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39th PRC Anniversary Issue Volume 2 Number 1 January-March 2012
39th PRC Anniversary Issue
Volume 2 Number 1
January-March 2012

A Message from the Executive Coordinator

For the last 39 years with God’s blessings of “Hangin,” the prison care program has slowly but con- sistently blown softly and strongly, then tenderly and fiercely and a lot of other tempos throughout the years, blowing first in Negros Is- land during the Martial Law re- gime up to the restoration of de- mocracy in the country, always centering on the person of Jesus Christ who said—and we heard it and responded to it—“I was in prison and you came to minister to me.” Thus from a struggling prison- care commitment of an outfit of inmates and volunteers called the Provincial Rehabilitation Commis- sion (PRC) it grew in scope from a provincial concern to a wider con- cern of prisoners and ex-prisoners in Mindanao and parts of Luzon and Visayas, metamorphosing itself into the Ecumenical Rehabili- tation Concerns (ERC) joined in by 13 denominations and later

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The Angel Tree comes to prison

and later See page 2 The Angel Tree comes to prison This year, the Provincial Rehabilitation

This year, the Provincial Rehabilitation Commission and Prison Fellowship Interna- tional Pilipinas (PRC-PFIP) brought the Angel Tree activity to the Dumaguete City District Jail (BJMP) and the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center (NODRC) in Decem- ber 22, 2011 and January 6, 2012 during the PRC’s 39th Anniversary celebration. Started by the Prison Fellowship International, the Angel Tree activity has been done in prison ministries globally and now by our local prison care program.

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What’s Inside…

Editorial: The wind blows in again


Schedule of Activities


News Briefs


Special Feature


Rewind: The 1st National Conference




Message…, from page 1





Message…, from page 1 E D I T O R I A L Ang Hangin The

Ang Hangin

The Official Newsletter of the Prison Fellowship International Pilipinas, Inc. (PFIP)


Grace R. Tabada, Alma M. Mangubat, Joel B. Tabada


Ping T. Legaspi, Gg T. Lumayag


Foreign students learn from PFIP

Last January 23 to 25, two inter- national participants to the seminar- workshop on Diaconic Management and Leadership hosted by the Silliman University Divinity School did a brief management intership with the Prison Fellowship International-Pilipinas. Also hosted by the School of Pub- lic Affairs and Governance of Silli- man University in partnership with the United Evangelical Mission and Institute for Diaconic Science and Diaconic Management of the Protes- tant University Wuppertal/Bethel, Germany, the said seminar-workshop sent Tioria Sihombing of North Su- matra, Indonesia and Francis Yao

Garlic for health and wealth

A health convocation for inmates and PRC volunteers with garlic as the main ingredient was held last September 9, 2011 at the multi-purpose hall of the Negros Ori- ental Detention and Rehabilitation Center for inmates and PRC volunteers A demonstra- tion of how garlic can be processed and brewed producing two by-products was done by volunteer Josephine Cornelio. The two by -products are crunchy garlic and garlic oil which could easily be sold. Bill Alforque, chairman of the livelihood committee of the PRC presented this garlic project as a possi- ble income-generating activity of the inmates of the NODRC. The process for producing crunchy garlic and garlic oil is this: Prepare the fol- lowing ingredients and equipment: ¼ kilo garlic heads, 300 ml Canola or other vegeta- ble oil, frying pan and turner, spatula, and stove burner. Peel the garlic and chop into small bits. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Heat the oil then fry the garlic bits until golden in color. Don’t overcook. Drain, cool and then pack in jars or in labeled plastic bags with sealers, if planned to be sold as packed. The oil may be re-bottled, labeled and sold as garlic oil. Garlic crunches can be used as toppings for meat or vegetable dishes and the oil for frying, sautéing, and toasting rice. Garlic, a common spice, was given its rightful due and recognition as an herb good for the health of the heart and prevents hypertension. It also is a known anti-biotic for wounds and tooth-gum disease.

