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Show & Tell Rabbit

What You Will Need: 2 Fat Quarters (I used 3 for an additional coordinating fabric, but you only need to 2 for the pattern pieces) Rabbit Pattern found HERE Coordinating Thread Stuffing Lets Get Cutting: Cut all pattern pieces as directed Lets Get Sewing: For all of my seam allowances, I used anywhere from to for this project. I know, very small. But I wanted to be sure to cut down on gathering / bulk fabric when sewing the curves. Adjust seam allowances as you see fit. Furthermore, I presses every seam after sewing. Taking 2 of the body of the bunny pieces, sew the belly into the curve of each piece (right sides together of course). See Photo:

Repeat for the other 2 bunny pieces with the back curve. Take the 4 bunny paws and sew them onto all 4 arms of the bunny. See Photo:

Now we are going to take the bunnys chin, and as we did with the tummy and back, we are going to sew the chin along the curved edge of the bunnys head. See Photo:

Taking 2 of the ears and placing them right sides together, sew along outer edge, leaving bottom open. Repeat for other ear. Turn right side out. See Photo:

Take this time to sew on the eyes, I used a darker thread and did a few back and forth numbers with my machine. I had a weird decorative stitch on my machine that was able to do this for me. Dont have one and dont feel comfortable with your free hand? Substitute buttons for eyes! Be sure to put them in the same spot on both sides of the head! Lol Now, with rights sides together, sew the front of the face together, stopping at the position of your eyes. Sew on the nose using the same technique. (Once again, feel free to substitute a button here). Being sure to close the triangle ears opening, overlapping the top by approximately , sew the rest of the head closed, leaving neck open. Back and forth stitch the triangle area to secure. See Photo:

Stuff ears with cotton til desired fullness (I wanted floppy ears, so used little stuffing). And place inside head so that raw edges are sticking out of ear opening and ear. See Photo:

Sew a straight line across the top, starting from one side of the ear, to the other side. Turn head right side out. With right sides together, sew the front belly pieces together along the curve. See Photo:

Sew back piece together up the middle, LEAVING a 3 opening along the bottom edge, but continuing to sew down the belly. See Photo:

(My opening in the photo was too small, so I had to undo a few stitches - woops!) With right sides together, sew front of bunny to back of bunny, leaving the neck OPEN. See Photo:

Tuck head inside of bunny body through neck, being sure the bunnys face, is facing the same side as the belly. Match raw edges of head and neck and pin together. Sew around the circle (do not sew closed in a straight line!). Sew around the circle. See Photo:

Turn bunny right side out through opening hole in bunny back. It helps to grab the ears out first. To help get all of the legs and arms out, I used a knitting needle, sticking it inside the hole. You should now have this:

Stuff the animal through the back opening with your filler. Once the animal is stuffed, You will have this:

We are going to take the circle tail, and gather stitch around the outside edge. Pull gathering stitches together, leaving a 1 opening, and stuff. See Photo:

Tuck bunny inside opening, tucking in all raw edges, and whip stitch closed. Voila! Add any accessory you like :)