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To all academic members of staff Communication about the distribution of answer scripts and the capture of examination marks

for October/November 2012 1. EXAMINATION PERIOD The October/November 2012 examination period will commence on 15 October 2012 and will conclude on 23 November 2012. The final due date for the completion of the examination marks capturing process is 12 December 2012. This document is a reminder of the procedures which are in place for the distribution and capturing of examination marks for the October/November 2012 examination period.

PROCEDURE 2. DISTRIBUTION OF EXAMINATION ANSWER SCRIPTS 2.1 The examination answer scripts will be delivered to academic departments on both the Florida and Muckleneuk Campuses by the Examinations Administration Division of the Directorate Student Assessment Administration (DSAA). The Examination Administration Division (EAD) will ensure that examination answer scripts are delivered to academic departments immediately after being received from the examination venue. Examination Administration Division Counter: Academic staff are requested not to deliver marked examination scripts to the EAD Counter. Instead, please arrange for all examination scripts to be collected from your department. Please instruct external markers to return marked examination scripts to the academic department concerned. Please ensure that scripts are kept in the same batches (with the matching printed list) and have been counted before arranging for collection. Marking of examination scripts: Academic staff are reminded that all examination scripts are to be marked using a red pen only. NO examination scripts are to be marked using a pencil. Moderators may use a green pen. Staff are also reminded to complete the cover of all marked examination scripts in full. Please add all marks allocated per question and write the final result in the space provided. You are requested to duly inform all external markers of the above information. Script requests: Lecturers requesting examination scripts will be required to present their staff card to EAD staff to verify that they are the responsible lecturer for the script/module. No examination scripts will be provided without authenticating the abovementioned information.



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The following managers and supervisors are responsible for the colleges:
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences College of Science, Engineering and Technology Block F, first floor, Florida Campus Ms N Govender Manager 011 471 3562 Ms PT Mokoena Supervisor 011 471 3668 College of Law Room 2-44, OR Tambo Building, Muckleneuk Campus College of Economic and Management Sciences Room 2-44, OR Tambo Building, Muckleneuk Campus College of Human Sciences and the College of Education Room 2-44, OR Tambo Building, Muckleneuk Campus

Mr R Modiga Manager 012 429 2724 Mrs Z de Villiers Supervisor 012 429 3784 Mr L Kelepetsweng Supervisor 012 429 2973

Mr FG Prinsloo Manager 012 429 2831 Mr N Ledwaba Supervisor 012 429 8685 Mr M Selokela Supervisor 012 429 2992

Mr GG Isaacs Manager 012 429 2380 Ms C Botha Supervisor 012 429 6130 Mrs M Moloisane Supervisor 012 429 6090

NB: Only examination answer scripts for colleges/schools/departments where lecturers responsible for the scripts are based on the Florida Campus will be available on the Florida Campus. The number of scripts expected per College is as follows:
Florida Campus CAES CSET 31 450 115 539 Muckleneuk Campus CEMS CHS CLAW CEDU GRADSTU TOTAL 146 989 TOTAL 434 963 229 330 143 423 208 643 135 1 016 494

The grand total of admissions to the October/November 2012 examination is 1 016 494. This figure also reflects the total number of results expected. NOTE: These figures are dynamic and are influenced by late admission and late examination centre amendments. 2.3 The examination answer scripts provided must be reconciled with a printed list and the person receiving the examination answer scripts must sign for receipt thereof. Please complete the printed list and distribution list in full. Your cooperation in this regard is important. NB: See attached the form entitled "Delivery of examination scripts for marking".

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"Maintain Staff" is a function on myUnisa where academic departments can link individuals with valid staff numbers to modules in various roles (lecturers, markers, examiners, tutors, etc). Personal information, such as physical addresses, is maintained on Oracle HR for permanent staff and on the claim system (temporary staff/taxemp system) for contract staff. "Maintain Staff" is not a Human Resources system where biographical detail is maintained. The statistics of received and outstanding scripts per examination centre are available online to view or print on myUnisa course admin (exam script stats). NB: Statistics are also available on the XMO Programme under "Reports" and these may be accessed by all individuals who have access to the XMO Programme. These statistics are current at all times.



RETURN OF MARKED EXAMINATION SCRIPTS TO THE EXAMINATION ADMINISTRATION DIVISION 3.1 Academic departments must ensure that marked answer scripts are returned to the Directorate Student Assessment Administration on a continuous basis as the marking is completed. This will ensure that the mark capturing process remains current. NB: Please do not wait until all the scripts have been marked before returning scripts. Academic departments must please notify the Examination Administration Division (DSAA) immediately when examination scripts are available for collection. An officer from the Examination Administration Division will collect the examination scripts. Please do not deliver these to the Examination Administration Division Counter.


External markers must contact SKYNET Worldwide Couriers (012 429 2981/2963) to arrange for the collection of their marked examination answer scripts for return to the Directorate: Student Assessment Administration. MARKED EXAMINATION ANSWER SCRIPTS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE EXAMINATIONS ADMINISTRATION DIVISION WITHIN 10 CALENDAR DAYS AFTER DELIVERY.



DSAA will collect all marked answer scripts as soon as they are available. Contact details to arrange for collections are outlined in item 2.3.

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The following due dates apply to this process and your adherence to the due dates is critical for the success of the process.
15 October 2012 28 September 2012 23 November 2012 14 November 2012 10 December 2012 12 December 2012 (11:00) 6 December 2012 (tentative) 14 December 2012

Examinations commence Confirm capture of examination results to EAD Examinations conclude Staggered release of examination results commence Final submission of marks for capture to EAD Completion of mark capturing PVC mark sign-off meeting Official release of examination results

IMPORTANT NOTICE 5. CAPTURING OF EXAMINATION RESULTS The Examinations Administration Division (EAD) will capture all examination results. Academic departments which wish to capture their own results had to apply in writing to the Deputy Director: Examinations Administration Division by 28 September 2012. If no written application was received, your access to XMO will be changed to a "view only" function. MARK COMPOSITION FORM The due date for the submission of final mark composition forms was 28 September 2012. Forms not yet submitted must reach the EAD before 19 October 2012. This will permit the Examination Administration Division to capture the information on the XMO system in preparation for the capture of the marks from the marked scripts. NB: See attached form entitled "Final Mark Composition". VERIFICATION OF EXAMINATION MARKS The verification of all examination marks will be done by the Examination Administration Division (DSAA). This function will not be delegated and must be completed for the uploading of the marks to be implemented. The rule is that all examination scripts received, must be marked, the marks loaded and the marks verified before the module can be uploaded for sign-off by the three levels of sign-off in the academic department.



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