Town Board Member, I want
to further protect the growth, health and prosper-
ity of Gardnerville. I have lived in Gardnerville for
12 years, and in that time Ive grown to love this
Town. I look forward to making a difference and
showing my daughter the importance of communi-
ty service and giving back.
As Aristotle once said, Quality is not an act, it is
a habit. Spending time in the Army Infantry and
law enforcement for more than half my life, I am in
the habit of serving and protecting my community.
I am in the habit of managing crisis and chaos. I
am in the habit of guiding fellow citizens through
difficult situations. I am in the habit of protecting
our Town from disaster and criminal influence.
Therefore, as a Gardnerville Town Board Member,
I will make a habit of preserving, serving and
protecting our quality of life in a cost-effective and
efficient manner.
Mary Wenner
Place of Residence: Gardnerville
Occupation: Douglas County
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Age: 54
Contact Information:
Education: Fallon and Carson City
grammar schools; Graduated from Yerington High
School and Attended Weber State College, Ogden,
Record of Service: I have 11 years in the bank-
ing industry and have been employed by the Dou-
glas County Clerk-Treasurers Office for more than
22 years.
Platform: I have lived in Nevada for 51 years
and have the benefit of growing up in the small
towns of Northern Nevada. I believe in pro-active-
ly planning for the future. I believe growth is good
(if properly planned). I believe in being open to
new ideas, especially if it saves money or results
in efficiencies. I believe we should hire local con-
tractors when at all possible to help our communi-
ty and create and keep jobs in Douglas County.
The people of Douglas County have been handing
me their property tax payments for over 22 years
and telling me to Spend it wisely! I would like
the opportunity to be on the Gardnerville Town
Board and have a vote on how our money is
Lloyd Higuera
Place of Residency: Gardnerville
Occupation: Douglas County Communi-
ty Access Television manager
Age: 70
Contact Information: 782-7685
Education: Graduated Tennyson High
School, Hayward, Calif.; Attended Oak-
land City College, Oakland, Calif.; Graduated Ogden Op-
erational Engineering School, Burbank, Calif.
Record of Service: Currently serving on the Gard-
nerville Town Board (appointed March 1) and currently
serving on the Douglas County Library Board of
Trustees, and also currently serving on the Carson Val-
ley Arts Council Board. I have also served on the Dou-
glas County Parks & Recreation Commission, Senior
Services Advisory Council, The Carson Valley Chamber
of Commerce Board, The Chambers Tourism & Market-
ing Committee, Douglas County Education Foundation,
Co-Chairman of Carson Valley Heritage Days, Co-
Founder of the Carson Valley 10K
Honors: 2003 Douglas County Library ex libris Award;
1987 & 2002 Carson Valley Sertoma Service to
Mankind Award; 1996 & 2002 Carson Valley Chamber
of Commerce Business Person of the Year; 1990 Dou-
glas High School VIP Award of Merit; 1987 Carson Val-
ley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year (KGVM)
and 1986 & 1997 Douglas County Board of Commis-
sioners Resolutions Commending KGVM for Community
Service (Flood Coverage).
Platform: If elected, I will be a fully committed mem-
ber of the Gardnerville Town Board. I am dedicated to
providing the best service possible to the residents
and businesses of Gardnerville. I will be completely
committed to encouraging and supporting our commu-
nity groups like Main Street Gardnerville, and I will wel-
come new and innovative ideas from our residents and
businesses alike that will enhance our town and pre-
serve the history and small town feel of Gardnerville. I
am excited about the town's mission and goals and will
continue to support them.
I am a willing listener and I can be counted on to gath-
er all information available before making decisions
that could affect our community, and I will always be
available to answer questions from the public regard-
ing the administration of the town. During my appoint-
ed time serving on this board, I have been happy to
make my contact information available and have been
able to answer questions and concerns of those who
have called me. I believe my ultimate responsibility as a
board member is to the people who make Gardnerville
their home.
Gardnerville Town Board
Caldana Higuera
Its important to have an experienced
classroom perspective on the school board.
We need to reduce the redundancy of State,
Federal and local requirements.
All students deserve the right to reach their
full potential.
~ Over 30 Years of Experience ~
Combining classroom and
leadership skills with dedication
to improve education for
students in Douglas County
Insight Experience Integrity
Make your
voice heard!
for Douglas County School Board
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Howard W.
Howdy Herz
Place of Residence:
Occupation: Certified per-
sonal property appraiser;
historian and author of
publications related to nu-
mismatics and gambling
Age: 65
Contact Information:
Reno High School
University of Nevada
Stanford University (BS Civil Engineering)
Record of Service:
Commissioned officer in the U.S. Coast &
Geodetic Survey
Honors: Founding inductee in the CCGTCC
Hall of Fame regarding gambling history
and collectors publications.
Fellow American Numismatic Society.
Being a native Nevadan.
I believe in a conservative approach to
public spending. Past Minden town
boards have managed the towns finances
carefully by limiting the towns expenses
to what has been needed to maintain a
quality community without projects that
are perhaps attractive Wants, but not
Needs. I am committed to preserving
our financial stability.
Out town heritage is a priceless asset
to our community.
I believe that we should preserve and
rejuvenate our original old town core. For
more than seven years I have participat-
ed in Old Town Minden activities includ-
ing our Christmas, Spring, and Fall Craft
Fairs as well as being a working partner
in Mindens Farmers Market. I will con-
tinue to support activities that preserve
Old Town Mindens character and quality.
I believe that the Town of Minden
should continue to support community
events in the arts. Our town celebrations
of Christmas, Carson Valley Days, and the
Fourth of July are some of the events that
give character and quality to living in Min-
den. I support our summer concerts in
the Minden Park as well as cultural events
held in the town C.V.I.C. Hall.
The quality of our standard of living in
Minden is exceptional. As a pet owner, I
enjoy walking my pets in our community. I
will strive to keep Minden a charming,
safe and viable town.
John Stephans
Place of residence: Minden
Occupation: Retired Bently
Nevada/ GE
Age: 65
Contact Information:
PO Box 1745 Minden, NV 89423
Education: BS in economics, Drury University
Accounting Degree, University of Nevada, Reno
Record of Service: Served in Vietnam as 1st
lieutenant infantry officer in the US Army.
