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Our Certification Process We submit the proposal for certification working on our understanding of the business process of every client and the gathered client information. The entire certification process includes three main steps: Contract finalization and agreement Review management system documents for adequacy to relevant standard. Conduct management system audit as per applicable standards. We follow the following procedures for carrying out quality certifications: Sequence of Audit & Certification Process Decision making on ISO 9001 : 2008 requirement Analyzing your organization for ISO certification Planning for quality manuals, documented procedure & ISO 9001 implementation To Be Done By Organization Discussion between your Organization & KVQA Organization or Consultant.

Periodic review on preparation for ISO 9001, Action & Organization Follow up Satisfactory preparation for ISO Audit Fixing up of dates for Audit Auditing for adequacy of documents Conducting on site audit at your premises Organization Organization Organization KVQA


Phase 1: Audit preparation The decision as to whether it is appropriate to perform a certification audit at the Customers is based either on the evaluation of the questionnaire or on the result of the pre-audit. Phase 2: Evaluation of the quality/environmental/occupational health & safety/ food safety/ information security documents- Stage 1 Of ISO 17021 For Most Management system this audit shall be onsite. The documents supplied by the Customer Manual, procedures, instructions are evaluated Phase 3: Implementation of the certification audit Stage 2 Certification audit. The certification audit is broken down into the stages of audit planning, audit performance, documentation of audit results and, if necessary, re-audit. when conducting the audit is intended for the preparation and implementation of the audit and can be used as an aid by the Lead Auditor.

The audit is performed in accordance with the provisions of ISO 19011-2002. Phase 4: Recommendation and Issue of Certificate The certification procedure is reviewed by the head of KVQA For this purpose the lead auditor submits the following records. In the case of a positive audit, the Certification Committee of KVQA releases the report of audit result and the certificates. The certification comities shall comprise of chairman, verification auditor and relevant experts(who have relevant knowledge sector and standard specific). Surveillance audit Within the validity of the certificate (3 years), surveillance audits are performed minimum once a year. Date of the first surveillance audit shall not exceed 12 months from the last date of stage 2 certification Audit. On the basis of the date of the document, 3months are permissible (other than 1stsurveillance audit) as the period for the surveillance audits. Any postponements beyond this are subject to the written approval of the head of Certification of KVQA. The surveillance audits are normally performed by an auditor who audited in the certification audit or a auditor with the scope or a Lead Auditor Before the surveillance audit, the auditor is given the manual and, where relevant, the other applicable documents. He does not conduct a complete review of documents, however. He concentrates on the amended documents. The activities include inquiries from certification body to the certified client, reviewing client statement, list its operation, promotional material and website , request to the client to provide documents and records and other means of monitoring the certified clients

Recertification When the validity of the certificate expires after three years, reassessment is conducted. The scope of the reassessment corresponds to that of the certification audit (initial) and should concentrate on the corrective actions taken. All elements othe standard are audited. Only the effort involved in reviewing the document is less than in the certification audit (initial). The date for the reassessment shall be before the expiry date given in the certificate. The recertification audit shall not exceed three years from the date of decision of the previous certification audit. The recertification audit covers the performance of the management system over the previous certification cycle and include the review of surveillance report. The client can directly go to stage 2 audit except for the situation where there has been significant change in the management system, client of the context in which the management system is operating. The

case of multisite shall be as applicable of a certification audit. The reporting of a recertification audit shall be same as the certification audit. The corrective actions shall be submitted prior to expiry of the certificate.

Extension audit Should the scope of the existing certification be extended, the extension may be included by means of an extension audit. The extension audit may be performed in context of a surveillance audit, re-audit or on a separate date as agreed. The extension audit includes -change in the verification level (standards)] -change in the scope, Change in address or name Some major complaint about the certified client

The documents for the extended area are reviewed by the auditor/audit team and the elements relevant to the extension audited. As with the certification audit (initial), the report of audit result, audit checklist shall be documented and dealt by the lead auditor.

Special surveillance audit KVQA at regular intervals demands the following documents on the basis of the reference list in order to review the procedure with respect to content and compliance with stipulated procedures. - report of audit result - copies of certificates The KVQA will provide it basically with the complete procedures, for example, certification and, where relevant, surveillance audits Suspending, withdrawing or reducing scope The certificate can be suspended or withdrawn if Client requests for the same and the Scope can be reduced to exclude the parts not meeting the requirements In case of misuse of certificates, procedure shall be: KVQA monitors the use of certificates issued by it within the scope of its

supervisory audits and by means of "market observations" In the case of "market observation" (passive supervision), KVQA reacts to complaints raised by third parties against certified enterprises. The use of certificates is specified in the contract regarding certification and right of utilization of the KVQA symbol, which the clients are required to follow and is verified in surveillance audits. Where impermissible use or unauthorized amendment to certificates and/or misleading use of certificates for advertising purposes are detected by KVQA, head of certification KVQA initiates suitable action which, depending on type and severity, may include: -Written notification to the certification holder, A formal warning -Public disclosure of the misuse or Revocation of the certificate Reasons for withdrawal or cancellation KVQA is authorized to suspend or withdraw any certificates issued if the certificates have been misused. KVQA has the right to cancel any certificates issued if -Supervision indicates that significant preconditions, which existed at the time of issue of the certificate, are no longer applicable. -Supervision cannot be performed for reasons for which the clients are responsible. -The fees are not paid within the set period after reminder -The client has gone to bankruptcy. -The continued use of the certificates in view of its informational value on market is no longer reasonable, due to circumstance, which were not clearly apparent at time of audit.

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