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Name: Eamon J.


Age: 47 (10/27/1964) Political party: Non-Partisan Position sought: City of Keizer City Councilor / Position 3 I plan to attend the editorial board meeting scheduled for: October 12, 2012 / 11:00A Number of years living in the area you seek to represent: 11 years Do you affirm that you are a full-time resident of that area? I do City of residence: Keizer / Marion County / Oregon Family: Wife: Children at home: Peggy Bishop Four (4) / Ages 17, 14, 10, 9

Children at university: One (1) / Age 21 Education: Marist Catholic High School, Eugene Oregon Lane Community College, Eugene Oregon Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, Salem Oregon University of Phoenix, Tigard Oregon Current occupation and employer: Retired Military service: None Employment history: Police Officer / City of Springfield Police Department, Springfield Oregon Firefighter/EMT /City of Springfield Department of Fire and Life Safety

Police Commander and Acting Chief of Police / City of Sherwood Police Department Community involvement/volunteer history: Reserve Police Officer / Springfield Police Department / Springfield Oregon Firefighter/EMT/Lieutenant / McKenzie Rural Volunteer Fire Department/ Walterville Oregon Kiwanis Service Club / Sherwood Oregon Knights of Columbus / St Edward Catholic Church / Keizer Oregon Springfield Police Department Explorer Scouts (Leader)/ Springfield Oregon Pastoral Council / St Edward Church / Keizer Oregon City of Keizer Traffic Safety Commission / Keizer Oregon Please list all public offices to which youve been elected, and when: None Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when: None

Other prior political and government experience: Political: None Police Department Commander / Sherwood Oregon Acting Chief of Police / Sherwood Oregon Board of Commissioners -Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) / Beaverton Oregon Advisory Committee / WCCCA / Beaverton Oregon Government: City Council Representative / Sherwood Oregon

How much your general election campaign will cost: < $400. I do not approve of the practice of campaign contributions at the State or Federal levels, so it would be hypocritical to employ outside funding at the Municipal level. Did one of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln, resort to campaign fund raising activities? I found that he did, to the tune of some $15K, about $184K in todays money (or $17 Canadian), but that still does not make it right

in my eyes. Lawn signs are expensive, and while signs, get your name out there, they do not convey anything of substance regarding the candidate. I intend to fill this campaign advertising gap via word of mouth (public and private speaking engagements) and with a lot of legwork. Key endorsements you have received: None There are compelling reasons to be leery of a candidate with a large number of endorsements, and there are compelling reasons to be receptive to a candidate with no endorsements or only a few endorsements. This is because a candidate who is heavily endorsed has probably sold his/ her soul to those who endorsed his/her candidacy, and, as a result, is probably heavily compromised. A heavily endorsed candidate is under extreme pressure to vote consistent with formal or informal commitments made to those who endorsed the candidate, leading to a lesser concern for the wants of the constituency. -Peter Mancus California Assembly District 10 I continue to strive to function as a statesman.

How the public can reach your campaign: Mail address: 2434 Hassell Ct NE Keizer OR 97303 E-mail address: Web site URL: Phone: Fax: (503) 302-8041 (daily 7A-9P) (503) 463-8844

Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words but be specific.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details. No / N/A

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major accounts, or been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details. Sued professionally 1994 / 9th Circuit Court Federal / (Jointly) as a member of a Eugene Police/Springfield Police arrest entry team / Unlawful Search and Seizure

Why should people vote for you? What separates you from your opponent(s)? Irrespective of my career focus of providing public service, my greater experience in direct government involvement (vs. functioning as a government board volunteer), my proven skill in municipal government administration (budgeting, personnel management, longrange planning and labor law), I have one thing the other candidates do not. That is my promise to fulfill all tenets of my campaign platform or voluntarily resign from office if I cannot.

4. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected? How? (75 words for each issue) Elimination of public sentiment that the City Council does not work for them. A chasm exists between the City and the Council due to perceptions that most Council members are arrogant, discourteous, clique-oriented, uncommunicative and too willing to take (unpopular) action on their accord. To remedy these interpretations I will work to install Dave McKane, Dennis Koho, Ken LeDuc and myself, each the antithesis to these behaviors, to the Council effective January 2013. The requirement that the Keizer City Council not stray from its primary mandate or its assigned bailiwick. I shall garner public support and act in concert with new Council members to rein in and limit Council affairs to fulfillment of the City of Keizer Mission Statement, and to the premise that the purpose of the City Council is to provide citizens with a voice and representation on city administration. Elimination of the belief that, people need to learn to come to public hearings if they have something to say. The Council must move to provide access to, and communication with government in line with current and available technology, recognizing time constraints of families and individuals in contemporary society. The Council needs to make public interaction welcoming and less intimidating- the replacement of staid parliamentary procedure with consensus-based discussion being just one example.

What do you see as other important issues? Keizer faces growing pains and will deal with urban growth, (residential, industrial and traffic) planning, provision of a stable local economy, sensitive incorporation of new populations, provision of basic services at a level that will remain consistent with growth and a plethora of

other issues. The way to successfully manage these issues is to empower the imagination of citizens and the creativity of city hall. This will only occur when 4) a-c (above) is accomplished.

How would you describe your political style or for judicial candidates, your judicial temperament?

My political style is described as calm, civil, professional, communicative, human, warm, compassionate, imaginative, frugal, diplomatic, humble, empathetic, flexible, focused, and intelligent. These attributes are balanced with reason and with inordinate common sense. I have learned that people do not want somebody in office with all of the answers. They want a leader with the resources available to develop the proper answer. If you are not an incumbent, how have you prepared yourself for this position? My life experience has prepared me for this position. Have I memorized contemporary City issues, Council practices and other minutia? I have not, but I have the skill to locate resources that will provide me with all sides of any issue for consideration. I have the intelligence to move quickly into the role of an effective Councilor. I cannot affect the past, but I am prepared to work for the public to improve their future. 8. What is the largest budget you have handled, and in what capacity? $2.3 Million / Municipal Police Department Annual Budget as Commander and as Acting Chief of Police $3 Million / New Police Facility Development and Construction Budget as Commander and as Acting Chief of Police 9. What is the largest number of employees youve supervised, and in what capacity? 25 total (Administrative staff, Patrol and Investigations staff, Police Reserves, Support staff) Commander and Acting Chief of Police 10. Who is your role model for this office the person/people you would most like to emulate? I take the good from diverse role models, adding those positives to my government personality. Examples: Nixon: Clinton: Carter: Churchill: Tried unceasingly to succeed Talent for bonding to citizens Diplomat Statesman/leader

Most recent role model is FBI Agent Neil Welch. Welch confronted FBI Director Hoover and the inefficient, repressive and bureaucratic agency Hoover created. Welchs simple and direct manner diminished bureaucracy, and his ability to focus FBI activity within the Bureaus Mission Statement was exemplary.

11. Any skeletons in your closet or other potentially embarrassing information that you want to disclose before it comes up in the campaign? A person responding no to this question would either be deceitful or a Saint. Few of us go through life without gaining at least a few skeletons. I can tell you that I can open my closet door and no bones will tumble out, and the bones laying at the rear of the closet would not be of embarrassment or discredit to the City of Keizer were they to be revealed. 12. As a public official, your views on public issues are relevant to voters and potential constituents. Please indicate whether you support or oppose each of these statewide measures on the Nov. 6 ballot. Measure 77, catastrophic disaster Measure 78, separation of powers Measure 79, real estate transfer taxes Measure 80, marijuana legalization Measure 81, gillnetting ban Measure 82, allows private casinos Measure 83, authorizes Wood Village casino Measure 84, eliminates inheritance tax Measure 85 shifts corporate kicker to K-12 schools Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes

Thank you. Again, please submit your questionnaire as an attached Word document to no later than 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012.