Four years on Minden Town Board past two years
as chairman
Coached Pop Warner Football, Bobby Sox, AYSO
Helped establish and coached spring league soccer
Douglas High JV/Varsity boys soccer coach
Taught project Business at Carson Valley Middle
Trustee for Douglas County Historical Society
40 year Douglas County resident
30 years with Bently Nevada/GE as finance manag-
To preserve the friendly small-town atmosphere,
provide quality projects and improvements, while
keeping Minden debt free
Steven J. Thaler
Place of residence: Minden for 20 Years
Occupation: Retired
Age: 54
Contact information: iwork4u@charter.net
Record of Service:
Served Honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps
Managed the China Spring Youth Camp for
16 years
Appointed to the Minden Town Board in 2008. Steve Thaler
has been a resident of Douglas County for more than 30 years
and a resident of Minden for the past 20 years. Steves wife of
23 years, Carson Valley native JoAnn Indiano Thaler, has been
a Minden resident for more than 50 years. Together they have
three children and two grandchildren. Jeff, their oldest, works
for the State Gaming Control Board as a background Investiga-
tor. Jeffs wife, Sara, is a hair stylist at Studio Vogue in Gard-
nerville. They have two children: Kolton who is 5 and Karly
who is 8 months. Melody, the middle child, lives in Minden and
works as a pre school teachers aide. Sean, their youngest, is
a deputy with the Douglas County Sheriffs Office.
I believe it is the job of local government to protect the Min-
den citizens lives, liberty and property. All other activities of
town government tend to diminish freedom and hamper
progress. We live in a great place with great people. Minden
continues to enjoy statewide success because of the people
living here. Keeping Minden Minden is our foremost duty as
elected officials. We are truly living the dream in the best
small town in America
Minden Town Board
Christopher Johnson
Place of residence: Amador Circle, Indian Hills
Occupation: Operations Supervisor
Minden-Tahoe Airport
Age: 40
Contact Information:
(775) 461-6135
BS Professional Aeronautics
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Magna Cum Laude
Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
AS Professional Aeronautics
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Suma Cum Laude
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
Primary Leadership Development Course
U.S. Army
Combat Lifesaver
U.S. Army
Record of Service:
As a Combat Engineer in the US Army from
19912001, I was stationed in Germany. Upon honor-
able medical discharge from the Army I worked for the
Department of Defense for three years.
I returned to the United States in 2005, and on arrival
to Reno I worked at the Reno-Sparks Convention & Vis-
itors Authority. In 2011 I moved to Douglas County to
pursue my career with the Minden-Tahoe Airport.
I currently serve on the Reno Air Racing Foundation
Board of Trustees, Douglas County Safety Committee,
Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Committee, and
Douglas County Community Emergency Response
Team. I am the past president of the Astronomical Soci-
ety of Nevada, and still provide public outreach for as-
tronomy related programs. I am a certified Master
Scuba Diver and Rescue Diver.
Honors & Awards:
I received multiple awards during my military service
including the Army Commendation Medal, Army
Achievement Medals, and numerous unit coins and
commendations. In 2010 I graduated with honors and
was inducted into multiple honor societies.
My platform is simple, and straight-forward: when I
bought my house in Indian Hills, I was shocked at the
cost of utilities. After attending our monthly GID Board
of Trustee meetings, I understand why we have these
costs. Now, I am asking for the honor to represent the
citizens and members of the Indian Hills GID communi-
ty, and to help ensure fiscal responsibility in the GID. I
will work with the staff of the Indian Hills General Im-
provement District to reach out to the seniors in our
community, to provide them assistance where needed,
and assure them that they are not alone. I will continue
to support the positive programs in our community,
and represent our GID to Douglas County.
Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Charles Swanson
Place of residence: 1037 Sunburst
Drive, Indian Hills
Occupation: Retired U.S. Army
Age: 68
Contact information:
U.S. Military Academy (West Point) BS
Long Island University MBA
Penn State University MS (Aerospace Engineering)
Professional Engineer (NV and CA)
Record of Service: 21 year of Army service retired as
lieutenant colonel, engineer.
20 plus years in public facilities and utilities manage-
ment and capital improvement.
Served on home owners board, public development re-
view board (City of Richmond, Calif.), Six years on Indi-
an Hills GID Board (2002-2008)
Platform: Ensure utility rate structure and connection
fees reflect true cost of doing business. Develop and
implement pavement improvement plan for roads. Meet
Federal and State standards and reporting. Provide
fair pay and benefits to employees. Maintain high stan-
dards for recreational facilities. Always be accountable
to the customers and the public.
Ronald Lynch
Place of Residency: Indian Hills
Occupation: Semi-retired - seasonal employee of the Douglas County Mos-
quito Abatement District
Age: 75
Contact Information:
phone 775-267-1432
Education: Graduated from Reno High School; Graduated from University of Nevada, Reno
with a degree in general agriculture, took additional classes to become an elementary
school teacher, and also took classes to recertify throughout my teaching career.
Record of Service: For the past 44 years I've been a resident of Carson Valley; I retired
from teaching 4th and 5th grades for the Douglas County School District with 31 years of
service; I was manager of the Douglas Mosquito Abatement District G.I.D. for 31 plus years;
From 1955 - 1060 I was in the Marine Corp Reserve - Reno, Nevada. I was also in the Uni-
versity of Nevada - Reno ROTC for my first two years of UNR; I proudly have one very suc-
cessful son; My wife any I have been homeowners in the Indian Hills G.I.D. for the past 14
Honors: I was selected by my fellow teachers as Teacher of the Year at two different
schools: Gardnerville Elementary and C.C. Meneley Elementary; Since 1983 I've been an
active private airplane pilot.
Platform: As a trustee I see my role as a guardian of the district. I believe it is my re-
sponsibility as a trustee to assure the residents of Indian Hills that the district stays within
its yearly budget. The budget should be used wisely to maintain everyday services, contin-
ue to make improvements to our neighborhoods, and retire bonds that have been used to
finance major projects.
Jimmy R. Weaver
Place of Residency: Silver-
ado Heights, Indian Hills since
Occupation: Retired
11 year employee of IHGID
Age: 69
Contact Information:
Education: San Jose, Calif. - High School
and San Jose City College; Carson City -
WNCC - Business Classes
If elected, I will bring honesty, integrity and
communication to the residents of my com-
munity. Being a long term former employee
of IHGID I have experience with the day to
day workings of the improvement district in
both the office and in the field. Income and
expenses must be closely monitored. I have
all the time needed to work on keeping
water and wastewater price increases as
low as possible. I also feel the state of our
roads need to be reviewed and addressed.
Indian Hills General Improvement District
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EarIy vctin beins 0ctcber 20, 2012
This advertisement is paid Ior by the East Fork ProIessional FireIighters Association, IAFF Local No. 3726 Minden, NV
Local No. 3726 | Minden, Nevada
We endorse the Iollowing candidates Ior their dedicated service
to our community and continued support oI your local IireIighters and paramedics.
Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District
Bob Allgeier
Place of Residence: Town of Minden
Occupation: Retired owner and CEO of a
35-employee engineering/manufacturing
Age: 81
Contact Information:
Education: Chemical Engineering Degree, Cleveland State
Record of Service: Douglas County Board of Commis-
sioners, Tahoe/Douglas Elks Lodge No. 2670, Kiwanis
Club of Carson Valley, International Footprint Association of
Carson Valley No. 72, DAWG, Sierra Philharmonic League,
Westwood Park Homeowners Assoc., Friends of the Dou-
glas County Library, Douglas County Historical Society.
The district waste water treatment plant in reality is a
small chemical plant. As a chemical engineer, the
bio/chemical processes and equipment used in the treat-
ment of waste water are very familiar to me.
I am a no-nonsense business man who well understands
accounting, budgeting principles, and practices used by
both private and public agencies. I am probably the only
candidate who can make this claim.
I am a fiscal conservative. MGSD now has the lowest rate
charge in Northern Nevada. I would continue the district
operating policies making certain the consumer rates re-
main the lowest in northern Nevada.
I believe the district is the best-managed public utility in
Douglas County. You have been well-served by prior
boards. I hope to be elected and continue that reputation.
Barbara S. Smallwood
Place of residence:
Occupation: Semi Retired
Age: 65 years old
Contact information:
Pierce Jr. College, Woodland Hills, Calif. and
Valley College, Van Nuys, Calif.; Western
Nevada Community College, Carson City
and Douglas. Public officials classes on
surface water issues, nevada drinking
water regulations, ground water treatment
options, and emergency management
preparation conducted by University of
Nevada, Reno. William S. Hart High School
in Newhall, Calif.
Record of Service:
1992 elected to the Douglas County Board
of Commissioners and served as Vice-
Chairman. Carson Water Subconservancy
District Board Member Gardnerville Water
Company Board of Directors Upper Car-
son River Management Plan Committee
Member Douglas County Senior Nutrition
Advisor Board Member Douglas County
Regional Transportation Commission Chair-
man Tahoe Transportation District
Douglas County Parks and Recreation
Board Western Nevada Development Dis-
trict Law Library Douglas County Dou-
glas County Master Plan and Development
Code Gardnerville Town Board Chairman
Drug Free School Task Force Member
CAT-Community Action Team Member
Community Oriented Policing Training
Western Community Policing Center DCSO
Handicapped Parking Enforcement Team
Family Community Leadership Training
Douglas County Historical Society Trustee.
Nevada Association of Counties Resolu-
tion Now be it resolved, by the Board of Di-
rectors of the Nevada Association of Coun-
ties, that on behalf of all 17 counties, the
Association extends sincere appreciation to
Barbara Smallwood for her leadership, ded-
ication and public service; she promoted
fiscal integrity and financial stability.
Proclamation, County of Douglas Barbara
S. Smallwood served the citizens with en-
thusiasm and dedication serving as Vice-
Chairman. Barbara's commitment to the fu-
ture of Douglas County was demonstrated
through consistent actions to preserve and
enhance the quality of life enjoyed by the
residents through the adoption of the Mas-
ter plan and development code; the adop-
tion of balanced budgets; a strong desire
to see development pay its fair share of
costs; and enhanced citizen involvement to
solve community problems.
Thank You for considering me for your Min-
den Gardnerville Sanitation District Trustee.
I am a fiscal conservative. If elected I
would continue the fine example of the past
board of Trustees management of the dis-
trict. Questions? Call or email me. I would
appreciate your vote.
Jerry Smith
Place of Residency: Gardnerville
Occupation: Semi-Retired
Age: 65
Contact Information: starr-
Education: High school gradu-
ate; numerous education courses;
product knowledge courses
Record of Service: Served youth in community
over 30 years; U.S. Army six years; Gardnerville
Nevada Town Board Member 12+ years
Platform Statement: Be involved. If elected I will
bring to the current board my undivided attention
to serve as a responsible board member. I will ask
questions, and listen to the people I serve. I know
at times there will be difficult decisions to be made
and as a board member I promise to take into
consideration all input & make decisions for the
majority. I promise I will do the very best possible
job on behalf of the Towns, as I will be represent-
ing you. These are tough times, and call for tough
decisions. I came to this valley over 45 years ago
and I married Starla Fettic Smith, who was born in
We have been married 44 years. Starla is a de-
scendant of the Mott family. Together we raised
and have 14 grandchildren. I reside here and love
this area, Im so grateful to be part of these
towns. We have within our towns what a lot of
towns are looking for...pride, generosity and a
coming together. Thank you for your consideration
to represent you on behalf of the Minden Gard-
nerville Sanitation District.
Allgeier Smallwood Smith
Jim Wheeler
Party affiliation: Republican
Place of Residence:
Gardnerville Ranchos
Contact Information:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2135,
Minden, NV 89423
(775) 546-3471
Background: U.S. Air Force. San Bernardino County Sheriff, special
I spent 14 years as CEO of an automotive parts manufacturing firm
and a few years after that, running a small horse and cattle opera-
Former CEO of an automotive parts manufacturing firm. Former
horse and cattle rancher.
During my business career I learned what it means to make payroll,
to formulate and live by a budget, and to make sure the needs of
my customers and employees came first. I believe these strengths
as well as my business acumen will fold well into the position of
State Assemblyman.
I believe in zero-based budgeting with each department justifying
their budget and setting their priorities for the welfare of the con-
1. Freedom. Our Constitution guarantees the individual freedoms of
our citizens. However, with that freedom comes individual responsi-
bility. Currently, our government(s) have eroded those freedoms
with regulation and laws and a tax burden designed to help a few,
instead of laws (or the lack of laws) to promote the individuality that
has made this the greatest state in the greatest nation on earth. It
will be my top priority to make sure our freedoms are forefront in
our state government.
2. Jobs. Our state suffers from the worst unemployment in the na-
tion. While all sides agree that we need to diversify our job base, we
disagree on how this should be done. As a businessman, I know
that all businesses look at bottom line profits before making any
type of financial investment such as new employees.
As long as we as a government stifle new and existing businesses
with regulations and overwhelming fees, we will never be able to di-
versify our economic base in this state. We must look at all fees and
all taxes on businesses in our state and adjust them to a reason-
able level in order to promote job growth.
I have a 3-step plan, which I will promote in the Assembly to
achieve job and economic growth. You can see it on my webpage at:
3. Jobs Again. Yes, jobs again! When we solve our unemployment
problems, we also solve the bankruptcy rates, the foreclosure rates,
and any other financial woes; we increase the states revenues and
tax base; and we increase the buying power of the average citizen,
enabling them to create more employment due to demand. Jobs
should be at least two of the top three priorities of every Legislator.