Amaglo of Ghana, West Africa for the said internship with PFIP. The two participants were able to visit the NODRC and were able to see and hear the Hangin Singers as they rehearsed. They were also able to visit Shalom Center, had lunch with Rev. and Mrs. Joel and Grace Tabada aside from visiting Saint Paul University of Dumaguete wherein they also had a lunch meeting with other PRC folks with Sister Cres as hostess. Sihombing and Amaglo were im- pressed with the sustained nature of the prison ministry as well as the car- ing spirit of volunteerism showed by the ministry volunteers. They vowed


back home.





They vowed to back home. share their learning experiences The two international students pose with volun-

The two international students pose with volun- teers: Francis Yao Amaglo, standing, 2nd from left, and Tioria Sihombing, 2nd from right

PRC-PFIP holds prison ministry orientation

The Provincial Rehabilitation Commission (PRC) – Prison Fellow- ship International Pilipinas (PFIP) presented its care program in orient- ing prospective prison volunteers in one of the interest groups held by the Silliman University Divinity School during its Annual Church Workers Convocation in Silliman last August 28, 2011. In the presentation, Rev. Joel Ta- bada, PRC Chairperson, Dr. Silvester Alforque, PFIP President and Rev. Callum Tabada, PFIP National Coordi-

nator took turns in introducing and ori- enting the delegates with the prison care program. Prison Fellowship Interna- tional (PFI) envoy, Mr. Jonathan Cortes concluded the orientation saying that that indeed the local churches must in- volve themselves in prison ministry in any way possible. The seminar was well -attended and appreciated by the pastor- participants. The PRC- PFIP is the umbrella organization to which local prison care initiatives in the country can belong to as charter members.

Debate held between SPUD students and NODRC inmates

A public debate between teams of

four college students from St. Paul Uni-

versity Pauline Debate Society and an-

other four inmates in the Negros Oriental Detention & Rehabilitation Center clashed before an excited audience in the Jail last December 2, 2011. The debated topic was “Resolved that Life Imprisonment Must Be Main- tained” (instead of death penalty). The inmates expressed the affirmative side.

It was a contest debate and in the

Cebuano vernacular. And guess who won? The best speaker was a Pauline lady orator. But the best debater was an inmate

(Froilan Cang Torres) who, despite his high school attainment convincingly man- aged to present his side to the great de- light of everyone. The PRC education committee of Junalyn Mendez and several volunteers made the preparation for over a month’s training of the inmates debaters. The in- mates’ team was composed of: Froilan Torres, Benjamin Bangay, Jumar Quin- quito, Uldarico Ulliaran. The most sur- prised spectator was the new Assistant Warden Joselito Bitoon who had never witnessed inmates debating in a formal debate pitted against College students.

Rewind: The First PFIP Conference

On January 19-21, 2011, the First Prison Fellowship International Pilipinas conference was held in Dumaguete City, co-sponsored by the Prison Fellowship International, Pro- vincial Rehabilitation Commission, Negros Oriental Provincial Govern- ment and members of the community of Dumaguete City. This important event brought a new awareness not only to the prison-ministry volun- teers, delegates from the three regions (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), stu- dents, observers and the community of Dumaguete City but also to the local government officials and espe- cially to the inmates themselves. The convocation inside the jail compound culminated with the mes- sage of the PFI President & CEO Ron Nikkel, facing the attentive inmates and fellow visitors, and simply talk- ing of the love and care of Jesus for those behind bars as personalized and realized by the prison workers- volunteers in the 120 countries around

the world. The Philippines is now recognized as among them. Ron calls his mission as seeking transformation and reconciliation of prisoners to God and families, and integration to soci- ety.

