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Neonatal period: Day 0 to Day 2: Start of attachment to mother Day 0 to 15: tactile orientation, reflecting the positive digging

(to suck), reflecting positive labial, Day 0 to Day 5: flexion phase (predominantly flexor muscles), Day 5 to 18: extension phase (predominance of the extensor muscles), Day 18 and beyond: normotonia phase (normal tone) Day 0 to day 21-28: peri-anal reflex positive. Transition period Day 10 and Day 16: open your eyes, Day 16 and Day 21: initiating complex vocalizations, Day 20 to day 25: visual orientation, Day 15 and Day 18: motor autonomy. Socialization period INGLES feed As bad as living too well, is to give just flesh and bones. The digestive system of a dog is a carnivore. However, living with humans has been adapted to a much more varied diet, and now need more than just meat. Between days 21 and 25: positive startle reflex, functional hearing, Day 21 to day 90-120: mark (strong sense of social belonging to the mother), Day 28: move the tail in pleasant situations, Day 30 to 35: the beginning of the acquisition of the inhibited bite, Day 40 and 45: sniffing for their droppings site preceding from 3 months to a year: detachment from males. ALUMNA: BLANCA AURORA NAJERA SANTIS SECUNDARIA TECNICA No. 54 SOYATITAN, CHIAPAS A 14 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2011


The dog is one of the oldest domestic animals in the world and man's best friend. Domestication began when he was a wild relative of today's wolves, there is archaeological evidence that confirms its existence as a pet. All species refers to the domestic breed (Canis familiaris), although some scientists argue that the dog is a subspecies of wolf, Canis lupus familiaris. refresh .


2. The first two weeks At birth, the vestibular system is already operating for ten days, the internal temperature regulation is not yet developed, but the kitten is able to speak to his mother termotactismo. The smell is already present, allowing the kitten to locate the breast. The auditory system is barely developed. Open your eyes to the 7 th day - 10 th day after birth, with extremes from 2 nd to 16 th day. The two eyelids open very often difference of 2 to 3 days. 3. From 2 to 5 weeks It is the great period of maturation of the sensory system and the most notable is the fourth week of the onset of weaning and the emergence of social games. The smell is present at birth, reaches maturity at three weeks old. The ear, extremely rudimentary at birth, develops rapidly so that the orientation of the sound stimuli kitten from 15 -17 days. At four weeks can be considered well established. The view is perfect and allows the kitten quickly locate his mother from the second week. Very quickly it is able to avoid obstacles and visual maturation ends at the end of the fifth week, to clarify the ocular half.

Horse feed There are different rules for proper feeding of the horse: Feed in small quantities and often Their digestion is adapted to eat a leisurely, their stomachs are small, but their intestines are wide allowing them to store food in the digestive process. When you eat, food passes into the intestines to the stomach have filled twothirds (when you have a better performance), continues to go as fast as it is taken by mouth. When the horse performs some type of work is important to eat their staple food such as hay or grass, full meals and food palatable reduced or concentrated, if large, distended stomach, causing an imbalance natural indigestion or colic This can be very painful and high risk if not treated properly.

Sensory-motor development of the kitten The behavioral development of an animal is obviously a function of the sense organs and nervous system locomotive. Also worth remembering is not the major stages in direct relation to the subject of our study. 1. gestation It lasts for 63 days on average. The tactile sensitivity occurs very early in embryonic life, at 21 days as Beaver. This observation is of great practical importance: it is logical that early handling of the pregnant mother further improve the tolerance of the kittens. We will see its importance for socialization with humans.