David Schumann
Party: Independent American
Residence: Carson City
Occupation: Retired
Age: 69
(775) 220-8497
P.O. Box 2103, Carson
City NV 89702
Education: Bachelors degree in accounting from Temple Universi-
ty. Two years work on an MBA at The Wharton Graduate Division of
the University of Penna. Hired by Continental Grain before I could
finish my thesis.
Community Involvement:
Chairman, Nevada Committee for Full Statehood My wife's name is
Elizabeth, my son's name is David, he is 27 and works in New York
City .
The federal government is illegally occupying Nevada.
The reason given for not immediately giving the unowned land with-
in Nevada to the state government was that the federal government
wanted to use it to pay off the Civil War debt. That war ended in
1865, its time to get the Feds off the 86 percent of Nevada land
they claim to own.
That would allow Nevada to sell the land for housing and gain in-
come which it badly needs. I will work to free Nevada from federal
In 1994, the OECD declared American K-12 schools substandard. I
have lived and worked abroad and seen how true this declaration
is. I will work to achieve school choice so that parents can send
their children to the school of their choice.
Page 12 | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | www.recordcourier.com
Janine Petrick-Sullivan
Place of Residency:
Occupation: Registered
Nurse; Mediator
Age: 44
Contact Information:
Education: I have a Bachelor of Sci-
ence degree in Nursing as well as a
Public Health Certificate earned at Cali-
fornia State University, Chico (1990); 2
years and ongoing training in mediation
and conflict resolution through a per-
sonal development organization, Medi-
ate Your Life, LLC (2010 to present)
Record of Service: Locally, I volunteer
as Im able at my childrens schools as
well as the Northern Nevada Chapter of
the Red Cross. In the past, Ive served
as a camp nurse for children who have
survived cancer. Ive also traveled as a
volunteer RN to Chile, Cuba, and Myan-
mar assisting in cleft lip/palate repair
and burn scar revisions on both chil-
dren and adults.
Platform: I consider Carson Valley
Swim Center the gem of our community
and in fact purchased my home based
on its walking proximity to the facility.
With my fellow board members, Ill aim
to maintain its vibrancy and accessibility.
I want my involvement on the board to
be a conduit to community building while
also contributing to logical and informed
fiscal decision-making. Please consider
granting me this opportunity to serve
with your vote.
Dave Nishikida
Place of Residency:
Occupation: Retired and
small business owner of
Daves Guns and
Foothill Fotography
Age: 57
Contact Information:
Education: Graduate of schools 1-12
Douglas County; BS from University of
Nevada in Recreational Park Management;
Minor Political Science
Record of Service: Two terms as East
Fork Swimming Pool Trustee; Past board
member of Family Support Council
Platform: As a current board member, I
have been very fortunate to have worked
with, and still work with, responsible and
dedicated people on this board. A commu-
nity is many times defined by what and how
many opportunities it provides for the en-
tire population. As a current board mem-
ber, I have been aware of, or made aware
of, the needs of our community. I have lis-
tened to those concerns and have attempt-
ed to help in instituting the changes need-
ed or programs requested when possible. I
have always been someone who has
looked after the interest of the whole com-
munity. I have tried to balance what is best
for both non-users and users of the pool. I
have voted in favor of issues that have
been cost efficient and money saving. I
have done the best in funding our current
need as well as trying to provide for future
financial needs of an aging facility and to
help future boards. I plan to continue the
current efforts to keep this pool one of the
best in the state.
Gordon Gray
Place of Residence: Topaz
Ranch Estates
Occupation: Retired
Age: 65
Contact Information:
Incumbency: Elected in 2002,
took office in 2003
Education: Attended Glendale College, University
of Southern California, California State University at
Los Angeles, and has Associates of Arts and Bach-
elor of Science Degrees. Professional Certificates:
Emergency Medical Technician, California POST
Special Law Enforcement Certificate, California
Open Water Rescue and Enforcement Master Cer-
Record of Service: Six years in the Army national
Guard, a career as a water safety professional with
34 years as a lifeguard, including the City of Los
Angeles, State of California, and Los Angeles Coun-
ty, retiring from Los Angeles County.
Honors: American Red Cross Certificate of Merit,
Life Member of the United States Lifesaving Associ-
ation, Life Member of the California Surf Lifesaving
Platform: Voted three times to lower the ad-val-
orem tax rate charged to homeowners. Never
voted to raise this tax. Voted to lower fees for
senior exercise classes and to keep the senior age
level for fee discounts at 55.
Proposed and voted for extending the outdoor
pool season. Proposed and voted for enhanced
safety measures including: expanded medical train-
ing for lifeguards, purchase of advanced medical
equipment, and recognizable uniforms for life-
Carl Schnock
Place of residence: Ruhenstroth
Occupation: formerly VP, client financial rela-
tions for Sony ( 33 years), now retired
Age: 65
Also third Thursday each month after the
board meeting at the pool about 9 a.m.
Education: Indiana State, Finance & Business Administration
Record of Service: Two years (1968-69) U.S. Amy, combat
Purple Heart veteran of Vietnam Purple Heart, Army Commen-
dation Award, Boys & Girls Club of Terre Haute, Ind.
Past President, Recorded Music Credit Association
Honors and awards:
30 plus years experience in finance;
Credit & Collections, budgeting, financial analysis, counseling,
accounts receivable management
Hiring of attorneys, bankruptcy-chairman & committee mem-
ber of many commercial cases
Coordinator of various Sony company seminars
As a citizen;
I have attended every EFSPD (East Fork Swimming Pool Dis-
trict) meeting for the past year
Wrote the first investment policy for EFSPD in May
Implemented the investment policy in June through 100 per-
cent FDIC insured/brokered CDs
Prior investments yielded interest income equal to $ 3,700
per year or 0.12 percent
Current investments will now yield income=$32,000 per year
or 1.29 percent
Encouaged the EFSPD to drop the tax rate returning
$240,000 per year to the county
Seek to be the only candidate on the board with sufficient fi-
nancial qualifications
Review the cash of $3 million on the balance sheet for com-
munity use via;
continued investments
further rate reductions
pool enhancements
Dive in and vote
East Fork Swimming Pool District
Gray Nishikida Schnock
Also running are:
Alisa Ashbaugh and David Oren. We
heard from both, but didnt recieve a candi-
dates note until after deadline. Robert Cutts
whose name also appears on the ballot said
he is withdrawing from the race.
Assembly District 39
www.recordcourier.com | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | Page 13
Paid for by the Committee to Elect
Michon Mackedon Regent District 9 www.michonmackedon.com
Please join us in voting for
Michon Mackedon
Board of Regents.