With Ron Nikkel were his curious and then astounded fellow workers who kept on wondering in their trip to Dumaguete City, why of all places, this place was chosen as the venue and not the huge Manila area where the prison people and penology insti- tutions abound. Accompanying Ron were Rev. Timothy Khoo, PFI Execu- tive Vice-President; Envoy Mr. Jona- than Cortez, PFI Asia Representative; Ms. Lee Fen Goh, PFI Asia Liaison Regional Coordinator; Mr. Jack Kier- ven, PFI Board member; Dr. Mark Early, PFI USA Outgoing President; and Dr. Vern Isaac, Volunteer PFI Medical aide. In the evening,there was a mid- week prayer meeting in the huge Silli- man Church. Dr. Ben Malayang the

meeting in the huge Silli- man Church. Dr. Ben Malayang the Paperlinking together in the name

Paperlinking together in the name of prison ministry

President led in the mediation with a homily on the hope in prison. The next day was the opening program of the Dumaguete confer- ence: The participants also heard St. Paul University’s Sis. Ma. Feliciana Gubuan a PRC volunteer (now re- tired) and an ex-inmate Isabelo Blanco who shared their testimonies about prison life. This was followed by the unique rendition by the group of instrumen- talists from the Divinity School of Silliman University performing with the Angklung, an instrument of bam- boo slats shaken by the theologian- musicians and producing very beauti- ful wind-like music. Finally arch-volunteer Lovina Cruz whose husband she greatly helped to be freed from Marcos’ time of death row convict to freedom after 16 years, led in a covenant declaration by significant members of those gathered that morning –PFI: Ron Nik- kel, Tim Khoo, Lee Fen Goh, Mark Early, Jack Kieven and Vern Isaac, Jonathan Cortez; PFIPilipinas: Joel Tabada, Dr. Silvester Alforque, Sis. Cresencia Esguerra, Ely Zia Grace Tabada, Alma Mangubat and Callum Tabada . Excerpts from the covenant made more meaningful by all the participants whose hands were handcuffed by paper links and raised while declaring:

“In partnership, collaboration, friendship and unity in the bond of love of Christ who is the center of all of these activities for and with the welfare of our brothers and sisters behind bars… Be with us to break ourselves free from the bondage of inequality, divisions among us, hatred, dominance, apa- thy, self-interest, jealousy, compe- tition, greed, fear, and revenge!

Let us be one, let us unite to work together with hope, joy and love, lift numerous concerns for the bet- terment of one and all for the wel- fare of prisoners. So now, we raise our voices and declare, “Break the handcuff! Be one in affirming our mission in prison!” Thus we af-

firmed that day our theme:

“Together We Care: Affirming Our Commitment to Prison Ministry.” The result: Creation of the Prison Fellowship International Pilipinas and the officers are: Dr. Silvester Alforque – President; Sis. Ma. Cresencia Esguerra – Vice

President; Rev, Callum Tabada – Corporate Secretary & National Co- ordinator; Ms. Grace Tabada – Sec- retary II; Ms. Eleanor Zia – Treas- urer; Rev. Nihal Atanayake – Audi- tor; Ms. Alma Mangubat – PRO; and Rev. Joel Tabada – Executive Coordinator.

Holy Week drama in jail

A Lenten play entitled “Katapusang mga Gutlo Kauban sa Barkada ni Jesus” was presented last April 19 and May 7, 2011 at the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center (NODRC) in Dumaguete City under the initiative and sponsor- ship of the Provincial Rehabilitation Commission (PRC), Pabag-o UCCP and the support of the Provincial Government. With 22 inmates, guards and volunteers, the emotion-packed drama high- lighted the touching last moments of Jesus with his disciples and drew out the dramatic abilities of the inmates and other actors. Written and directed by PRC Chairman and founder, Rev. Joel B. Tabada, this drama has become a traditional annual Holy Week event in the life of prisoners both here in Negros and in Mindanao jails. The first presentation was in 1973 in the Provin- cial Jail of Dumaguete City (Now re-named the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center). Although the enactment is done yearly, the change of most of the actors (due to the release of previous actors) has sustained the excitement of the presenta- tion. Several inmates have chosen to maintain the same roles through the years, like the role of Judas who is still serving sen- tence until now.