Ron and Francie Alling
George and Barbara Allison
Sharon Arno
Janice Ayers
Tom and Elaine Baker
Mary Lou Banta
Woody & Michelle Barry
Michele Maupin Basta
& Dan Tone
Riley & Jane Beckett
George & Merrie Benesche
Chris Sharp Bensmiller
Paul & Judy Bible
Susie Bongers
Janie Sanford Braun
Kay Brown
Frank Bruno
Mitch & Pam Brust
Bob & Cindy Byington
Lura Batjer Caldwell
Cindy Cardinal
Myron Carpenter
Tish Carpenter
Joe Carpenter
& Anne Knowles
Toni Recanzone Caruso
Rowan Colgan
Bert Cooper
Patti Cooper-Smith
John & Jessica Daniels
Ross deLipkau
Former Regent Jill Derby
and Dr. Steve Talbot
Lenae Derrico
Carol Bongers Earl
Don Edgington
Harlan & Judy Elges
Michael Ellis
Steve & Irma Erb
Becky Erdmann
& Don Cavin Hill
Jim & Sandy Foley
Frank & Suzan Forvilly
Grant & Joan Gardner
Kathie Gerber
Dennis & Shirley Geroge
Former Nevada Legislator
Virgil & Pat Getto
Emile Pierre Gezelin
Larry & Tammy Giurlani
Dr. Robert Gorrindo
& Linda Bellegray
Pam Graber &
Jim Smolenski
Laurie Westergard Gray
Judge Michael Griffn
& Jill Griffn
Tim & Pam Griffn
Patrick Griffn
Shaun & Debbie Loesch-Griffn
Ron Gutzman
Anita Leiser Haberfeld
Leon Hensley
Bum Hess
Dr. George & Carole Hess
Anne-Marie Kinne Hoppe
Bonnie Hubert
Dr. Jim & Betty Hulse
Nancy Peek Ives
Nora James
Abby Johnson
Tom & Elaine Johnson
Sara Jones
Al Kanaviel
Doug & Kari Karwoski
Martha Keating
Will & Joy Keating
Kirk & Mary Kay Kinne
Paul & Kristine Kinne
Pete & Carli Kinne
Bob & Jean Kvam
Bette Larsen
Keith & Gloria Lee
Rick Leiser
Andy & Karen MacKenzie
Chris MacKenzie
Lorraine Manoukian
Dr. Paul & Becky Manoukian
Doug & Gail Maupin
Ernie & Cathy Maupin
Dr. Jim McCormick
Stacie McCulloch
Senator Mike McGinness
& Dee McGinness
Konnie McGruder
Dan & Stephanie Miles
Mary Alice Murdock
Sharon Murphy
Darlene Oxoby Nevin
Maxine Nietz
Dr. William & Vicky
Dorothy Timian Palmer
Bruce & Nancy Park
Former Nevada Legislator
Bonnie Parnell
Gail Parsons
Dr. Eugene & Susan Paslov
Fred & Christine Perdomo
Reese & Joanne
Gezelin Perkins
Deirdre Peterson
Dr. Mary Alice Pierczynski
Ruth Pintar
Pam Quilici
Judy Rand
Brian & Mary Ann Randall
Rick & Frances Redican
Leslie Raggio Reghetti
Diane Baker Roberts
Amy Robinson
Guy Louis Rocha
Dr. Ed & Dee Rose
Robin Ross
Carla Rossiter
Corazon Rough
Steve & Johnye Saylor
Mike & Donna Salvadorini Schellin
Cheryl Euse Schricker
Bob & Marge Scott
Sheryl Seaman
Sandra Steele
Paula Stevens
Cheryl Stoddard
John & Jan Sullivan
Fallon Mayor Ken Tedford
Marv Teixeira
Milan Tresnit
Lynn Trujillo
Peggy Twedt
Anne Marie Utter
Trish Westergard Wenz
Roland Westergard
Todd & Tammy Westergard
Kay Winters
Donna Works
Supported and Endorsed by Leading Nevadans
We know Michons commitment to higher education and she is the right choice.
Former U.S. Senator and former Nevada Governor and First Lady Richard and Bonnie Bryan
Michons rich higher education background and her commitment to strengthening our colleges and universities are unmatched.
University of Nevada, Reno President Emeritus Joe Crowley
Michon has great qualifcations and is tremendously committed.
Former Nevada Attorney General and former Regent Frankie Sue Delpapa
Nevada needs Michon Mackedon on the University Board of Regents.
Joe and Mouryne Dini
In this time of fnancial uncertainty, we must have a sane and balanced approach when solving the many problems facing our
university system. Michon is the ONLY choice for Regent.
Former Nevada Legislator Gary Sheerin and Former University Regent JoAnn Sheerin

Donna Clontz
Place of Residence: Reno
Occupation: Lifelong community
advocate and volunteer for
women, children and seniors; ed-
ucator, attorney, school safety ex-
pert, strategic planner and lobby-
Contact: info@donnaclontz.com, 775 747
5452, www.donnaclontz.com
I taught 5th and 6th grade, trained high school
students in job-seeking and on-the-job skills, was
a juvenile prosecutor, represented abused, neg-
lected children, and was staff attorney for the
National School Safety Center. I am an expert on
prevention of school crime and a strategic plan-
ner in juvenile and criminal justice specializing in
interagency cooperation and communication. I
was a lobbyist at two state legislatures, drafted
legislation which became law, and can build rela-
tionships with leaders at city, county, school dis-
trict and state levels. These skills are essential to
gaining support for education reforms that are
still needed in Nevada.
Improving Nevadas high school graduation rates
is one of my highest priorities, both for individual
students and the future well-being of our state.
The second priority, and closely linked, is prepar-
ing all students to be career- or college-ready.
An educated workforce draws new businesses
and improves our economy. An educated commu-
nity improves our democracy and the quality of
life for everyone.
Lets improve statewide graduation rates by:
Using current data systems to create early
warning and intervention systems that use the
early predictors of potential dropouts (atten-
dance, behavior, reading and math performance)
to prevent students from dropping out in the
first place.
Identifying 3rd and 4th grade struggling read-
ers and providing continuous remediation until
skills are up to par. Do the same with struggling
middle school math students.
Reducing chronic absenteeism by engaging
parents, assigning staff to follow-up, reporting
statistics, and holding schools and districts ac-
countable for improvement.
Identifying and connecting with low-credit high
school students and their parents to create indi-
vidual plans for them to earn missing credits
needed to graduate. Provide credit recovery
programs that meet their needs.
Lets better prepare students for college or ca-
reers by:
Building strong partnerships between schools
and the employment and business community to
design classes to teach students the skills they
need to get and keep a job in todays economy.
Offer those clearly identified career programs in
middle and high schools and continue support to
magnet schools, technical and arts academies,
schools-within-schools, and charter schools.
Aligning high school courses with college
courses to ensure that students master the
foundation knowledge and skills while in high
school that they will need in college. New Com-
mon Core State Standards will help us do that.
Page 14 | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | www.recordcourier.com
Nevada State Board of Education
Dave Cook
Place of Residence: Carson City
Occupation: Retired
Contact: www.DaveCook4Kids.com,
DaveCook4Kids@hotmail.com, 775-
I'm a retired emeritus awarded college professor
of business and economics from Western Nevada
College where I taught for almost thirty years.
I'm currently a Nevada licensed high school math
teacher and I specialize in working with at-risk and
special education math students at a Nevada state
chartered high school, which achieved AYP.
Also, I am a fourth generation Nevadan. I have
lived in Carson City for more than 30 years.
I was most recently elected for a second term to
the State Board of Education in 2008 represent-
ing Carson City, Douglas County, and South and
East Washoe County.
I was first elected to public office in 1988 as a
member of the Carson City School District Board
of Trustees. I served there for eight years, includ-
ing as its president in 1993. In 1996, I was elect-
ed to the Nevada State Board of Education where
I served for four years.
Im working to adopt, implement, integrate and
advocate these six following positions:
1. Adopting an innovative evaluation tool for be-
ginning and ending school year assessments of all
students to measure their real individual progress,
such as MAP from the Northwest Evaluation As-
2. Implementing the new improved computerized
state High School Proficiency Exam in 2013. It will
be much more user friendly with faster results. It's
being developed by the national consortium of
states SBAC, which Nevada also belongs too.
3. Integrating the results of these new tests and
assessments into the performance evaluations of
all schools, administrators, and teachers in a fair
manner, as mandated by AB222.
4. Ultimately, these steps (1, 2, and 3 above) will
help to create a simple, fair, and understandable
grading system of the effectiveness of our teach-
ers, administrators, and schools statewide.
5. Advocating all college-bound high school sen-
iors take the ACT or SAT college entrance exams.
The first new charter public high school, projected
to open in the fall of 2014, will specialize in career
readiness for vocational-technical job opportuni-
ties. The school will focus on partnering with pri-
vate post-secondary vocational schools in our re-
gion in order to offer the most exciting career op-
portunities to high school graduates.
The second new charter public high school will
focus on working with English Language Learners
in our community. We will be partnering with the
most successful language program design special-
ists in the southwest United States. This group has
started five successful high schools for English
Language Learners throughout the southwest and
they will be starting their sixth school in Las Vegas
next year. We plan to be their seventh school here
in Reno/Sparks and we are projecting to open in
the fall of 2014 also.
These new exciting educational opportunities for
career minded students and also for English Lan-
guage Learners are only a few of the changes
that I am proposing for Nevada public education.
Ron Knecht
Place of Residence: Carson City
Occupation: Economist (and, more
generally: economic, policy, financial &
technical analyst) now consulting.
Contact information:
An economic, financial, policy and technical analyst
with education in engineering, liberal arts and law,
Ive spent half my working life in public service and
half in entrepreneurial small business all in man-
agement, supervisory and senior professional posi-
A Regent since 2007, Ive chaired Budget & Finance
twice and was Vice-chair once giving me expertise
essential in the important funding formula matters. As
Audit chairman, I initiated performance-oriented au-
dits on faculty workload and on space and facilities
utilization to assure taxpayers money is spent wisely.
Ive chaired two presidential performance review com-
mittees. On Investment & Major Projects, Ive led the
way toward modern investment management so our
funds get high returns via low fees while keeping our
money safe. I served in the Nevada Assembly in
2002-04 and in various other positions. Ive been a
founder, executive or board member for six business-
es and numerous charitable, public-interest and pro-
fessional groups, including Kiwanis and CASA. I
taught for FISH; in 2003-06, I taught Economics at
WNC. Education has been very good to me, and I
want to continue as Regent to serve Nevadas stu-
dents from career and technical education through
traditional undergraduate, graduate and professional
For two years, Ive led successful fights to save all
community college campuses and Cooperative Exten-
sion opposing legislators, regents and others who
use our small towns and rural areas as pawns in
north/south battles. This battle will continue as legis-
lators adopt a new funding formula, a matter in which
Ill remain very active.
I opposed the recent 8 percent fee (tuition) hikes and
pledge to oppose future increases. As a legislator in
2003, I helped stop the proposed Gross Receipts Tax.
We dont need tuition/fee hikes or tax increases; we
need fairer allocation of resources in the state budget
and better cost management in higher education and
all public spending. My highest public-service priority
has been to tell the public truths that politicians, bu-
reaucrats and subsidy recipients dont want revealed
e.g., that state spending has grown much faster
than incomes of Nevada families and businesses.
One key to saving higher education opportunity in our
small towns and rural areas while avoiding tax and tu-
ition increases is to rein in parts of state spending
that have grown fastest. I will continue to lead anoth-
er area that is key to saving small-town and rural
higher education. That is the new instruction and de-
livery modes, including distance education; open-
source on-line learning platforms; massive on-line
open courses (MOOCs); sharing of courses, content
and instruction with other colleges; student-paced
learning; etc. We need to aggressively embrace these
changes, because our public, private, for-profit and
non-profit competitors are already doing so. If we do
not embrace them, those competitors will steal our
student bodies and thereby drain our revenue
streams and institutional futures. NSHE must become
an entrepreneurial start-up, not another lumbering
state bureaucracy.
This does not mean we will forsake traditional resi-
dential career and technical education, nor dilute our
undergrad, graduate and professional offerings. We
must continue to improve quality -- especially via
more rigorous undergrad core courses and increased
openness, transparency and accountability as we di-
versify our offerings to include the whole range of in-
struction and delivery methods.
Michon Mackedon
Place of Residence: Fallon
Occupation: Professor Emeri-
tus, Western Nevada College,
Contact information:
I graduated from the University of Nevada
with a B.A. in history and an M.A. in English
and have spent my career in college teaching
and public service. I taught at Western
Nevada College, Fallon Campus, for 28 years,
managing the Division of Communication and
Fine Arts for 6 years. I have also served on
statewide commissions, including the Nevada
Commission on Nuclear Projects and Nevada
Humanities. I am the author of Bombast:
Spinning Atoms in the Desert. My back-
ground in education has fostered my under-
standing of the missions and goals of higher
education across Nevada, and, in particular,
has furthered my understanding of and advo-
cacy for rural community colleges. My service
on statewide commissions has strengthened
my capacity to work well with citizens from all
corners of Nevada, to listen to testimony and
data, to think clearly and critically, and to work
effectively to achieve the goals I believe in.
The two most important issues are stabilizing
budgets and adequately funding rural commu-
nity colleges.