Fortunato Jamila Rommel Artus John Harken Patalan Louie Quimat Tingog sa Barkada John Paul Villegas Florife Catacutan Paquito Mahinay Maqui Sarming John Christian Viola Provincial Guards

12. JUDAS, Anak ni Santiago






Krisanto Piacidad

15. SUNDALO/Mga tingog






Danilo Torres



Regyo Edjec


5. SANTIAGO (“Dalugdog”)

Michael Tayco

19. BUTA

6. SANTIAGO, Anak ni Alpheus

Hernan Aranas

20. BATA


Martiniano Saldua



Dindo Agir



Uldarico Eullaran


Joel B. Tabada

10. MATEO Benjamin Bangay

The Angel Tree Comes to Prison, From page 1

The primary purpose of the Angel Tree is to foster healing relationships between an inmate and his/her children. What joy it would be for children to receive gifts from their incarcerated parents on Christmas. So the PRC-PFIP volunteers solicited gifts

from churches, schools and other institutions for the children. The gifts were given to parents- inmates the day before the activity and when the children came the next day, the gifts were handed to them by the parents during the PRC anniversary program in a very meaningful ritual.

The programs in each jail were participated in by inter-faith groups while the inmates also presented their singing and dancing abilities. Games and contests with gifts prizes contributed to the joy of the celebration for everyone. imates, guests and volunteers alike.

Angel Tree Around the World, From page 1

clubs, eventually raising enough money to purchase 3,500 toys for prisoners’ children.

PF Cote d’Ivoire included prison guards and their children in their Angel Tree festivities, helping to further bolster the important relationship between

Prison Fellowship and the prison administration. The festivities lasted a full week and included spe- cial meals and a series of Christmas activities for children. Several national ministries, especially Africa, get

gifts from donors like Samaritan’s Purse’s Opera- tion Christmas Children outreach.



FIRST PFI-PFIP NATIONAL CONFERENCE PRC Monthly meeting: Evaluation of the PFIP Conference Convocation on “Gender Sensitivity” C/O Justice Com Holy Week Drama “Kataposang Mga Gutlo Kauban ni Jesus” Repeat performance of the Holy Week Drama Auditions for the Hangin Singers ( concert preparations) PRC-PFIP meeting on finalization of PFIP organizational structure Convocation on “Sharing Spirituality” sponsored by the Korean Presbyterian Mission (Care of Religious Services Com.) PFIP meeting with David Peck, Jonathan Cortes, Callum Tabada, Bill Alforque and Joel Tabada PRC-PFIP Orientation in Silliman Divinity School Convocation interest group Convocation on Health on HIV Awareness with Azil Aplaon Convocation on “Garlic for Health and Wealth” (production of garlic oil and crunchies) Care of Health Committee Convening of PFIP Cebu with Callum and Joel Concert by the “Hangin Singers”(inmates), ( Care of Social-Cultural Committee) PFIP Mindanao Consultation National Prisoner Awareness Week/PRC Booth display at Buglasan during the Negros celebration of Buglasan Festival Concert by the Quizo Family Singers (Cultural Com.) PFI Seminar on “Social Enterpreneurship” (with Callum and Bill) Debate on “Life Imprisonment to be Maintained” (With Saint Paul Debating Society students and the Inmates Debating team) Care of Education Committee Christmas family visits, worship services led by different Churches (Care of Family Life Committee) PRC’s 39 th Anniversary Celebration with ANGEL TREE Focus Mindanao PFIP Meeting at Davao PFIP













MANILA SU Divinity School NODRC





















NODRC NODRC Bethel UCCP, Tagum City

Visit and prison orientation of two UEM students from Germany as a requirement of the Diakonial Management course


(One from Ghana, male, and the other from Indonesia, female) SHALOM/NODRC/SPUD


ELECTION of PRC officers for 2012-2014



- Monthly meetings held with working committees updates


- 23 bona-fide members of the volunteer PRC group with a regular average attendance of 21 members including seven prison cell mayors during meetings.

- Usually the convocations are attended by representative from the Provincial Government.


- The Custodial staff is represented in meetings by one guard who is a member of the PRC.