The Chancellors office has proposed a new
funding formula for higher education. The
formula, if adopted, should bring more stabili-
ty to college and university budget planning
and implementation. However, in the form it
has been presented, the effect on rural com-
munity colleges would be devastating.
To resolve the potential impact on the rural
community colleges, the regents and the Leg-
islature must find ways to ameliorate the ef-
fect of the funding formula on rural communi-
ty colleges. One thought is to reactivate a
rural funding factor, which (in the past) was
implemented by the Legislature in acknowl-
edgement of the idea that delivering higher
education to rural areas was essential to the
health of the state and to furthering the com-
munity college mission. A rural factor or
some other funding adjustment, perhaps to
proposed funding matrix itself, will have to be
part of the funding proposal if rural communi-
ty colleges are to survive.
A related issue is budget cuts to Cooperative
Extension. I view the combination of future
cuts to rural community colleges and cuts to
Cooperative Extension, as changing the edu-
cational landscape of Nevada. We will have
two major centers for education (in Reno and
Las Vegas) and not much in between.
I was involved in the early movement (1960s
and 70s) to establish community colleges in
the state. A great deal of thought was given
at the time to the unique geography of Neva-
da and to the challenges of serving students
living outside the two major urban areas.
Thought was also given to the essential role
of community colleges in providing remedia-
tion to students not prepared for the rigors of
higher education and in providing vocational
and technical training for specific community-
based enterprises.
We cannot allow the successes of our rural
colleges they have built campuses and es-
tablished centers in rural Nevada and have
educated and trained thousands of rural
Nevadans to collapse overnight.
University Board of Regents
Russell Best
Party Affiliation: Independent
American Party
Place of Residence: Carson City
Occupation:Disabled Veteran
Contact information:
I went to storekeepers school and was successful in the finan-
cial management duties assigned to me in addition to train-
ing. My military career ended prematurely when I was honor-
ably discharged for medical reasons. After leaving the military I
went on to graduate from Moorpark College and worked for
companies like Gulf Oil, Taco Bell Company and Meritor Mort-
gage. Afterwards owning a few small businesses I became a
mortgage banker and broker and owner of an independent
mortgage company which brought me to Northern Nevada. I
went on to become a property developer helping bring jobs
and homes to the state.
With my interest in real estate in Nevada I became an unpaid
lobbyist in banking laws and real estate. I hoped to stop not
only unlawful and unethical practices by large corporations but
also look out for the independent businessman. After some
years concentrating on business, upon seeing the state of af-
fairs in my state and country, I felt that the only way to help
was to run for Congress. I feel with this knowledge and experi-
ence I can help get the country back on track and return us to
the great nation we deserve to be.
1. I would make all employers use E-Verify, then anyone
caught not verifying their employees would be fined
$10,000.00 per violation of the law. The third time caught they
would be put in jail for one year. This would immediately create
jobs. The money collected would be used in the state to bal-
ance the budget.
2. I would like to see a smelting plant and refinery put in to
stop the minerals like gold ,silver, platinum from leaving the
country and the state not getting its share in taxes. Right now
the mines ship raw minerals out of the country to Canada and
China and we use a guesstimate to tax it. With the smelting
plant it would create jobs and we would know how much tax
to collect for every mineral in the rocks. By adding a refinery it
also would create jobs for the oil shale in Nevada to be
processed here, and this would cut gasoline prices out here.
Now take it one step further and take a percentage like Alaska
does and give it back to the citizens of Nevada.
Repeal Obama care. It as is a sham and the biggest tax in-
crease that we cant afford. I believe its also unconstitutional.
First, make all health care providers meet certain requirements
uniform in all 50 states to do business in the U.S. This allows
for choice of company, price and portability in any State.
Samuel Koepnick
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Place of Residence: Carson City
Occupation: IT Professional
(Server Administrator)
Contact information:
I was born in Reno in 1981, I was raised in Fernley, and did
my undergraduate work at UNR. I studied archaeology at
Texas A&M and moved back to Nevada after finishing work
on a masters degree. I have no background in law, and I
have no background in politics. I am simply a citizen of Neva-
da that still has the audacity to believe that our best times
are still ahead of us. I believe in equal freedom to informa-
tion, and equal freedom to education. Lastly, I believe that
Nevada has the tools necessary to redefine who we are, and
to become a technological leader for our nation.
The first issue that needs a prompt resolution is a balanced
budget. If average Americans ran their financial lives in the
same way that our federal government does, theyd still be
doing time. We are going to have to make some uncomfort-
able cuts to programs once thought inviolate. I would like to
see funding for national defense scaled back. There is no
need for the United States to be the worlds police force. We
are mortgaging our future in order to finance a pair of com-
pletely unnecessary wars.
The second issue that needs working out is the current cul-
ture of fear that is pervading our national consciousness.
Fear is what convinces our representatives to give billions of
dollars to fund security theater in our airports that terrorizes
people far more than any terrorist that theyve actually
caught. Fear is what convinces us to give up the very liber-
ties and values that define us as a nation, in order to thwart
an enemy whose main goal is to get us to cower in anticipa-
tion of the next attack. I want to go back to being a proud,
fearless nation. One willing to stand up for our principles of
liberty, and freedom of speech. There is an entrenched bu-
reaucracy standing in our way, but the louder our voices get,
the more fearful they will become.
I feel that healthcare is becoming an increasingly divisive
topic in this country. The hallmark of a great country is not
how we treat our wealthy and powerful, but how we treat our
poor and downtrodden. Im happy that we have joined the
ranks of other first-world nations and have implemented the
first step into providing basic medical needs for those who
need it most. I would like to work across the aisle (and within
my own party) to rework the Affordable Care Act so that it is
more acceptable to all parties. We have to have stability in
our healthcare system, the constant fear of change and the
possibility that the new law may be struck down is not going
to help matters.
www.recordcourier.com | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | Page 15
County Commissioner
Paid for by Penzel for Commissioner
Mark Amodei
Party Affiliation: Republican
Place of Residence: Carson City
Occupation: U.S Representative
Contact information:
The perspectives gained as a lifetime resident of our State are helpful in
understanding and seeking solutions to the issues Nevada faces. Raising
a family, attending our public schools, earning a living working in and with
Nevada businesses, and serving our region as an elected official, all pro-
vide an appreciation for the need to consider a multitude of factors and to
involve all stakeholders in generating solutions for our State and our
1. Jobs and Energy: These are interconnected issues. Our nation and
our state are vitally impacted by energy issues. We can achieve energy in-
dependence. To do so, we must stop recent practices of picking political
winners and losers in energy production. I believe that it is possible to re-
spect nature and our environment while responsibly producing and using a
myriad of natural resources. Clean coal, natural gas, oil, renewables and
other energy sources are legitimate aspects of powering our economy.
And with a healthy vibrant energy sector, jobs nationally and in Nevada are
enhanced. Energy exploration and production throughout America should
be one of the key aspects in producing jobs and making Nevadas key in-
dustries like hospitality/resort, minerals, manufacturing, warehousing/dis-
tribution and technology ones which are once again growing. I will contin-
ue supporting efforts to support responsible energy exploration and pro-
duction, and living wage job industries in our right-to-work state.
2. Health Care - Middle Class? Veterans? Seniors? Baby Boomers? No
matter what your station in life, access to affordable health care is a ne-
cessity. The reform of our nations healthcare industry affects all Ameri-
cans. The need to revisit the Affordable Health Care Act is a necessity. Im-
pacts on employers and employees, as well as retirees, are negative. Keep
in mind that as our population continues to age, approximately 20 percent
of our economy will be attributable to the health care industry. I do not
believe that Washington D.C. should administer health care in our country
or have direct operational control over a fifth of our economy. Reforms
over insurance and other cost-related issues affecting everyones access
to and cost of health care are urgently needed. Some items in the pres-
ent law are good. However, to fully implement the present system will
have significant negative impacts on individuals, employers, seniors, mid-
dle-class members, and ultimately accomplish only putting the federal gov-
ernment in control while restricting access, interfering with doctor-patient
relationships, and increasing costs.
Well, hopefully all members of Congress are capable of working issues
based on the best policy as opposed to seeking political position or ad-
vantage. We have had too much political sportsmanship and too little
work on the issues based on getting the policy right! It is ironic in my view
that our major issues, budget, debt, health care, energy, foreign policy, So-
cial Security, defense, are not partisan in a factual context.
Candidates for Representative in U.S. Congress
Page 16 | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | www.recordcourier.com
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Shelley Berkley
Party: Democrat
Place of residence: Las Vegas
Congresswoman in the United
States House of Representatives
Age: 61
Contact information:
(702) 483-9014
Political Experience: Representative, U.S. House
of Representatives,1999-present
Representative, Nevada State Assembly, 1982-
Professional Experience:
Regent and Vice Chair, University and Community
College System of Nevada Board of Regents,
JD, University of San Diego School of Law, 1976
BA, Political Science, University of Nevada Las
Vegas, 1973
Silver Star Award, Southern Nevada Wellness Coun-
cil, 2001
Educational Pioneer Award, UNLV Center for Acade-
Enrichment & Outreach, 2006
Livable Community Award, American Institute of Ar-
chitects of Nevada, 2007
William U. Pearson Award, Las Vegas Clark County
Urban League, 2007
Outstanding Environmental Leadership in the U.S.
House of Representatives, Environment Nevada,
Health Care Leadership Award, American Optomet-
ric Association, 2009
Meritorious and Distinguished Service Award, Vet-
erans of Foreign Wars, 2009
Outstanding Advocate for Health Care Service for
Children & Seniors, Seniors United, 2009
Cordell E. Stokes Humanitarian Award, Positively
Kids, 2009
Woman of the Year, SCA Democrats, 2011 Distin-
guished Community Health Defender Award, Na-
tional Association of Community Health Centers,
Inc, 2011
Pericles Award, American Hellenic Council, 2012
My family came to Nevada nearly 50 years ago in
search of a better life. My father found a job as a
waiter and on a waiter's salary, he put food on our
table, a roof over our heads and helped put two
daughters through college.
These are the same opportunities that Nevadas
middle-class families seek today. Unfortunately,
thats a tough challenge for too many Nevadans
today who are struggling with record unemploy-
ment and high foreclosure rates.
I am running for Senate because Nevada needs
leaders in Washington who will put middle class
families first. We need leaders who will make job
creation our top priority.
However, in order to get our economy back on
track we must help small businesses create jobs,
invest in clean energy projects that will create jobs
here at home, and end taxpayer giveaways to com-
panies that send American jobs overseas.
Unfortunately, instead of focusing on creating jobs,
Washington politicians are standing up for Big Oil
and Wall Street corporations. Instead of siding with
Nevada seniors, they are working to end Medicare
as we know it by turning it over to private insur-
ance companies. These priorities are upside down.
We have a lot of work to do to get our economy
back on track and help Nevada's middle class grow
and prosper once again. However, the only way
were going to achieve this is for our representa-
tives in Washington to get it straight who they are
supposed to be fighting for. Im running for the
United State Senate to put Nevadas middle-class
Dean Heller
Party: Republican
Residence: Carson City
Age: 52
Contact Information:
Heller for Senate
Las Vegas Office:
PO Box 371907
Las Vegas, NV 89137
Reno Office:
PO Box 7237
Reno, NV 89510
Record of Service:
Member of the United States Senate: May
2011 present
Member of the United States House of Rep-
resentatives for Nevadas Second District:
Elected to three terms (2006, 2008, 2010)
Nevada Secretary of State: Elected to three
terms (1994, 1998, 2002)
Nevada State Assembly (Carson City): Elect-
ed to two terms (1991-1994)
Chief Deputy State Treasurer, State of Neva-
da Education:
University of Southern California, 1985
Bachelors degree in Business Administra-
tion, specializing in finance and securities
Founding Board Member, Boys and Girls Club
of Western Nevada
West Region Vice President, National Associ-
ation of Secretaries of State
Advisory Board Member, Nevada's Foster
Grandparent Program
Member, Western Nevada Community College
I was raised in Carson City along with my five
brothers and sisters. Growing up, I worked in
my dads transmission and engine repair
shop. While working there, I saw firsthand
how government impacted a small business.
Smaller government, reasonable regulations,
lower taxes and less government spending
are the key to empowering Nevada families
and businesses and ultimately growing our
economy. Government in Washington has be-
come bloated and controlling. Trillions in new
spending, but yet nearly 170,000 Nevadans
are still unemployed. New regulations and
more government agencies are not helping
Nevadans grow their businesses.
I will continue to push for common-sense
policies that make a difference here at home.
First, put a stop to Washingtons bailout cul-
I opposed sending Nevadans tax dollars to
Wall Street and Detroit and continue to sup-
port the repeal of ObamaCare.
As so many Nevadans fight foreclosure, Ive
introduced legislation to help families stay in
foreclosed homes and protect property val-
ues. Government should close tax loopholes
for oil companies and pass savings directly
to consumers. Finally, we must care for our
veterans, which is why I supported bipartisan
legislation to help create job opportunities
for veterans.
Now more than ever, Nevada needs Con-
gress to come together to find reasonable
solutions that work for our state and for our
country. As your Senator, I will continue to
navigate a path forward to help make Wash-
ington work for the people it was elected to
Candidates for U.S. Senate