Preparations for October 2012 nat’l PFIP Mindanao confab

Father-and-son tandem - Rev. Joel Tabada, PFIP Executive Coordinator and Rev.Callum Tabada, PFIP National Coordinator went to Davao City last Novem- ber 4-5, 2011 to make preliminary preparations for the October 2012 PFIP National Convention for Mindanao. They were kindly hosted by Brokenshire Integrated Hospital through Rev. Dr. Ruben Dela Cruz Brokensire CEO. Founder Dr. Brokenshire was a POW during the Ist WW and incarcerated in the Philippines by the Japanese. 18 volunteers showed up, three of whom were rehabilitation workers in Davao in the Ecumenical Rehabilitation Concerns (PRC) of the previous rehabilitation set up in Mindanao. Volunteers from Agusan del Sur, Tagum City and Davao City renewed acquaintances with the Tabadas and eagerly discussed a renewed thrust in the work for and with inmates in Mindanao. Mr. Ben Alegre, Rev. Soc Idul, Rev. Dr. Ruben Dela Cruz, Ms. Cris Ranoa, Ms. Fely Piala, Ms. Fely Entera, Mr. Joel Tabada, Jr., and Rev. Wenzyl Dejolde were among those in the consultation group. They visited the women’s rehabilitation area at Ma-a, Davao City where the Tabadas worked from 1977 to 1987. The lady inmates numbering about 130 called themselves the “vacationists” as they are house-teamed in concrete houses instead of bars. In January 1, 2012, the eldest and one of the pioneer volunteers of the prison ministry, Irene Tabada—mother of Rev. Joel Tabada, died at the age of 96 in the home of his only sister, Grace Sebial. The Tandem had to go back to Davao City to bury Irene. Callum did the burial eulogy of his beloved grandma. A month after on February 1, 2012, a younger brother of Joel, James, also died. Again, Rev. Joel and Rev. Callum went back to Davao to bury James in the burial ground of Irene.

Before leaving for Dumaguete City, they managed to hold a meeting with mostly volunteers who attended the November 2011 consultation for the October Convention. The group gathered even with short notice but 12 attended the supper kindly hosted by Ms. Raquel Pedida, an erstwhile church worker whose late husband, James Pedida, was a volunteer in the Davao prison work.


Ang Hangin Singers

In concert

Napulo ug duha (12) ka mga inmates sa Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center (NODRC) gipili gikan sa 25 nga mi-audition niadtong Hunyo ug Hulyo, 2011, alang sa pag-apil sa usa ka consiyerto sa mga mag-aawit nga gihimo niadtong Oktubre 22, 2011 sa alas 3:00 sa hapon didto sa NODRC multi-purpose Hall. Ang tema sa konsyerto, Ang Hangin: Kasaulogan sa Kausaban/ The Wind: A Celebration for Change.

Nagkalainlain ang ilang mga kaso ug gigikanan. Kadaghanan nila detention prisoners (naghulat na lamang sa ka- humanan sa mga hearing); uban nila nasentensyahan na. Ang naghiusa gayod nila mao ang gugma sa pag-awit, sa disiplina sa pagbansay, ug sa pagtuo nga duna gayoy kausaban ug paglaom sa maayong kaugmaon bisan pa sa sulod sa bilanggoan, diha sa pag-apil sa mga kalihokan alang sa rehabilitation sama sa consiyerto. Sila mao ang mosunod:

Edjec, Regy; Enojo, Jackie; Eullaran, Uldarico; Gornez, Nicasio; Jamila, Fortunato; Lascuña, Rolando; Orcullo, Oscar; Raagas, Lowell; Saldua, Martiniano; Torres, Froilan; Tuban, Roberto; Artus, Rommel (Na-release sa wala pa ang consiyerto). Ang mga awit ni Gary Granada maoy repertoire kon grupo sa mga awit nga gibansay sa Hangin Singers. Si Gary Granada usa ka bantugan nga compositor nga tubo sa Maco, Davao. Nakadawat na siya og daghang mga musical awards sa Pilipinas ug bisan pa sa kalibutan. Kini

nga mga awit niya mga composition sa Cebuano ug gi-record sa Kaalagad Chapel Songs sa Nobyembre 2007. Gawas sa mga awit sa pagdayeg sa Dios ug pag- palalom sa pagtuo kaniya, ang ubang mga awit nagdasig kanato sa pagkinabuhing makahuloganon, sa pagsubay sa dalan sa kausaban ug sa paghiusa sa atong mga paningkamot alang sa madagayaon ug malaomon nga pagkinabuhi. Si Juni Jay “Kim” Tinambacan, music graduate sa Silliman University College of Performing and Visual Arts (COPVA), maoy mibansay sa mga Hangin Singers sa ilang pag-awit. Si Ernest Hope Tinambacan, Silliman University Masscom graduate nga maoy presidente karon sa Youth Advocacy Through Theater and the Arts (YATTA) ang mitabang sa pagtudlo sa mga lihok kon choreography; kauban usab sa pagtabang ni Dessa Palm, Director sa YATTA kansang organisasyon dunay tumong sa pagbansay sa mga batan-on diha sa pamaaging dramanhong alang sa katilingbanong kausaban. Si Grace Tabada sa Provincial Rehabilitation Commission maoy tig-paigo-igo kon co- ordinator sa maong kalihokan.

maoy tig-paigo-igo kon co- ordinator sa maong kalihokan. Pulong Pasalamat Gikan sa Usa Ka Sakop sa

Pulong Pasalamat Gikan sa Usa Ka Sakop sa Hangin Singers

A word of thanks

Una sa tanan, maayong hapon kaninyong tanan ug mainitong pagtimbaya ug pangamusta! Sa dili pa nako isaysay ang mubo kong pakigpulong, tawaga lang ko sa pangalang Fortunato Jamila, Jr., usa ka bilanggo, kanhing lumulopyo sa lungsod sa Sta Catalina, may pangidarong 40 anyos, minyo ug may lima ka anak. Ako usa ka kanhi mag-uuma, kabos ug maba lang ug kinaadman, nanginabuhing lisod kaayo ang kahim- tang… Bisan tuod ako binilanggo, ako nagpasalamat sa buhi nga Dios nga labaw sa tanan, ug ingon man sa atong Gobernador Roel Degamo bisan og wala siya makatambong sa atong consiyerto. Akong pagpasalamat usab kang Warden Col. Nicolas Noble ug sa iyang kaabag nga si Assistant Warden Joselito Bitoon, sa mga gwardia ug ubang kauban sa opisina. Malipayong pagpasalamat usab sa Provincial Rehabilitation Commission (PRC) nga gipangulohan ni Rev. Joel Tabada ug sa iyang pinalanggang asawa, si Ma’am Grace, sa Probation and Parole Office pinangulohan ni Mam Alma Mangubat, sa St. Paul Community nga gipangulohan ni Sisters Cristina ug Cresencia ug sa tanang boluntaryo sa PRC. Daghan kaayong salamat sa inyong paghatag og dakong gugma, paghimong daghang kalihokan dinhi sulod sa provincial jail. Kini naghatag sa kadasig ug kalipay kanamong mga bilanggo. Usab ang gipahigayon nga con- sierto nga Hangin: Kasaulogan sa Kausaban diin giawit namo ang mga awit ni Gary Granada nga nagpasidungog sa Dios ug naghatag sa dako nga kalambigitan sa among kinabuhi. Ngadto usab sa among trainors nga si Kuya Kim Tinambacan, Hope Tinambacan ug Ms. Dessa Palm, daghang salamat sa mga teknik sa pag-awit ug pag-arte. Usbon ko sa pagpasalamat sa Dios ug sa tanan gayod nga misuporta niining maong kali- hokan ug kanamo usab nga mga binilanggo.

ko sa pagpasalamat sa Dios ug sa tanan gayod nga misuporta niining maong kali- hokan ug



The Hangin Concert: 1 to 2


SPUD students & NODRC inmates’ debate: 3 PFI Conference: 4-7

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Angel Tree